Thursday, 2011-11-17

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Stskeeps707 succesfully built fedora packages06:55
Stskeepsso today we take a glance at panda?06:57
Sagew00t: did you try if that causes any regression on N950?06:58
SageStskeeps: what was the status of N810 and Mer? bt, wifi, battery, display?06:59
* Sage goes to #mer chan06:59
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Sageok, anyway. Need to get new images out today.07:03
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3103 Rejected promotion request07:09
phaeronSage: the changelog checking is bothering you ?07:14
phaeronSage: the changelog checking is bothering you ?07:15
Sagephaeron: the e-mail check yes07:18
phaeronsorry about that :(07:18
Sagealso didn't want to fix the glib2 because I remove it soon07:19
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* Sage ponders if meegotouch-theme-meego is really needed by the meego-handset-video07:40
veskuhAnd it breaks stuff07:40
veskuhI installed it for photos I think and bg-picture broke07:41
Sagewell, I cut of all those branding things then07:41
Sagephotos and videos brandings gone07:44
Sagethose installed files under meego theme anyway that isn't use07:44
Sageah, caused a quite bad rebuild change with glib2 update :/07:46
w00tSage: didn't have time and I have no working image on there, if veskuh or someone could test that'd be nice07:47
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w00tbut I'm 99% sure it won't07:47
w00tsince it's just widening the tfp check07:47
veskuhw00t: test what?07:47
Sagemcompositor patch, it is compiling atm.07:48
veskuhI can test once that is ready07:48
Sagelbt: pubworker04 has only 1 worker07:49
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w00tSage: that's normal07:51
w00tit's a gigantic builder for large builds like qt apparently07:52
Sageah, ok07:55
Stskeepsveskuh:;a=blobdiff;f=participants/;h=f980e00498075fd8e92154c5c7bda9a7852cd09d;hp=da5c005c68daee6f4dd07fdb7d127a6245cd667b;hb=06925cb95b8fddfc07c64eeba300a6621f3d3d4e;hpb=098668e935e379b8ea4be65df4fdf7638e127667 - making the auto test output a little less noisy07:55
w00tSage: btw, maybe you should try that mcompositor on panda :)07:56
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Sagew00t: will try when the compile is done07:58
Sagew00t: however, the thing is that there is similar problem with duihome07:58
Sageduihome without mcompositor has only 13 fps on panda07:59
w00tI'll take a look around and see what I can find07:59
Sagealso panda is armv7l and that build seems to be a bit slower than others :/07:59
veskuhStskeeps: Yep, looks like improvment08:00
Stskeepsveskuh: the single build checker also only reports when things fail + when it awards points08:01
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veskuhStskeeps: Nice.08:02
Stskeeps;a=blob;f=gerrit-hooks/patchset-created;h=9cbe314da9a8ee53d3161fdd85a408a0544a099e;hb=HEAD in case anyone wonders how the process looks like08:03
w00tStskeeps: btw, mer builds are back?08:04
w00t(i got mail spam about qt build test)08:04
Stskeepsw00t: i'm using your job as a process test on the new boss setup08:04
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Sageveskuh: compositor in Project:MTF:UX08:14
veskuhSage: ok, i'll grab and test08:14
w00tveskuh: thanks :)08:14
Sagemaemo-video-thumbnailer ?08:18
Sageah, found it08:22
SageStskeeps: why we don't have any error output in serial?08:28
Sageon N90008:28
Stskeepscat /proc/cmdline ?08:28
SageI understand that we don't have it on screen, but not in the serial either08:28
Stskeepsalso, we have 'quiet' on08:29
Sagehmmp... even the serial doesn't work on systemd 3708:29
Sagelogin there that is08:29
Stskeepsoh, right08:29
Stskeepsis the package installed?08:29
Sagehmmp... good question08:29
veskuhw00t: it works, but right after boot home is really slow on n950. Maybe it is at SW rendering after boot and only after starting an app picks up HW rendering.08:31
veskuhwhen I come back from an app to home, home is again normal08:32
w00tthat change hasn't gone in yet08:32
Sagew00t: ?08:32
w00tQt change08:32
veskuhI have not seen home this slow before, the tearing was there already previously08:33
