Sunday, 2012-07-22

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specialodd question: is it possible to access harmattan's filesystem from within nemo on a dual-booted n95008:18
Stskeepsmount /dev/mmcblk0something /somewhere08:19
specialexcellent, thanks08:21
* w00t makes zombie noises08:22
w00tmorning Stskeeps08:22
Stskeepsmorn w00t08:22
* Stskeeps ponders who to bribe to release harmattan docs under a liberal license08:22
w00tStskeeps: did you see ?08:23
Stskeepslooks correct08:23
w00twell yes, I'm fairly sure it's correct08:23
w00tthe problem is I have no @&@^* idea how to get what we need :P08:23
Stskeepsoh you mean bars?08:24
w00twell, erm, "is a charger connected", "are we full", etc08:24
Stskeeps#define BME_INFO_IND            0x2108:25
the-bossStskeeps: Error: "define" is not a valid command.08:25
Stskeepsstruct emsg_info_ind {08:25
w00tyess.. tried to send BME_INFO_IND, but it blew up on me08:25
w00tI guess if you have no ideas, I'll keep trying that route though08:26
w00tI'm not so sure that's a normal request/reply thing, or one of the notification-type things it's supposed to do08:27
w00tStskeeps: were you looking into ohmd crashes btw?08:42
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Stskeepsw00t: think somebody was08:46
Stskeepsnot me08:46
w00tok, there's some discussion on so08:50
Stskeepsok, interesting08:51
Stskeepseither way, libbme looks useless for async notifications08:51
specialdoes me ranting into the void about things I barely understand count as discussion? :p08:51
Stskeepsspecial: welcome to how the rest of us work..08:51
w00tStskeeps: yes, it does. I have insane thoughts to try create a small test app for harmattan and strace the real libbmeipc and see wtf it does to get notifications, but that would be a large timesink08:52
w00tStskeeps: in the meantime, hald-addon-bme looks like it might be useful in that it seems to be able to get info about charger being connected.08:52
Stskeepsw00t: do you have /tmp/.bmeevt ?08:52
w00thmm.. sec08:52
w00tyes, I do..08:53
w00twhere'd you find that name?08:53
w00t[nemo@localhost ~]$ ls -al /tmp/.bme08:53
w00t.bmeevt  .bmepmm  .bmesrv08:53
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w00tStskeeps: that does make me wonder.08:57
w00tStskeeps: because the notifications (at least all the battery plugin did) was to open an fd somehow, and use inotify to get a notification when it went away08:57
w00tso perhaps that .bmeevt thing just exists for that purpose08:57
w00t(special: you'll notice how i'm ranting into the void about things I barely understand)08:58
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faenilmorning :)09:31
w00tI'm glad you didn't call it a good one09:32
Stskeepsw00t: bmeevt inotify and then prodding for info might work09:33
faenilw00t, eh, exam tomorrow, how can It be a good one :D09:33
faenilw00t, any news about bme?09:33
w00tStskeeps: that was what I was thinking.. still trying to reuse the hal code to get the necessary info though09:34
Stskeepsw00t: well, bmeipc_stat should be ok to mirror..09:35
w00tStskeeps: are _you_ going to try do that for me? :)09:35
w00tbecause I have no flipping clue how big it is, let alone what fields are in it09:35
w00tbesides that, I guess bmeipc_stat internally just does what I'm more or less doing anyway09:36
faenilwhat's the current status?09:37
Stskeepsmake: Warning: File `/usr/share/qt5/mkspecs/linux-g++/qmake.conf' has modification time 4.6e+03 s in the future09:37
* Stskeeps ponders why make can't do shit right09:37
w00t2011-02-10 21:22:25 [batteryplugin] WARNING [batteryplugin.cpp:194:bool ContextSubscriberBattery::BatteryPlugin::readBatteryValues()] BME reply malformed: numbytes != reply size, numbytes:  20  reply size  2409:38
* w00t swears09:38
w00tso the size of this struct changed09:38
w00tI hope the ordering didn't09:38
* w00t wonders how he volunteered for this again09:39
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* faenil feels ignored...09:42
Stskeepsfaenil: SNAFU09:43
faenilI was talking to w00t before going to bed, I just wanted to know the updates :)09:43
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specialw00t: you ruined my productivity by fixing the gallery rendering options09:56
w00tspecial: why?09:56
specialI keep getting distracted by the perfectly smooth scrolling and zooming09:56
faenildamn guys, couldn't you wait just one more day?? you're tempting me xD09:57
specialmy ui branch adds a cacheBuffer on the grid too09:57
specialso at least with the cached thumbnails, it's gorgeous.09:57
faenilw00t, in case you haven't already noticed it, flags in the bme reply09:58
faenilis 4294967295, which is FFFFFFFF09:58
w00tnoticed already09:58
w00ttrying a different approach anyway09:58
faenilok ;)09:58
faenilI see..09:58
w00tas that message really doesn't have anything useful..09:59
faenilyeah, if the bits in flags aren't useful...09:59
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faeniltime to study, cya tomorrow after the exam...take care people!10:05
phaerongood luck10:11
faenilphaeron, thanks :)10:11
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* Sage_ does livecd build of i586-vm next and check if that works with all the systemd etc changes.11:08
MerBotSage_: Error: "?!?&!&1" is not a valid command.11:12
w00tSage_: I take it that didn't work11:21
Sage_oh, it is that obvious? :)11:23
* w00t continues dumping bme bits11:25
Sage_ /init: line 263: /: is a directory11:25
Sage_no **** sherlock11:25
w00twtf.. :P11:26
Sage_proably the most fun error I've seen today :)11:26
