Wednesday, 2012-01-11

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veskuhSage: Tested new TwimGo. Works and works better than older.07:56
veskuhSage: No portrait mode though (the older did not have that either). TwimGo on Harmattan has it, and latest Kasvopus has it too. xruxa probably did something to enable it on Kasvopus.07:57
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Sageveskuh: ok07:59
Sageveskuh: but it is safe to submit as it is atm.07:59
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Sage09:57.02 < veskuh> Sage: No portrait mode though (the older did not have that either). TwimGo on Harmattan has it, and latest Kasvopus has it too. xruxa probably did  something to enable it on Kasvopus.08:00
Sagexruxa: ^08:00
xruxaSage: I patched Kasvopus08:01
Sageah, ok08:01
xruxait is on OSC, can't find it now08:01
* Sage was first :)08:02
xruxalol, that was split second08:02
Sagexruxa: umm... that patch seem to have a lot of duplicated lines08:03
xruxaSage: actually, the patch just uncomments bits in the upstream code08:03
xruxaSage: what app was veskuh reporting that missing orientation support for?08:04
veskuhIt has it on Harmattan and it should be very similiar in code logic as both or from same author08:04
xruxaSage: yes, exactly the same patch is needed:
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4042 Accepted promotion request08:07
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4043 waiting for review at
Sageveskuh: I have to reject your change btw :)08:47
veskuhOk, what do I need to fix?08:47
Sagedidn't notice at the first time but you forgot to edit and add patch there and run make08:47
Sageerr... no08:48
veskuhI'm not sure if I can do that08:48
Sageyou need to edit series file and run make08:48
* Sage hates that old kernel packaging08:48
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4043 Rejected promotion request09:02
SageStskeeps: I'll test the touch screen fix I got wetab on my hands for a moment.09:03
Sage :/09:05
Sageok, cause for random issue with theming on images09:05
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Sagehmmp.... Stskeeps did the fix for touch work for you?09:29
Stskeepsi can test it now if you want me to, sec09:29
SageStskeeps: and should it work on wetab as well as exopc?09:29
Stskeepsi thinkit's same screen09:29
Sagesomething went wrong in my wetab then I guess09:29
* Sage checks if he installed right package09:30
Sagegrr... mic picked wrong package :/09:31
* Sage reboots09:32
* veskuh hates OBS09:33
Sageok, seems to work09:33
Sagebtw, is there sensor in exopc/wetab?09:34
Stskeepsthere's accelerometer and ALS09:34
Stskeepsat least09:34
Sagefrom wetab09:39
Stskeepsprobably lacking a config09:39
Sageah, found it09:40
Sagegrr.. doesnt' compile :)09:50
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Sageoh, crap. Our sensor fw is 0.7.x and harmattan is forking in 0.6.x :)09:52
Stskeepsours was actually adjusted for meego, though09:53
Sagewell, mainly meant that those will probably never merge to same upstream :)09:54
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Sagehmmp... doesn't work out of the box at least by changing configs10:06
Stskeepsi wonder what tizen does for accelerometers10:07
* Stskeeps looks10:07
slaineI saw mention of a sensor framework, but I don't know if it's implemented10:08
slaineWas also telling that all the Intel demo's at CES where using Android 2.310:08
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4045 waiting for review at
Stskeepstizen has a sensor framework , libraries, but the server side isn't public yet10:25
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Sage2012-01-11 14:12:07 [sensord] *WARNING* [sysfsadaptor.cpp:487:virtual void SysfsAdaptor::init()]: No sysfs path defined for: als11:00
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Sage^ Kernel option missing?11:00
SageALS = Ambien Light Sensor?11:02
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4045 Accepted promotion request11:06
Sagehmmp... meego 1.2 is using sensorfw 0.6.x series same as harmatta11:08
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4046 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4046 Accepted promotion request11:27
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SageInvoker crashes at times it seems (maybe when application crashes?) (cc: w00t)11:44
* w00t looks11:44
w00tthat doesn't look like it's crashed11:44
w00twhat does "t a a bt" give you?11:45
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Sagegives the same11:49
Sageit is controlpanel crash on exopc when clicking grps APN11:50
Sagebut invoker throws a core as well11:50
* Sage is trying to catch the systemui crash 11:50
SageHelpButton: userguide service unavailable11:51
Sagethat is proprietary right? ^11:51
veskuhProbably, yes. At least I never remeber any discussion about that before.11:55
