Wednesday, 2012-08-01

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Venemomorning MohammadAG :)00:16
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Stskeepsgood morning simosagi07:15
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simosagiIs bluetooth supposed to be working on N950?07:21
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Venemo_N9good morning :)07:22
aaporantalainenis there place for bugs in virtualbox images?07:29
Stskeepsyes, x86 adaptation07:29
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Venemo_N9I learned a lot of things yesterday07:32
Stskeepssimosagi: hmm, that's a good question. where are you seeing it's not?07:33
simosagiI see that device e.g. shows BT address, but I cannot enable it in settings07:34
Venemo_N9for example, DBus has its own sessions which don't work properly through SSH07:34
timophyou can source the env07:35
Venemo_N9I need to check the current DBus session id on the device and export it in my SSH session07:35
Venemo_N9another thing is that one needs to set an X window property to tell sysuid about the current orientation of the window07:37
Venemo_N9and interestingly, an issue similar to bug 84 happens when opening the status menu from lipstick07:38
Venemo_N9and for some reason, the status menu's window appears in my task switcher... :D07:39
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simosagiI have a question on package submission08:01
Stskeepssimosagi: i think the control panel is broken, can you maybe bring it up with rfkill/hcitool?08:02
simosagiStskeeps: I'll try it08:03
Stskeepsyou're not the first to run into that issue, i think08:03
simosagiAbout packages: yesterday my fix oin CE:UX:MTF was declined by Sage as I did not submit it first to Project:MTF:UX. Now I sent it there. Can I reopen the first request or shoud I wait that fix in Project is accepted?08:05
Sagesimosagi: I will forward it to CE:UX:MTF from the Project:MTF:UX08:07
simosagiSage: ok08:07
Sageit is a bit confusing structure atm. but will be improved when we restructure the stuff :)08:07
simosagiSo anyway all fixes get submitted only in Project?08:08
simosagiStskeeps: 'hcitool scan' doesn't find anything. In dmesg hci_h4p has 2 lines: Registering and requesting firmware08:12
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Sagesimosagi: for projects that have Project counter part, for projects that don't have are submitted as such.08:19
jussidoes flasher need to be run as root?08:21
jussiPicked ape-algo from a FIASCO file08:21
jussiSuitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...08:21
jussiUSB device found at bus 002, device address 015.08:21
jussiDevice identifier: (null) (SN: N/A)08:21
jussiError claiming USB interface: Operation not permitted08:21
Sagejussi: yes08:22
jussiSage: ok, thanks08:22
Stskeepssimosagi: hmm, can you check if /lib/firmware contains the right thing, should also be in harmattan08:23
simosagiStskeeps: what do you mean? /lib/firmware/ti1273.bin is a blob of 40kB of data. I'm not sure what should I check.08:26
Stskeepssimosagi: i'm just wondering if the firmware gets loaded properly, usually a good place to look first :)08:27
jussiSage: can you point me to the correct nemo image?08:27
Sagejussi: you should find all the info from if you don't then we need to improve our guide08:28
jussiSage: Im there, and yes, the guide needs improving.08:28
Sageok, what are you missing?08:29
jussiok, I go here, but I dont see images for N9...
