Friday, 2012-06-22

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rcghey niqt :)13:18
rcghow's it going?13:19
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niqti'm busy :)13:20
rcgheh, ic, me too :)13:21
niqtis also very hot, 35-36 c°13:22
niqti want un ice-pc13:23
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5120 waiting for review at
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rcgniqt: uhh.. 36°C is bad14:12
rcgwe have about 22°C(?) here14:12
rcgthat's much more comfortable14:12
sledgeswell done phaeron !14:14
phaeronsledges: about irc-chatter ?14:18
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szogunekhi there17:09
szogunekany1 alive?17:09
dm8tbryou might want to read the document about 'smart questions'17:10
szogunekany1 know what shoudl be in file compiled to boot.scr for working nemo on n900?17:11
szogunekdm8tbr just wondering is here some1 alive not just bots17:12
dm8tbrszogunek: asking 'is someone alive' just gets you either silence or annoyed pointers at
dm8tbrthere is a maemo package with a standard kernel + uboot, that's all you need.17:14
szogunekdm8tbr ok no problem but as u can see noones answers my question thats why i asked :)17:14
dm8tbrszogunek: because you are being annoying, that's why.17:15
szogunekdm8tbr my problem is that i need to change some boot params i use emmc not immc so default params like boot from mmc0 is not correct and my nemo crashes17:15
dm8tbrszogunek: it doesn't crash, it just doesn't find the rootfs, fix the cmdline and you'll be fine.17:16
szogunekfew motnh ago i've made it working with ubuntu but that was in february and i took me few days17:16
szogunekdm8tbr yes u have right and thats why my question is what should be in boot.cmd to change boot.scr17:17
szogunekdm8tbr i'm not noob in making those files i just dont remember and dont want to spend whole weekend searching and/or checking every params17:19
szogunekfor example can u tell me is this line right?17:20
szogunekfatload mmc 1:3 ${loadaddr} /boot/uImage17:20
szogunekor i miss some sing?17:20
dm8tbrszogunek: what makes you think that I can answer this question?17:21
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szogunekas u can see no1s answers :]17:21
dm8tbrthe mere fact that I pointed out a few things does not mean that I'm the ultimate authority on it17:21
dm8tbrthen you have no idea how irc works17:21
szogunekif u think so :]17:22
szogunekand in a fact u didnt point to anything new ;]17:23
dm8tbrin fact you didn't even try to google the problem17:24
dm8tbrit took me about 10s to find this
dm8tbrout of which most was the page load time17:25
szogunekyes i was on that page17:25
szogunekbut i need to make boot.scr not uImage17:26
szoguneki already have uImage17:27
szogunekproblem is only that i dont remember proper commands syntax17:27
szogunekis it with ` or ' or without some params :]17:29
szogunekand o thought that some1 can help me here :]17:31
dm8tbrtry it out. it's after all just uboot commands, you can run them from uboot on the device manually17:31
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szogunek:D try it out and spend whole weekend on testing and discover again america17:32
dm8tbrall the source files for U-boot are available from MeeGo OBS...17:36
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szogunekon which part latest nemo stops when first boot?19:37
szoguneki mean that long waiting19:37
szogunekdm8tbr: i found what the problem was with boot.scr :]19:38
phaeronsometimes first boot takes too long. try rebooting19:39
szogunekphaeron: now it stops before mounting rootfs from sd card19:39
phaeronthat could mean the back cover is not on19:40
phaeronor the magnet fell out of it ?19:40
szogunekno its on because it start from sd card uboot doesnt start when the cover is taken off19:41
szogunekmagnet from cover?19:41
phaeronyeah but then I am out of ideas.19:41
szoguneknope cover was ok when i took it of then it shows cover open card is inaccessable19:43
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szogunekmaybe its that problem with 8G sd card19:53
dm8tbrszogunek: now to make it easier for whoever tries it after you, you'd document that somewhere...19:54
szoguneki'll try on 4G card19:54
szogunekdm8tbr: my problem was that fat with boot.scr wasnt first partition on card but that i found on source of uboot :)19:55
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