Thursday, 2012-01-19

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Stskeepsso, nemo release and testing if the new core works?07:48
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4154 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4154 Accepted promotion request08:28
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erionei am trying to install nemo 1.3CE09:13
erioneon my Nokia N95009:13
Stskeepswhich release specifically?09:13
erionebut i cant download the moslo bootloader09:13
erionethe lates one09:13
erioneon 12th jan09:13
erionethe moslo root file system present here,,
erionei am unable to download it09:15
erioneare there any other sources from where i can download it?09:15
erioneStskeeps : ^^09:15
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erioneanyone please help me out09:24
veskuherione: works fine me.09:24
erionei cant download09:25
veskuherione:  got wierd name for it09:25
erioneits showing09:25
Stskeepsi think there's a problem for the content distribution network for tablets-dev09:25
erioneDuplicate headers received from server09:25
Stskeepssome people claimed they can't access old 770 firmware images either09:25
erioneany other sources to do so?09:25
erioneis it possible to share or mail?09:26
erionei mean its around 14mb09:26
Stskeepswhat browser do you use?09:27
erionegoogle chrome09:27
erionei tried in firefox also09:28
Stskeepsodd, works for me09:28
erionei can download the src, but not the root fs09:28
erioneits downloading now09:29
erionei tried refreshing 3-4 times09:29
erionethanks for the help btw :)09:29
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erionei am doind sudo umount /dev/sdX10:54
erionebut it says10:55
erione/dev/sdX not found10:55
anYci guess the X has to be replaced with the correct letter on your device10:56
anYc"ls /dev/sd*" oder "mount" gives a list10:56
erionethere are 810:57
erioneso on..10:57
anYci don't know what you are doing :)10:58
erionei am installing nemo10:58
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anYcread the bold information above that command10:59
erionei did11:00
erionei need to unmount the device11:00
erionebut there are around 8 files11:00
anYci haven't installed nemo myself yet, but i guess "sudo mount" should print the correct value of X11:00
kengu2installing nemo on what?11:01
xruxaerione:  as anYc says, run "sudo mount" it look what is the memory card called like there before trying to unmount11:02
anYcyou could also execute "df -h" is shows the disk usage of every mounted partition. maybe that helps11:02
anYcerione: did you mount the microsd?11:03
kengu2and unplug the n950 and see the "mount" information. then plug it back and see the "mount" and look for the differences11:03
kengu2or something11:03
anYckengu2: as far as is see it, he is preparing the microsd on his PC11:03
* anYc is 20 min off for lunch11:04
kengu2then instead of unplugging the n950 unplug the sd and ..11:04
erionei couldnt see any difference when i disconnect or connect my n95011:09
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anYcerani: first, you have to mount the SD. this can either happen through a menu of your DesktopEnvironment or through a manual mount command11:28
anYctypically, sdaY is your first harddrive. if you have only one HD, the SD card becomes probably sdb11:29
anYcwhere the partitions on sdb are enumerated as sdb[1,2,3...]11:29
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anYcso, first you have to find the SD card11:30
anYcone hint is the output of "dmesg". it prints many lines, you should find new information at the end11:30
veskuhanYc: There is no SD card slot on N950, Nemo needs to be installed to internal flash.11:31
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anYcoh, there's an extra section for n950. sry11:32
anYcshouldn't try to help while also doing something else :)11:34
veskuhReal multitasking is hard :)11:34
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SageStskeeps: I'll do temporary hack to speed up n900 boot a bit by commengint the bdaddr udev rules11:55
Sagethat causes bluetooth MAC not working but that is not working in the first place so doesn't matter so much11:56
Sagefiled to follow this11:56
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Stskeepslooks ok to me12:00
Sagethx, waiting for compile and then pushing12:00
Sageshould speed up the n900 boot ~10s12:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4155 Rejected promotion request12:01
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4156 waiting for review at