Sagexruxa: could of translations missing: qtn_rset_clear_down and qtn_rset_wait for reset application.11:56
Sages/could/couple of/11:56
xruxaSage: where does it show?11:57
Sagea moment, need first to fix one package to get it showing :)11:58
Sagexruxa: and then go Settings->Applications->Clean device12:04
Sageneed to disable that aegis check anyway as we dont' have it and some apps might use that12:04
xruxaso, I reckon this is coming from the new clean devioce applet, where is it in git?12:05
Sageah, clean-device needs mce as well12:10
Sagebtw, I like how fast the wetab reboots :)12:12
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Stskeepsi was shocked how fast my x86 htpc turned off with mer12:12
SageMAssembly: Stylesheet missing "/usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/componentcache_pre_initialized_mapplication/style/componentcache_pre_initialized_mapplication.css"12:13
Sagexruxa: ^ seen before?12:13
xruxaSage: nope12:13
SageError org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name was not provided by any .service files12:15
Sageveskuh: ^ what is devicelock service?12:15
veskuhProbably the password query that n9 has12:16
Sage[  177.959877] mce[484]: mce: modules/displaymeego.c:devlock_inhibit_reply_dbus_cb(): D-Bus call to failed: The name was not provided by any .service files12:17
veskuhyep, so if it is enabled when you unlock screen it queries for password12:17
Sageok, that is proprietary as well, right?12:18
veskuhyep, or at least ui is12:18
Sageon exopc Xorg pid is 502 and on N900 1570 :)12:21
StskeepsAPI can probably be implemented, but secure storage of PIN is a bit more difficult12:21
Sagemaybe we should have just a dummy thing that would return disabled or something always12:22
Sagebut anyway, imo that 1000 processes difference between i586 and n900 adaptation sounds very bad12:22
w00t1000 processes? O.o12:23
Stskeepsw00t: 1000 that had been launched during bootup12:23
Stskeepsit's a nice simple metric12:23
SageI would really like to know where those 1000 are, it has to be in our adaptation as the UX and apps are the same12:24
Stskeepsi think in nokia-n900-configs12:24
veskuhare you sure both start from 0 ?12:25
veskuhah seems so12:25
veskuhaccording to top I have plenty <1000 on n95012:26
Sageveskuh: can you check what pid Xorg has on N95012:26
veskuhSage:  at the moment 61712:27
Sageremoved nokia-n900-configs and got Xorg with pid 158312:27
Stskeepshmm :P12:28
Sageso I would say it is not that12:28
Sagealso if n950 has 617 then it is not sgx12:28
Sagethere is a bit variation in those12:28
Sageso what else there is difference :)12:28
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veskuhSage: my ps -xa
SageN900: , Wetab:
Sageveskuh: that is what I would expect on n900 as well12:30
SageStskeeps: ideas? :)12:33
veskuhthere is quite a jump after 538 on n90012:33
StskeepsSage: bootchart ish?12:33
Sageyes, but already before that the numbers go high quite quickly12:33
Sage[] are kernel processes, right?12:34
veskuhlooks like yes12:34
veskuhbut still I would not worry too much about it unless there are clear facts that it makes real difference in boot12:36
fw190grrrr everytime I see the N950 virus I get more angry at Nokia ;)12:37
StskeepsSage: ah..12:37
SageStskeeps: ?12:37
Stskeepsudev spawns a shitload of processes12:38
Stskeepsi saw this with markus at some point12:38
Sageany reason for this?12:40
Sagecan I boot device without udev to try? :)12:41
Stskeepsi doubt it12:41
Stskeepsbut you may be able to get a console early enough12:41
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Stskeepsif you boot and log in early enough, you'll see it in ps aux12:41
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Sageumm... where is the latest udev package? :)12:43
Sage stops around 200512:43
Sagebut if with same udev we have problems on n900 but not with other is could be kernel issue?12:45
Sagexruxa: not sure where those are but saw in log12:46
Stskeepsi think it may be doing some disk scan stuff12:46
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SageUnable to enumerate USB devices!13:05
Sageok, how to solve that problem with flash-3.5 without rebooting the computer13:05
Sagechanging usb port helps but well no more new usb ports :)13:06
Stskeepsask IT for a usb hub13:06
Sagedoesn't help13:06
Sageas it is attached to one usb port that already has failed with that13:07
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Sageok, time to reboot comp then. :/13:09
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Sageoh, come on already. even reboot and poweroff didn't help13:16
Sage"Kernel panic -not syncing: No init found." <- magnet?13:17
Sagenah, just typo in my cmdline. One port seems to work now :)13:19
* Sage hates this hp laptop crap13:19