w00tSage: did you look at the messaging/accounts SRs yet?08:29
Sagew00t: accounts pointed to wrong url at least did you fix that already?08:30
Sagejussi: N950/N9 use same images08:30
w00tSage: I didn't know, as the request is still open I think08:30
w00tSage: any problems with messaging?08:30
Sagew00t: that was ok. accepted08:31
w00twill look at accounts now08:32
Venemo_N9hi w00t08:32
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jussiSage: I only need the 2, right?08:33
simosagiStskeeps: when I run bluetoothd on command line I get a "Can't init device hci0: Operation not possible due to RF-kill (132)". But where is rfkill command?08:34
Stskeepssimosagi: hmm..08:35
Stskeepsmight be connman fooling around with stuff08:35
Sagejussi: as the guide says ;)08:35
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5357 Accepted promotion request08:35
jussiafter umount I can just reboot the device, right?08:35
Stskeepscan you check /var/lib/connman/settings and see if it has anything about bluetooth?08:35
Sagejussi: instructions in guide yes08:36
jussiSage: the guide does not say that ;)08:36
Sagejussi: yes it does08:36
simosagiStskeeps: it has a nice [Bluetooth] section with Enable=false :)08:36
Sagejussi: oh, dual boot missing part of text. single boot said it :)08:37
jussiSage: not meaning to be annoying, but it doesnt in that section..08:37
Stskeepssimosagi: hmm, ok08:38
* Sage goes to modify guide08:38
jussiand we have nemo, thanks Sage, Stskeeps and jukkaeklund08:38
* Sage kicks mer wiki to give it a bit more speed08:38
faenil_pingmegood morning guys :)08:38
jukkaeklundjussi, congrats!08:38
*** faenil_pingme is now known as faenil08:39
StskeepsInstall connman-test from repo08:39
Stskeepsrun command *test-connman enable bluetooth*08:39
Stskeepsit might be called connman-tests08:39
Venemo_N9w00t, do you have an idea about my status menu issue?08:40
Stskeepssimosagi: in /usr/lib/connman/tests08:40
simosagiStskeeps: ok08:40
Stskeepssimosagi: let me know if that works08:40
w00tVenemo_N9: I don't know what your issue is :-)08:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5364 waiting for review at
Venemo_N9when I open the status menu from lipstick, the thing that appears below it isn't how the desktop actually looks08:42
jussican I ssh in via USB?08:42
w00tVenemo_N9: got a photo/screenshot?08:43
Venemo_N9for example when I open it in landscape once, it will always paint that landscape-rendered desktop below it08:43
Venemo_N9interestingly, the issue doesn't appear when I'm on the task switcher08:44
Venemo_N9w00t, sorry, I don't have screenshots, and I don't have the device with me08:44
Venemo_N9but you can reproduce by cloning my lipstick repo08:45
simosagiStskeeps: bluetoothd doesn't complain anymore, but control panel still doesn't allow to enable BT08:45
Stskeepssimosagi: i think the control panel didn't get updated with newest connman api upgrade08:45
Stskeepsthat's a bug for sure08:45
Venemo_N9jussi, yes you can08:46
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simosagiStskeeps: so should I file a bug to which component? control-panel?08:47
faenilw00t, open app, minimize app, click on status bar....08:47
Venemo_N9jussi, you may have to configure it manually on your machine08:47
jussiVenemo_N9: could you provide a little more info on how to go about that?08:47
Venemo_N9faenil, indeed its similar to that08:48
Stskeepssimosagi: yes08:48
faenilVenemo_N9, must be the same issue we've talking about in the last days, but none has looked into yet :)08:48
faenilwe've been*08:48
faenilVenemo_N9, have you got any idea why the status bar pixmap also includes the background of the whole screen?08:50
Venemo_N9jussi, I plug in the N950, then I edit the connection in nm-connection-editor08:50
Venemo_N9faenil, it doesn't08:50
Venemo_N9and I know that for a fact08:50
faenilVenemo_N9, didn't you say that 2 days ago?08:50
jussiVenemo_N9: ok, but what is it I need to edit there/where can I find this info?08:51
Venemo_N9it contains both the landscape and portrait status bars on one image08:51
faenilohhhh, ok08:52
Venemo_N9jussi, you need to set the IP address to manual and it should be
faenilfrom you sentence it was unclear :)08:52
Venemo_N9faenil, sorry.08:52
faenilnp :)08:52