Sageany change someone could take previous Nemo image and do zypper update for it?12:07
Sagebecause this new image I have acts very strangly12:07
Sagehmmp.... I didn't see this coming.12:10
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4156 Accepted promotion request12:10
* Sage takes old N900 image and does zypper up for it12:10
Sageveskuh: have you seen problem where statusbar is locked to vertical position?12:12
Sagesystemui that is12:12
veskuhSage: Hmm.. Don't think I have.12:12
SageI have seen that on 2 of my images today so wondering what has changed12:13
SageI tested the last MTF update set and didn't have problems wit that one12:13
Sageveskuh: and you tested those as well right?12:14
veskuhSage: Yes, on n950.12:15
SageI tested on N900 and wetab12:15
veskuhAny updates related to context-* or sensors?12:15
veskuhHappnes all around or just some specific app?12:15
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Sageit happens on home12:16
SageI'm pondering if there is some setting that doesn't get reset when doing zypper up and gets reset when doing new iamge12:17
veskuhWell, we have had systemui crashes already earlier, maybe with new MTF the end result is different than earlier.12:19
Sagehmmp... maybe...12:19
Sagehere we go:
Sagechanges between current repos and previous nemo image12:25
Sagehmmp... well after update everything seem ok12:34
vgradenew mic?12:35
Sageveskuh: umm... was there some graphics cache on the device?12:38
Sageveskuh: I wonder if that cache is still there after theme update and we do not see the actual effect of the new theme12:38
veskuhSage: mthemedaemon does some caching yes. do not know the details enough to say if that theory is feasible.12:39
veskuhSage: you could try apps with localtheme12:39
Sageapparently that12:40
* Sage tries what happens if he removes that12:40
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Sagehmmp... still works12:42
SageI guess I need to do new image with the current Mer Core and see how that works12:43
Sagewell, need to do releases anyway so12:43
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vgradeSage was the last image built with the old mic?12:51
Sagevgrade: I have used the "new" mic (not mic2) couple of weeks now for releases12:52
Sagethat might be error in mic2 as well, but as that is not really supported anymore there is no point in fixing that as mic works ok already12:53
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* Sage boots the newly created image.13:08
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Sagefirst boot failed themedaemon didn't come up properly13:11
Sagesecond boot ok13:13
Sagewow, one really can see the difference with class 4 and class 10 sdcards on n90013:18
SageI was wondering why this is feeling so slow and noted that I installed on class 4 card instead of 1013:19
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Sageok, and i586 works as well13:22
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Sageso I'm guessing the problems with themes are related to Mer Core-next13:23
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Sageveskuh: FYI: made release images already. Will be sending the announcement soonish.13:39
StskeepsSage: so, mer-core next has issues?13:40
SageStskeeps: so far it seems so. I need to do one more image round to be sure13:40
w00tif it's Qt 4.8, I'm escaping to columbia13:40
Sageah, qt :D13:40
StskeepsSage: can you run glestest?13:40
Sagewell that could be the thing wrong there :D13:40
SageStskeeps: sure, I'll do new image and check after that.13:41
* w00t hides.13:41
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Sagebut qt upgrade could explain the oddities I saw13:43
SageError <creator>: Failed to find package 'openssh-clients' : No package(s) available to install13:45
Sagewhat now13:46
Sageah, my bad wrong arch13:46
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Sageadmiral0: overrated :)13:48
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vgradeSage, mdfe_ is building a PA image, he has PA building against next also13:50
Sagevgrade: I know, I added the next repos ;)13:51
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Sagew00t: at least mcompositor crashes on N900 with new qt14:08
Sagealso dialer and timed14:08
Sagemthemedaemon: can't send pixmap sharing message14:14
SageStskeeps: lets talk here, what does ^ mean? :)14:14
StskeepsSage: i'm going to assume ti-omap3-sgx is installed14:14
StskeepsSage: widgetsgallery -local-theme14:15
Sageoh, widgetsgallery started14:15
Sageseems to work14:15
Stskeepsso mcompositor is sig11'ing?14:16
