Friday, 2011-12-16

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marquizStskeeps: one thing popped into my mind yesterday, when going to sleep07:16
marquizwe very old n950 kernel in nemo/moslo07:17
marquizwe have07:17
marquiz(regarding the slowness problem)07:17
marquizwhere could i get the latest harmattan sources07:17
dm8tbrmarquiz: I think they're public by now for 1.107:18
dm8tbralso there is a full source dump of a GPL DVD available07:18
marquizk, thanks07:19
marquizi'll try that later07:19
marquizjust thought that if some initializations are "wrong" in the old kernel, they may affect after kexec07:20
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Stskeepsyeah, always good to align that07:21
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marquizvgrade: thanks for testing, again - sounds strange, again :/07:24
marquizvgrade: we really need to setup some over-the-irc debugging session ;)07:25
marquizwhere we both attend simultaneously :D07:25
Sagemarquiz: as you have a good knowledge about the N950 you might be able to help me to reflash my device to clean so I could try your nemo things on it :)07:28
marquizSage: grab the latest fiasco for harmattan and emmc07:32
marquizflasher -F <harm-img> -F <emm-img> -f --erase-mmc=quick07:33
marquizSage: or take the latest oneclickflasher07:35
marquiz(if you want, that can be easily unpacked to get the fiasco images out of that)07:36
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* Sage tries the OCF again to get the error message08:01
dm8tbrOCF sux because it does secure wipe which takes ages :)08:02
dm8tbryarr, that looks right08:03
Sageveskuh: I have some updates to MTF if you are interested to test those08:03
veskuhSage: Sure, I'll try the new image first and get on those in the afternoon08:03
SageOCF = Opel Club Finland ;)08:03
Sageveskuh: ok. I'll try to get rest of the things compiled properly before that :)08:04
Sagew00t: ping08:05
veskuhSage: Will you put the n900 kernel available, somebody in twitter was missing that.. Apparently wants to flash instead of using sd card..08:05
Stskeepsveskuh: i have a potential fix for the tearing ready, though waiting for compile to finish (COBS is acting up)08:05
veskuhStskeeps: Excellent, hope it works :)08:05
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* Stskeeps glances at the mer core build results08:07
Stskeepsthere's nothing like a morning where you wake up and glibc isn't building08:07
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iekkuor you have fever and your band is having gig on same day08:10
Stskeepsmorn niqt08:11
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w00tSage: pong08:14
Sageveskuh: well, the kernel can be found from the boot partition of sd card. But I'll upload the kernel there today.08:14
veskuhSage: sure, but regular users do not know how to do that and you cannot easily do it on win or mac08:15
Sageveskuh: actually boot partition is vfat so anyone should be able to do it :)08:16
veskuhAh, true.08:16
Sagew00t: just wondering if you know what is this this patch about
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SageThere is just comment: - added new test definition xml update patch: new_test_definitions.patch08:19
w00theh, not sure, but i'd guess it dates back to when people were actively trying to productize (and unit test) everything08:19
Sagemarquiz: with the OCF08:22
Sagew00t: well, I'll just rebase that.08:25
marquizSage: unpack the flasher bin08:26
marquizit's basically a shell script appended with a tarball08:26
marquizhead -n100 <ocf.bin> to see the shell script08:26
marquiz(100 or something lines)08:26
marquizdon't remember it out of my head08:26
marquizthere you can see how to untar it08:27
marquizand then youll find the fiasco binaries08:27
Sagehow to cut easily the first 96 lines out08:28
marquizwith head or tail08:28
Sagehmmp... head can take only first lines, tail can take only last ones. So I need to count the lines after the first 9608:29
marquiztail -n -9608:30
marquizuse tail and minus sign before the number of lines08:31
Sagemarquiz: this ^ :)08:31
marquizah :D08:31
marquizdidn't work?08:32
Sagetail -n -96 didn't08:34
Sagetail -n 5985442 Linux_OCF_39-5_RM680-RM680-OEM1.bin > Linux_OCF_39-5_RM680-RM680-OEM1.tar08:35
Sage^ works08:35
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Sageso what next?08:36
marquiztry the one i gave earlier:08:38