w00tbtw Sage, I took a brief look around mhome's sources, I couldn't find anything that would rely on specific GL extensions08:33
w00tstrange, I really don't see how it could be related to this change, though08:34
veskuhw00t: what was the change?08:34
w00tenabling texture from pixmap in mcompositor under more broad circumstances (
w00tas it was already been used on n950... it doesn't make sense for that to change other things08:35
Sagewazzup with atm?08:39
Sageacting very slowly08:40
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3104 Rejected promotion request09:05
StskeepsDBC results in Core_armv7l: rebuilt: contextkit qjson qt qt-mobility qtwebkit sensorfw09:05
Stskeepsmuch cleaner09:05
* Sage headdesks with systemd 09:06
Stskeepsthat bad?09:06
Sagewe have couple of errors here and there :D09:06
Stskeepsok the09:06
Sagenot in systemd nessessarely but on other things09:06
Sageso need to wait a bit longer with that so I can fix some things09:06
Stskeepsw00t: can i ask you to test on x86 to see if your runtime stuff doesn't break anything?09:07
w00tyeah, sure09:07
w00tthat was one reason i set the lenovo up09:08
Stskeepswe have to do a bit of manual QA atm so09:08
* w00t tries to find the right repo09:08
w00thelps if i search the right obs, eh?09:09
w00twhat do you consider a good test? install, reboot, run a few apps, close a few apps?09:10
Stskeepsyeah, pretty much09:11
w00t(mental note: i really need to find my lenovo charger before the battery dies)09:11
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w00tStskeeps: both mtf and qml apps seem to function ok09:17
Sageok, on what level e.g., hardware adpatation packages should start?09:17
Stskeepsgive me an example?09:17
Sagewhat sysvinit level those would usually start09:18
Stskeepsafter fs has been mounted09:18
Stskeepsah.. :P09:18
Stskeepsthat's more complex09:18
Stskeeps3 i guess09:18
Sageneed to pick one of those09:19
Sagecurrently we have screwed that and it adds them to two places :P09:19
Stskeepswhy, we shouldn't have to care about sysv09:19
Sageyes, just asked if that makes it easier to think :)09:19
Stskeepsnot really ;)09:19 good?09:19
Sageor even earlier, or
Sagesgx sysinit target probably09:20
Stskeepslocal-fs perhaps09:20
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3105 Rejected promotion request09:25
Sage:headdesk: :P09:25
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3106 Rejected promotion request09:26
* Sage needs to install systemd 37 to ia32 device so testing woudl be easier09:31
Stskeepsi'm looking forward to crevetor returning with llvmpipe work, so we can use mer in VM's09:32
* w00t would agree with that :)09:33
StskeepsBTW, i plan our default mesa will be llvmpipe in Mer09:36
Stskeepswe need to make a nice way for people in PC etc to do proper mesa for their own hw adaptations09:36
Sageok, we need one to our x86-generic adaptation09:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3107 waiting for review at
w00tStskeeps: llvmpipe's performance looks good, plus it's an easy enabler for qt5/qtquick2 on devices without native GL09:37
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3108 waiting for review at
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w00tSage: can you look at and tell me if something changed that i need to update?10:02
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Sagew00t: doesn't seem to fix the problem the mcompositor thing10:30
Sage[ 3273.308990] omapdrm omapdrm.0: failed to allocate vram10:30
Sagemaybe one of the reasons :)10:31
StskeepsSage: hmm10:31
StskeepsSage: recall the weird stuff in our kernel command lines?10:31
Sageconsole=ttyO2,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootfstype=ext3 rootwait rootflags=barrier=1 earlyprintk10:31
w00t+dev_err(dev->dev, "failed to allocate vram\n");10:31
w00t+/* fallback to non-contiguous memory which will need to be10:31
Sage^ from panda10:31
w00t+ * remapped later..10:31
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Sagegrr... something doesn't seem to work right atm.10:34
Sageboss/obs stuck10:34
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* Sage :headdesk:10:38
