Monday, 2012-07-16

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iekkunemo bug triage starting in 8 minutes06:52
iekkunemo bug triage starting now07:01
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skh_can anyone tell me the name of touchscreen module for N950? (like twl4030_keypad and g_nokia)10:54
skh_anyone here?10:57
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qpxi am here10:59
skh_qpx: ^^11:00
qpxi have no idea tbh, but maybe it's the same as the n9 one?11:00
qpxnvm that it's not the same11:01
skh_qpx: i'm not so sure... few things in n950 are different from n911:01
qpxi wish i had one :>11:02
skh_qpx: =)11:05
skh_qpx: do you know which one it is in n9?11:05
qpxno, but maybe this kernel msg help
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skh_qpx: thanks. :) will try it out11:46
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Juhi24qpx, any luck with nemo on n900 yet?13:48
qpxno, someone told me nemo = 3,6gb13:49
qpxso i need a new microsd for now13:49
Juhi24ah yes, that was the case13:49
Juhi24but be very careful what you buy13:49
Juhi24no samsung13:49
Juhi24and apparently no kingston either13:50
qpxi was looking for sandisks13:50
faenilJuhi24, what's wrong with them?13:51
faenil(I only have sandisks)13:51
Juhi24the -110 error causing a kernel panic on every boot attempt13:51
qpxit's sd-card-related=13:51
Juhi24see bug 9213:51
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Stskeepsit's a bug , i havent spent time on it, but people are welcome to13:52
qpxsomeone in #n900 was asking if there is a list of supported hw features yet13:53
qpx... is there any? :>13:53
Juhi24Stskeeps: if I somehow magically gain super haxx0r skills, i'll try my best ;)13:55
Juhi24It's just that I dont have the super haxx0r skills yet, but maybe some morning I just wake up like Nemo in matrix "I know c++!"13:59
teveyou don't need c++ skills for rebuilding kernel with some additional patches ;-D14:01
Juhi24I know. that was just sounded cooler than "I know how to build kernel with some additional patches!"14:03
Juhi24And actually i do know some c++, but anyways...14:04
Stskeepstry with some low prio mer tasks14:05
Stskeepsand go from there14:05
Juhi24Yea, i know it's quite possible for me to figure that out if i just had the time. Sadly, atm i dont.14:08
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Crnkojhey guys, i wanted to ask how nemo/mer are progressing for the n9? could one use them as a daily driver ?16:40
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