Wednesday, 2012-04-11

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Sagecan't recall if niqt said already if the current qtorganizer works or not :)06:54
niqthi sage06:55
SageStskeeps: we would need git repos for kcalcore and mkcal as well btw. for the qtmobility organizer06:55
Stskeepsdon't we already?06:56
Sagewe do?06:56
Sageah, we do. I though we didn't have those06:56
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* Mirv tries to flash his N9, but repartitioning fails06:57
MirvI wonder if that might be caused by too full filesystem or something?06:57
niqtsage: I wrote an email at list for update problem06:58
Sageniqt: I was asking just updating the organizer packages07:01
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SageStskeeps: pushed rest of the qtorganizer patches07:04
* Stskeeps discovers how to enable low power mode on n9 in /sys07:45
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Mirvso is it that on PR1.2 N9 one needs to do partitioning by hand, moslo-n9 fails?09:08
Mirvmoslo starts fine, harmattan boots fine, but moslo fails at the re-partitioning09:09
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SageMirv: hmmp... not sure10:03
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MirvSage: was it otherwise thing of the past that nemo wouldn't work after harmattan pr1.2 update?10:16
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Mirvit's hard to find up-to-date information always :)10:16
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SageMirv: there was at some point something that was broken after pr1.2 update but I'm not entirely sure about taht anymore10:24
MirvSage: ok. I hope someone chimes in who happens to know something.10:25
Mirvit seems that Nitdroid is working for PR1.2 users, so at least it's not anything that couldn't be fixed in Nemo10:25
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Mirvhmm, after reflashing harmattan my MyDocs seems to be "not there" or wrong filesystem or something... was that the eMMC contents?10:41
Mirvand it seems the eMMC contents are a bit hard to fetch, not available via naviperl.pl10:42
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faenilyou should be able to pass the emmc image to the flasher together with the core image..10:44
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Mirvfaenil: but where to download the emmc image from? only shows the normal image10:48
faenildon't know what naviperl is...I got it off navifirm client (don't remember which firmware though)10:48
Mirvnaviperl is mentioned at
MirvI guess navifirm is windows only client?10:49
faenilyeah, maybe I was using could try with wine10:51
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Mirvtoo bad, it's .NET 4.0 and doesn't work in Wine :(11:01
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MirvI wonder if anyone would have a EMMC flash file around to share... I can give a place to upload to11:02
faenilMirv, ouch, it would be too slow from here...11:04
faeniland I don't even know where's my emmc file atm :D11:04
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Mirvok :P anyone else with a spare eMMC to upload?-)11:05
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dm8tbrMirv: there is a script that does what navifirm does11:09
dm8tbrperl? python? sthg like that11:09
dm8tbrI've linked it before here or on #harmattan11:10
kimju"naviperl" -
kimjuhaven't tested that, don't know if it really works or not11:14
Mirvdm8tbr / kimju: yes, naviperl, but it doesn't appear to offer eMMC download choices11:17
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Mirvthat's what I used to get the main image11:17
Mirvand according to this gareth has had the same problem before
Mirvhey, good idea, trying #harmattan ;)11:18
MirvI just didn't realized I drifted off-topic.. but still, if someone has the eMMC download, give me a ping11:19
Mirv-> "navifirmex" should be a solutio11:30
Mirvit's also a win program but works in wine11:30
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SageMirv: so you tried the latest nemo and it didn't boot on pr1.2?13:01
MirvSage: couldn't try latest nemo since the moslo's partitioning failed13:11
MirvI've now installed nitroid's dual-boot kernel + sillyboot v2, but have not yet tried to actually continue booting something with it13:12
Mirvthat said, sillyboot v2 appears on every boot, unlike moslo-n9 which requires the flasher command13:12
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MirvI tried moslo also straight after reflashing harmattan, but still no luck with partitioning, so I reflashed once again and put those two in instead. now repairing my harmattan a bit.13:18
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Mirvbut when I first tried moslo-n9, the partitioning started but then complained about not finding the altos partition later on - on second run the partitioning mysteriously "finished", but not even harmattan booted anymore13:19
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