SageError: Configuration file /var/tmp/handset-i586-testing.ks does not follow naming conventions: $VERTICAL-$ARCH-$VARIANT or nemo-$VERTICAL-$ARCH-$VARIANT10:38
Sagei586 isn't valid, it should be ia32 :P10:38
Sagecome on already10:39
w00tSage: did you get my message ~10-15 lines up btw? (config on is apparently a bit broken)10:41
w00tand i'm not sure how10:41
Sagechecking soon10:42
SageJust need to get the image build going first to run quick test run.10:44
Sagew00t: CE_MW_Shared should be CE_MW_MTF now10:45
SageAdded one layer there10:46
w00tok, that fixed it i think10:46
w00twell, apart from qt-components-devel being unavailable10:47
Sageah, that is still in CE:Apps and not in CE:MW:Shared10:47
w00tso i should move to CE:Apps instead?10:48
Sagedepends what you build?10:48
w00ti'd really like to be able to have one dumping area where I don't need to worry about that10:48
Sageok, then just add more paths to your repos10:48
w00thm, paths?10:48
Sage<path project="CE:Apps" repository="CE_MW_Shared_i586"/>10:49
Sagethat next to the existing path in those10:49
SageThing with qt-components is that it requires at least meegotouch-theme-darko AFAIK, but does it require some other MTF component?10:50
w00tat build time, no theme (or anything else) is required10:50
Sageyes, but runtime there is requirement10:50
w00truntime is fine, since I get that preinstalled on images, though10:50
Sageyes, but from the architecture point of view we need to do some fixes for that.10:51
Sageruntime deps for qt-components should come from same repo or one that it is building against10:51
w00tthen qt-components need to go to Mer, since they rely on Qt10:52
w00t(I don't think that's the correct solution)10:52
Sagesince anything in core doesn't requires qt-components they should not be in core. IMHO10:52
Sageand every Mer vendor build doesn't need those10:53
w00theh.. are you sure multiple paths was the right solution? now lipstick is marked as unresolvable due to contentaction10:53
* Sage checks10:53
Sagewow, didn't see that coming10:54
Sagethat really should work like that10:54
Sagehaven't tried it in a long time though10:55
w00tactually, qmlcalc on armv7l is *also* unresolvable, wtf10:55
w00toh, no10:56
w00tout of date state it seems10:56
* w00t smacks obs10:56
Sagefor me it is not out of date state10:56
w00tshows qmlcalc built (at least)10:56
w00tlipstick, still not yeah10:56
Sagerepository published for all on my screen10:57
Sagew00t: that your qt patch drops mem in general 8M or just on apps in background?11:09
w00tapps in background11:09
w00twe may be able to lower it on some parts of the UX too, but need to look at that11:09
Sageok, is for example duihome in background when app is on foreground?11:09
w00tbtw, we will need a patch to n900 configs to take it into use11:09
w00t(out of the box, it won't do anything)11:09
Sageok I think I have new images done now11:11
w00twhat's the fun stuff in them?11:12
Sagetracker crap :)11:12
SageI included that Project:MTF:Tracker repo to image11:12
w00tok, so i'll need to add that to my lenovo11:12
Sagebecause those packages are so messy still that I don't want to forward them anywhere11:13
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w00txruxa: just in time11:24
w00t looks like it's right up your alley :)11:25
Sage\o/ new image is slow as hell again on N900 :D11:35
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* Sage welcomes tracker and its dependencies11:35
Stskeepscan we please kill the indexer somehow?11:36
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veskuhStskeeps: maybe we can configure it in a way that it cannot be heavy?11:36
veskuhStskeeps: like just indexing ~/Pictures11:36
Stskeepsthe stupid part is that tracker makes it's own (slightly obscene) conf and there's no system wide conf, so we need to hack the package iself11:37
w00tjust give me some time, and I'll wipe the stuff out11:37
Sagew00t: that tfp fix didn't make it to the images :/11:41
w00tSage: :(11:41
w00twas i too late?11:41
SageI'll try to do new image on monday or tuesday with that one some other fixes11:41
xruxaha, new images :)11:42
Sagexruxa: your apps are there as well :)11:42
* xruxa is pulling to check11:42
