Saturday, 2012-05-26

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rcg1DocScrutinizer: iirc you are an expert when it comes to low level kernel and chipset hacking, right?13:35
rcg1DocScrutinizer: i wanted to have a look at this issue and the first question i have: is the bq27200 the correct kernel module when using the n950?13:36
rcg1also what about the n9?13:36
rcg1do you happen to have any insights about the n9/n950 internals that could help on dealing with that bug?13:37
DocScrutinizerleme check the ticket first13:37
DocScrutinizerwell, twl5031_bbc is supported by hw on N950/N9 I'd think13:39
DocScrutinizernot sure about bq27x00 yet13:40
DocScrutinizerI did some tests quite long time ago13:40
DocScrutinizertrying to find the results I found back when13:41
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rcg1ah, that would be great :)13:43
DocScrutinizermuch simpler approach: N9_RM-696_schematics_v1.0.pdf13:44
DocScrutinizerN1130 "fuel gauge IC"13:44
DocScrutinizerN1140 "USB battery charger IC" == bq2415x13:45
DocScrutinizeriirc 53, maybe 5613:46
DocScrutinizerall 5x are kinda compatible13:46
DocScrutinizerfuel gauge for sure should be bq27x0013:46
DocScrutinizerI still will try to find test results from back when (are on FMC, thread about USB hostmode, search term "we got a winner!")13:47
rcg1great, that's already lots of useful information :D13:47
rcg1thanks a lot DocScrutinizer :D13:48
DocScrutinizerYW, thanks for asking me13:48
rcg1btw if you happen to come up with new insights, help is always appreciated :)13:48
DocScrutinizerbeware of mindboggling fsckup in fremantle-based bq27200.ko13:48
rcg1aye, thanks for the heads up :)13:49
DocScrutinizersome point in time some 'expert' decided to kick out *all* locking mechanisms out of I2C.ko, to allow bme and bq27200.ko to co-exist13:49
rcg1hmm ic13:51
DocScrutinizer>>also doesn't exactly look like a bq27200 dump :-S14:00
DocScrutinizer>> dpkg -L bme14:00
DocScrutinizer>> *candidate: /usr/lib/hwi/ic/bq27521.so14:00
DocScrutinizerso :-/ for bq2720014:00
DocScrutinizer>>closest hit: - pinout matches with N9 schematics14:01
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rcg1DocScrutinizer: great, thanks once more :)14:04
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