Tuesday, 2012-06-26

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Sage_morning all06:15
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rcgmorning Sage_06:18
* Stskeeps ponders idly where his microsd card is06:18
Sage_btw, testing images of the upcoming release if someone wants to give a go http://sage.kapsi.fi/Nemo-tmp/testing-versions/0.20120614.0.1.NEMO.2012-06-25.5/06:20
Stskeepsso far i've verified x86, x86-vm06:21
Stskeepswifi is naturally broken as expected06:21
Stskeepsbut ethernet comes up automatically on vm again06:21
* Sage_ ponders mer-kickstarter06:25
Sage_mer-kickstarter: error: no such option: -r06:26
phaeronSage_: lbt has nice new scripts you can use to make mds based releases :)06:27
Sage_where is mer-kickstarter upstream git?06:28
Sage_how can that be in sdk if it is not in the gitweb? :)06:29
Sage_ah, cobs06:30
Sage_but still upstream url missing06:31
Sage_phaeron: well I wanted to verify that mer kickstarter works as I would expect and it didn't :)06:31
Sage_o_0 version 0.13 mer kickstarter is based on old version of kickstarter?06:32
rcghmm.. alright.. either my sd card or my card reader/writer are damn slow06:35
rcgwriting the image takes ages06:35
phaeronSage_: releasing images is fine, but flat mds repos would be great06:35
Sage_phaeron: still talking about totally different thing probably :D06:36
Sage_I haven't used mer-kickstarter to create nemo kickstarts before I've used kickstarter that has my patches in. And mer-kickstarter doesn't seem to work.06:37
phaeronok, maybe sdk should use your kickstarter06:38
Sage_well... I want to find out first where this mer-kickstarter came I recall some talk long time ago06:38
Sage_but back then I assumed that they picked my tree as a base :D06:38
Stskeepsit was, i think..?06:39
iekkuStskeeps, why wifi is broken?06:40
Stskeepsiekku: there's someone who has an updated wifi applet06:41
Stskeepsfor new connman api06:41
Sage_Stskeeps: well mer-kickstarter is missing a lot :/06:41
iekkuStskeeps, oh, ok06:41
StskeepsSage_: hmmm06:41
rcgStskeeps: booting06:41
Stskeepsrcg: k06:42
Sage_https://meego.gitorious.org/~sage/meego-developer-tools/sages-kickstarter is my tree that I have been using.06:42
StskeepsSage_: i was based off one of your trees, afaik06:42
Sage_and kickstarter has been version 0.14 since feb 29 and mer-kickstarter is 0.1306:42
Sage_Stskeeps: where is the git tree for that.06:42
rcgStskeeps: looks good06:43
rcgbooted into the ui fine06:43
rcgas you guessed wifi seems to be missing06:43
StskeepsSage_: looking.. as you may know the tools/ is a bit funky due to lbt's git experiments..06:45
StskeepsSage_: sages-kickstarter @ d4784c472f1adc9d05db897e9d5c108a0e83ef71 + http://releases.merproject.org/~carsten/stskeeps-kickstarter-patches.1 = mer-kickstarter 0.1306:47
Sage_d4784c472f1adc9d05db897e9d5c108a0e83ef71 <- please show where did you find that :D06:48
Stskeepscommit d4784c472f1adc9d05db897e9d5c108a0e83ef7106:49
StskeepsAuthor: Marko Saukko <marko.saukko@cybercom.com>06:49
StskeepsDate:   Tue Jan 17 14:06:53 2012 +020006:49
StskeepsReplaced SaveRepos with RepositoryOptions to avoid hardcoded values.06:49
Sage_eh... ok well your patch is removing a lot of functionality06:49
Stskeepsit is, yes06:50
Sage_why you remove -r cmdline option?06:50
Stskeepsin order to make us able to do inherited images06:50
Stskeepsbecause it's in the yaml instead06:50
Stskeepsgo look at mer-kickstarter-configs06:50
Sage_so with mer-kickstarter how can I easily change all my repo urls from y to x?06:53
Sage_-r was for repos.yaml06:53
* Stskeeps wonders why we didn't have this convo 3 months ago..06:53
Sage_I have no idea :D06:54
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Sage_I though I was using the same kickstarter already but apparently not :D06:55
Stskeepsseems so06:56
Stskeepsthe aim is a lego block like approach06:57
Sage_I recall that and I agreed :)06:57
Stskeepsso you can easily swap hw adaptations as well06:57
Sage_https://gitorious.org/meego-developer-edition-for-n900/image-configurations/trees/master/configs/Nemo my main question is how can one change from repos.yaml to repos-next.yaml easily with the mer-kickstarter?06:59
Sage_I don't want to redo all the information as everything else is the same except the repo urls06:59