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Sagew00t: any change you could try to reintregrate this patch
Sageit is the status indicators for systemui11:45
w00tprobably, what's it actually do?11:45
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC11:45
*** stroughtonsmith_ is now known as stroughtonsmith11:45
Sageshows wlan, 3g, operator indicators in systemui11:45
Sageor at least so I think.11:46
w00thm, fixing the one that doesn't work? ;)11:46
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Stskeeps167mb image?11:46
Sagew00t: that patch is not included to image.11:46
Sageit is in the package but not patched in11:46
* Stskeeps pondrs idly if we can fit in ubifs11:46
w00tI'll try take a look, keep nagging me if I forget11:46
SageStskeeps: you complaining?11:47
Stskeepsno, of course not11:47
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w00tthere's a compositor bug11:48
*** xruxa has joined #nemomobile11:48
w00t(not introduced by me, its' been there forever, I just finally figured out the cause)11:48
w00tthere's a noticable flicker on lenovo when a fullscreen window is unredirected11:48
w00tI wonder if that's on n950 too11:49
w00tif I get that solved, I have buttery smooth animations and no jitter11:49
Sagew00t: did you send your datetimeapplet patches to upstream already btw?11:53
Sagew00t: I could give you access to Project:MTF:UX so you can hack in there the packages11:53
Sageit is devel area for us anyway on those11:54
Sagew00t: you have access now on Project:MTF:UX11:58
w00tSage: thanks (you're just trying to get me to maintain it :'()12:09
w00tand no, I didn't good point12:09
w00tI still have them sitting locally here12:09
* w00t will file those this afternoon12:10
w00tSage: where does stuff go after Project:MTF:UX?12:11
w00t(i think we need pretty diagrams :))12:11
veskuhw00t: +1 for diagrams12:11
w00tSage: can you tell me what uses libseaside nowdays?12:14
veskuhw00t: I think sms depends on it12:14
w00tsms probably does, people does12:15
w00tdialer does I think12:15
*** norayr has quit IRC12:15
veskuhw00t: yep, those would be the set12:15
w00tthat's it?12:15
w00tthat's good12:15
w00tdialer doesn't use mtf, contacts soon won't be, so that just leaves sms12:16
w00tafter that, I can rip the mtf pieces out of libseaside12:16
Sagew00t: CE:UX:MTF12:17
Sagew00t: sms, people, dialer yes12:17
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #nemomobile12:18
* w00t starts using to track stuff he should be doing12:18
veskuhYes, all icons in place in quick launch bar :)12:18
veskuhaudio seems to be working nice :) My first call with nemo!12:20
w00tSage: what were the "nasty" deps of dialer?12:20
w00tmeegolocale was one12:20
Sagew00t: MTF12:20
Sagew00t: it has QML UI and the legacy MTF one is still there just needs to be dropped AFAIK12:20
w00tall added to
* KaziKluBey_N900 rejoicing12:21
Stskeepsveskuh: \o/12:22
w00toh bah ...12:24
w00tmy lenovo just ran out of battery :)12:24
tkeisalamy lenovo ran out of fan yesterday =)12:24
xruxaOSC down? New commits to home sit in BROKEN state for me, build locally12:27
w00t is growing far too quickly, haha12:27
xruxaw00t: -> fixed in GIT, failing to build package so far12:28
w00txruxa: where's your repo12:30
xruxaw00t: but does not have it yet12:31
* w00t waits for cobs to load12:32
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w00txruxa: you committed to darko, right?12:33
w00tif you hover over broken, it tells you why (conflict in .spec)12:34
xruxathere was some weird file called "_" committed in sources ...12:34
w00twhat that actually means, i am not sure - did you osc pull to make sure you had the latest before working on it?12:34
xruxabuilds going green now12:34
xruxaw00t: it is out, update darko?12:37
w00txruxa: will add your repo once i find where i put my charger :)12:38
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* xruxa would like to repackage and fix MAD13:15
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile13:16
*** zhxt has left #nemomobile13:22
*** pan1nx has quit IRC13:23
Sagexruxa: mad?13:27
*** pan1nx has joined #nemomobile13:27
xruxacould not find upstream repo anywhere13:28
veskuhxruxa: you mean this?
