Monday, 2012-02-27

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Stskeepshmm, didn't we discuss wifi network reconect?05:26
Stskeeps* [24753] [OS Middleware] [FEA] test-connman utility in MeeGo fails to05:26
Stskeepsreconnect to hidden WiFi after disconnect05:26
Stskeepsfrom meego bugs05:26
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Stskeepsmorn Sage_07:19
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Stskeepsmorn veskuh o/07:59
Stskeepshad a good vacation?07:59
veskuhyep, very relaxing07:59
veskuhdid not get anything done ;)08:00
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Sage_veskuh: isn't that the sole purpose of vacation? :)08:05
veskuhMission accomplished :)08:05
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Sage_do we have anyone that would like to start rebasing the n950 patches for ofono and trying to get those upstreamed?08:39
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veskuhjukkaeklund: Opera runs fine on Nemo. Installed the files from new Harmattan .deb08:49
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jukkaeklundveskuh, nice08:55
veskuhjukkaeklund: did not get firefox to work yet though08:56
* Sage_ recalls why he hated fennec build it takes ages08:56
* Sage_ is compiling fennec for nemo08:56
veskuhSage_: Nice, the .deb installed fine but was probably missing some dependencies since did not work08:57
Sage_veskuh: I'm not expecting it to work as it uses some harmattan specific thing08:57
Sage_like sharing framework08:57
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* Sage_ needs more powerfull machine for this 09:00
Sage_Core i5 2.53MHz, 4G and it takes forever09:00
Sage_and this is i586 build not even arm :)09:01
Sage_After compiling 30mins it is always nice to note that you did some minor error in packaging :P09:01
veskuhSage_: yep, and there always is.09:03
Sage_veskuh: ~ 1 out of 100 succeeds with first time ;)09:03
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Sage_and that is usually an empty package without files ;)09:04
veskuhSage_: true :)09:04
Stskeeps looks like we might have to take B2G more seriously09:06
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Sage_veskuh: currently uploading there09:09
Sage_will take about 30mins to compile for i586 on my laptop not sure if cobs has more or less power09:09
Sage_also haven't started it on any device yet09:11
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Stskeepshmm, we forgot triage today didn't we09:22
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lbtyou had a bug to relocate too09:25
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Sage_veskuh: similar thing from n9 package?10:55
veskuhNo, it was complaining about missing .so10:56
Sage_ok10:56 even after setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH10:56
Sage_what is libmdatauri ?10:58
Sage_oss or closed?10:59
Sage_ <- is this the nokia sharing fw?11:00
Stskeepslooks like it11:01
Sage_so it is oss afterall?11:01
Sage_or was oss? :)11:01
veskuhLooks like codedrop for meego11:03
Stskeepsin other news,
veskuhStskeeps: interesting11:06
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Sage_ok, the share-ui drop for meego is too old for fennec to use at least11:07
Sage_and I guess there isn't newer version available11:07
Sage_or well :)11:08
Sage_ok, didn't know about that existing11:09
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Sage_transfer-ui is something that could go to MW:MTF even not sure how much that is used though11:11
Sage_share-ui is different thing as it seems to depend on tracker11:12
Sage_should we merge those to our repos?11:14
Sage_probably would improve harmattan compatibility a bit11:14
Stskeepsmakes sense, if OSS and up to date with Harmattan11:14
Sage_last update last month so I would say yes11:15
veskuhYep, it's the same version as I see in the latest harmattan11:15
Sage_ok, I'll start packaging those.11:18
Sage_veskuh: can you see from harmattan what packages depend on those, share-ui and transfer-ui? Just wondering if there are some build deps that we should enable11:19
veskuhSage_: yep, I can dig that info, but it will take a while11:20
Sage_np, it will take time to get those packages done anyway11:20
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Sage_btw, we should probably update our qt-components to at least version 1.111:27
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veskuhSage_:  dependencies to shareui:
Sage_ok, so none of our components is there11:38
veskuhSage_:  and same for transfer UI
Sage_ok, so seems quite clean11:43
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Sage_Stskeeps: mer bug triage?11:45
Stskeepsyes, in 15 minutes right11:46
Sage_pah, yet another tracker dependency :/11:47
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Sage_Segmentation fault13:19
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faenilhi :)13:33
Sage_faenil: hi13:35
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faenilSage_: any news about nemo?13:52
faenilmarquiz: any news about dualbootin?13:52
Sage_faenil: news, in what sense? :)13:54
faenilSage_: don't know, like critical fixes, new qml softwares, new archs...dunno ^_^13:55
faenilhaven't been following the scene in the last 1/2 weeks13:55
Sage_faenil: hehe, well nothing in those categories at least. New release was made on last thursday if you didn't notice13:56
faenilSage_: ok :)13:56
faenilSage_: so battery level still not working I guess...13:57
faenilon n95013:57
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Sage_faenil: :nod:14:13
faenilSage_: :nod: as in it's still bugged? :D14:14
marquizfaenil: nope, not yet :(14:16
marquizfaenil: i got bad influenza and was bedridden for a week or so14:16
marquizand, surprisingly, tasks got piled up at my daily job :/14:17
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marquizfaenil: but i've recovered and going to try that out when i have free evening14:18
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faenilmarquiz: okay, np ;)14:19
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* Sage_ started the update process towards pr12 on his n914:52
slaineVisually, Mozilla did a nice job with boot2gecko15:02
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Stskeepsyeah, it's not bad15:04
vgradeand also RIL integration,
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slainebeen burned by mozilla already, not likely to trust b2g for a while yet16:07
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