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Sage_http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-tools/sdk-kickstarter-configs.git;a=summary <- where are these?07:02
* Sage_ would like to see an example07:02
Sage_lbt: ping07:02
Stskeepsthey're in the Mer:Tools07:02
Sage_confusing :)07:03
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Sage_Ok, I'm thinking that we could use something like http://pastie.org/4152824 probably not with this syntax but anyway.07:08
Stskeepsperhaps, yaeh07:09
Sage_with mer it is easy to just say BUILD_ID but with obs that isn't so easy07:09
Stskeepsyes, or multiple build-id's..07:09
Sage_http://repo.pub.meego.com/CE%3a/MW%3a/Shared/Mer_Core-next_armv7hl/ vs http://repo.pub.meego.com/CE%3a/MW%3a/Shared/Mer_Core_armv7hl/07:10
Sage_and worst case is that it is different for each repository :D07:11
Sage_http://repo.pub.meego.com/CE%3a/MW%3a/MTF/Mer_Core-next_CE_MW_Shared_armv7hl/ vs http://repo.pub.meego.com/CE%3a/MW%3a/MTF/CE_MW_Shared_armv7hl/07:11
Stskeepswe should do proper nemo releases07:12
Sage_that as well, but I'm also thinking about bleeding egde developers that want to use live repos for example. IMO that should be possible as well.07:13
Stskeepssure, or we should just do CI-like releases..07:13
Sage_so update release when ever repos update?07:14
Stskeepsright, why not07:14
Sage_well that sounds ok :)07:14
Sage_"latest", "next", and then there was "live"? ;)07:14
* Sage_ likes the idea atm. but needs to think about it a bit more.07:15
Stskeepsi need more coffee07:15
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Stskeepsrcg: so besides wifi, image is functional?07:27
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rcgStskeeps: seemed so07:31
rcgbut i just briefly had a look at the ui and the settings app07:32
rcgwhat i can tell what changed is that it is now shutting down properly07:32
rcgiirc the last image showed the gray nemo screen after long pushing the power button but did not shut down07:32
rcgbut that might be just me having strange memory at the early morning ;)07:33
rcgyw :)07:34
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lbtSage_: FYI I'm not using mer-tools/ on review.merproject.org just yet - it's currently all done via cobs. I am working on getting a better git solution there (one that lets you actually see 'as released' code via gitweb). For now https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Tools07:46
lbtSage_: also: http://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg00548.html mentions Tools 6.0.1  http://repo.pub.meego.com/releases/Mer-Tools/6.0.1/builds/i486/packages/07:48
lbtso yeah, we can make pre-release or snapshots releases of the SDK and then use :  sudo sdk-upgrade --sdk 6.0.107:48
lbtwhich does nothing more than update the repos.d/07:49
Sage_lbt: you had the nemo release making script or something?07:59
lbtyes - I'm not sure how well it will work for nemo atm08:00
Sage_well with nemo it doesn't really work. We can't merge all to same repository.08:00
lbtfor a release I mean08:01
lbtoh, HA stuff ?08:01
lbtSage_: maybe we should arrange a session to discuss what a Nemo release needs?08:03
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Sage_HA is one yes08:05
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Sage_lbt: you had somewhere that nemo snapshot that you did with some script?09:20
Sage_ah, found it09:24
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5137 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/513709:26
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5138 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/513809:26
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Sage_lbt: yes we should arrange a meeting10:12
Sage_not today though. maybe later this week or next week.10:12
lbtOK - would fit into a tue release meeting agenda10:12
lbtyou good with the 6.0.1 SDK release?10:13
lbtI'm thinking of doing another pre-release 'soon' and then making it a proper 6.1.010:13
Sage_how can I get 6.0.1 to use?10:14
lbt[26/06/2012 08:48] <lbt> so yeah, we can make pre-release or snapshots releases of the SDK and then use :  sudo sdk-upgrade --sdk 6.0.110:15
lbtalso: http://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg00548.html mentions Tools 6.0.1  http://repo.pub.meego.com/releases/Mer-Tools/6.0.1/builds/i486/packages/10:16
