Saturday, 2012-05-12

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fw190Stskeeps: ping09:11
Stskeepsfw190: sorry for not answering, i've been at tizen conference and had a 19 hour trip back yesterday09:11
Stskeepsso i'm totally jetlagged by now09:11
fw190ahhh that is ok09:12
fw190but you read my message?09:12
Stskeepsyes, i've read it09:12
fw190and what you think of my plan ;)09:12
Stskeepsexcept since i'm not an asshole, i prefer to wait with answering messages until my mind is sane :)09:12
Stskeepsso i can give a good answer :)09:13
fw190ok so I will wait ;) have to go now. Have nice weekend and rest a bit ;)09:14
Stskeepsthanks, i'm trying :P09:14
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rantomIs it just me or did subscribers to the Mer-mailing list not get any new notifications of new Nemo images since 13th of April?10:10
Stskeepsnot impossible, we've been a bit busy10:11
rantomJust checked the repository and noticed to my surprise that there had been one new release in 30th10:11
rantomAh, ok10:11
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rantomOdd. I can't get any visual feedback in the N950 after the Nemo-logo using the 30th April image10:37
rantomJust a black screen..10:37
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rantomGot it fixed. As usual, re-doing fixed it10:53
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jussimrgh. How do I remove nemo completely from the n950?11:38
jussiI need to get back to stock harmmattan after installing a dual boot (need that lovely nokia warning removed, at least for now..)11:39
jussinever mind... I should learn to read the instructions...12:07
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