Friday, 2012-06-15

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rcgniqt: jfyi i am currently reworking the toolbars and the way the selections are handled in the month days grid view06:34
niqtrcg: ok, have you added also "+" at toolbar ?06:36
rcgthat's acutally the reason why i started reworking the whole thing ;)06:36
rcgi came to the decision that instead of selectively activating and deactivating toolicons in one common toolbar it is probably better to have an own toolbar for each page so i needed to do some more rework06:37
rcgbut this way we should be much more flexible when adding or changing the toolbars of individual pages06:37
niqti'll fix timerpicker adn duration06:40
rcgah great :)06:40
niqti need verify mkcal backend, i have some doubts on it06:41
niqtdo you try qmlcalendar on harmattan o on nemo?06:42
rcgniqt: yeah, i noticed that if you add an event that event is shown for all days06:44
rcgi.e. if you add an event to say 06.06. this event is shown also for all other days06:45
niqtwith latest version?06:45
rcgdunno though if it is the backend delivering wrong data or the frontend not updating correctly06:45
niqtno, we have this bug when duration =006:46
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niqtno, i said stupid thing06:47
rcgah, alright06:47
rcgdidn't try to set the duration for now :)06:47
niqtals with duration != have thi bug06:47
niqti tried now in harmattan06:47
niqtthis is a bug06:47
niqtbig bug06:48
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rcgwell, i'd say we fix one thing after another06:49
rcgat first i am going to mess with the frontend06:49
rcgafterwards we could have a look at the backend together if you like06:49
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Stskeepsmorn tadzik07:15
tadzikoh, good to have stumbled upon you07:16
jussiMorning all รถ/07:16
tadzikuboot for maemo wants the official kernel, which does not support mobile hotspot stuff, afaic. Are you aware of a way to both have nemo installed and not give up the power kernel in maemo?07:17
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dm8tbrwasn't there some uboot+power ?07:31
tadziknot that I'm aware of07:31
Stskeepswhat dm8tbr said07:31
tadzikbut now the mobile-hotspot seems to have pulled the BFS kernel07:31
dm8tbrhow 'bout that?07:32
tadzikI'm not sure what does that page describe :)07:34
tadzikI may want to dedicate some time to look through those various bootloaders07:35
dcthangSage: are you there?07:43
Stskeepsdcthang: sage's on vacation (wedding)07:43
dcthangoh.. thanks Stskeeps07:43
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rcgniqt: with respect to that bug i mentioned07:46
rcgseems like this was caused by the frontend somehow updating the selection not correctly.07:46
rcgas i told you i was fiddling quite a bit with the front end right now and it seems like the bug is gone07:46
rcgi actually changed some of the logic handling selections as it indeed seemed to not work properly07:47
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rcgniqt: jfyi i pushed the changes i did so far07:53
rcggotta go now.. might find the time during the weekend to continue the work07:53
rcgin the main view you now have two toolIcons: + opens directly the dialog for adding a new entry for the selected day, and the edit icon opens the day hour view07:54
rcgi think we are slowly but steadily achieving improvements and we should be able to get at least the very basic functionality done in some time :)07:56
niqtok, thsnk07:58
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dcthangStskeeps: Do we have new image for Mer SDK?08:06
Stskeepsdcthang: there's a fairly recent one that works nicely08:06
Stskeepslast one lbt announcerd on mailing list08:06
dcthangwith ARM architecture I mean08:06
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Stskeepssure, it should support arm well08:07
Stskeepsnot sdk -on- arm architefcture, but..08:07
dcthangI did zypper dist-upgrade on SDK but it up only to 17.05 release :)08:10
rcgniqt: bbl :)08:11
rcgoh and np btw :)08:12
Stskeepsdcthang: there's a new upgrade method08:12
rcgit's great fun working together with you :)08:12
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dcthangStskeeps: ok, so which one?:)08:12
Stskeepsdcthang: check lbt's releae announcement on mailing listr08:13
dcthanghmm, fun. why I'm not in Mer mailing list? :P08:14
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Stskeepsvery good question08:15
dcthangyeah, just got the announcement. New way to upgrade, it's nice08:16
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marcdeophey guys, I'm curious about the status of the project10:36
marcdeopspecially after recent Nokia news10:36
aard_nokia has pulled out of nemo long time ago -> nothing changed10:37
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marcdeopaard_: I see, nemo is based on Mer, right?10:41
marcdeopI'm just curious about who is providing resources to maintain the "distro", I guess I'll have to ask in #mer10:42
aard_marcdeop: same for mer10:42
marcdeopaard_: yes, I understand it has nothing to do with Nokia, just curious about how it's organized :)10:43
marcdeopanyhow...  any news on an email client for nemo?10:44
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iekkumarcdeop, news is that we need one ;)11:19
iekkumarcdeop, Nemo isn't so clearly organized than Mer is, for Mer you can find info from the Mer project wiki11:19
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