Thursday, 2012-07-05

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Stskeepsrcg: did you have a fix for the calendar crash for kcalcore/qt mobility or how was it?05:21
rcgStskeeps: i attached a updated patch to the bug report05:22
Stskeepsfor various legal reasons we can't accept patches within bugzilla.. we need it submitted through git with a signed-off-by05:22
Stskeepsi should probably note that other places05:22
rcgactually, i intended to ping you so i can learn how to do this "officially"05:23
rcghowever, i didn't have the time yet :(05:23
rcgalright, first question: is it sufficient that i simply add this "signed off by /me"?05:24
Stskeepslet me show you05:24
Stskeeps.. or try..05:24
* Stskeeps pokes with a stick05:24
rcgalright, sounds simple and fair05:27
Stskeepsit's basically so we have some protection in case anybody has submitted bad stuff, and we can find it and remove it05:28
rcgi see05:28
Stskeepsand can point blame to a specific person/commits05:28
Stskeepssame system linux kernel works with05:30
rcgright :)05:36
rcgjust registering @ gerrit05:40
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rcgStskeeps: does it take some time until an ssh key is accepted in gerrit?05:55
Stskeepsno, shouldn't05:55
Stskeepstell me how you test it?05:56
rcgssh -p 29418 gerrit ls-projects05:56
Stskeepssounds about right, did you set username in settings->profile ?05:56
rcgah right05:57
rcgusername was not set05:57
rcgthought i had set it as i registered05:57
rcgyes, works now, set it via the settings in the web gui.. apparently it was empty before05:57
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rcgStskeeps: ^06:06
Stskeepsa good start, you also need to modify the spec/yaml file ;)06:07
Stskeepsdoesn't get picked up automatically06:07
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Stskeepsget mer platform sdk, add patch to .yaml file, run 'specify06:07
rcgi just replaced an existing patch06:09
rcgthat is, i kinda patched a patch06:09
Stskeepswell, then you need to add an entry to .changes too06:09
rcgbut i guess i would need to update the version in the yaml?06:10
Stskeepsnah, no need06:10
rcgah, missed that :)06:10
rcgwill update changes as well06:10
rcgso, this is it?06:13
Stskeepsgit checkout the older sha, 0436001340b5b30d5cb74dd87a1b502a693b6411 and amend the commit06:15
Stskeepsthe goal is a proper clean commit, so you amend and re-submit06:15
rcgah, so i should have used --amend instead of simply commiting..06:16
rcghmm.. unfortunately my git skills are rather basic :(06:17
Stskeepsdon't worry :)06:19
Stskeepsit takes a bit to get used to but once it's down in muscle memory, its' quite easy06:19
rcghmm.. did that06:22
rcgbut i think it didnt pick up my change in the changes file?06:23
Stskeepsdid you git add the .changes file, then commit --amend ?06:24
Stskeepsok, when you checked out your older sha, the .changes change naturally disappeared06:24
Stskeepsas you went earlier back in the source tree06:24
rcgdid: git checkout 0436001340b5b30d5cb74dd87a1b502a693b64 && vim mkcal.changes && git commit -s --amend && git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master06:25
Stskeepsah, you forgot git add mkcal.changes06:25
Stskeepsyou can just git add mkcal.changes and amend again06:26
rcgah was missing -a06:26
rcgon commit06:26
Stskeepsand remember to read about Change-id06:26
Stskeepsbefore pushing next06:26
rcgah, yeah, sorry06:28
rcgman.. i am really in a hurry...06:29
rcgthis does not compute well for me right now :(06:29
rcgalways making mistakes :(06:29
rcgand keep spamming you guys with new change id's06:29
Stskeepsit's fine, just click 'abandon change' in the end06:30
Stskeepsjust continue some other time :)06:30
rcgalright, i am just on my last try06:31
rcgwith Change-Id: in the last line i simply put "636" or do i put "Change-Id:636"?06:32
StskeepsChange-Id: Ib5a4abac1d8e882d15b67b59474faf1a12ce229006:32
Stskeepssee top of the changes page06:32
rcgi see, and should i prefix it with "Change-Id:"?06:33
Stskeepsjust as is, 'Change-Id: Ib5a4abac1d8e882d15b67b59474faf1a12ce2290'06:34
rcgyay, looks like this time i got it right :)06:35
Stskeepsyup, i see a patch set 206:35
rcgthanks a lot Stskeeps for the help and patience.. :) and now i gotta head off to shower and sprint to work ;)06:36
rcgStskeeps: alright, just quickly abandoned the changes i spammed accidently06:44
rcghope this was the right way to do it06:44
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rantomHas there been some planning on what to do with the desktop in Nemo Mobile?09:17
rantomAs far as I know it shows the background wallpaper, nothing else09:17
rantomIn english: is there a need to preserve the desktop as it is now or should it just be an application-grid/etc?09:18
rantomAlthough I could understand if it would be used to display e.g. widgets09:23
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Sage_Problem: nothing provides /usr/bin/ruby needed by meegotouch-applauncherd-tests-3.0.3-3.3.Project.MTF.MW.armv7hl11:54
Stskeepsyes, that's my reaction to some of this stuff too11:55
Stskeepsyou're thinking TDriver11:55
* Sage_ though ruby was already in Mer:Tools:Testing with tdriver11:56
Sage_ah, no. It is only in my prj.