jussiVenemo_N9: thank you, I now have connection.08:53
faenilbut still, when the status bar is painted, the whole screen is updated, with the wrong background (old one)08:53
Venemo_N9jussi, IP of the device will be
Venemo_N9jussi, you can also use wifi08:54
jussiVenemo_N9: I guessed that, as well as the nemo/nemo08:54
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jussibut thank you08:54
jussinow I just need to remember file copy/scp commands...08:54
Venemo_N9faenil, are you certain?08:54
faenilVenemo_N9, nope, just my idea based on what I see08:55
Venemo_N9jussi, 'scp yourfile nemo@'08:55
jussiVenemo_N9: thanks!08:55
faenilVenemo_N9, how can you write that much with a vkb? I admire you :D08:55
Venemo_N9I use Swype08:56
faenilyeah I know :) but still ^^08:56
Venemo_N9faenil, I think that the compositor doesn't repaint the desktop correctly and that's the problem08:56
faenilVenemo_N9, well yes, that is the problem of course08:56
faenilin mcompositor, mostlikely08:56
Venemo_N9maybe it needs to be told about it somehow.08:56
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5365 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5363 Rejected promotion request09:06
Venemo_N9anyway, I'll be back later09:08
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welluhi all!09:26
welluWhere do I find the source code for e.g
* w00t clicks09:29
faenilwellu, wait a sec ;)09:30
faenilw00t, me first me frist09:30
w00tthat one is
w00tjohn is 'special' on IRC if you have any questions, btw09:30
welluwas looking under merproject... Still confused with all the "projects"09:31
jussiis there a text editor included by default on mer/nemo?09:32
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jussioh... vim...09:33
w00twellu: the basic split is that mer covers basic middleware to get things booting and things that could be shared across many projects (Qt, etc).. UX-specific middleware, the UX itself, and applications belong elsewhere - in our case, nemo, but there's also e.g. plasma active, ..09:33
welluw00t: seems logical09:34
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timophvesse: o/09:39
vessetimoph: well hello there09:40
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faenilspecial, you there?10:20
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w00tfaenil: he's north-america based, so not yet10:22
faenilw00t, thanks, precious info :D10:22
faenilwanted him to try the latest version, we'll do it later ;)10:23
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lockywolfwhy does specify create wrong .spec's?10:26
faenilI should also have an update pinching algo I wrote back in january for the gallery, but I forgot where it is, and I never committed...-.-10:26
Stskeepslockywolf: wrong?10:27
lockywolfjust a second10:27
lockywolfi cloned qmlfilemuncher in obs10:33
lockywolfadded myfix.patch to the patches section10:33
lockywolfI run specify:10:33
lockywolfI get:10:33
lockywolfWarning: !!! Current spectacle version is lower than the one used for this package previously10:33
lockywolf0.24.1 instead of 0.2410:34
lockywolfhow could qmlfilemuncher be created with a spectacle of higher version?10:36
Stskeepssomebody using a later version not in sdk10:37
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5366 waiting for review at
priyanStskeeps: I am unable to install my custom meegotouchcp-datetime rpm package on device.  Its a lock error. It seems Sudo is not working. Any clue?10:43
Stskeepspriyan: su , password nemo10:44
w00tStskeeps: it is in the sdk, just in the -next sdk10:44
w00tStskeeps: and unfortunately, BOSS bitches whenever anything that isn't using 0.24.1 is submitted10:44
lockywolfhow can I tell zypper to use my obs repo?10:47
Stskeepszypper ar10:47
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w00tdon't forget to enable publishing10:54
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jussiwoot, picphone installed :D (and working).11:02
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Stskeepshey Venemo11:08
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lockywolfcongratulate me11:09
lockywolfi fixed a bug11:09
Stskeepscongratulations :)11:09
the-bosslockywolf: Error: "153" is not a valid command.11:09
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lockywolfnumber 15311:10
