Monday, 2012-01-23

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Stskeepsmorn sage07:06
StskeepsSage: i've started making .0.0.1 .0.0.2 etc releases so we can verify early when issues happen07:06
Stskeepswill probably import it into cobs later today07:06
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Stskeepsmorn veskuh07:23
veskuhGood Morning Stskeeps07:23
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Stskeepsveskuh: i had a thought about the tearing issue when i saw something on my n907:30
Stskeepsveskuh: in the low power lcd mode, the clock visibily teared07:30
Stskeepsi wonder what mode our LCDs are running in07:31
veskuhStskeeps: yep, that is interesting possibility.07:31
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Sageok, so our main problem is now the systemui with new mer core that needs fix?07:53
SageStskeeps: btw, could you do latest-prerelease or somethign as well if we start to do frequent releases07:53
Sagewe need url for zypper to update those as well to keep up with the changes07:54
Stskeepswas bug triage now or in an hour?07:59
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4174 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4174 Accepted promotion request08:33
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Sagehmmp... what does "grep UEVENT /boot/config*" print on N900, N950 and i586?10:42
Sageon i586 and CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH="/sbin/hotplug" on pandaboard10:44
Sageif n950 matches i586 and n900 panda that might be our udev problem :)10:44
Sageonly thing that I could find from udev stuff that isn't tested yet10:46
Stskeepssounds likely10:47
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lbtanother one? citation would be nice10:55
Sagelbt: no, this is in udev already10:55
Sagejust one that we haven't noted before, exactly why we would need the kernel config checks :)(10:55
lbtit's specified as "must be null"10:56
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Sageit seems to work if set, but might be cause of some issues we are having10:56
lbtok - I got the values switched from ^^ conversation :)10:56
lbtI'm sure you'll let me know...10:56
* Sage waits new n900 image write to sd card (old one broke while testing) :)10:57
lbtand I'm not rewriting Kconfig to do "if CONFIG_* then these values permitted else...."10:57
Sagelbt: for ofono CONFIG_TUN seem recommended;a=blob;f=README;h=413d789e5f9e96024986f5116d3c8aff0c9f15b8;hb=HEAD#l2810:58
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faenilmorning people :)11:00
Sagemorning faenil11:00
SageCONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH="/sbin/hotplug" <- N90011:00
Sageok, now N95011:00
* Sage is really happy atm.11:01
SageStskeeps: ^11:01
Stskeepsand panda?11:02
Sagepanda is same as n900 and same udev problem11:02
Stskeepslet's drop that then from conf11:02
Sagex86 same as n950 and no problem11:02
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Sageyes, I'll do test build and see if it helps11:02
* Stskeeps ponders how well qtmediahub runs in non-gl11:02
faenilquick OT question: doesn anyone why I'm getting touch event at blocks of 5 in Qt? I get delays of 1ms-1ms-1ms-1ms-80ms-1ms-1ms-1ms-1ms-80ms between events11:02
faenilknow* why11:03
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SageStskeeps: 2 questions should CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG be notset or y and what about CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT_V311:12
SageStskeeps: kernel confis for N900 do not match when doing make -f Makefile.config11:13
Stskeepsthat sounds like something from when we had bootchart?11:13
Sageyes, it is on atm. we should turn it off right?11:13
Stskeepsnormally, yeah11:13
Sageso both off?11:14
faenilI'm working on the gallery viewer, flickable + pincharea is scaring the crap out of me :D They keep fighting :D but I may have found a working combo11:14
StskeepsSage: right11:14
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faeniltrying to make a usable gallery with decent pinch to zoom feature...11:16
faenilI found out there's no qml viewer which has a "working" pinchtozoom, like those in default apps in smartphones11:17
faenilwhich zoom only the part of the image you're pinching11:17
faenilbut we want something better for nemo, don't we? :D11:17
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* faenil : forever alone11:18
Sagefaenil: well atm. anykind of photoviewer would be nice11:18
Sagefaenil: you are not alone, don't worry :)11:19
faenilSage: so it's ok if you pinch but it always sets the image to the center? :D11:19
Sagefaenil: I would be happy about any kind of photoviewer, we can improve the functionality later11:19
faenilnah, I'll save time on other features :) wanna make the pinch to zoom at least usable :)11:19