* Sage_ though he pushed those already :/11:59
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rcgSage_: ping20:08
Sage_rcg: pong20:12
rcghow do you prefer the patch?20:13
rcgi plan to just add myself as "signed-off-by" for the particular change20:14
Sage_rcg: Well, one way is to do: git init; git add *; git commit -m.; CHANGES ; git commit -a; git format-patch -120:14
rcgam currently figuring out how to do the git diff stuff20:14
Sage_but you can also checkout the upstream tree if you want, but that for the tarball works as well20:15
rcgi plan to preserve your "signed-off-by" message and just add me to it20:15
rcgalright, thanks20:15
rcgi think i slowly get into the deeper bits of git20:15
Sage_that is the way it usually goes20:16
rcgi see :)20:16
rcgthis morning i felt quite stupid when Stskeeps guided me through the process in gerrit.. but i hope i remember everything and don't spam gerrit again ;)20:18
rcgi _think_ that should have worked20:36
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Sage_rcg: is the notifyOpened used somewhere btw?20:53
rcgit is20:53
rcgiirc in some places20:53
rcgso i figured letting it return false instead of removing the calls would be easier20:54
rcgalso returning false corresponds to its logic20:54
Sage_well that patch seems ok to me.20:55
rcggreat :)20:55
Sage_.changes needs fix though :)20:56
Sage_- Fixes MER#387: summary...20:56
Sage_not - Fix #MER387: summary...20:56
rcgalright, the very details ;)20:57
rcgbut am getting closer :)20:57
Sage_well, I hope we get at somepoint parser that automatically reports also to bugzilla about changes thus it will be nice to keep syntax same.20:58
rcgsure, didn't want to nag ;)20:59
rcgjust commited the fixed changes file20:59
Sage_rcg: I don't want to nag, but it is MER#387 not #MER387 ;)21:02
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rcgah, damn... missed that, gimme just a sec :)21:03
Sage_Well, take 10 ;)21:05
rcghope that's it21:05
Sage_well, gave +1 instead of -2 ;)21:06
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rcgright :)21:06
rcgwell, that last details were tougher work than i expected ;)21:07
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lbtrcg: it's OK, I just -1'ed one of Sage_'s submits :)21:12
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rcglbt: i see :)21:16
rcgit always is kinda relieving to see you are not alone ;)21:17
lbthehe... you should see my attempts...21:17
lbtthe problem is that when you don't do it everyday, you miss things21:17
rcganyway, learned quite a lot.. and i really need to update my git cheat sheet before i loose my .bash_history :)21:17
lbtthat's why I wrote the tutorial.... to remind myself21:18
rcghehe, yeah, right :)21:18
lbtfeels good to get your first change in though ... congrats :)21:19
lbtany comments on the wiki page?21:19
rcgah, well, it's not completely through yet, need another +1 ;)21:22
Sage_lbt: about the 191 I'm not sure if that is relevant21:22
rcgbut thanks, yeah, it is quite interesting to work on the official mer :)21:22
rcgpersonally i found the wiki page very informative but there could be a section that describes how to deal with rejected changes in more detail21:23
Sage_lbt: ah, and 412 is actually fixed already. Just didn't know that there was bug about it :)21:23
rcgpersonally, i missed an example of the command lines used for git21:23
Sage_lbt: will add comment about 41221:23
rcgand also an actual example on how to place the "Change-Id:" entry in the change log21:24
rcgdunno why but i had some blocks in my mind on doing this and a real life example would have helped imho21:25
Sage_lbt: I would have given -2 but you are too nice ;)21:25
lbtSage_: the 191 is more that you're touching the package and 191 should be a trivial thing to avoid 2 change/review cycles21:26
lbtsince vendors should do QA on it21:26
lbtin fact...21:26
lbtwe should actually do an 'outstanding bugs for this package' check21:26
Sage_I always try to do search with package name before pushing any changes to check if I can fix other things as well.21:27
lbtrcg: OK - if you want to make some edits there and ask someone (me, sage, Stskeeps) to validate then that'd be good21:27
Sage_lbt: I didn't get the 191 comment.21:28
lbtSage_: yeah - that should be in the checklist on the wiki actially21:28
lbt ?21:29
Sage_yes. the opensslconf.h file is different on intel and arm. On ARM it uses the one provided on upstream and on Intel it uses the one originated from fedora21:30
Sage_I don't know if ARM has any multilib arches that would need that patch21:31
rcglbt: yes, i hope i'll find the time to make some personal notes first and then might edit the wiki21:31
Sage_e.g. on intel you might want to install 64bit and 32bit packages thus the fix is there if I understood correctly.21:32
rcgunfortunately there are only so many hours in a day.. same problem as usual, so much to do, so few time21:32
Sage_Time to sleep.. good night everyone.21:33
lbtSage_: hmm21:33
lbtanyhow, g'night21:34
rcgbtw, how do you guys manage to invest that much time into mer/nemo?21:40
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