Wednesday, 2012-02-29

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Stskeepsmorn Sage_07:14
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iekkuit's time to remove my personal stuff from computers07:36
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Sage_iekku: oh, you too? :)07:38
Stskeepspoint, a lot of stuff to move to archive07:39
iekkuSage_, yes :)07:40
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Stskeepsgood morning veskuh07:44
veskuhGood morning, Stskeeps07:44
Stskeepsveskuh: any wrap up things needed for this month? for next week i'll be hosting the status meeting at least, to keep things alive07:46
Stskeepsnext week(s)07:46
veskuhStskeeps: I have been thinking about that, but I don't think anything special is needed.07:47
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Stskeepsveskuh: i'd like to say thanks for good management in this last part, i feel we really have gotten somewhere with Nemo, much improved since we started - and enough momentum to continue properly07:51
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jukkaeklundveskuh, stskeeps +1 !07:52
veskuhStskeeps: Thanks. I also feel happy about what achieved here together and I really appreciate the good work you and Sage, and all the contributors have done.07:52
jukkaeklundso whats changing, feeling like goodbyes here?07:53
veskuhLast day of feb. so after today no more Nokia sponsoring.07:53
jukkaeklundwill you be around still?07:54
iekku+1 for Stskeeps07:54
Stskeepsi'll personally be around, at least, in Mer and Nemo07:54
* jukkaeklund happy to see other companies stepping up07:54
veskuhjukkaeklund: I'll be around but my focus will be on my CV :)07:55
Stskeepsi'm not sure if recommendations are suitable from subcontractors, but let me know if you need one :)07:55
jukkaeklundveskuh, right. you know what I can offer, and if not lets meet..07:55
jukkaeklundI think recommendations on the scope of open work are good anyway, right companies will value those07:56
Stskeepsyeah, it's the kind of recommendations where you can actually understand and see what the person did07:56
w00tyou guys had better _not_ go anywhere ;P07:57
* w00t would get all lonely07:57
jukkaeklundblogging stuff is good..07:59
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* Sage_ doesn't go anywhere from Nemo or Mer even though the Nokia Sponsoring is ending.08:03
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* jukkaeklund is sponsored by a new team08:09
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* timoph is around for the fun of it when time allows08:10
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w00tSage_: \o/08:10
w00ttimoph: +108:10
niqtseems a funeral ;(08:11
Stskeepson the contrary08:12
veskuhNew beginnings are needed once in a while :)08:12
jukkaeklundgetting philophical.. Mer is a great new beginning, and I would like to see something similar for Nemo08:12
PaimenLe Roi est mort, vive le Roi08:12
jukkaeklundnot that nemo wouldn't be great progress, don't get me wrong08:13
timophdefine similar08:13
timophI didn't get it :/08:14
jukkaeklundyeah, like a new start08:15
jukkaeklundin practice, a new UI would be something08:15
niqtthere will be 'a new project? I'm not understanding08:15
Sage_niqt: whos?08:15
jukkaeklundor some vendor coming up with a product :)08:16
* Sage_ thinks this got a bit missunderstood08:16
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jukkaeklund..or Nemo getting in multiple devices, like N9 properly08:16
jukkaeklundyeah, it got..08:16
Stskeepsall very good plans there as well08:17
jukkaeklundyes it is08:17
jukkaeklundsome of the dreams coming true..08:17
Stskeepsw00t: what needs to be done to make lipstick saner?08:18
niqtSage_: I misunderstood. sorry.08:18
veskuhStskeeps: hmm. that needs updates as Photos was already replaced :) Nice to see plans come to reality :)08:18
Stskeepswe already have phonegap support starting (thanks to jukkaeklund) as well08:19
w00tStskeeps: splitting everything related to actual presentation to plugins is the #1 item08:20
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w00tand probably actually making a decent default..08:20
* jukkaeklund likes this discussion about lipstick08:20
niqtw00t: want you my qmlcalendar still?08:21
w00tniqt: of course we do08:21
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w00tnew apps are always good08:21
Stskeepsw00t: anything i can do to speed it along?08:22