Sagepossibly but timed isn't started by uxlaunch but by own service file so that is somethign else14:25
Sageat times timed starts fine though so could be just generic failure14:25
Sage[  935.885314] mcompositor/1815: potentially unexpected fatal signal 6.14:27
Sageyup, plani mcompositor without any apps in /etc/xdg/autostart/ fails14:27
Stskeepssignal 6 is an assertion failure14:27
Stskeeps / SIGABRT14:27
Stskeepsanything in .xsession-errors?14:27
Stskeepsand there's nothing in autostart?14:28
Sageonly tmp dir where all those files are14:29
SageMRmi::invoke(): "QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Connection refused" "/home/meego/.mabstractdecorator"14:29
Sageis a bit confusing who calls that14:29
Sageit has been there forever14:29
Stskeepsdid we upgrade libmeegotouch?14:30
Sageyes, but on todays release it works fine which uses old core14:31
Sagealready tested that14:31
Sagealso tested the mic installation I have and images done with that works fine14:31
Sageso only thing that is there to change is Mer Core-next14:31
Stskeepsok, moment..14:31
Sagesure, need to do release mail14:31
Stskeepsi have a bad hunch :)14:31
StskeepsPackage xorg-x11-proto-inputproto changed from14:32
Stskeeps65a506ea79904d2710e0cbfb6f516257e713ad7a to14:32
Stskeeps0ac2b6c5ebac57b1b1eb4966e44fa0fd15358a15 in git14:32
Stskeepscommit 0ac2b6c5ebac57b1b1eb4966e44fa0fd15358a1514:32
StskeepsAuthor: Marko Saukko <>14:32
StskeepsDate:   Tue Dec 27 13:53:07 2011 +020014:32
StskeepsUpdate xorg-x11-proto-inputproto to version 2.1.14:32
* Stskeeps greps14:34
Stskeepscould you for fun rpm -e meegotouch-compositor-gesturres?14:35
Stskeepscould you for fun rpm -e meegotouch-compositor-gestures?14:35
Stskeepsand now try mcompositor again14:36
Sagehelped :P14:36
Stskeepsw00t: this is on your table14:36
Sagehehe :)14:36
* Sage ponders if w00t already went to columbia14:36
* Sage reboots with all xdg autostart stuff and without gestures14:37
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faenilhey people! :D14:40
faenilwhat's up :D14:40
SageStskeeps: well in addition to the gestures plugin, systemui seems to behave badly and touch responsiveness seems poor14:40
Stskeepsyes, so something is up with input proto14:41
SageI can drag ok, but can't press buttons14:41
w00tStskeeps: hmm?14:42
Stskeepsw00t: seems like new libXi/x11-input-proto causes your gestures plugin to qfatal14:43
w00tStskeeps: well that's interesting14:43
StskeepsSage: i think i'll revert libXi and xorg-x11-proto-nput14:43
Stskeepsit might need to be fitting together with an updated xorg server14:44
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Sageuh, the libXi is old btw :/14:46
Sageerr... went from 1.3 to 1.4.3 and newest is 1.5.0 that is dated with the input-proto14:47
Sageso that might be compatibility issue there as well14:49
Sageor well dates are in 4 day interval14:49
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo14:49
Stskeepsbug to merproject please, i'm reverting anyway and prepping for another prerelease14:50
veskuhImage sizes have been getting smaller. 5 months ago meego ce size was 380MB, today Nemo is 166MB. Nice!14:51
Stskeepsyes, we might actually fit in ubifs these days :P14:52
Sageveskuh: and the fun part is that almost the same functionailty14:52
Sagesample media is one that caused dramatic decrease in image size14:52
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lbtreminder about Mer T-shirts...
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faenilI have a spare afternoon, tomorrow, and 2 hours today15:11
faenilis there anything I can help with?15:11
faenilwhich one of those is fixable by a uni student ? :D with no OBS experience (atm) :D15:17
Stskeepshehe, well, do you know qml?15:17
Stskeepswell, there's for sure some things that are currently MTF based but could be qml based easily15:17
Stskeepsperhaps starting to mock up some qml's for those?15:18
veskuhFor exampe photo gallery app is needed15:18
veskuhThat should be mostly doable in qml15:18
Stskeepsyeah, sounds like a good task15:19
faenillast thing I talked to w00t about was the qmlsms15:19
faenilthen it turned out I did not have time15:19
faeniland he started it15:19
faenilI had never looked into its code15:19
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faenilbut if the gallery is more doable, I'll go that way :)15:19
w00tfaenil: whatever you want to work on, go for it15:19
faenilw00t: problem is I have little time, don't want to do like the other time15:20
w00tgallery may be easier indeed15:20
