Wednesday, 2011-12-28

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damnshockmorning sage :)10:24
Stskeepsmorn sage10:27
Sagemy hacking days were well a bit screwed by the power outtake around here :/10:33
Stskeepsyeah, nasty storms10:34
Sagearound 3 days without electricity soon at the certain areas10:34
damnshock3 days?? good lord10:53
damnshockI get mad when the power loss is one hour!10:53
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arcol1this gnome shell extension writing seems just too easy:
arcol1pure .js and css11:23
arcol1some easy of app developping (either python or javascript) with styles (CSS) is a musthave.11:24
arcol1appareantly many people can code just they dont know about it (some highscool teacher develops pretty complex app in pure excel (ie. 150MB excel file to optimize teacher's classes), without ever learning any proper programming classes11:26
arcol1ok, enough noises from me11:27
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Stskeepsarcol1: look at lipstick too12:00
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arcol1I'm browsing github:
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Stskeepsyoutube too, excellent stuff12:12
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matrixxis this still valid that I need to have W34 fw in my N950 to flash Nemo?12:33
* matrixx reading wiki12:33
matrixxI mean, does it work if I have W3912:33
Stskeepshm, think so but i cant recall12:38
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veskuh_There shouldn't be issues in installing Nemo on top of W39, only issues can be in flashing moslo and if it flashes fine then Nemo will work just fine.13:17
veskuh_And flashing moslo only fails if there has been too big changes in lower levels, but I do not think that there have been13:18
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matrixxStskeeps: veskuh_: ok, let's see14:14
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faenillong time no talk :)14:55
faenilhow's life here?14:55
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befordclass 6 really makes a difference15:12
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fw190I've got a small problem with booting nemo on N90020:07
fw190I've compiled uboot with kp20:07
fw190then inserted the image on sd card20:08
fw190all went well I think20:08
fw190but after puting the card into N900 it doesnt boot20:08
fw190I get unable to read boot.scr partition 3 not valid on device 020:09
vakkovi also get it but however it boots20:10
vakkovthe funny thing is that it doesn't show it ot me when i have uboot only without kp20:10
vakkovtry with this kernel20:11
vakkovworks ok20:11
vakkovflasher --local -f -k </path/to/zImage/file>/combined.bin20:11
fw190is this kernel kompiled by pali?20:12
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vakkovAll you need to do is just install original kernel-power 49 and then flash it with the file I provide20:14
vakkovno it's not20:14
fw190what is this file?20:14
vakkovcombined kernel power 49 and uboot20:15
vakkovinstall kernel power on n900 (if you don't have it) and flash this from a pc20:15
fw190does it matter that I already have kp with uboot?20:17
vakkovooh, sorry didn't see that ... are you sure everithing wrote alright on the sd card20:19
fw190hmmm dont know20:19
fw190sudo dd bs=4096 if=nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-testing-0.20111208.2.NEMO.2011-12-22.1-mmcblk0p.raw of=/dev/sdc120:20
fw190931840+1 przeczytanych recordów20:20
fw190931840+1 zapisanych recordów20:20
fw190skopiowane 3816816641 bajtów (3,8 GB), 363,194 s, 10,5 MB/s20:20
fw190no errors or something like this20:20
teveyou should use sdc not sdc120:20
fw190didnt know20:20
fw190thanks fro the tip20:21
fw190I will try to put the image again20:21
vakkovdoes somebody know how can i change the partition table of the image20:23
fw190how to format the card? my ubuntu doesnt see it xp either20:25
vakkovgparted ?20:27
befordyou dont need to format it fw19020:27
fw190just repeat the whole thing with sdc?20:28
fw190ok ;)20:28
fw190thanks for the tip20:28
fw190this is how it ends if noobs start to play ;)20:28
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befordwhat class of usd are you using fw190 ? I recently tested a class 6 and it makes the system really fast compared to my previous card20:31
fw190I have class10 4GB but people say that it was a mistake and I should buy class620:31
fw190I testes meego and this is my first time with nemo20:32
fw190It shows Nemo ;)20:34
fw190is it normal that while booting it shows some errors?20:34
befordI see those errors too20:35
befordso let's say they are ok at the moment20:36
befordthe first boot may take a while20:36
vakkovi also see them ...20:38
vakkovboots pretty fast on 32 gb class 1020:39
beforddoes it detect your simcard vakkov ?20:41
befordI can't remember if meego detected mine but currently nemo doesn't20:42
fw190hmm I've pluged the charger and now it stuck with scree locked and:sync and conect in use20:42
fw190had to rebot20:43
vakkovyes it does20:44
vakkovi even talked via nemo20:44
vakkovthe funny oart is that nitdroid still can't do it20:44
vakkovit has alwauys sdetected it20:44
vakkovwaiting for the new release tomorow20:53
vakkovtomorrow *20:54
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fw190will there be a new nemo release tommorrow?21:03
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vakkovthere is a new release every week21:09
vakkovi skipped the last one21:10
fw190ah I understand21:10
fw190after playing for a while I think that it runs ok21:11
fw190there are some lags but generally I think that it is as good as Meego21:11
fw190vakkov: thanks for your help and thos chit chat;) ave to go21:12
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