Tuesday, 2012-02-07

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Sage"Sleeping is overrated" (tm)05:22
* Stskeeps needs coffee05:22
SageCan we somehow provide a rpm for that?05:25
Sagerelated to https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9105:25
SageSome distros provide a package for that but not sure how they handle the license05:28
SageI don't recall reading any license when installing same package on my other netbook that isrunning fedora05:29
timophmaybe it's the "put it in contrib or something and don't speak about it" -way05:29
StskeepsSage: i've seen it work without that rpm in modern linux kernels05:30
Stskeepsthe ideapad specifically05:30
SageStskeeps: you have?05:33
Sagewell, my netbook that comes with 3.1.x kernel couldn't handle that broadcom chip without that driver so how modern kernel are you talking about? :D05:34
StskeepsSage: well, there was -something- about it working..05:35
SageI don't have that chip myself in my lenovo so can't really test, but it would be nice if someone coudl test if that works05:35
timophI have it but I'm not at home now05:36
timophto me it seems that the lisence allows redistribution without modifications05:36
Sagezypper install kernel-adaptation-pc-devel gcc and then try to compile05:36
Sagetimoph: yes, it seems so.05:37
timophalthough that much legalize makes my head hurt05:37
timoph2.1 imo makes that pretty clear05:38
Sageumm... does ideapad with bcm chip has also rj45 behind that? :)05:41
timophhmmh. not sure05:44
Stskeepspeople use modems? :o05:45
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SageStskeeps: need more coffee?05:48
SageStskeeps: at least I would recommend some. HINT: rj11 vs rj45.05:48
Sagetimoph: you don't have account in our bz apparently was about to cc you in one bug about that networking :)05:49
SageStskeeps: trying to reason the lack of coffee? :P05:51
* Sage needs some caffeine as well 05:51
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timophhmmh. I should have05:56
timophwhat's the bug number?05:56
timophSage: ^05:57
Sagetimoph: 9105:57
timophis nemo using a different bz than mer?05:58
Sagetimoph: yes bugs.nemomobile.org05:58
Sagesame login though05:58
timophevidently it is05:58
* timoph added myself05:59
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dcthangwhy wifi'sapplet doesn't have virtual keyboard? So user cannot type passphrase for it06:10
Stskeepsdcthang: usually works for me06:10
dcthangok, wondering why it's so.06:21
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Stskeepskeyboard out, maybe?06:21
dcthangyep, might be. Which package for that do u know?06:23
Stskeepsnot sure06:23
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Stskeepsmorn veskuh_n9_07:23
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veskuh_n9_attending html5 course today07:26
veskuh_n9_argh one of the targets is winphone with phonegap07:26
timophhave fun07:27
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* timoph is doing QA today (yet again)07:27
Stskeepsveskuh_n9_: cheat and put it on top of phonegap on mer ;p07:28
veskuh_n9_stskeeps that would be way more fun.07:29
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fosstuxHi! Is it possible to install Mer & Nemo on the internal memory of the N900?08:11
veskuh_n9_I think the old meego instructiins for it still works.08:15
veskuh_n9_Not recommended way.08:15
fosstuxwhy not?08:16
veskuh_n9_devs. install to mem card so that is the only tested way08:16
fosstuxbut why???08:17
fosstuxOr is it possible to replace maemo with mer?08:17
timophthe emmc installation is destructive08:17
timophiirc there was some issues with having swap on the emmc08:18
Stskeepsfosstux: buy a microsd card, that's best way08:18
Sagetimoph: our swap is on emmc atm :)08:19
timophdunno if anyone is maintaining the emmc installer. at least I haven't touched it in months08:19
timophSage: ah.08:19
timophor was that related to that when you have your rootfs there as well08:19
* timoph can't remember08:20
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timophbut anyway there wasn't any significant preformance gain running it from emmc08:21
Sagetimoph: well it was mainly about not destroying the maemo installation08:21
Sagetimoph: and the fact that meego was too big to fit in nand in the end08:21
Sagehowever I think it would fit in nand already now, but haven't treid that08:21
timophI can try it if needed08:22
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SageWith Mer we got the base image so much smaller that it should fit in already08:22
Sageand there is stil much room for improvement08:22
timophwould be interesting to see if the thing still works. imo it should08:22
Sageyes, and it probably would improve perf as well08:23
Sageimage in nand that is08:23
Sageemmc doesn't improve pref much (if any) and thus we have not been thinking about that08:24
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Stskeepsit was mostly useful for testing, i guess08:25
timophyep. especially with automation08:25
timophthat actually the reason why we implemented it08:26
Sagedid nand image creation requires some proprietary tools?08:26
StskeepsSage: not really, ubifs08:26
timophiirc yes08:26
* timoph is about to learn something new08:26
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timophI need to try that08:28
SageStskeeps: ah, now I recall08:28
Sageok, that should be relatively easy to test08:29
timophn900 nand was 256M, right?08:32
Stskeepsthe chinese STB people have like 105mb flash devices08:32
Stskeepsthat was a bit tougher to fit in that anticipated08:32
rantomHow much was the N950 nand?08:33