faenilhope to be able to do it within today11:19
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SageStskeeps: After fixing that kernel option Xorg PID went from 1739 to 559 :)11:28
Stskeepsok, nice11:29
Stskeepsand boot time?11:29
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Sageno notable improvement at least11:31
Sagefrom starting kernel message to home ~40s11:31
Sagewhich isn't so bad in the end11:31
Stskeepsharmattan's like 60s i think11:31
* Sage is happy finally finding the problem11:32
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veskuhSage: Nice work in finding the issue and solving it!11:33
w00t40s on n900, or n950?11:34
* w00t would be amazed if it's the former11:34
Sagew00t: n90011:34
w00tholy crap11:34
Sagenote: that is from starting kernel message not from poweron11:34
Sagedidn't want to cound the uboot there that takes ~15s11:34
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4175 waiting for review at
* Sage needs to apply that same patch to Pandaboard11:35
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SageStskeeps: there is lots of things to cleanup in bootup still as the Xorg pid should be under 100 or something not around 500 but at least not over 1000 anymore :)11:40
lbtroot       419   315  0 00:00 tty1     00:00:01 /usr/bin/Xorg11:41
Sagelbt: on what system?11:41
Sageyes, that sounds about right11:42
w00tis this a pissing contest of "my X pid is lower than yours"? ;p11:42
Sagemeego      225  1.4  1.2  19908 10720 tty1     Ss+  12:42   0:51 /usr/bin/Xorg :0 -logfile /home/meego/.Xorg.0.log -nolisten tcp -noreset -auth /home/meego/.Xauthority -nocursor vt111:42
Sageon my wetab ,)11:42
w00tSage wins11:42
* lbt runs >60k shells11:42
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Sagemost of the pid increase comes from our shell scripts which start stuff, e.g., dsme has own .sh script for starting as well as our sgx driver and bme11:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4175 Accepted promotion request11:46
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4176 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4176 Accepted promotion request11:56
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admiral0Stskeeps: is it possible to run nemo's wm && desktop replacing harmattan's ones?12:25
Stskeepsyou need a open mode kernel and much of harmattan functionality may break12:26
Stskeepsalso, we haven't tested that, at all12:26
admiral0like feeds12:26
veskuhthat would break12:27
admiral0a workaround would be providing api and redirecting to /dev/null12:27
veskuhbut mcompositor (wm) is the same.12:27
veskuhon harmattan there is just proprietary gesture extension12:28
admiral0can implement that12:28
veskuhI haven't checked what are specific differences in home, but obviously there is some.12:28
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admiral0well, the problem for me is bug 58412:29
admiral0i've talked with many nokia guys12:29
admiral00 fucks were given12:29
veskuhIn anycase Nemo/Harmattan home share the roots so in theory replacing should be possible if you have open kernel12:29
admiral0well, not 0, but the final answer was "No"12:30
admiral0have you got any idea about low power mode?12:30
admiral0where is it implemented?12:31
veskuhMight be systemui, but not sure12:31
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veskuhadmiral0: you might be interested in w00t's lipstick work:
admiral0i want to achieve this in harmattan12:33
veskuhYep, on Harmattan it is problematic since there is the closed compoennts. In Nemo should be doable.12:36
admiral0nemo has no 3d driver afaik12:37
Stskeepsnemo has a fully functional 3d driver12:37
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admiral0veskuh: where's lipstick?12:53
admiral0silly me12:54
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faenilisn't there a way to get the velocity of a panning gesture in Qml? that's absurd...13:56
veskuhProbably the APIs are targeted to be on "higher level"13:57
faenilwhat do you mean?13:58
faenilhigher level means easier, not less features :D13:58
w00tat least nowdays you'd have a decent chance of adding it13:59
faenilnot if I receive events at blocks of 5...13:59
faenilI can't make a velocity out of that...13:59
w00ti meant adding the functionality (or same statement goes for fixing whatever bug causes you to not get events frequently enough, if it's a bug)~14:00
faenileheheh :P14:00
faenilnow I'm trying to use a flickable and get the velocity out of it14:03
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faenilbut if I take the out the deceleration to avoid the change of direction, it doesn't flick anymore14:05
faenilmaybe I'll use a slightly wider contentArea14:05
faeniland make it think it's scrolling something14:05
faeniland get the max velocity14:05
