Monday, 2012-06-04

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iekkuniqt, once again, i'm so sorry! i think i had some kind of brain fart when writing your name. i usually doublecheck all foreign names before i press send-button06:30
niqtiekku: do yuo joke? no need to apologize, no problem, I just did a tutorial in Italian.06:33
niqti need english tutorial :)06:34
iekkui don't have any idea of that. and my name is misspelled even by finns :D i'm not sure if there's any kind of rulers in finnish06:37
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niqtcuriosity: is most used (in finland) Finnish or English language?06:42
iekkufinland has 2 official languages, finnish and swedish06:43
iekkui think 90% of finns speak finnish as mother language06:43
iekkuthen there's very small group of saame06:44
rcg11hey niqt :)06:47
rcg11how do you do?06:47
niqtnice to meet you :p06:49
rcg11ah well, yeah.. been quite busy the past week with irl stuff06:51
niqtwhat's irl?06:52
iekkuin real life06:52
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iekkunemo bug triage starting soon06:56
rcg1iekku: great :)06:57
niqti'll be busy in few days with irl,  the third daughter will born :)06:57
rcg1niqt: hey, congrats :D06:58
iekkuniqt, ooh! congrats :)06:59
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iekkuSage, could you please comment bug 197, so i can create needed components07:32
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iekkuniqt, sorry for spam :)08:12
iekkusent bug triage meeting minutes first only to you08:25
niqt:) beacuse i'm VIP08:26
iekkuif this day continues like this i go back to bed soon08:26
iekkumight be :)08:26
rcgiekku: don't worry.. we all know these kind of days ;)08:27
iekkui have had enough of those lately08:28
rcghmm.. ic.. :/ .. then i keep my fingers crossed for you ;)08:30
niqtiekku: i can send at you wine bottle :D08:30
iekkuthanks :)08:30
iekkuniqt, i think getting drunk wouldn't help situation :P08:31
jaywalkwhen ever did getting drunk not solve everything?:)08:32
iekkuwhen you happened to born as finn08:32
jaywalkI'm a half-finn, but maybe that doesn't count.:)08:32
niqtok, text time i send coca-cola08:33
jaywalkniqt:) just send coffee beans, iekku'll know what to do:)08:34
iekkui eat them <308:34
rcgwell.. with respect to solving things.. unlike many other drugs alcohol in fact is a solvent08:36
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rcgbut well.. technically, that is08:36
niqtI was joking08:37
rcgon the other hand i pretty much favor gummy bears when being in a bad mood =)08:37
rcgniqt: sure :) i think we all were :)08:38
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rcgyou got these where you are?08:40
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niqti like it08:41
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rcgSage: ping21:14
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