lockywolfSo, I created a package on my own repo11:10
Venemohi Stskeeps :)11:10
lockywolfhow do I ask to include my patch in the upstream?11:10
w00tlockywolf: submit a pull request on github11:11
w00t(as that's code we maintain)11:11
Venemofor whatever reason, mcompositor fails to render the desktop correctly when either animations are running or transculent windows are on top11:13
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lockywolfmmm .. how do I do it?11:16
lockywolfi have a github account11:16
w00tlockywolf: seen ?11:22
Venemolockywolf: can I ask what you're doing exactly?11:25
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Venemow00t: do you have any thoughts on that bug? I'm almost sure that it's mcompositor's fault. it's also possible that we are using it wrong.11:26
w00tVenemo: i'm a bit busy at the moment, can I come back to you in 20-30 mins?11:26
Venemow00t: sure you can11:26
w00t(= can't divert brainpower atm)11:26
Venemono problem :)11:26
faenilVenemo, that bug is annoying isn't it :D11:26
Venemofaenil: the bug isn't, the fact that we haven't fixed it is.11:27
faenilI hate it when it flashes wrong screens :P11:27
Venemook, I admit I hate it too11:28
Venemovery interesting thing is that it doesn't happen as much when I'm on lipstick's task switcher11:28
Venemoand I know for a fact that the task switcher will update(=repaint) itself when it receives damage events for its pixmaps.11:29
Venemothis is why I'm guessing that the issue comes from the desktop not being redrawed sometimes.11:29
Venemoso the solution _may_ be to make the desktop redraw itself at the proper times.11:29
Venemobut it still needs investigating how and when11:29
lockywolflooks like I got it11:33
lockywolfCloned a Git and Sent to nemomobile/qmlfilemuncher a merge request11:33
lockywolfWho can check if I have done everything correctly?11:35
faenilI received an email :) so the request should be ok :)11:35
lockywolfIf the bug is really fixed and the bug in th bugzilla can be closed?11:35
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faenillockywolf, yes if it's really fixed it can be closed11:37
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w00tfaenil: where do you turn those mails on?11:38
faenilw00t, I don't remember...I don't think I have actually ever asked for those emails :)11:39
faenilI CCed myself on nemo's bugzilla, but not on github11:40
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faenilw00t, don't you receive them?11:41
w00tnot afaik11:41
faenilI thought I received them because I am a "Member of the organization" on github...but you are too11:42
faenilw00t, check this out
faenilthat must be it11:43
w00teverything is enabled there11:44
faenilw00t, and do you see lockywolf PR here?
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5369 Rejected promotion request11:46
*** kallaballa has joined #nemomobile11:46
w00ttried adding myself to the developers team, maybe that'll fix it :)11:46
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5370 Rejected promotion request11:53
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5371 Rejected promotion request11:57
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5372 Rejected promotion request12:02
faenilgreat! no problems with landscape while zoomed in :)12:04
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Venemofaenil: in the gallery?12:15
faenilVenemo, yes12:26
faenilVenemo, but I'll just reset zoom when rotating, that's what all viewers do12:27
Venemofaenil: that's OK12:27
faenilthinking about optimizations at the moment, while I wait for special to come alive :D12:28
lockywolfhow can I see if the submit request has passed the automatic review?12:28
lockywolfis it worth upgrading spectacle to 0.24.1 by hand?12:42
aaporantalainenI'm planning to branch meegotouchcp-datetime (from Project:MTF:UX). How sould I do it? I tested to branch it to my home-project, but then it misses another packages (e.g. meegotouch).12:45
* Stskeeps looks12:46
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Stskeepsaaporantalainen: what branch way did you use?12:46
aaporantalainenI don't understand question12:47
Stskeepsaaporantalainen: well, how did you branch it :)12:47