faenilI have done the last uni exam of the uni today (written part)15:20
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile15:20
faenilso I have tomorrow afternoon free, before I have to start studying for the oral part :)15:20
faenilif I want to graduate on 24th February :D15:20
faenilI honestly don't think qmlsms is doable in one afternoon :D15:21
faenilbut you know better :D15:22
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SageStskeeps: I think there is another regression in addition to the libXi and input proto15:31
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC15:32
Sagemainly because the systemui doesn't show up anything else then blank bar15:32
Stskeepsany suspects?15:32
Sagelock screen doesn't work e.g.15:32
Sageqt :/15:32
Sageit doesn't crash but it doesn't work either15:32
Stskeepsok, i'll dive into that tomorrow15:32
Sagecan't find any errors or anything15:33
Sageit uses a lot of cpu constantly so it seems to be in somekind of loop15:34
Sage 1526 meego     20   0  226m  30m  26m R 99.4 13.7  55:08.7415:34
Sagesysuid ^15:34
Stskeepsyeah, some strace/gdb would be needed15:35
veskuhSage: that might be there also in todays image. Just saw systemui being non-responsive but alive for while and after min or two it finally crashed15:36
veskuhwas there any updates in ofono or dialer related stuff? Doesn't seem to recongice incoming call again15:36
Sageveskuh: there wasn't updates in those15:36
veskuhrecognice the name that is.15:36
Sageveskuh: and on my device the sysuid seemed to work fine (N900)15:37
*** faenil has quit IRC15:37
veskuhSage: yep. there was some complaints about cell net indicators and it might have crashed when I manually started pin-query. Anyway now it seems to stay up.15:38
SageStskeeps: well after reboot got sysuid showing but still consumes 100% cpu15:39
*** lizardo has quit IRC15:39
veskuhAnd another crash15:39
Stskeepsdo we have changelogs of what went into latest nemo?15:39
SageStskeeps: not as such no. Main update is the MTF stuff a moment.15:41
Sagehmmp... I have an idea15:42
* Sage searches upstream libmeegotouch changelog15:42
Sagethis went in
Sagethis haven't
Sagesame NB# maybe we need systemui update as well15:44
Stskeepsthat looks logical15:45
* Sage prepares the update for testing15:46
* Sage ponders if there are other components involved in that same thing15:47
veskuhThere should be errors in Xorg.0.log if it that bug15:48
Stskeepsrecall that we don't have some of the security stuff in our xorg15:51
Stskeepsie, like, controlling xv access15:51
*** niqt has quit IRC15:56
* Sage ponders if there is way to get notifications out of gitorious when somethign is tagged inside certain project15:57
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*** niqt has quit IRC16:10
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile16:12
Sagewell, sysuid update didn't help so something else then16:12
Stskeepsthink we have to revert that patch from both, if it's what i think it is16:12
Stskeepshow's the panda coming along btw?16:13
Sagehaven't looked it in couple of hours release took priority :)16:18
*** niqt has quit IRC16:19
Stskeepsi'm brewing on
Sage[   61.843933] omapdrm omapdrm.0: failed to allocate vram16:21
Sage^ that is problem with panda atm.16:21
Sageconsole=ttyO2,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootfstype=ext3 rootwait rootflags=barrier=1 earlyprintk vram=32M16:21
Sagehowever this image is also the mer next16:22
Stskeepsmay need some omapfb. stuff i guess16:23
Sagelike n900?16:23
Sagesomeone said that vram=32M should be enough16:24
Stskeepsthis is with xorg + pvr xorg driver?16:25
*** Free-MG has joined #nemomobile16:29
*** xruxa has quit IRC16:31
Sagehmmp... removed hdmi cable and Xorg starts fine :)16:32
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile16:33
Stskeepsperhaps it can't fit hdmi resolution in vram?16:33
Sagehm wrong terminal :D16:34
Sagewhat are those in front?16:36
SageI need ipv6 support?16:36
Sagehmmp... manually starting Xorg and then xterm works fien16:37
Stskeepsno need for ipv616:38
SageEXA bug: pPixmap->devPrivate.ptr was 0xb6469000, but should have been NULL.16:38
Sagehmmp... with uxlaunch I get that unable to allocate vram but with plain Xorg don't16:39
Sagesetuid is there16:40
Sageand same problem withoust setuid16:43
Sage <- fails on panda16:54
Sageah,  [   72.448944] uxlaunch[1953]: VT_GETSTATE failed16:57
Sagehmmp why that fails17:00
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC17:04
Free-MGI get an error when boot the init rescue image on a N9 16gb for nemo, is there a solution?