lbtand has instructions :)10:16
Sage_ok, looks good to me only spectacle and git changes.10:18
lbtyeah ... I just added rsync too10:18
lbtand something else10:18
Sage_uh... mer tar isn't able to handle .xz :/10:19
lbtdoes it need xz libs for ./configure ?10:20
lbtbug though10:20
Sage_well tar with xz is gplv310:21
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lbtnot sure if that's a problem10:22
lbtwe need a gpl3 policy and a rationale for any tools that are included10:22
Sage_busybox would solve that issue10:26
slaineDidn't Stskeeps have busy box packaged up for exactly this reason ?10:32
slainegetting major deja-vu on this topic10:32
Sage_there are packages but not pushed to mer yet10:40
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* Sage_ is eagerly waiting next SR and how it goes12:07
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Sage_I'm actually quite surpriced if it succeeds :P12:10
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Sage_phaeron1: btw, one good check for boss would be for certain projects check that the SR comes from right project (devel project).12:13
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5140 Rejected promotion request12:15
Sage_ah, there it is :D12:15
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phaeron1Sage_: yeah we thought about that , but you said people branch and submit from branches , right ?13:22
Sage_phaeron1: yes, but that doesn't change my check actually13:24
Sage_e.g. to CE:MW:Shared people submit from their own branches as that doesn't have separate devel project. however e.g. CE:MW:MTF has separate devel project at Project:MTF:MW13:25
phaeron1I think obs makes sure the branch is from the devel project13:27
phaeron1Sage_: I'll put it on list13:27
Sage_phaeron1: well we don't have that defined actually in our projects I think13:29
Sage_phaeron1: also user can override that it is just recommended by obs.13:29
phaeron1yeah but if user overrides and we have the check on SR he'll be rejected13:30
Sage_also for new packages obs doesn't recommend that AFAIK13:31
phaeron1what does that mean13:32
Sage_if user wants to submit package A to project X and it is not there already he will do taht most probably from home:x and doesn't use branch. So OBS doesn't say that you should branch from Y instead of X.13:34
* Sage_ kicks cobs and wonders what is the delay atm.13:46
Stskeepsprolly updatesstorm13:47
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* Sicelo has just been checking out available screenshots of Nemo 19:38
Sicelosay, does Nemo support the FM radio yet?19:38
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Sage_Sicelo: not sure if anyone has tried that.19:49
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Sicelothe last image i downloaded, 20120120, didn't have the required module. not sure about the latest19:51
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Sage_Sicelo: well probably not in on any later ones as I haven't seen anyone submitting anything regarding the fm20:42
Sicelook. :)20:42
* Sicelo would like to have that20:43
SiceloSage_: has anyone tested/benchmarked power usage on N900 (or N9) while running Nemo?20:43
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Sage_Sicelo: the n900 was benchmarked at some point and IIRC it was quite close to fremantle.20:46
Siceloah, that's great news :)20:47
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Sage_phaeron: what is holding https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/5141 ?20:56
Venemo_N9hey Sage_?20:57
Venemo_N9do you have a moment?20:57
Sage_Venemo_N9: if I don't have I don't answer ;)20:57
Venemo_N9ok :P20:58
Venemo_N9are you familiar with the architecture of the meegotouch ux?20:58
Sage_Usually it is good just to ask the question as many times there are also others that can answer.20:58
Sage_meegotouch ux... you mean meegotouch framework based ux the one that is used on nemo?20:58
Venemo_N9the others recommended to ask you about this one :)20:58
Venemo_N9I mean the mtf-based ux that is in nemo :)20:59
Sage_I have no idea if i'm familiar or not. Let me know your question and lets decide after that :D20:59
Venemo_N9I'd like to know what's up with the different meegotouch-* packages. eg. what's the relationship between meegotouchhome and meegotouch-systemui21:00