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w00tStskeeps: clone me, or alternatively, help tackle the good default I guess, and I'll smack the plugins around.. I'll tentatively say I can try throw some time at that today/tonight08:22
w00tcoming up with a concept of how it should feel/act would be good i guess08:23
Stskeepsgenerally a toolkit that's useful for experimentation08:24
Stskeepsie, something you can couple together with a photoshop qml output08:24
* timoph could contribute something to lipstick08:27
timophw00t: where are you hosting the code for it?08:29
w00tStskeeps: i mean how our plugin should feel/act08:29
w00ttimoph: sec08:29
Stskeepsw00t: use qml compositor as a reference, perhaps08:29
w00tStskeeps: their examples are pretty ..bare08:30
jukkaeklundI'll ask if friend designer could give some input to the UX08:32
jukkaeklundis there a demo I can try?08:34
jukkaeklundon top of current release08:34
w00tI don't know... Sage_: did you keep it somewhere?08:37
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timophhmmh. can't run lipstick in a virtual machine :(08:43
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w00ttimoph: you should be able to?08:43
timoph"QGLShaderProgram: shader programs are not supported" and then segfaults08:44
w00tgrep for QGLWidget or opengl and comment it out, should be a single line, probably in main.cpp if memory serves08:44
veskuhw00t: how about using raster engine?08:45
Stskeepslipstick won't work well in virtual machine right now08:45
w00tveskuh: that's what i just suggested08:45
Stskeepsi think08:45
w00tStskeeps: it will if it doesn't try use opengl.. it won't be blinding fast, but well, for development purposes that's ok08:45
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timophyeah. works now. just needed not to set the gl viewport08:48
timophhmmh. I need to change to something else than ubuntu08:50
* w00t uses fedora nowdays08:51
Sage_w00t: hmmp...08:53
Sage_because search doesn't work in cobs not sure :D08:53
Sage_I have it in one repo08:55
Sage_just a moment I'll push it worward08:56
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Sage_w00t: ^09:20
jukkaeklundwill try once it buids, thanks09:20
jukkaeklundinstall and run, how?09:22
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w00tjukkaeklund: install should be straightforward.. testing a little less so, you'll need to hack whatever part of nemo starts up meegotouchhome (I seem to remember it's like /etc/xdg/autostart/ somewhere) to start lipstick instead, then killall uxlaunch and hopefully it'll work09:25
jukkaeklundso that instead of meegotouchhome09:26
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jukkaeklundbtw, modem seems to work in my N95009:32
jukkaeklundthing is meego-pinquery works randomly in boot09:33
Stskeepsyeah, there's a bug open against me for that09:33
Stskeepsi can't yet figure out wtf is going on09:33
jukkaeklundcan imagine is not fun..09:33
veskuhIt also works randomily after boot. Sometimes I need to run it 2-3 times from command line before it allows me to enter pin09:36
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stroughtonsmithjukkaeklund: did you try out alexey's zimage?09:43
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jukkaeklund<stroughtonsmith, yea it doesn't boot09:52
stroughtonsmithon a 1.2 device ? or 1.109:52
jukkaeklundN9 with PR1.209:52
stroughtonsmithmakes sense, you'd need all the modules for 1.109:53
stroughtonsmithI don't have a 1.1 device left to try it on :(09:53
stroughtonsmithwould have been easy to get it pointed to a ramdisk and a loopback image09:53
rantomDowngrading to 1.1=impossible/≠not impossible but very, very hard?09:55
rantomHardware prevention?09:56
Stskeepsfor instance09:56
rantomWell that sucks.09:58
jukkaeklundyes, unless one has RD proto10:02
veskuhSome downgrades do not work even on those without a talk with protoguys10:03
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rantomHow much would there be a need for PR 1.1(.1?) equipped N9?10:04
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jukkaeklundw00t, where is the lipstick to start?10:13
w00tjukkaeklund: ?10:14
jukkaeklundlike, how to launch it?10:15
Stskeepsyou have to edit /etc/xdg/autostart/meegotouch-home.desktop proably10:15
jukkaeklundjust start /usr/bin/lipstick?10:16
Stskeepsedit it to start /usr/bin/lipstick10:16
Stskeepsit replaces the homescren10:16
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jukkaeklundcan see lipstick :)10:18