marquizflasher -F <harm-img> -F <emm-img> -f --erase-mmc=quick08:38
marquizwhat happens with that?08:38
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Sagew00t: removed part of that patch and got it to compile :)08:43
Sageit patched line that was removed from newer version so I guessed it is not needed anymore :P08:44
Sage^ So what do we do continue disabling the mce or enable it?08:44
SageI would prefer enabling it as then some controlpanel applets might start to work08:45
Stskeepswe need mce in some form, even on x86, but ideally we should get rid of it in longer term08:45
Stskeepsand replace with something more generic08:45
Stskeepsofcourse i've been saying that for almost 4 years now, even in Old Mer, but the generic initiatives always stalled :/08:45
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* Stskeeps kicks COBS08:50
w00tStskeeps: not an interesting problem to solve (and lack of understanding about what the problem is), probably08:50
Stskeepsi think to some extent policy framework could replace it08:51
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Sagemarquiz: you worked with mce and dsme at some point right? Interested to do an update for those for us? :)08:51
marquizdidn't do virtually anything for mce08:55
marquizcan check dsme, though08:55
marquizi should update the powerkey plugin to cope with systemd, anyway08:55
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dcthangSage: for mce what do you want to update?08:57
marquizSage, Stskeeps: or, are there plans for better way for poweroff than the dsme hack?08:58
marquizi.e. ui08:58
Stskeepsi'm not sure if systemui can do it properly these days, but the emergency poweroff is always nice when you screw up08:58
marquizStskeeps: well, that's true09:02
Stskeepswhich we do quite a lot09:03
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Sagedcthang: well our mce is so old that we should really update it to newer version to get better compatibility with MTF09:04
Sageah... and well the applets don't compile against the current MCE :)09:05
Sagedisplaybusinesslogic.cpp:350:22: error: 'MCE_COLOR_PROFILE_CHANGE_REQ' was not declared in this scope09:05
marquizSage: i can update mce, but don't probably find too much time in testing/debugging problems09:06
Sagedcthang: I would have updated the mce already, but we have 12 patches on top and I don't think they apply nicely09:06
dcthangokay, nice info09:07
Sagemarquiz: MCE bug
Sagemarquiz: DSME bug
Sagemarquiz: and both of those should be sent to Project:MTF:UX (we have one in N9xx hardware adaptation as well but I will move it there when ready)09:09
Sagemarquiz: and thx :)09:09
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marquizSage: np, let's see when i have the time to do those09:10
marquiznot today, at least ;)09:10
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Stskeepsveskuh: rpm -Uvh ...09:53
Stskeepsignore the ...'s09:56
veskuhStskeeps: booting..10:00
* Stskeeps prays10:00
veskuhboots fine10:01
Stskeepsbut does it fix the tearing issue?10:03
veskuhStskeeps: The issue is still there.10:03
* Stskeeps grabs n95010:05
veskuhEasiest way to see is to take a widgestgallery and open list10:05
veskuhscroll on portrait10:05
veskuhin the middle of screen you should see the issue10:06
Stskeepsit's same graphics driver as we have on pr 1.1 so im really astonished10:06
w00txorg issues?10:06
veskuhit is almost like it is not doing fullscreen updates10:07
Stskeepsmaybe kernel upgrade needed too10:08
veskuhthere shouldnt have been changes in these things lately these kind of issues have been ok in Harmattan side long time already10:10
Stskeepsdid it always tear?10:10
veskuhI think in summer/spring it did not, but then I mostly used n90010:11
veskuhmeego ce that is10:11
marquizStskeeps: i put the latest h kernel in home:marquiz:n950:kernel10:11
Stskeepswe should test with that10:11
marquizStskeeps: had to disable v4l2 patches, though as they didn't apply10:11
veskuhStskeeps: but fall release we had tearing10:11
marquizStskeeps: i didn't really have more time than to upload new sources ;)10:12
Stskeepsyea, that's fine10:12
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veskuhOn Harmattan if I scroll widgetsgallery list I get FPS=59 on nemo varies between 60-9010:15
Stskeepsthat sounds like vsync is disabled10:16
Stskeepscan i see your powervr.ini?10:16
veskuhlooks fine to me10:18
rantomor morning10:20