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* w00t notes down a few more values11:35
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w00tSage_: can I somehow prod uxlaunch back to life if it doesn't seem to be autorespawning?11:56
w00tI'm really afraid to reboot at the moment, as I've been messing with bme :P11:56
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w00tah, there we go11:56
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Sage_w00t: systemctl restart uxlaunch.service11:57
w00tI have a full battery icon..11:57
Sage_oss metering?11:58
Sage_I mean no binary blobs from harmattan11:58
Stskeepsuses public libbme11:58
Sage_oh, very nice11:58
w00tused libbme and a hell of a lot of guesswork (and help from people to remind me about how the hell hex works)11:58
w00tso now I need to patch libbme to include the stuff it missed, I guess11:59
w00tstill need to try the inotify trick and see if that works..11:59
w00tbut it looks promising11:59
w00tthat means that we should get working qmsystem fairly easily too then12:01
w00tso it won't whine about not charging every time the UI starts up12:01
Sage_heh... well that would be nice12:01
w00tStskeeps: do you know if anything uses libbme at the moment? (forking it to include my changes, and I'm thinking while I'm there, I might as well make it API-compatible, e.g. there's really no point other than aggravation in calling it bme_connect instead of bmeipc_open)12:10
Stskeepsnothing else12:10
w00tok ;>12:10
Stskeepsbut dont call it libbmeipc12:11
w00tI won't12:11
Stskeepspulseaudio uses that12:11
w00tit'll stay libbme12:11
w00talthough, they both provide a ''12:11
Stskeeps / some modules12:11
w00twhich is a problem12:11
w00tso perhaps renaming it to 'libopenbme' might not be such a bad idea12:11
Stskeepsyeah sure12:11
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5251 waiting for review at
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* w00t hums along while another build runs13:59
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* w00t stares at the build14:12
w00tyou.. succeeded!14:12
xsacha_is it better than harmattan?14:13
xsacha_no? then build, build again!14:13
w00twhat in particular?14:13
w00tah, not an actual question14:13
w00t <- Sage_ :)14:18
w00tand I appear to have a working battery bar after it..14:18
w00tI guess I need to let it run down before I can tell that for sure, though14:19
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Sage_w00t: nice14:30
phaerondo we have a hall of fame ? :D14:38
w00tI think in our case it's probably better titled "hall of infamy"14:39
phaeronwhy !14:45
w00tbecause we do horrible, evil things in the name of love :D14:48
timophsomething like the list of names in nemo's about product dialog?14:48
timoph(which is missing scandic letters from people's names)14:48
w00tanyone know what phy0 is in top?14:50
timophsomething related to wifi?14:51
w00tcould be i suppose14:51
timophguessing based on a google search :)14:51
w00tit's making my n950 sad, whatever it is14:52
w00talong with tracker :P14:52
w00tStskeeps: why is swaplogger still in your home? not ready for Mer:Tools:Testing?14:54
phaeronphy0 is wireless yes14:56
timophyep. the physical device14:58
timophjust found
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5252 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5252 Accepted promotion request15:59
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pdanek1How much usable is Nemo on N900? :)16:16
pdanek1Is it suitable as full Maemo replacement already?16:16
dm8tbrit's usable as a daily device16:17
pdanek1I'm going to test it then16:18
Stskeepsw00t: i wanted to have a minimum of documentation16:18
Stskeepsw00t: except it seems the only good documentation is locked up in harmattan's hellhole of documentation licensing..16:18
pdanek1I have made that Nemo name actually, in the past when there was IRC chat about it :D16:18
w00tStskeeps: ah..16:21
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Venemoadded some notes to regarding flashing an N95019:44
VenemoIf you get a 'bb5_rdc_cert_read failed' error or similar during flashing, you should try downloading The Beta 1 flasher tool and try flashing your device with that version.19:45
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Venemow00t, ping19:59
w00tVenemo: hi19:59
Venemow00t, so how do I get my battery indicator working? :)19:59
w00tit's a bit.. involved right now, and i'm still not sure it actually works.. at least it's not indicating that it's charging when i plug it in, but the level shown looks correct20:00
w00t(does anyone know if the n900 battery indicator shows that it's charging? Stskeeps / Sage_?)20:01
Venemoit has been some time since I saw it on the N900 so I have no idea20:03
Sage_w00t: it does20:06
w00tok.. so i still have a bug20:07
w00tI'm guessing with bme notifications..20:07
Sage_w00t: I should probably veify that indicator tomorrow before you dive too deep ;)20:07
w00tSage_: mm?20:08
Sage_I didn't try out with the latest image if charging icon works that is :)20:08
Sage_Used n950 more lately20:09
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Venemowhat happened to ? it doesn't seem to be working for me anymore20:40
specialredirects to https and loads for me20:42
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rzrVenemo, works here too21:28
Venemoseems that my ISP plays tricks on me21:29
Venemosorry for the false alarm21:29
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