slainerecord it and put up on youtube/vimeo10:22
jukkaeklundI am a bit against showing work in progress10:22
jukkaeklundor, I will not do it myself..10:22
jukkaeklundtoo much of a marketing experience.. :p10:23
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slaineWas wondering if I could use nitroid as a base for a port of b2g to n9xx10:24
w00tthere's already a video of that online, i'm pretty sure10:25
slaineseems plausible10:25
* w00t took one when he was last working on it10:25
slainedamn, too slow10:25
jukkaeklundslaine, why not mer?10:25
w00tother people: around so i don't have to google10:26
slainejukkaeklund: just curious10:26
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: b2g is fairly tied to their gonk stuff right now, i think10:26
Stskeepssystem wise10:26
Stskeepsgonk == android hac10:26
jukkaeklundah right :/10:28
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Venemo_N950jukkaeklund, ping10:49
* jukkaeklund multitasking, sorry..10:55
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jukkaeklundVenemo_N950, wassup?11:02
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Venemo_N950jukkaeklund, can I ask you to add a bugzilla entry for IRC Chatter into the Nemo bugzilla?11:14
jukkaeklundI can't add I think..11:14
jukkaeklundstskeeps, who manages bz?11:20
iekkuhello everybody!11:21
iekkuVenemo_N950, there's one for IRC Client11:22
iekku"Bugs for IRC Chatter etc."11:22
Sage_iekku: :nod:11:22
Sage_IRC client11:22
iekkuVenemo_N950, you are even cc for those11:23
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veskuhVenemo_N950:  See:
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jukkaeklundah good11:33
jukkaeklundw00t, right so I am wondering how much work is bringing lipstick UI to a demo level, comparing to tweaking current home11:34
jukkaeklundconsidering also localization etc that needs to be there eventually..11:35
w00tjukkaeklund: current home is mtf-based, so, it's not trivial to modify (as we don't have many experts with those skills) and also not really a long-term plan11:37
w00tif i had time to work on it (which i'll try make a bit for, but i'm always stretched in free time) and some form of a design to aim for, then i could probably get pretty good results out of it within 1-2 weeks i think, 3 tops, it shouldn't really be that hard11:40
Venemo_N950aww, thx iekku :)11:40
w00t(that's going from what is there now to something i'd judge as finished)11:40
Venemo_N950jukkaeklund, w00t, I'm wanting to work on a lipstick-based ui11:41
rantomDoes the irc-client support connecting to an existing connection (irssi-shell?)11:42
Venemo_N950just haven't started yet, I haven't had much free time in the past two months11:42
Venemo_N950rantom, nope11:42
rantomVenemo_N950: Ok, so I'll use Terminal if need for one..11:42
Venemo_N950rantom, it'd be easy to implement :)11:43
rantomI'd be glad to see it implemented and spread outside of Nemo11:43
rantomThere's only one application, if I recall right, in Ovi Store for N9 that supports that and that'd be FingerTerm. But that's enough offtopic from me, sorry11:43
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jukkaeklundw00t, thanks11:52
jukkaeklundI will try to get at least some kind of idea of design?11:53
w00tsounds good11:53
jukkaeklundI have a designer sitting with me here, but for him its also managing the free time..11:53
Stskeepsw00t: what's best first steps? make a qml design with stubs?11:53
w00tStskeeps: i can work off anything from a stub to a psd/layered image, cut images, whatever11:54
jukkaeklundimo, shouldn't to be too afraid to start with the good stuff that harmattan has11:54
w00tthe important thing is just knowing what to do11:54
Stskeepsw00t: i meant in case someone wants to do a qml design11:54
w00tjukkaeklund: yesss... but i'm a little wary of taking too much inspiration from them :-P11:55
w00tStskeeps: ah, then yes11:55
w00tstub is a good way to start, then we just wire it up to the live models etc and it Just Works11:55
slaineship it11:57
jukkaeklundw00t, well we have swipe gesture already, add some kind of events feed..11:58
jukkaeklundmobile UIs all look much the same..11:58
w00ti was looking at an oss twitter client yesterday, actually, might be portable to nemo with some effort11:58
w00tneed to get to that at some point..11:58
jukkaeklundwhats wrong with twimgo?11:59
w00t(just re: events)11:59
jukkaeklundit's not oss right..11:59
w00ti don't actually know11:59
w00ti had forgotten about it :P11:59