xruxalooks dated, this is not the one on N9, is it?13:29
veskuhno, but I think that is the one we have packaged. not sure though.13:29
* xruxa wondering if the one from N9 is somewhere in the open ...13:30
Sage <- someone is still working on that13:31
xruxaIC, checked only the debian/changelog and that was year old13:33
xruxahmm, do not see any madded/mad on N9 ... maybe that is whole different UI there13:34
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has quit IRC13:34
*** pyther has joined #nemomobile13:40
Sagexruxa: <- this is on N9 I think13:49
Sageat least the bug component is madde13:50
veskuhYes, that is it. and Qml based ui.14:02
Sagemaybe we could package that one14:05
Sageif that works :)14:05
veskuhwierdly, network idicator works on n950 not on n900, for battery the other way around14:09
veskuhthere is some issue in n950 adaptation. I'm seeing tearing in long lists and I do not think i'm seeing it in N900.14:12
veskuhand now I have non-proto to test with.14:12
w00tSage: xruxa: I accepted meegotouch-theme-darko SR in Project:MTF:UX, does it need to go anywhere else, or are we good? ;)14:13
w00txruxa: (it works, I tested it, btw :))14:13
*** pan1nx has quit IRC14:16
*** pan1nx has joined #nemomobile14:23
*** pan1nx has quit IRC14:27
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile14:36
xruxaw00t: good that it works. Sage knows if it needs to go somewhere else too.14:38
w00tyeah, was mostly asking him14:38
w00tthat was just to keep you in the loop14:38
xruxaI'm just lost in those repos all the time14:39
xruxaveskuh: seen sources for the sdk-connectivity-tool? They bundle an armel binary inside it for utfs-client - lovely14:40
Stskeepsah, maemo14:40
Stskeepssuch sweet memories14:40
xruxamore like 'this is sick'14:41
veskuhxruxa: sage posted link to src package. no idea about repo.14:42
xruxaveskuh: yep, I'm looking at the sources now14:42
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #nemomobile14:44
*** norayr has joined #nemomobile14:45
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC15:08
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has quit IRC15:13
w00tok, who wants to help me look at a mcompositor upgrade :)15:23
w00tveskuh: ? :)15:23
veskuhyep, I actually saw the startup slowness now again with todays image15:24
veskuhso probably not an issue in your addition15:24
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile15:24
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile15:24
w00tthis is unrelated, just a version upgrade15:24
faenilgood afternoon nemomobilers15:25
w00tfaenil: ! :)15:25
faenillo w00t15:25
w00thow's life?15:25
faenil:) busy XD15:25
faenilI'm at uni right now, networks' lecture...15:25
faenilhow's yours? :)15:25
faenildamn, wifi is slow atm...and keeps losing packets...15:26
w00tnot bad15:27
w00tnemo's finally in a state where i can tinker with it15:27
faeniloh :)15:27
faenilI've seen there is a new 10.11 build15:27
w00t <- and i've got quite a lot I want to push forward ;)15:27
faenillemme read :P15:28
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #nemomobile15:29
w00tqmlsms was yours on there, dunno if you still want to tinker with that, or maybe pick something smaller15:29
faenilmm nice list :)15:29
faenilI'd like to go on with that...just got too little time :(15:30
faenilhow much do you think it will take?15:30
w00tinstall nemo, and take a look at the sms app15:30
w00tthere's not really much to the UI side of things15:30
faenilI have that on the n950, plasmaactive one15:30
w00tif you can tackle that, someone else can make it actually send/recieve SMS15:30
faenilok, I see15:31
w00tplasma doesn't have any of our apps, i think15:31
faenilit shouldn't take too long...15:31
faenilnope, not yet15:31
faenilI meant nemo-plasma ofc15:31
faenilanyway, ofc I'll install nemo 11.1015:31
veskuhtoday's image is better15:32
faeniloh is there a new one?15:32
faenillo veskuh :)15:32
veskuhhi, yep fresh image.15:32
faenilwow, that's a nice changelog15:33
faenilgonna download it now, and flash in 2 hours as I finish at uni15:34
faenil(just coz I don't have my n950 here eeheh, flashed my n950 in the middle of a lecture once xD)15:35
w00tfaenil: do you have a github username?15:35
faenilyup, faenil15:35
faenilbut don't look what's in there15:35
faenilthere's my symbian app, a VERY bad written one :) wasn't even using qml loaders xD15:36
*** norayr has quit IRC15:36
faenilbetter say unfinished one :)15:36
w00tyou're added to the team, so you can push :)15:38
faenilgood, thanks :)15:38
w00tmcompositor upgrade seems ok15:41
faenildone that?15:41
faenilgood :)15:41
* w00t upgrades qmlcalc too15:45
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile15:46