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4177 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4177 Rejected promotion request14:20
Sagew00t, Stskeeps: btw that 40s boot was with class 4 sdcard :P14:21
Stskeepsnot bad14:21
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Sageohmd and sensorfw have something bad in them14:24
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4178 waiting for review at
phaeronit had an error and notified me and I salvaged it :D14:30
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4178 Accepted promotion request14:33
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faenilnice, Flickable is almost as unreliable as my own speed calc...14:46
faenilI flick by a little14:46
faeniland it reports vel 914:46
faenilor 1014:46
faenilor 3014:46
faeniland that's okay14:46
faenilthen some times it reports 125014:47
faenilhouston, we have a problem14:47
admiral0it's the unit14:47
admiral0it's measured in wtf/sec14:47
faenilI would have never thought implementing a panning gesture would have been so difficult in Qt :)14:48
faenilI mean, QPanGesture doesn't have velocity, has acceleration but only implemented on Mac it seems (coz it's free) XD14:49
faenilhow is one supposed to handle such things? I think I'll skip this flicking on my 3d model...14:50
luke_dirtwalkerfaenil: maybe you can make your own gesture recognizer like here and use a timer from beginning of gesture to end and calculate velocity? or have you tried tha already?15:02
faenilnope but I've tried getting the timer in QmlApplicationViewer::viewportevent15:03
faeniland it was yet worse15:03
faenildo you think implementing a custom gesture would be different? (not being ironic)15:04
faenilI honestly don't think so15:04
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luke_dirtwalkerhm no idea15:06
faenilI think it's qmlapplicationviewer which then passes events to the widgets, so I think it wouldn't15:06
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4179 Rejected promotion request15:14
veskuhSage:  ^ is the correct way to fix that remove −1 from changelog or update version in spec/yaml ?15:19
veskuhI thought the version after - would be build number and thus not in changelog or spec/yaml?15:19
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lbtfaenil: you need to look at the raw event times15:41
faenilif that were possible..15:42
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lbtI used to - but that was QWidget days15:42
faenilthere's no event timestamp in qt afaik15:42
faenilthat's the cause of all problems15:42
faenilcan I go lower than qmlapplicationviewer::viewportevent?15:43
veskuhMaybe you could get some hints from how flickable area sources15:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4181 waiting for review at
lbtfaenil: was my code15:46
lbtand yeah, it looks like I timed it myself15:47
lbtit stored events and played them back if it decided it wasn't a gesture15:47
faenilbut when qmlapplicationviewer receives the events it's already too late15:47
faenilit receives them at packs of 5..15:48
veskuhfaenil: or take a look at qml gesturearea and build your own gesturearea based on it:
lbtwell, this stuff is old15:48
lbtQt4.4 - pre-fremantle release15:48
faenilveskuh: still, given that qmlapplicationviewer already receives events all at once, would that help?15:49
lbtit did allow trivial per-widget gestures though15:49
faenillbt: the problem is not recognizing the gesture here :) it's having an acceptable speed value :)15:49
lbtI understand ..15:50
faenilas fast as possible15:50
lbtit's batching15:50
lbtwhich is dumb15:50
lbtw/o timestamps in the events15:50
faenilso when I get the event and calculate deltaTime, deltaDistance --> speed15:50
faenilI get wrong deltaDistance for those deltaTimes15:50
veskuhfaenil: well, if built in elements get events fast enough, you should be able to get them soon15:50
* lbt suggests you add timestamps to QtEvent15:50
lbthow hard can it be?15:51
veskuhfaenil: and flickable seems to work just fast enough in helium15:51
faenilveskuh, they don't :D15:51
faenilflickable has the same problem15:51
faenilI hit for short time15:51
faeniland it moves of a short distance, but not always15:51
faenilabout 80% of the times15:51
faenilwhich is low..15:51
faenilthe other times it moves with speed 900,120015:51
faenilinstead of 30-4015:51
veskuhIs that what flickable tells you or what flickable gets as input?15:52
faenilonVerticalVelocityChanged: console.log(verticalVelocity)15:53
veskuhSo that is from QML? Internally it might get more precise values.15:55
faenilwhat I tried with qmlapplicationviewer was from c++15:55
faenilreimplementing viewportevent()15:56
faenilI think that's the first who gets the events before dispatching them to the widgets/views15:56
faeniland events are already batched at that time15:56