*** noch has quit IRC12:47
aaporantalainen"Home project" -> "Packages" -> "Branch package from other project "12:48
aaporantalainenthis is the way how I have successed branching12:49
aaporantalainensuccess means: a) package is compiled and it goes to the repository + b) I can see it via osc12:50
Stskeepsok, can you try to remove the branches:Project:MTF:UX project and then try and "branch package" instead?12:51
Stskeepsthe repos look really odd in your branch12:51
Stskeepswe're importing a new mer release right now, so don't be surprised if it's a bit slo atm12:52
aaporantalainenhow about my repos now? I removed every testing branches, and now there are only home-project left.12:53
aaporantalainenFor me it shows four repositories.12:54
Stskeepstry to do what i said, verify repository look same as in Project:MTF:UX12:54
aaporantalainenbut is my initial state currently ok?12:55
lockywolf>>we're importing a new mer release12:55
Stskeepsaaporantalainen: much better now12:57
aaporantalainenok. now I done that another way to branch: [search] -> select package -> "Branch package"12:58
aaporantalainenhow to access it via osc?12:58
aaporantalainenanswering myself: osc co home:aaporantalainen:branches:Project:MTF:UX13:11
w00talterego: btw, still looks very much out of date, didn't you say you were going to fix that?13:14
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alteregow00t: that package is redundant.13:16
alteregoThat's meego-handset-dialer13:17
w00tyes, because at the time, that was the dialer we had13:17
* w00t still has no idea where the magical new dialer lives, where the package is, or why it's all seperate from everything else we're maintaining, which is a bit of a problem when I'll need to touch it to look at contacts stuff :P13:17
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile13:18
alteregoI told you, it's in gitorious :P13:18
alteregoThe package is in CE:Apps13:18
w00tthat isn't useful at all (where? gitorious is huge), and it's not useful from a process POV13:18
w00twe can't tell new developers "here's our bugs, go fork a package and send us a pull request" when it doesn't all fit into that model13:18
StskeepsSage: btw, one recurrent theme.. can we enforce having in .spec files where the upstream git or tarballs are?13:18
w00tif you don't want to use github, that's fine, but that's a discussion that everyone needs to have, not just one part of the UI13:19
StskeepsSage: people are having difficulties finding where our actual sources are13:19
alteregow00t: in the .spec it references the git project13:20
w00tok, so here's the thing, I'm saying that from the perspective of ease of workflow for everyone, that isn't really good enough13:20
w00twe decided a long time ago to use github for shared projects, everything in one place, one workflow, etc13:20
w00twhy are you not doing that?13:21
alteregoWell, I did say I'd move to github, I've just not had the time.13:22
alteregoIf I do it now, will that make you happy? :P13:22
w00tI've already delt with a lot of people who didn't know where our source was, and being able to say "it's on github at, send a pull request" is a lot easier than "well actually it's on github unless you're working on XYZ" :P13:22
alteregoAlso, what do I do with the contents of that project now?13:22
w00twell, you said it's called voicecall?13:22
alteregoDo I just git rm it all, and lose my history?13:22
w00twe'll just dump a new repository there13:22
w00tis the old one ok to dump completely?13:23
w00t(removed from nemo?)13:23
w00t*poof*, repository gone13:23
w00tpush at will13:24
alteregodone :P13:25
alteregoNow, about my question :)13:29
alteregoavatar and name, by number :)13:29
lockywolfhow can i get URLS of zypper repositories?13:29
w00talterego: did you forget push --tags btw?13:29
Stskeepslockywolf: /etc/zypp/repos.d13:30
w00talterego: right now, you can't do that, list only.. I guess that's for incoming calls, right?13:30
alteregoAnd history13:31
alteregow00t: no tags yet.13:31
SageStskeeps: yes, there are bugs in bugzilla about wrong urls.13:31
SageStskeeps: but every package should have URL that points to upstream git or website where it is found.13:31
alteregoI'll start tagging for each release from now on.13:31
w00tyou made releases - without tags? *tsk* :)13:31
