Tuesday, 2012-05-15

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Sageniqt: could you tag releases in the qml calendar git. I would like to take first version to nemo now.07:44
niqtSage: ok07:46
phaeronSage: you wanted to be reminded about telepathy07:47
Sagephaeron: thx, already noted to mdfe about that.07:48
Sagew00t: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/view_file?file=qmlcalc.yaml&package=qmlcalc&project=CE%3AApps&rev=3af8e6ca023d8604bda2e171267ef118 <- :P07:50
w00twhatever it was, i didn't do it07:51
w00t(that doesn't seem to load properly for me)07:51
niqtSage: in github i don't see last commit :(07:55
niqtSage: i can re-commit at home (about 17:00 UTC)07:58
Sagew00t: well the file is empty that is the problem :)07:58
w00tSage: it wasn't07:59
w00tthank xfade07:59
Sagew00t: :P08:01
dcthangplanned to build it  but it's great to have now08:01
Sagedcthang: well it has been ready for submit for a long time already, just nobody tested it before so didn't push it.08:03
Sagethanks to mdfe for testing it08:04
dcthangokay, I can test it :-)08:04
lbthey w00t08:04
Sagesure, let me know how it goes, patches and updates welcome08:04
lbtdid you see the question on the ml about Qt demos?08:04
dcthangSage: btw Perigrine is built already or not?08:05
w00tlbt: no.. still under a flood of mail I haven't had a chance to get to08:06
w00twhat's the subject?08:06
lbt"ask for help: where to get interesting Qt/Qml apps for demostration?"08:06
lbtnb this is on a TV08:06
Sageniqt: couple of fixes for calendar needed. a) .desktop file that is installed to /usr/share/applications/ b) prefix should be /usr/bin/ not /usr/local/bin/ by default08:07
lbtso I think I heard him say they'll have usb mouse/kb08:07
Sagedcthang: mdfe has it built yes and he is submitting it today08:07
lbtmmm ... OK we're in #nemo :)08:07
dcthangok then. I can check it as well.08:08
niqtSage: ok.08:09
dcthangbtw Qt 4.8.1 on Tizen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b07uXAiChaw&feature=player_embedded08:10
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* dcthang wonder if I can buy one Tizen device08:23
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4828 Rejected promotion request08:34
mdfe_Sage: submit request for peregrine is out08:35
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4829 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/482908:54
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phaeronSage: ^^09:02
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niqtcan we create a list of useful applications that are missing?09:24
dcthangthat's a good idea niqt09:26
niqtcan it to be a topic for next meeting?09:28
Sagephaeron: ?09:33
Sageniqt: well, we have bugs for those missing apps. IIRC09:34
Sageniqt: calendar app I meant. And with ok I mean that it starts and runs :)09:35
Sageniqt: there are problems though that I can see yes09:35
Sageniqt: if you want I can list few of those, but I can already accept it to nemo if you fix those two problems I pointed out, install location and desktop file09:36
niqti can fix it at home, tonight09:37
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4829 Accepted promotion request09:40
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Sageiekku: could you do "Calendar" to nemo bugzilla under applications09:43
Sageiekku: and cc it by default to niqt, if that is ok by niqt09:44
Sageniqt: After ^ is done I'll file you a couple of bugs to the bugzilla about the organizer.09:47
niqtok, thus  do i push  my qmlcalndar in trashcan?09:48
Sageniqt: ?09:50
niqtmaybe i don't understand. do i fix my cqmlcalendar or organizer (example) or both?09:53
Sageniqt: umm... qmlcalendar is the one that you are developing right? The app that is going to nemo, this one http://sage.kapsi.fi/Nemo/qmlcalendar/10:03
Sagewith organizer I mean the same thing than qmlcalendar :D10:03
SageI'm just mixing thing up a bit sry about that10:03
niqtyou have not tried the latest version (do not know because QtCreator did not commit). Tonight I execute the commit with location and desktop files. The next weekend I will change 'a bit' graphics (and fix other bugs)10:09
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iekkusure, i will do that10:23
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iekkudo i add the description "cqmlcalendar and organizer" ?10:24
Sageiekku: QMLCalendar is enough10:25
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Sagemdfe_: so do you know what things are missing for the skype and jabber supports for peregrine?10:26
iekkuniqt, you are nicola de filippom right?10:26
mdfe_jabber is running out of the box10:26
Sagemdfe_: hmmp... not with my nemo installation10:27
mdfe_is ca-certificates installed?10:27
niqtname:nicola last name:de filippo10:28
Sagemdfe_: yes10:28
Sagemdfe_: when I click add account I see only the google talk acount thingy.10:28
iekkuniqt, thanks. bz doesn't find usernames so i need to have email address10:28
Sagemdfe_: or is it the same for jabber?10:29
mdfe_both is xmpp isn't it?10:29
mdfe_imho you can use it for jabber too10:29
iekkuok, now there's a component Calendar under Application. niqt is default cc10:29
Sagemdfe_: well, it asks only username and password so I though it was only gtalk as one can't enter network address10:30
Sageiekku: thanks10:30
mdfe_I tried a test account on <foo>@jabber.org10:30
iekkushould we start to have the triages at 10 UTC  on mon?10:31
mdfe_Sage: but I'm not completly sure about it10:32
mdfe_Sage: maybe ask on #peregrine for more details10:32
lbtSage: google contact/calendar sync ?10:33
lbtthe nice people at osuosl asked about it ...10:33
lbtthey're nice because they may well be donating some HW10:34
iekkulbt, i automatically think you are talking about: http://www.nice.fi/10:35
lbthmmm ... nice?  http://www.nice.fi/partners/technologypartners10:37
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Sagelbt: well that would be quite nice feature :)10:40
lbtI *think* syncevolution should support it already10:40
lbtpohly is in #mer10:41
lbt(asleep probably)10:41
lbt(as in yummmmmmmy)10:47