veskuhw00t: the one in your own branch?15:46
w00tveskuh: ahem, no, I'm actually just removing it from there now it's already in nemo proper15:46
w00ti'll branch off the CE:Apps one :)15:47
veskuhno I meant compositor15:47
w00tyes, that one15:47
veskuhI'll try it out on n90015:47
w00tthanks :)15:47
w00tSage: SR 3111 to CE:Apps upgrades qmlcalc15:53
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3111 waiting for review at
w00toh, heh15:54
w00ti no longer have to nag :)15:54
Stskeepsi welcome our robotic overlords15:54
* w00t goes to start making dinner, since brik nagged15:55
faeniljust committed a test file to qmlsms, a good start ,lol15:57
*** beford has joined #nemomobile16:01
xruxaw00t: another theme update incoming - added switch and group header separator - will need that for the SMS/Contacts, likely16:02
lbtSage: what happened to qemu ?16:03
lbtie which version is the "official" one for Mer/Nemo ?16:04
w00txruxa: ok - you could add the group header separator to qmlcontacts if you're in the mood, file you'd need to modify would be ContactListWidget.qml from meory16:04
w00tsection.delegate :)16:04
veskuhw00t: seems to work, but at least first issue found: task switcher is not showing minized content for widgetsgallery16:05
w00tveskuh: repeatedly?16:05
veskuhw00t: it minimizes the content and then stays for while but in 1-2s goes black16:05
w00tbbl again16:06
veskuhfor qml/qt apps task switcher works as supposed16:08
w00tso, all mtf apps are broken?16:10
veskuhhmm.. not all apparently.. control panel is fine16:11
w00tand if you close widgetsgallery and reopen it, it's still broken?16:14
w00t(it's fine on the lenovo at least, so that's a headscratcher)16:15
beford still unable to build image Sage, Stskeeps :C16:15
veskuhreopen fixed it16:15
veskuhand it was only in widgetsgallery16:15
w00tbeford: ls -al /var/cache/meego-bootstrap/16:15
w00tthere's your problem16:16
befordshould'nt it create the bootstrap?16:16
w00tmic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /var/cache/mic -r -o /var/cache/meego-bootstrap16:16
w00trun that, then retry16:16
befordI had a bootstrap there, just renamed it cause I thought it was going to be recreated16:17
w00tok, put it back ;)16:17
beford;D thanks16:19
befordnot sure where I got the idea it should be created16:19
befordbut I don't remember setting one before16:19
w00tonly reason i know about it is because i ran into it yesterday :)16:20
veskuhw00t: I guess that was just some wierd temporary thing. Now everything seems to work pretty much the same as it has worked earlier16:21
w00tveskuh: i have seen similar happen a few times before, actually, so I guess there is a bug floating around16:22
faeniltry again during the night ;)16:22
faenilyou just named the bug, and it's now running and hiding somewhere in your nemo build :P16:22
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:23
faenilneed to listen to what the teacher is saying xD I'm not getting anything from this lecture xD distance vector, hierarchic routing and all that stuff :)16:23
faenilcya tomorrow people :)16:23
*** faenil has quit IRC16:26
w00txruxa: accepted16:30
w00txruxa: we have a "feature request" from someone for theme: - but they're pretty impressed that most of the app worked (!/m_b_o/status/137174954935459840/photo/1)16:31
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC16:35
*** xmlich02 has joined #nemomobile16:35
lbtSage: so ... the ks for the image seems to need "qemu-arm-static" .... and that's not provided by the Mer:Tools qemu-usermode-static16:58
*** bash` has joined #nemomobile16:59
*** bash` has joined #nemomobile16:59
lbtmm /usr/bin/qemu-arm: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, for GNU/Linux 2.6.4, not stripped16:59
*** smoku has quit IRC17:07
w00tI think I'm going to try (again) to package irc-chatter17:13
*** bash` has quit IRC17:18
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile17:19
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:30
*** pyther has quit IRC17:42
*** bash` has joined #nemomobile17:42
*** bash` has joined #nemomobile17:42
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle17:48
lbtimage building is way too hard17:51
*** koo6 has joined #nemomobile17:51
*** koo6 has quit IRC17:54
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:57
befordI just built mine17:58
befordthanks again w00t17:58
befordnow I think I broke the n900 though xD it said error uninstalling kernel-power17:58
w00tlbt: oh?18:00
lbtw00t: just trying to get mic working for arm images18:01
w00tthanks, spectacle.. now how do I tell which I actually want18:01
*** koo6 has joined #nemomobile18:10
*** koo6 has quit IRC18:13
lbtSage: can you explain how this line works ?