alteregoI was very rushed in to release and it was late w:P13:32
w00tminor detail, but useful to know at a glance what code was in each release13:32
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile13:32
alteregoSo, I'm guessing that I'll need to iterate through every contact and match myself?13:32
w00tplease don't13:33
w00tI'll come up with something for you13:33
alteregoI didn't say I want to ..13:33
w00tif you can delay that part for now that'd be good :-p13:33
w00tyou only need to search by number?13:33
* alterego ponders13:33
alteregoWell, yes, but it has to be a fuzzy search13:34
Venemofuzzy how?13:34
w00tI know that number searching is .. complex13:34
w00tdealt with it before to some extent13:34
alteregocountry code prefixes.13:34
w00tand a lot more13:34
Venemoah, right.13:34
Venemogood luck :)13:34
w00te.g. you might save numbers locally with 333 - 222 - 111 formatting or god knows what else...13:34
alteregoNokia cheated in one dialer version I remember seeing them just match the last 6 digits.13:34
w00tabustany: did qct have code to handle this in lookups, or do I misremember?13:34
alteregoI don't remember it having that.13:35
w00tyou wouldn't see it, unless you looked at the actual implementation13:35
alteregoI basically copied Nokias cheat and did a full list iteration and match for the prototype13:35
abustanyalterego: last 7 actually13:35
abustanybut it's configurable13:35
alteregoabustany: yeah, was wondering if it was 7 :P13:36
abustanywe do store a normalized version of the number yes13:36
abustanyand actually there might even be a branch with much smarter code13:36
abustanybut we never got the right to merge it for nokia13:36
abustanythe much smarter version checks against the DB of country codes, and strips that if found13:36
abustanyinstead of doing a blind string.right(7)13:36
abustanywe also strip all the formatting in the normalized version of course13:36
w00tabustany: is the normalised version accessible from QtContacts? (please say yes, please say yes, please say yes...) :)13:36
abustanyand if you use qct to do a number lookup, use the right MatchFlags13:37
abustanyaka MatchPhoneNumber13:37
abustanyif you need to normalize in other apps, the qct lib has methods for that iirc13:37
abustanyin the end it's not bullet proof, but it works okayish13:37
w00tI'd rather not do that, because we'll have a model with this info already in it13:37
*** norayr has joined #nemomobile13:37
w00tso was thinking to find out where the lookup is done and look into exporting it via -extensions13:37
abustanyI don't remember if a QContactFetchRequest returns the normalized phone number13:37
sledgesan easy one (hope so): on VirtualBox, says Process ohmd (pid: 365, ti=f2a8a000 ... and the boot halts (latest nemo release)13:38
w00tpretty sure it doesn't..13:38
abustanythe lookup is done in tracker13:38
abustanywe store the normalized version in maemo:localPhoneNumber13:38
*** norayr has quit IRC13:38
abustanywhen fetching I'm not sure if you get that field back13:38
abustanyit'd be trivial to add it if not13:38
abustany(note, if we only had country code prefixes it'd be great. You also have region prefixes, false prefixes which makes that two numbers are equal even if they look different, etc.)13:39
abustanyif you have the info in the model, you could obviously have a QHash<normalizedPhoneNumber, localId>13:40
abustanybut it'd be good to fetch the normalized version from tracker in this case13:40
abustanyand not compute it on each contact13:40
abustanyalthough it should not be too expensive, as a first draft13:40
abustanyyeah so it does not fetch it13:41
abustanybut adding it is monkey copy paste :)13:41
abustanyoooh, convertToLatin, I had forgotten this one :)13:41
abustanybecause you also get hindi and parsi numbers :p13:42
w00tI guess we could add it as a new field13:44
w00tQContactPhoneNumber::FieldNormalizedNumber, or something13:45
alteregoWell, next question, how do you invisage making a call?13:47
alteregoYou need to have a way of select call provider (gsm,sip,google,blah)13:47
abustanyin Harmattan this was all going through telepathy13:47
abustanybut iirc you're using ofono?13:48
alteregoWe have a direct ofono backend, but I'm going to be moving to telepathy.13:48