Stskeepsho ho ho rantom10:20
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rantomI was checking the bugzilla for Nemo and noticed that there's no premade description for bugs yet?10:21
rantomOk. So the best option would be to copy one from another bug?10:22
veskuhrantom: yep, that is what i do10:22
rantomYeah. Also, the bugzilla seems to save, for some reason, my name when autosaving login credential in Chromium, instead of the assigned nick10:23
rantomDon't know whether it's a bug in bugzilla or in the browser10:23
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veskuhincreased parambuffersize but wierdly fps in widgetsgallery dropped to <30FPS10:34
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veskuhSage: you had some new packages to test?11:52
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Sageveskuh: yes in Project:MTF:MW and Project:MTF:UX11:54
veskuhOk, I'll add the repos and upgrade whatever they have11:54
Sageveskuh: thx. If nothing breaks that is good :)11:55
Sageveskuh: at least following should be updated: clean-device, meegotouch-applauncherd, meegotouchcp-region, meegotouchcp-language, meegotouch-systemui, meegotouch-home, meegotouch-compositor, meegotouch-theme, meegotouch-controlpanel11:56
veskuh62 packages to upgrade.12:00
veskuhargh, my n950 crashed in middle of zypper update..12:07
veskuhis there a comman to rebuild rpm db ?12:07
Stskeepsrpm --rebuilddb12:08
veskuhStskeeps: no help.
Stskeepsrm /var/lib/rpm__*12:10
Stskeepsrm /var/lib/rpm/__*12:10
Stskeepsand try again12:10
veskuhbetter, now its doing something12:11
veskuhand I can continue with zypper update. thanks Stskeeps!12:12
veskuhhmm.. apparently updating dsme, makes n950 boot12:12
veskuhSage: the theme is not ok, on MTF apps the menubar has moved in harmattan style to bottom of page and is missing graphics. It's missing button for menu and the corners of the bar. also the background seems to be transpareent and it instead should be in some color, otherwise it looks bad12:35
veskuhSage: I guess we could fix those just by adding few pics to -ce theme12:35
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Sageveskuh: ok. I hope someone could look at that -ce theme or something. Or maybe we could remove the -ce theme and use the darko as default.12:50
Stskeepsdidn't we already agree on darko as default?12:50
veskuhStskeeps: yes12:50
veskuhSage: those are not in darko either12:51
veskuhSage: I think we are missing something like 5-6 quite simple images only. I can take a look at monday if I can make them.12:52
veskuhStskeeps:  I even made a bug about changing the default:
* Sage is the only one that is getting those bug mails atm. by default. 12:54
Stskeepsi get pestered weekly on my assigned bugs12:54
veskuhWell since I've filed 95% of the bugs, I'm also getting them.12:54
Stskeepsanyway, we have triage monday morning12:54
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SageStskeeps: at what time the triage was again?13:15
xruxaveskuh: I think we need to wait for Daniel to release the rest of the Blanco bits to base theme. The CSS alone is not enough. Then it should be all good for all derived themes (CE/Darko)13:16
StskeepsSage: 10 finnish13:16
* Sage adds notification13:18
veskuhxruxa: well, yep. Based on widgetsgallery we are not missing much to have working theme. Maybe for components we are missing more but you have covered the most important stuff in darko.13:19
xruxaAnyway, if the rest of Blanco is not coming soon and if we insist on the be base, I could look into patching that in CE/Darko too13:20
xruxa"insist on the NEW base" ^13:21
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faenilgood afternoon :)14:29
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iloldso, I just tried nemo 15.12... I don't know why I even bother. It is unbearable slow, asks about stop this application and that process, started applications show nothing but a blank space or other display errors. most things won't even start only the icon shows a bit of animation.15:36
Stskeepswhat device did you try it on15:37
Stskeepswhat class SD card?15:37
Stskeepswhat method of booting?15:37
iloldn900, class 4, u-boot15:38
Stskeepscan you take a picture of the issue of the started applications issue?15:39
Stskeepskeep in mind those releases are also test releases currently and we just changed to a new image creator15:40
Stskeepsso things might break15:40