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Sagepah, didn't get enough debug stuff for bootchart13:21
Sage <- something else needed to get full log?13:22
StskeepsTo look closer at our boot time in ARM/N900 it would be useful if we13:22
Stskeepscould get CONFIG_SCHEDSTATS enabled in our N900 kernel in order to13:22
Stskeepshave bootchart working [1]13:22
StskeepsREADME states it might need CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG too but it doesn't look13:22
Stskeepsenabled in other configs in the MeeGo kernel.13:22
StskeepsSomething that can be enabled? :)13:22
Stskeepsfrom anold email13:22
SageI have those both but still not proper log13:23
Sage# CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT_V3 is not set13:24
the-bossSage: Error: "CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT_V3" is not a valid command.13:24
araujoSage, which service is the one that registers maliit with systemd?13:39
araujoSage, I would like to disable it for maliit (just for some testing)13:39
Sagearaujo: what do you mean?13:39
SageI'm guessing you mean /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.maliit.server.service13:40
Sagemaliit is started by dbus when someone requests it13:40
araujoSage, right now maliit is started by systemd in nemo?13:40
araujosure about this?13:40
Sagewe dont' have systemd service file for maliit13:41
Sageand if we would have it would be in maliit package13:41
araujoI am checking, and I can't find, though I thought you guys started maliit using systemd13:41
Sagelet me recheck13:43
Sageah, we start maliit with uxlaunch13:43
SageStskeeps: no luck with bootchartd13:44
araujook, and then form there on ... takes it dbus, .... ok, thought it was systemd, thanks Sage13:45
Sagesome option is missing but that is not mentioned in bootchartd docs13:45
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xruxaSage: I won't get to those missing translations and graphics,  filled as Nemo bugs #72 and #7314:04
Sageyou don't?14:06
Sagecan't reproduce you mean?14:06
Sagexruxa: did you do this:
Sageon device before starting the reset thing14:06
Mirvwas there any apps for Nemo Mobile yet written using qt components?14:07
xruxaSage: I could repro, I see those strings missing in translations, just will have time later14:07
Sagexruxa: ah, that is ok14:07
xruxaMirv: we have few apps already in the device with QtComponents14:07
Mirvxruxa: I tried to browse through repos.. which ones?14:07
MirvI'm kind of interested to just take a look at an example :)14:07
xruxaMirv: preinstalled e.g. Flickr and Maps14:07
Mirvah, ok14:08
MirvI'll find them at least in the obs14:08
xruxaMirv: there is git too14:08
Mirvxruxa: url? I could add those to wiki which only lists etc14:09
xruxaMirv: or
Mirvxruxa: thanks14:10
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veskuhSage: Just noticed, that while everything seems to work with new polkit I get errors on dmesg while doing upower -d14:55
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Sageveskuh: what upower version that is?15:43
veskuhI did not update it, so the one on the release15:43
Sagethat is upower output with old polkit on wetab15:44
SageI'll update the polkit and see if that changes15:44
Sagesame status
Sageso polkit seems ok on i586 at least15:46
veskuhyep, I think polkit is only guarding access to upower (the dbus api), upower itself gets the values directly from kernel/sysfs15:47
Sage and newer upower seems to add can-suspend to yes and add is-docked option15:48
Sageso to me it seems that upower is ok as well it is only n950 kernel that has problems15:49
veskuhyep, you can check directly from filesystem what kernel is reporting. stuff is under /sys/class/power15:54
veskuhsry, /sys/class/power_supply15:55
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Sageok, mce seems to dimm the display at times on exopc and there is no way to do wakeup as power button well shutdowns the device :)16:00
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Stskeepshello :)18:51
Minos_Just checking out the IRC client in Nemo18:52
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vakkovthey say the screenshots are from the Tizen SDK19:03
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vakkovit doesn't show error... installing ubuntu in virtual machine and downloading :D19:06
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MinosWhat package manager can I use in CLI?19:09
Stskeepszypper, rpm19:09
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nsuffysgood evening and tomorrow with the weekly release of Nemo +++20:45
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araujoanybody around willing to help testing something in nemo? :)21:58
befordi'm around21:59
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araujobeford_nemo, :D23:36
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