*** alien_ has joined #nemomobile13:48
abustanyso TP on top of ofono?13:48
w00talterego: kind of depends on how we decide to do accounts13:49
w00tin harmattan, it was done by looking for all accounts that supported call capabilities13:49
abustanywell, libaccounts and libsso are open source :)13:49
abustany(and canonical is backing them, actually Alberto, the creator, is working for them now)13:49
w00tthey are, yes13:49
w00tand we'll likely look at that13:49
w00tthe point being that at the moment it's not really defined13:50
abustanynot sure if the mission control patches to use sso are though13:50
w00tI seem to remember some parts of all that were closed, at least13:50
w00tsasl login doodads or whatever13:50
abustanywhich is kind of braindead13:50
abustanyyou have two OSS components, and the patch to make them interact is closed13:50
abustanybut well13:50
alteregoWell, I guess my dialer will act as the filter for call providers.13:51
alteregoAs it does that naturally.13:51
alteregoOkay, cool.13:52
alteregoWhat I'm going to do, is add a "defaultProvider" property to my declarative interface.13:53
alteregoFor now, just use that and you'll get calls for free :D13:53
alteregoSo to call you'd do something like: vcm.dial(vcm.defaultProviderId, msisdn);13:56
alteregow00t: also, about app configuration. What do you think I should use, GConf or .ini files?13:58
alteregoI'm thinking ini files for now ..13:58
sledgesfound vital typo in Mer's a vm image needs to be used, otherwise ohmd crashes and boot halts (will correct there now: s/nemo-handset-i586-***.img/nemo-handset-i586-vm-***.img)14:02
w00talterego: QSettings won't give you built-in notifications like gconf will14:02
w00tso if they're user-settable, that might not be the best choice14:03
alteregoYeah, good point.14:03
faenilin case it's not already known, when I maximize an app I get14:03
faenilX Error: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter) 914:03
faenil  Extension:    150 (Uknown extension)14:03
faenil  Minor opcode: 1 (Unknown request)14:03
faenil  Resource id:  0x014:03
alteregow00t: much better than using a QFileSystemWatcher ;)14:03
faeniland when I minimize it I get14:04
faenilMeego graphics system destroyed14:04
faenilX Error: BadDamage (invalid Damage parameter) 16514:04
faenil  Extension:    150 (Uknown extension)14:04
faenil  Minor opcode: 2 (Unknown request)14:04
faenil  Resource id:  0x1a0003114:04
alteregofaenil: yeah, think everyone gets that ;)14:04
faenilis that related to the famous ohmd problem?14:04
faenilnokia gained +9% yesterday, and it's at +9% today too!14:05
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC14:06
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #nemomobile14:06
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC14:06
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #nemomobile14:06
abustany9% is like what, 1 euro cent?14:09
faenilit went from 2.10 to 2.60 in 2 2.5014:11
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile14:17
*** danielcbit_ has joined #nemomobile14:17
w00tbecause someone said lenovo was going to buy them14:18
w00tbut lenovo said that's a pile of crap, so time for it to plummet back down14:18
faenil:O srsly?14:19
faenilI was told it's because Elop bought a loooooot of stocks14:19
abustanyah, now it was lenovo?14:19
abustanylast time was the rumor was about samsung14:20
w00tI'm in retrospect very glad I sold right after february 1114:22
iekkuw00t, good boy :)14:23
w00tiekku: ;)14:24
*** danielcbit_ has quit IRC14:29
[ol]Can this be because Nokia is closing its manufacturing in Finland?14:29
alteregoI think it's mainly the Microsoft deal14:33
alteregoNokia used to stand for innovation, now it doesn't know what it's doing.14:34
alteregoAnd it can look forward to just designing the looks of a mobile device.14:34
alteregoWhich isn't something that they're that great at ..14:34
[ol]Now it's obvious that one malicious CEO has destroyed the company. But what I don't understand is why shareholders dont sue him for that.14:36
sledgeshello. I just installed Nemo on VirtualBox, all shiny nice! But whenever a on-screen-keyboard should be visible, the screen goes black (bug #104). Host+F2 for virtual terminal is also black, so no way to interact with it...14:36
