Wednesday, 2012-06-20

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dcthangno pkg-config package in Mer SDK?04:31
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lbtdcthang: yep, I don't want *everything* in the image but that one makes total sense : please log a bug : in the meantime you can "zypper in" to the SDK06:53
lbtalso we had a debate and I'm pretty sure this is an SDK install and not an sb2 target install06:53
lbtcan you let me know (and mention in the bug) if a simple SDK install works for you or if you have issues06:54
dcthangactually it's not that. pkgconfig installed there already06:54
dcthangI did fix it by install glib-devel package06:54
dcthangand all go fine :)06:54
Stskeepspkgconfig and not pkg-config06:54
Stskeepsi think06:54
Stskeepspackage name06:54
dcthangyes, pkgconfig is the name of that in my SDK06:55
lbtdcthang: OK - so you had to install it by hand?06:55
lbtOK - so can you log a bug for that anyhow06:55
dcthangoh what you mean? which package I did install manually?06:55
lbtno, I mean it should have been pre-installed06:56
dcthangah, pkgconfig package is pre-installed06:57
dcthangbut when I compile my source, it says something about "no pkg-config package found"06:58
dcthangafter that I did install glib-devel then that error goes away06:58
lbtyeah - that's because glib-devel requires pkgconfig07:00
lbtbut yeah - that would pull pkgconfig into the sb2 target...07:01
Stskeepsso sometimes it's not always transparent it seems07:02
lbtit would ignore it though07:03
lbteither way - pkgconfig should be in SDK as glib-devel may only go into target .... and in that case would we have a scratchboxism ?07:04
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GordontesosI ran Nemo on my N900, and wasn’t able to halt or reboot the device… is it a known problem?12:20
Stskeepshold down power button for >30 sec12:21
Gordontesosi tried something like 10 secs12:22
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