lbtthe mic %post is running inside the chroot of the new image isn't it? so qemu isn't present there?18:22
befordqemu is copied afik18:22
lbtinto the raw image?18:22
befordRunning scripts18:22
befordqemu-arm version 0.14.1, Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Fabrice Bellard18:22
befordQEMU version 0.14 running prelink.18:22
befordto the bootstrap18:22
lbtyeah - what's the context of the mic %post though?18:23
Stskeepslbt: yes, it's copied in18:23
Stskeeps%post is inside the chrot18:23
lbtnot bind-mounted to /parent-root ?18:23
lbtI see : bind_mount: / -> /var/cache/meego-bootstrap//parentroot18:23
Stskeepsqemu-arm has to be in /usr/bin/qemu-arm18:24
lbtroot # chroot /var/cache/meego-bootstrap18:24
lbtbash-3.2# qemu-arm-static -v18:24
lbtqemu-arm version 0.14.1, Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Fabrice Bellard18:24
Stskeepsyes, probably there too as mic needs to cp it into the chroot inside it18:25
lbtso it's cp'ed into the raw image? and ends up on the device?18:25
*** lardman_ has joined #nemomobile18:26
lbtand clearly it's not being cp'ed on my mic :)18:26
lbtStskeeps: what version of mic2 should I be running ?18:28
Stskeepssystemd support is in there so18:28
Stskeepsyes, i know18:29
Stskeepsthere's a new image creator being written supposedly18:29
lbtand does the git version do the cp of qemu-arm ?18:29
Stskeepsi think they all do18:29
Stskeepswhat error are you having?18:29
Stskeepsnormal, ignore18:30
Stskeepsshow me the .ks?18:30
lbt"QEMU version is not 0.14 so not running prelink"  ??18:30
*** lardman_ has quit IRC18:31
* lbt mutters rude things18:31
Stskeepsplease keep a list of "WTF"'s18:32
Stskeepswe're blind to those issues18:32
lbtcan I assume that /parent-root is always present?18:32
lbtor only in chroot mic?18:32
Stskeepsyou can assume it's present but what are you trying to fix..18:32
lbt[ -x /parent-root/usr/bin/qemu-arm-static -version ] && /parent-root/usr/bin/qemu-arm-static -version | grep "0\.14"18:33
StskeepsOK, that's not good :) because it's the qemu inside the chroot that matters18:34
Stskeepsthe error is from a part of the .ks18:34
Stskeepswhich doesn't take different qemu names into consideration18:34
lbtok .. silly question here18:34
lbtthe %post in the .ks18:34
lbtit runs inside the device-root18:34
lbtnot the meego chroot18:34
Stskeepsit runs inside the target18:35
lbtOK, that's a yes then18:35
lbtand qemu-arm-static is copied into the target ?18:36
lbtand then removed later?18:36
Stskeepsi think so but not ensured18:36
Stskeepsand binfmt_misc set up to use /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static (or qemu-arm) for ARM binaries18:36
lbtif the target has /parent-root as bind-mount then why isn't that used?18:36
Stskeepsthink osc build18:37
Stskeepsand all the mess we had with scratchbox clashes18:37
Stskeepsalso, we can't guarantee /parent-root is host or bootstrap18:37
Stskeepsit's simply just easier to copy it into usr/bin/qemu-arm*18:38
lbtthanks - helps to be clear18:39
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:41
joppuhey, where can I find nemo source repo?18:44
*** captainigloo has joined #nemomobile18:48
Stskeepssee everything starting with CE: ?18:49
captainigloodo you provide efl packages in mer/nemo ?18:50
Stskeepsnot currently18:50
Stskeepsyou're welcome to provide them for the mer community though18:51
captainiglooit's what i would like to do :)18:51
captainiglooi have an OBS meego account18:51, right?18:51
captainiglooin repositories i added Mer_Core_arm7hl18:52
captainigloobut it doesn't seems to be enable18:52
Stskeepstake the guide in #mer channel  topi18:52
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC18:58
*** xmlich02 has joined #nemomobile18:59
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile19:04
*** beford has quit IRC19:04
faenilback :)19:05
captainigloothanks it works :)19:08