Stskeepsyes, it doesn't work for all n9's17:06
Stskeepswait for pr1.2 at least17:06
admiral0Stskeeps: is it possible to use nemo wm and home instead of swipe's?17:06
admiral0just wm and home17:06
Stskeepsadmiral0: on harmattan? no clue, i guess theoretically17:07
SageStskeeps: I'm just guessing here, but any knowledge of CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE_DETECT_PRIMARY and its effects?17:07
admiral0i'm gonna try that after exams17:07
StskeepsSage: no, sorry17:08
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile17:08
Sageuxlaunch does something wrong I guess as otherwise the Xorg seems to work17:09
*** AIN2 has joined #nemomobile17:10
vgradeSage, mer/meego username17:11
Sagevgrade: ?17:12
vgradethere was an issue at one stage with user having to be meego17:13
Stskeepsvgrade has a point, does it run as 'meego' user? ie, manually?17:13
Stskeepsnot under root17:13
Sageyes meego user17:14
Stskeepsi mean, does Xorg -noreset run on it's own when su'ed to meego :)17:14
Sagesu meego; Xorg and with other terminal su meego; export DISPLAY=:0; xterm17:15
Stskeepsls -l /dev/pvrsvrkm17:16
Stskeepsor srv17:16
*** rcg has quit IRC17:16
Stskeepsand /dev/fb017:16
Stskeepsi guess it's late for you, let's take it at some other point?17:16
*** singler has joined #nemomobile17:20
Sage <- when trying to start xbmc17:20
SageStskeeps: srv dir is empty and there is no pvrsvrkm17:21
Stskeepskernel config == ubuntu's ?17:21
Stskeepslsmod ..?17:22
Sagecrw------- 1 meego video 29, 0 2000-01-01 08:09 /dev/fb017:22
Sagelinaro with some changes17:22
Stskeepsi'm pondering if the kernel modules is even loaded17:22
Stskeepson occassion i regret not taking a pandaboard too17:23
*** slaine has quit IRC17:24
*** mikhas has quit IRC17:24
SageModule                  Size  Used by17:25
Sageomapdrm_pvr           157635  017:25
Sagehmmp... do I need to set the compiling thing for kernel modules as well btw?17:25
Stskeepsok, and that's only .ko needed?17:26
Sagewell there are two wl12xx's17:26
Sagebut that is all there is loaded atm. at least17:26
Sageok, increased vram to 64M and getting nwo [  212.313446] uxlaunch[1922]: process 1957 was killed by signal 617:28
SageI'm guessing that is Xorg bu tnot sure17:28
* Sage enables cores17:29
Sagehmmp... doesn't dump core17:30
*** beford has joined #nemomobile17:32
*** singler has quit IRC17:35
* Sage hits his head to desk harder than ever before. :headdesk:17:36
* Sage :headdesk:17:36
Stskeepswatch out, that head is valuable17:37
Sageproblem solved and XBMC 11.0 beta splashscreen shown on panda and MEr17:38
Sageapp coredumps after that but well I can continue from here some other time :)17:38
Stskeepsso gles isn't working properly still?17:39
Sageah, I'll check that before I stop17:39
Sageat least the glesv2 test came with pandaboard starts fine17:40
Stskeepschmod +x it17:40
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC17:40
Sageas well as egl17:41
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:41
Sagefps: 162.56417:41
*** s1gk1ll has joined #nemomobile17:42
Sageso gl on pre-release seems ok17:42
Sageon pandaboard at least17:42
Stskeeps162 is nice fps17:42
Sageok, can't stop yet. :D17:43
Sage17:38:02 T:3061358592   ERROR: Unable to open audio mixer17:43
Sagefound the error for xbmc :)17:43
* Sage ponders why he looked at the logs 17:44
Stskeepsi wonder why mcompositor crashed17:44
Stskeepsrpm -e meegotouch-compositor-gestures ?17:44
Sageyes that helped17:44
Stskeepsi wouldn't mind a photo of that :P17:45
Stskeepsespecially if you can start meegotouch-home17:45
Sagewell I have the meegotouch-home up and running just systemui is taking all cpu17:48
Sagecan start apps etc17:48
Stskeepsoh cool17:48
Stskeepswell that's nice :>17:48
Sageso problems are gestures and systemui17:48
Sagewith core-next17:48
Sageok, xbmc started but crashed after 5s of home to
Sagenow I'll stop and go to do something not productive.17:49
Stskeepsthat usually means widelands for me17:49
Stskeepsbut cool progress :)17:49
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befordofonod still crashes :/22:13
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