Monday, 2012-01-09

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Stskeepsmorn sage07:14
xruxamorning guys07:14
xruxaLets get this on Nemo too, it 'runs' at least ;)07:15
Sagexruxa: sure07:16
Stskeepsbut backend had issues?07:17
Stskeepsxruxa: for studying the 'competition',
xruxaStskeeps: looks like this is "one guys's collection of things" more than official docs ;)07:18
Stskeepsxruxa: not really official docs, but this is how their SDK looked like07:18
xruxathey pulled the SDK already out of the web?07:20
xruxaso we are back to normal Tizen landscape :)07:20
xruxaLol, it does look like Bada so much.07:21
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SageI'm wondering if we should be starting to use [Reg] in bug summary field in case of regressions? Would there be any benefit from this?07:40
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veskuh_n9_I'll be few minutes late for the bug triage.07:52
veskuh_n9_driving+irc is not good combo07:53
xruxathat N9 client is very nice (on Nemo even). Do we know  Niels Breet and the folks behind it ?07:58
StskeepsX-Fade, pycage, etc07:58
Stskeepsxruxa: coming to FOSDEM btw?07:59
Stskeepsa good bunch of us coming there07:59
xruxaStskeeps: yes I hope, it is just 2 hours drive from here08:00
Stskeepsveskuh_n9_: we'll just start the triage when you drop in, not terribly a lot to triage today08:04
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SageShould I push minicom or picocom to Nemo, opinions?08:06
Sagehacking :)08:06
Stskeeps:Utils can't hurt08:06
Sagealready missed it once but not sure anymore why :)08:06
Sageand it is on my post it note on desk.08:07
Sageyes, was thining :Utils08:07
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StskeepsOK, triage meeting in #mer-meeting now08:21
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Sageok, will check the tracker thing first08:52
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Sagebtw, pycage is the musicshelf devel. Anyone know if he wants to start maintaining it in Nemo?09:01
Sagebased on git logs that app has resource policies integrated as well now so it should work quite nicely with phone functionality09:02
mikhasTBH, I think pycage's time is better used by writing new code, instead of maintenance.09:15
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Sagemikhas: understandale. I'm fine by anyone doing that I just think it is fair to give the creator a change to do it if he likes to do it.09:20
Sagedoes exopc have blanking problem still and has anyone looked into that?09:24
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StskeepsBTW, i discovered yesterday mer doesn't seem to build with GNU style symbol hashes10:26
Stskeepsso i'll send a patch for that soon - when launching an app, looking up a symbol is 50% faster, which can matter a lot with qt10:26
Sageveskuh: up for testing tracker and people app?10:32
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Sageveskuh: this should do it.10:34
Sageneed compile though10:34
Sagedon't install that tracker 0.12.9 version :)10:35
Sagetried that for fun and noted that well we need a lot of changes before we could even think of updating from 0.10.x series to 0.12.x10:35
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veskuhA bit surprising that we have that much tracker dependencies10:36
Stskeepswell, harmattan was a bit of
veskuhStskeeps: :)10:38
SageStskeeps: :D10:39
veskuh"If you still have problems just use more tracker"10:39
lbtStskeeps: things like symbol hashes - is it reasonable to document that in any way - toolchain config?10:40
Stskeepslbt: when it comes to toolchain changes, the spec is really the most authorative10:41
lbtfair - is it commented? and is it linked/referenced from the toolchain page?10:41
lbt(just picking this as an instance ... there's probably more and less important ones :) )10:42
Stskeepstoolchain is a wide term :)10:42
Stskeepsgcc+binutils is the usual way10:43
lbtyeah ... better than "package building"10:43
Stskeepsand glibc10:43
lbt'compiler end'10:43
Stskeepslbt: i think i can document this, but i want to get rid of the old cross compile approach before we document it10:44
Sageveskuh: let me know if that helps10:44
Stskeepsas that cleans up matters a lot10:44
lbtgood point10:44
veskuhSage: testing10:44
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veskuhSage: Works after reboot10:55
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Sageveskuh: so all is fine with that patch?10:55
veskuhyep, People works as it should, and the other apps seem to work too.10:58
veskuhAnd my next bug fix works too not with this. We will finally get call history with names :)11:00
Sagewill push forward that patch then11:00
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Sageok, so then the package manager thing.11:05
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Sagehow to force cursor for Xorg?11:19
Sagewith -nocursor it can be taken off but without that there is still no cursor11:19
Sagewhen running plain xterm11:20
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smokuSage: try xsetroot -cursor_name default11:35
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Sagesmoku: added Option    "SWCursor"    "true" in xorg.conf :)11:38
Sagebut need to test that xsetroot11:39
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Sageveskuh, Stskeeps: we have a architecture bug in our repos btw. qt-components needs meegotouch-theme-darko or some other theme to function.11:40
Stskeepsnot unsurprising, though11:40
Sagevirtual const string Maliit::InputContext::DBus::Address::get() const Error spawning command line `dbus-launch --autolaunch=79f1eacf0513af4eb3740b1c0000000d --binary-syntax --close-stderr': Failed to execute child process "dbus-launch" (Permission denied)11:41
Stskeepswell that's not good11:41
Stskeepsls -l `which dbus-launch`?11:41
SageI wonder what causes that. And should be noted that I'm not using N900 or N950 but well a bit of a custom image on panda to test things :)11:42
Sagewhich: no dbus-launch in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/root/bin)11:42
Sageok, so I managed to install something that needs that but it is not installed11:43
Sageso maliit requires dbus-x11?11:43
Stskeepsi think a lot of stuff does11:43
Sageyes, but it doesn't depend on it on package level11:44
Stskeepsright, i guess it's kind of assumed it's there when x11 is installed11:44