veskuhjukkaeklund: twimgo is open11:59
veskuh(the development may happen a bit behind closed doors as it is essentially one man project)12:00
veskuhQNeptunea would also be interesting, I think it is also OSS12:00
w00tthat's the one i was looking at12:00
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veskuhI have seen many people praising it on Harmattan12:01
jukkaeklundif it's OSS, great12:08
veskuhjukkaeklund: it is:
jukkaeklundlooked like it doesnt have all the same problems I have with built-in app..12:10
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w00twhich are?12:15
jukkaeklundgeneral slowness..12:16
jukkaeklundseeing "app not responding"12:16
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w00tare you using 1.2? it seems a hell of a lot faster there to me12:17
jukkaeklundyes, I am12:17
veskuhjukkaeklund: your huge follower list slows you down :)12:18
jukkaeklundmight be..12:18
w00tyuck, their panning speed is horrible12:19
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4439 waiting for review at
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timophjukkaeklund: o/15:27
timophjust waiving :)15:29
jukkaeklundsince you waved, you deserve a question: devaamo Y-tunnus, any progress?15:31
jukkaeklundcan I help?15:32
jukkaeklundlike, bribe the officials.. no, just kidding this is not .....15:33
timophthat actually should be already processed15:33
timophthey're now processing things submitted 2/201215:34
timophnope. prh search doesn't find it so not processed yet15:36
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faenilanyone online?21:05
Stskeepsthough sleepy21:06
faenilmm ok :)21:07
faenilany feature request for the gallery?21:07
faenilbug ?21:07
faenilor dunno, critics..21:07
faenilI haven't received anything yet :P I guess none has used it so far xD21:07
w00ti have, i haven' had ime o repor bugs ye21:19
w00tinser some ttttts ino my wriing manually, as my keyboard is broken21:20
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Stskeepstttts.. tits?21:20
*** vgrade has quit IRC21:25
Stskeepsw00t without ability to type 't' is always fun21:27
matrixxsounds irish21:27
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matrixxhmm.. or a pirate :D21:28
*** vgrade has joined #nemomobile21:28
w00ti have a replacement keyboard now, but it sucks21:28
matrixxmy mouse wheel runs sticky, I accidentally some juice on it :(21:29
faenilw00t: I want a chance to get the playbook, would you test my thesis on your playbook tomorrow? :D21:33
w00tfaenil: not tomorrow, sorry21:33
faenilaaaaargh XD21:33
faeniltomorrow is the last day to send apps xD21:33
w00tI have a client phonecall, a metric shedload of paperwork to do that I forgot even existed, and I have to leave at 3pm to go to trondheim (and won't be back until late), so it's going to be a busy day21:33
w00tafaik it's march 2nd, isn't it?21:34
faenil2nd included?21:34
w00tAll vendors (new and existing) now have until 11:59 PM EST on March 2, 201221:34
faenilmmm good, thanks :)21:34
w00tbut their simulator is pretty good, btw, so if it works in there you'll probably be fine21:35
faenilw00t: bingo, the fact is, does the simulator simulate GLES2 too? :)21:35
w00tand also, what matters is the date of submission, not if it works the first try21:35
faenilcoz Android emu doesn't21:35
matrixxit emulates gl, no prop21:36
matrixxI sent my app without testing on real device :D21:36
faenilwell if it runs GL ES 2.0, I'm done :)21:37
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matrixxat least it runs 1.1, haven't tested 2.021:40
faenilokay, thanks :)21:41
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faenilmuch better than Android, where I've spent most of the time deploying to the tablet to test it :)21:41
matrixxI was also surprised bu the goodness of the sim21:44
faenilok thanks for the info :) downloading ndk and simulator atm ;D21:49
faenilbut gtg...21:49
faenilcya tomorrow guys21:49
faenilw00t: if you let me have a list of things that I should add to the qmlgallery, I could find 1 hour tomorrow before release ;)21:49
w00tfaenil: make the bar in large image view autohide21:50
w00tuntil you tap on it21:50
w00tand re-autohide some 2-3s afterwards if there's no activity21:50
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w00tand, maybe, make it black21:51
faenilsend more if you have to the email I have sent you via pm21:51
faenilgot to run now21:51
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