Stskeepsmy experience on earlier releases don't match with what you experience, so it must be a bug :)15:41
iloldI could do that, but I don't think that my case I much diffent from other n900.15:42
iloldalso some firmware doesn't load15:43
Stskeepsyeah, that one is normal15:43
Stskeepsbut your case might be special, bad SD card, wrong way of writing the image, or an actual bug15:43
Stskeepsso that's why i'm asking you to collect some information and ideally put it on our bugtracker :)15:44
iloldI don't mind to collect some info, or pictures but I don't like to register on some bugtracker. so, I'll post in this channel if you can accept that.15:46
Stskeepsbasically it helps our workflow and assures we keep track of the issue15:48
Stskeepsbut anyway, ok, just get me a picture of the issue15:48
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iloldrandom... ok, retried and the it stoped booting halfway and I was back at u-boot screen. another boot, and a fsck check later it boot again. this time complete. it is still slow, but now apps are starting. the stop this process question still come up but go away this time...16:03
iloldalso the the blank screen now goes away and "packages" application starts.16:05
iloldthere is no symbol for terminal, only a red box.16:06
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iloldthere are "flashbacks" of older applications (ended) when starting a new one.16:08
Stskeepsthat sounds like a bad sd card16:09
Stskeepsi have to go, bbl16:09
iloldhappens to fast take a picture.16:09
iloldnow terminal comes up.... yeah.... bad sdcard... I/O errors all over the place.16:10
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vgrademarquiz, ping me if you have an hour over the weekend for some testing16:19
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befordhey, I've been trying to boot the image from nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-testing-0.20111208.2.CE.2011-12-15.1.ks but I keep getting a black screen after the bootsplash18:44
Stskeepsdoes the older releases work fine?18:45
befordwhich one should I try18:46
Stskeepswhatever came before 12-1518:46
befordits the first nemo / mer testing I am doing18:46
befordok let me build the image18:46
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befordok building 2011-12-01.218:49
beford478 packages to be installed, 478 packages gotten from cache, 0 packages to be downloaded18:52
befordso, its using the same packages from 12-15 ?18:52
Stskeepswe don't really snapshot nemo releases18:53
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befordok so I have to use a different folder for the packages cache or clean it, right18:56
Stskeepsdoesn't matter, but does the images we build not work?18:57
befordnot sure, I used to build images for meego and they worked great. I'll download the prebuilt image to check it18:59
Stskeepswe might have screwed something up then18:59
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beforddownloaded image boots ok Stskeeps19:46
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vgradeStskeeps, was that last build was with the new mic?20:19
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vgradecould be why beford image failed?20:20
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psYchotic1Hello everyone!22:13
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psYchotic1I was just trying to flash my N900 with nemo 12-15.1, but I keep running into trouble22:14
psYchotic1Currently, I have to start with getting a NUL character from my N900 to the de-installer script (otherwise it'll just hang right there). Then, when the image has been uploaded, I have to do that again. Finally, after the image has been copied, I get an error about "bz2" not being available.22:17
psYchotic1am I doing something terribly wrong?22:17
psYchotic1oh, and I'm flashing the emmc (just in case it wasn't clear yet)22:18
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psYchotic1is there even anyone currently available?22:44
psYchotic1That's too bad =(22:48
VenemopsYchotic1, patience is a virtue22:54
VenemopsYchotic1, see to see how to do it for your N90022:55
Venemogood night & cheers! :)22:55
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:56
psYchotic1Venemo: just in case you'll check the logs: thanks, but I'm specifically trying to get it on the eMMC =)22:58
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