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Sageyup fixed the issue11:44
Sage2012-01-09 03:44:14 [libcontextsubscriber] WARNING [infoxmlbackend.cpp:59:InfoXmlBackend::InfoXmlBackend(QObject*)] Registry path "/usr/share/contextkit/providers/" is not a directory or is not readable!11:46
* Sage throws his mouse away :)11:46
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SageStskeeps: mer missing some sqlite driver?11:48
* Stskeeps looks11:49
StskeepsSQLite auto-detection... ()11:50
Stskeepsg++ -c -pipe -O2 -Wall -W  -I../../../mkspecs/linux-g++ -I. -I/usr/include/freetype2 -o sqlite.o sqlite.cpp11:50
Stskeepsg++ -Wl,-O1 -o sqlite sqlite.o     -lsqlite3 -lfontconfig -ldl11:50
StskeepsSQLite enabled.11:50
Stskeepsgot that package installed?11:50
Sageno :)11:50
Stskeepswell that's why then..11:50
Sagehmmp... something probably should depend on it if it is used already11:52
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Sageveskuh: that dialer SR is not valid.11:56
veskuhwhat's wrong with it?11:57
Sageveskuh: you should do -Version: 0.2.3+git76+ce15ce8 -> +Version: 0.2.3+git76+61d0994 as the version can be actually lower with hashes, thus you should alway remember to increment the git<difference> number to the valid git commit count11:57
Sagethat git76 tells how many commit after the version 0.2.3 IIRC? someone else might confirm this11:58
veskuhI see, I'll update the request after coffee break11:59
Sagek, thx11:59
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SageStskeeps, veskuh:
Sageso to me it seems that things go bad because we don't have signed repos/packages12:48
Stskeepsadmin authentication != signing?12:48
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Sagelines 3 and 412:48
Sageto get our package manager to work we would need to change <allow_any>no</allow_any> -> <allow_any>yes</allow_any>12:49
veskuhI think this policy is tuned for netbook, in Nemo we could allow install of any package by regular user12:49
Sageveskuh: well if i have undesrtood correctly package kit would allow that already _IF_ our repos would be signed12:50
Sagebut our repos are not signed thus it fails12:50
veskuhwhich file is that?12:52
Sagepolicy/ in packagekit tarball12:53
Sageif you want to try it out that fixes the issue.12:56
Sagebut creates a bit of a security risk there12:57
veskuhWell, the risk is on the same level as in using zypper If I understood correctly12:57
Sagewell, no. zypper doesn't allow installing packages as user12:59
Sageuser needs to either sudo or be as root user12:59
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* Sage ponders if there is somekind of way to whilelist some repo URL's for safe download without certificates13:07
Stskeepsyou can disable gpg check can't you?13:07
Stskeepsin zypper repos.d13:07
Sagealready did, but that doesn't make packagekit trust those repos13:08
Stskeepsparanoid software..13:08
SageI would say that only the default configs. You can bypass with config change13:09
Sageanyway the fix for the issue is there, it is just that we need to decide if we want it in as such or not. Only other way I see is to sign repositories.13:11
Stskeepslet's bring it up for RM meeting tomorrow13:12
Sageok, new info there should be way without the patch. Pinging people that knows more :)13:15
SageStskeeps: what did you do for the review proces. It seems so stable now :)13:15
SageI'm not complaining it is nice, just wondering what was the magic :)13:16
Stskeepsthough there's an error in the log fetcher it seems13:16
Stskeepsturns out there's a bug in obs, if you commit a package -while- it's doing the localdep scheduler stuff, it returns 500 internal server error13:17
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Stskeepsstill not very satisfied with the process though13:21
SageStskeeps: <- consolekit seems to be obsoleting might want to track that status on Mer as well13:25
Stskeepsthere's already a bug for that13:25
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Sageand our PAM is not working apparently13:27
Sagethe package thing failure is not in packagekit but in consolekit not getting active13:27
Sage <-13:27
Stskeepsbug please13:28
Sageso probably ck pam doesn't work with our systemd13:29
Stskeepsthat's likely13:29
* Sage point polkit13:34
Sageok. need to patch things13:35
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SageStskeeps: is polkit only dep to consolekit in Mer?13:38
Sageor only package that requres consolekit13:39
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StskeepsSage: think so13:42
Sageok I think we can drop it soon then13:45
Sage eh13:56
Stskeepsoh, yeah13:56
Stskeepsuxlaunch deps on consolekit13:57
Sagethat is install time dep at least13:57
Sagenot sure though what it does for code13:58
* Sage checks13:58
Sage\o/ :()13:59
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Sage fixed!14:41
veskuhSage: Cool!14:42
StskeepsSage: ok14:42
Sagesearched from totally wrong place :P14:43
Sagechange from sysvinit to systemd broke this very long time ago14:43
Sagedoesn't make it in to next release but one after that.14:44
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4031 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4031 Accepted promotion request14:50
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Sagearaujo: hi, I assigned one bug to you about dbus-x11 dep.15:32
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araujoSage, yes, saw it15:39
araujowill get into it in a bit15:39
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cyrilIs there a page that describes which of N900 hw devices (wireless, phone etc...) are supported my nemo?18:06
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Sagecyril: we don't have one that lists those clearly, but most of it works. Anything  specific you are interested of?18:53
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cyrilSage : phone and wireless are the two that I cared most about19:45
cyrilSage : and specifically, do they rely on closed source bits or not?19:45
Sagecyril: phone and wifi work. Phone is free oss driver in ofono, wifi has some prorietary blobs for mac setup and firmware19:48
Sagecyril: but mainly oss19:48
cyrilSage : ok, thanks! Does the phone driver handle 3G as well?19:57
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Sagecyril: yes20:19
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