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Venemo_N9what is responsible for drawing the status bar?21:01
Sage_meegotouchhome is the home screen that contains the application menu and "desktop"21:01
Venemo_N9what is responsible for drawing the lock screen?21:01
Sage_meegotouch-systemui is responsible of the status bar on top and lockscreen21:01
Venemo_N9what are other key components?21:03
Venemo_N9I see there's meegotouch-compositor (which is sometimes referred to as mcompositor, not sure if those are the same)21:04
Venemo_N9also, one more thing21:06
Venemo_N9does the qt-components package depend on meegotouch or its themes in any way?21:06
Venemo_N9also, what is sysuid?21:08
Sage_mcompositor and meegotouch-compositor is responsible of the application switcher21:08
Sage_same component ^21:08
Venemo_N9ok :)21:08
Sage_window manager21:08
Sage_sysuid is same as meegotouch-systemui21:08
Venemo_N9all right21:08
Sage_the package names and binary names differ a bit :)21:08
phaeronSage_: you sent the request while source project was still building ?21:08
Venemo_N9I see :)21:08
Sage_phaeron: could be, the mass rebuild started around the same time I guess.21:09
phaeronso it waited for a couple of hours and then timed out21:09
phaeronI forgot to change my email in error reporting so I didn't get it21:09
Venemo_N9Sage_, and how does sysuid draw the status bar? I know some details about it, but not the full mechanics21:09
Sage_Venemo_N9: I'm not really sure about that in detail. See the sources ;)21:10
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Sage_oh, and one other thing. The meegotouch-compositor-gestures is plugin to meegotouch-compositor that handles the gestures which currently minimize the applciations with gesture from sides.21:10
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5141 Rejected promotion request21:11
Venemo_N9okay :)21:11
Venemo_N9what I know about the statusbar is that it's somehow implemented on the toolkit side, as opposed to fremantle where this was on the compositor side21:11
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Sage_phaeron: https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/5141 <- the error messages between packages are a bit difficult to distinguish quickly.21:14
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rcg1k's always good21:20
Venemo_N9Sage_, anyway, sorry for the stupid questions! :) and thx for your answers :)21:28
rcg1ah Venemo_N9: http://repo.pub.meego.com/home:/wonko/CE_MW_MTF_CE_MW_Shared_armv7hl/home%3awonko.repo21:28
rcg1that's the url to my repo21:28
Venemo_N9rcg1, thanks :)21:29
rcg1you can add it via: zypper ar <url_from_above>21:29
Venemo_N9rcg1, is it okay if I check it out tomorrow?21:29
rcg1no need to hurry ;)21:29
*** rzr is now known as rZr21:30
rcg1just wanted to show you that we actually do work on the calendar :)21:30
rcg1and if you like you can give meepasswords and qtodo a try as well ;)21:30
Venemo_N9sure :)21:31
Sage_phaeron: ping sr 514221:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5142 Rejected promotion request21:37
Sage_what does that mean21:40
phaeronreally not your day21:41
Sage_something ran out of space?21:41
Sage_the .yaml isn't empty21:41
phaeronno lots of space21:42
phaeronmaybe obs returned 0 byte  file21:42
* Sage_ resubmits21:42
* Sage_ hates when obs does that :/21:42
phaeronit did it again21:44
phaeronbut caught this time21:44
Sage_obs returned 0 byte file?21:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5143 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/514321:46
phaeron0 byte response , so it generated error21:46
phaeronwhich I can retry21:46
Sage_I think that bug is causing most of our random problems with cobs and also with mer gerrit reviews21:47
phaeronyes, and to think that inside the obs code there are retry loops21:47
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5143 Accepted promotion request22:08
Sage_ok, time to sleep probably :D22:09
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phaeronSage_: :)22:15
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Sage_ok, now I go for real ;)22:16
Sage_good night all22:17
phaerongood night22:20
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