Stskeeps256ish, the emmc is what hosts rootfs08:33
timophI'm thinking of stripping a nemo image a bit and putting it to the nand..08:34
Stskeepsthink that's what sage was pondering about08:34
rantomI can try to flash the N900 and/or N950 with Nemo, if needed, though I'd need instructions to do it since I've only done it so far successfully to the MMC08:35
timophdunno if n950 flashing with custom images is possible atm08:35
Stskeepsn950 i wouldn't recommend08:36
Stskeepsi know how to do it but it requires internal tools08:36
Stskeepsuse the initrd08:36
rantomBlame aegis?08:36
timophI would :)08:36
Stskeepsno, just unreleased internal tools a08:36
Sageyes, n950 is a bit hard as it requires internal tools08:43
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Sagehmmp... both of my N900 and N950 devices can't get wifi at finland atm.09:02
Sagelast time I connected those to wlan was at fosdem and wonderign why I can't get the wlan up anymore09:03
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* Sage reflashed n900 with the known workin software and wifi is still not there09:48
* Sage has bad feeling about this09:48
Stskeepsx-rays in airport? regulatory issues?09:49
SageI'm betting the first. :/09:49
Sageboth n900 and n950 wifi's silent :/09:49
Sagecarried those on same bad next to each other without power through security check09:49
Stskeepstake out battery and let it stay for a little while?09:50
SageBattery was out for more than 1 day09:51
Sagenever seen that wpa_supplicant crash09:51
Stskeepslooks like an asserition failure09:52
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Sageok, wifi network is just nuts apparently09:58
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fosstuxIWhat is the recommended way to install the hildon appliction manager on my N900?10:29
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niqtoff-topic http://lwn.net/Articles/479710/rss other distribution for qt/kde developer? what you think opensuse? i shown that for   Raspberry Base Layer is on fedora10:32
Stskeepsraspberry qtonpi moving to opensuse10:34
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dcthangany hints to install packages easilier meanwhile "zypper se" doesnot work atm?10:38
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fosstuxIs it okay to run the dd command when the microsd card is in the n900?11:04
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Sagedcthang: it is bug in mer core. :/11:17
Sagefosstux: what do you mean?11:17
Sagedcthang: know issue that is11:17
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dcthangThere is a bug with meego-handset-camera in recording mode11:26
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Stskeepswhich part?11:27
dcthangit shows "CameraBin error: "Internal data flow error." "11:28
dcthangwhen you press "Rec"11:29
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dcthangmaybe lacking plugins, where can I get gst-plugins-bad package?11:36
dcthangthere are a lot of repo for that. dunno what is the correct one11:36
Stskeepsdcthang: it needs DSP working and gst-dsp for recording11:36
dcthangdsp-test shows it working11:38
Stskeepsdoes command line gst-launch too?11:38
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dcthangbut where I can get gst-dsp package?11:40
dcthangis this correct one? http://repo.meego.com/MeeGo/builds/
lbtw00t_AMS: ping when you have a few minutes11:47
Stskeepsdcthang: i'd recompile it if i were you11:47
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fosstuxSo - I've now got nemo on the sd card - it looks awesome...11:48
fosstuxBut I'm having one problem: Wenn changing the time, the Done Button is dimmed.11:49
dcthangStskeeps: okay11:49
fosstuxis there a package available to sync the clock with a ntp server?11:54
Stskeepsit does that when you connect to a wifi11:55
fosstuxthanks - that worked automatically...11:58
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w00t_AMSlbt: consider this a few minutes :)12:14
lbtI'd like a pointer to the package which needs patching to fix the gesture problem12:16
lbtie minimises too easily12:16
w00t_AMSyeah, that.. source at https://github.com/nemomobile/mcompositor-gestures12:17
w00t_AMSI haven't had time to get to it12:17
lbtI'd like to have a go :)12:17
lbtannoys the crap out of me12:17
w00t_AMSwould be nice if you could, i'm sure it's just something stupid :P12:17
fosstuxWhen I want to start Maemo again, do I have to remove the sd card?12:40
fosstuxIs it possible to import my contacts, IM Accounts, etc. from Maemo?12:44
Stskeepscontacts maybe, IM doubtful12:44
chouchouneStskeeps: you HAVE to remove the SD card ? I tought it's possible to boot on maemo with the sdcard inside (by typing run noloboot ?)12:58
Stskeepsyou can to13:04
fosstuxHow far is the german language translated? Can I help?13:06
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init3will my maemo apps work on Nemo mobile?23:13
init3beford: oh right that's gtk23:13
init3but yes23:13
init3what sort of apps does it use?23:14
befordI think nemo mobile focuses on QML/qt currently23:14
init3I mean, is it based on apps from maemo?23:14
befordhildon apps should run on top of mer/cordia23:14
init3sounds good23:14
init3basically Bless N900 is something I'd love to continue running if I switch23:15
init3I don't think that's gtk23:15
befordI think the UI its built with it so it will have to be rebuilt but I suppose the background stuff should work23:16
init3maybe I'll contact them to see if they will be releasing a version that works with qt23:20
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