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Sageif only the issue with VKB would be fixed on i586 :P10:48
lbtis there a bug#?10:49
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Sagearaujo: hi, I noted that there is new maliit 0.9x series available, I wonder if that would be working the current MTF stack of if we need to stay with the older 0.8x branch?10:59
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SageStskeeps: http://pastie.org/3914637 :/11:11
StskeepsSage: uhuh11:11
dcthangSage: do u still have a problem with Network11:16
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dcthangDid someone change something for meegotouch-connman package?11:44
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dcthangStskeeps: I think there's still issue with network on Nemo11:50
Stskeepsdcthang: yes, on n9 i think11:50
* Sage ponder where he put his n90011:50
dcthangit looks like something was changed that affect it11:51
dcthangFor the wifi, it says: Wifi is not available on this device11:52
Sagedcthang: well we need to rewrite the connection UI soon11:52
dcthangis that meegotouch-connman?11:52
Sagethe connman API is changing with the connman 1.0 release so needs changes anyway11:53
Sagedcthang: the current one is meegotouchcp-connman or something11:53
dcthangyep, I guess so11:53
Sagedcthang: but if you feel like fixing the current one feel free to hack in :)11:54
Sagehttps://github.com/nemomobile/meegotouchcp-connman is the source for current panel applet11:54
dcthangyep and from build.public it's here https://build.pub.meego.com/package/show?package=meegotouchcp-connman&project=CE%3AUX%3AMTF11:55
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simon___hi folks:) anyone knows how often is bug triage at nemomobile?14:09
Stskeepswe don't triage at the moment, but i think we can hold one if requested14:10
Stskeepsx86 bugs you're having problems with?14:10
simon___Stskeeps:) yep x86 bug 181. while building kernel module.14:10
Stskeepsiekku: could you be lured into scheduling a nemo bug triage?14:11
simon___Stskeeps: i would've solved it myself somehow, but at the moment no time for this.14:12
Stskeepssimon___: yeah, i know the feeling14:12
simon___I would need this desperately for IVI demo.14:14
simon___but will also wait if necessary.14:14
Stskeepsi'm going to put a post-it sticker on my screen14:14
Stskeepsand look at it tomorrow evening, that OK with you?14:15
Stskeepsall your stuff is in COBS?14:15
simon___cool :) of course14:15
iekkui think we should get weekly placeholder14:15
simon___not all, but starting putting in COBs.14:15
iekkui was thinking monday 10 UTC, but i'm having another meeting in same time. mer is 11 UTC, so maybe 12 UTC?14:16
Stskeepsmake sure the module and .spec is there so i can try it out14:16
Stskeepsiekku: OK14:16
iekkuStskeeps, nemo uses mer mailing list?14:16
simon___STSkeeps: oh, this, yes for the module, all is in COBs.14:16
simon___Stskeeps: also in BUG itself there is SPEC file attached.14:17
Stskeepssimon___: right, please upload it all in cobs14:17
simon___Stskeeps: I thought all other RPMs of mine ;)14:17
Stskeepsand mention that in bug14:17
simon___Stskeeps: yes, COBs and BUG have sufficient information, alright.14:19
simon___Stskeeps: thank you! :)14:21
Stskeepssimon___: "NEMO 181 WEDNESDAY EVENING" now on my screen14:21
Stskeepspoke me if i dont keep my promise :)14:21
simon___Stskeeps: will do, thanks :-)14:22
simon___"NEMO 181 WEDNESDAY EVENING - poke Stskeeps" no on my screen ;)14:22
iekku:D :D :D14:25
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4831 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/483115:26
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4831 Accepted promotion request15:32
SageStskeeps: ^ fix for the applauncherd and update also15:33
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Sagew00t: the gestures thingy has minor problem btw. When checking the home application view and trying to change from application window to another if you start from the border it doesn't work as gestures takes the event.19:44
Sagew00t: so it would need to check: if home active don't grap gestures at all.19:44
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niqtSage: in desktop file i have path /opt/usr/bin, is it must change in /usr/bin?20:32
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Sageniqt: yes, the /usr/bin/qmlcalendar or what ever it was20:32
Sageor well, /opt/qmlcalendar/bin/ would be ok as well I guess20:34
Sagebut I would prefer /usr/bin probably20:34
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Sagethe binary can pretty much locate anywhere as long as the desktop file points to the right binary20:40
Sagein theory, but where it belongs is another story of course :)20:41
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SageStskeeps: http://sage.kapsi.fi/Nemo-tmp/testing-versions/0.20120517.0.1.NEMO.2012-05-15.9/21:07
niqtSage: done21:22
niqtnow in this week i'll fix a bug21:22
Sageniqt: in git now?21:26
Sageniqt: also qmlcalendar.pro needs mod21:27
Sage        target.path = /usr/local/bin21:27
Sageeither that to /usr/bin or something else that accepts prefix or something21:27
SageI'm not sure how .pro files and qmake works on that21:28
niqton harmattan install in /usr/local/bin now i change it and commit21:29
Sageniqt: also the .desktop file needs to be installed with qmake and the icon21:29
Sageniqt: something like this probably https://github.com/nemomobile/qmlcalc/blob/master/qmlcalc.pro ?21:30
SageStskeeps: at leats the n900 image seems ok21:35
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SageStskeeps: couple of tihngs segfault on -next from nemo btw.21:41
niqtSage: done21:51
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Sageniqt: k22:10
Sageniqt: the icons has some problems but the apps starts which is good enough for me for now. I'll push it forward to nemo now.22:11
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4834 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/483422:17
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4834 Accepted promotion request22:22
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