Friday, 2012-04-06

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thautahmm i just booted nemo-handset-i586-0.20120315.1.NEMO.2012-03-19.1.img16:38
thautais there a way to enable usb mouse?16:38
thautaand a keyboard =)16:40
furikkuthauta: default remove cursor set.16:50
furikkuedit file  /etc/sysconfig/uxlaunch    remove line:  xopts=-nocursor16:50
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thautahow can i do that as its a normal desktop without a touch screen?16:57
furikkunormal desktop16:58
furikkusorry, tty console17:01
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thautashould the normal ctrl-alt-f1 work?17:02
thautaokey thanks, let me try again17:05
thautaok done, how can i restart the ux?17:18
furikkuOS reboot  or  command: systemctl restart uxlaunch.service17:20
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