lbtah - figured it out - it's copying in /usr/bin/qemu-arm, not /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static19:09
*** Milhouse has quit IRC19:13
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC19:13
*** captainigloo has quit IRC19:13
*** ShadowJK has quit IRC19:13
*** ShadowJK has joined #nemomobile19:13
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile19:14
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile19:14
*** merlin1991 has joined #nemomobile19:14
w00tfor fuck's sake19:15
faenillo w00t, what's up19:15
w00tdoes anyone have any experience in setting a repo to build against multiple paths?19:16
faenilno :(19:16
* w00t does not understand this, and is going nuts19:16
*** captainigloo has joined #nemomobile19:19
*** w00t_nemo has joined #nemomobile19:37
w00t_nemosome missing graphics, which I suppose I will pester xruxa about19:38
w00t_nemoI think we should consider making this the default IRC client19:38
w00t_nemo(perhaps with a default config to connect here)19:38
w00t_nemoit's pretty nice19:38
w00t_nemoabout the only thing it doesn't do is autoscroll19:39
w00t_nemobut I suppose that means you can read scrollback when not watching constantly, so that may be considered a feature19:39
w00t_nemoI see we didn't adopt one of Harmattan's "I'm going to add public API to Qt" patches19:40
faenilwhich irc client is it?19:40
w00t_nemovenemo's irc-chatter19:44
w00tadd home:w00t:ce and install it if you want to try ito ut19:46
faenilneed to run to, volley training in 15 mins :) talk to you tomorrow (lectures from 9 to 18) late evening...19:47
faenilgoodbye everyone ;)19:48
*** faenil has quit IRC19:57
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC20:12
*** berndhs has quit IRC20:16
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile20:16
*** w00t_nemo has joined #nemomobile20:34
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile20:53
vgradecaptainigloo, you might want to have a look at,
xruxasomeone mentioned my name>21:12
xruxaw00t: that is all fixed already in 0.2.7 that I have pushed forward IIRC21:17
w00txruxa: oh, could be21:18
w00txruxa: I think I have a few more for you, you want 'em?21:18
* w00t packaged irc-chatter21:18
xruxalemme have the chatter, easier (and more fun) to test21:18
w00tirc-chatter's the package to install21:19
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile21:20
*** buser has joined #nemomobile21:20
* xruxa is watching the bits come and go. This is SLOW21:23
w00tyeah, i think cobs is being a bit raped21:23
xruxaWe will seriously need a better working Maliit keyboard for this IRC thing21:31
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:33
KaziKluBey_N900w00t: do i add a repository like this: zypper ar home:w00t:ce  ?21:34
w00tKaziKluBey_N900: i'm not entirely sure on the best way to do it, ask me tomorrow and i'll tell you how i do it21:34
w00t(but i really think we need an easier way)21:34
* w00t has one last thing to try quickly before his other half drags him to bed, so, wants to rush21:35
*** NIN102 has joined #nemomobile21:38
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:38
*** buser has quit IRC21:40
*** phaeron has quit IRC21:47
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC21:55
captainigloovgrade: thanks i was aware about them22:02
*** lardman_ has joined #nemomobile22:07
*** crevetor has quit IRC22:12
*** keitsi has quit IRC22:15
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile22:20
vgradecaptainigloo, np22:26
*** keitsi has joined #nemomobile22:27
* lbt *may* have fixed the vanishing worker issue22:34
lbtfamous last words22:34
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile22:39
*** pyther has joined #nemomobile22:45
*** pyther has joined #nemomobile22:45
*** bash` has quit IRC22:48
*** lardman_ is now known as lardman|home22:55
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*** xruxa has quit IRC23:49

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