veskuhDid you check from flickable that it the same as it uses?15:56
faenilwhat do you mean?15:56
faenilflickable uses QScroller to get velocity15:56
veskuhAh, so you checked. nevermind then.15:57
faenilit's so strange that we're in Qt 4.8, almost 5, and there's no velocity attribute in QPanGesture, that should be a thought is that there's something big behind15:58
faenilmust be something which doesn't make that possible15:58
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faenilnow, even if I were to use Flickable to get velocity (which is not very accurate, but better than mine) and mousearea to detect doubletaps and mouse am I to do it? can I let both flickable and mousearea receive touchevents? atm only the one which is declared after gets the event..16:14
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lbtLast chance for Mer T-shirts :
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:29
Free-MGmust have :), thanks21:30
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Venemolbt, ME WANTS!21:56
lbtFree-MG, Venemo ... send Denise a mail :)21:57
Venemolbt, what's his full email address?21:57
lbtsee the url ^^21:58
Venemolbt, ?21:58
lbtalso size details in there21:58
iekkui want also21:59
Venemocan I also haz a Mer sticker like the one on that ideapad?21:59
iekkubut not coming to fosdem21:59
lbtVenemo: if you come to fosdem Stskeeps will have some21:59
lbtiekku: will mail one to you np21:59
Venemolbt, I can't afford to go to fosdem :(21:59
lbtVenemo: me neither :D22:00
Venemoat least, not yet22:00
* lbt is phaeron's +122:00
Venemoisn't it ironic that I'm paid to work on properitary software to be able to work on free software in my free time?22:01
lbtyou're paid? lucky you!22:01
iekkulbt, ordered one22:01
lbtiekku:  \o/22:01
iekkuhmm, was jukkaeklund coming to fosdem22:01
w00tlbt earns his income off tshirts :-p22:01
phaeronlbt: hmm ?22:01
lbtw00t: yeah I should get 20p per t-shirt22:02
* lbt needs to sell tizen t-shirts...22:02
iekkulbt, need to figure out how to pay it22:02
w00tlbt: i think you'd have to pay people to wear those...22:02
iekkuand how much the posts are22:02
lbtiekku: meh ... eventually is fine22:02
iekkui could ask if someone from tampere is coming, if he/she could pick up my shirt22:03
Free-MGlbt: i have, sent her to germany?22:03
lbtiekku: it's ~ €3.50 for shipping in europe22:03
lbtso no big deal - but happy to arrange pickups22:04
iekkuthat's not bad, but thinking avoiding the posting in your side :)22:04
lbtiekku: we'll have a few to do for sure so it's no bother22:04
w00tyou know22:04
lbtand Denise isn't working either so she's bored :)22:05
w00tcontinuous integration is great, until it's not great22:05
lbtw00t: hehe22:05
*** zumbi_ has joined #nemomobile22:05
lbtw00t: it does tend to make you fix the problems in the order *it* decides22:06
*** zumbi_ is now known as Guest4501222:06
w00tlbt: i've been trying to get 5-6 changes in Qt integrated for about 6 hours (and 5 retries) now :)22:06
w00tother people keep breaking stuff22:07
lbtBQL ?22:07
Venemow00t, other people suck :P22:07
*** zumbi has quit IRC22:08
w00tlbt: BQL?22:08
w00tVenemo: sometimes.. ;)22:08
lbtBig Qt Lock ....22:08
w00tthat's a good name for it actually22:08
*** vakkov has quit IRC22:08
VenemoI wonder...22:08
Venemohow much effort will it require to port Nemo to Qt 5?22:09
lbtw00t: maybe git should offer a ticketing system22:09
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:09
lbttake a ticket and when it's your turn you get to merge22:09
lbtyou have 15mins to rebase22:09
w00tVenemo: the main problems will be anything touching libmeegotouch22:09
w00tparticularly the UX (things like sysuid)22:09
w00tthere is already a port of Qt Components to Qt 5, so that part is covered22:10
Venemow00t, so only the obsolete parts will be affected mostly?22:10
w00tonce feature freeze hits, I might start looking at it22:11
Venemowell, since the MTF apps are already being phased out by qt-components apps, it isn't such a big problem, is it?22:12
w00twhen you don't have many part time developers, let alone full time ones.. :-)22:13
w00tbut we'll get there22:13
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Venemolbt, by the way, where did you obtain that huge battery which I can see in that ideapad on the pic?22:32
lbtthey came with them22:33
*** beford has quit IRC22:33
lbtthey were Dublin/MeeGo freebies22:33
Venemoah, I see22:33
VenemoI paid for mine, and it came with a (lot) smaller battery22:34
lbt8.5 Ah22:35
Venemothis one is 3.74 Ah22:36
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*** Free-MG has quit IRC22:50
Venemoanyway, I gotta leave now, need to sleep22:53
Venemohave a nice evening everyone!22:53
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:54
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