sledgesfor now will try to gut maliit out via mounting /dev/sda1 externally..14:38
*** rcg-work has quit IRC14:39
*** Ionakka has joined #nemomobile14:42
*** beford has joined #nemomobile14:44
*** beford has quit IRC14:45
faenilw00t, I've just tried zooming a hires image...(4k x 3k) ... can't be done :P we can't allow 100% zoom14:46
faenilit's very laggy14:46
faenilprobably doesn't fit in video memory?14:46
abustanyalterego: well, nokia devices in terms of hardware are still lightyears ahead of for example a samsung galaxy14:47
lbtw00t: that headline/photo pairing is hilarious14:56
Stskeepssledges, host-alt-f214:57
alteregoabustany: harder when the internals are defined by Microsoft.14:58
alteregoWell, selected.14:58
lockywolfsame thing as sledges15:01
lockywolfctrl--alt-f2 works in libeiso version on VMWare15:02
lockywolfBuildService API error: can't verify packages due to lack of GPG keys15:02
lockywolfduring osc build15:02
lockywolfwhat is it?15:03
sledgesStskeeps ( lockywolf ) , alt apparently is optional, Host+Alt+F1 switches to Nemo UI, Host+Alt+F2 (or without Alt) still switches to black screen. I am typing commands blindly now :) is there ssh running? currently NATted eth card does not even allow itself to be pinged, so i'm in progress to make it a bridged one instead15:03
sledgesHost+[Alt]+F2 gives black screen, but apparently there -is- a live vt15:03
lockywolfthere is15:04
w00tlbt: :-p15:04
lockywolfwhich version are you running?15:05
lockywolffrom .img or from virtual drive?15:05
lockywolfWhat to do with GPG keys?15:05
sledgeslatest nemo release -vm-, renamed to .iso, installed to /dev/sda1 (using ), virtualbox 4.1.1815:06
lockywolfskip installing15:06
*** priyan has quit IRC15:06
*** fralik has joined #nemomobile15:07
lockywolfif you boot it from img-siso15:07
lockywolfctrl-alt-f works fine15:07
sledgeslockywolf, yes, the non-installed version had nice vt available (how else would I have installed it visually, if I cannot use terminal due to maliit black-screen bug? :) )15:07
sledgeswhy, if vt was working. stops working after installing15:08
lockywolffor me, too15:08
sledgeswell there we are, on the same page now :)15:08
lockywolfthe mailing list says, it's due to lack of mesa-llvmpipe-dri-swrast-driver15:08
lockywolftry installing it blindly in the terminal15:09
lockywolfant tell us the result :-)15:10
lockywolfWhat to do with the GPG keys?15:10
lockywolfHow can I run  osc local builds?15:10
sledgesthis channel is a bit slow today (at this moment at least) :)15:10
sledgesthank you lockywolf , rebooting in progress15:11
sledgeslockywolf, no effect. I can confirm mesa-llvmpipe-dri... having installed successfully, just by executing blindly zypper install and pressing "Y" on keyboard, then watching relevant icons lit up at the bottom virtualbox bar :)))15:12
*** mike7b4_onn9 has quit IRC15:12
sledgesHEYYY, but the keyboard black-screen problem is gone!15:12
sledgesbrilliant, thank you lockywolf  :)  I will update the bug 10415:12
sledgeseverywhere, I launched the terminal, and I see it, it is not black screen anymore15:13
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:14
sledgesHost+Alt+F2 is still black, but the whole nemo UI is usable now after installing mesa-llvmpipe-dri-swrast-driver, great success ;)15:15
sledgeslockywolf, where in the [mer-general] mailing list did you find mentioning of mesa-llvmpipe-dri-swrast-driver ?15:18
sledgeswhy doesn't this find it, fralik ? :
fralikI also have the issue with Host+Alt+F2, though it is not that critical since I am able to use terminal in UX.15:21
sledgesyes, after the mesa-llvmpipe fix ;)15:21
fralikI do not know, maybe the index have not been updated yet.15:22
lockywolfdidn't work for me15:22
lockywolfterminal is still black15:22
sledgesok, thanks fralik15:23
fralikone more tip: if you see black screen in terminal you can still click in the right upper conner of the terminal (where the two buttons of the terminal are)15:23
fralikthis will bring up settings window, but you will see the terminal15:24
sledgeswhich terminal lockywolf ? you need to Host+F2:root<ENTER>:nemo<ENTER>:zypper install mesa-llvmpipe-dri-swrast-driver<ENTER>y<ENTER><WAIT>sync<ENTER>reboot :)15:24
fralikusing this technique you can use terminal slowly, but not blindly15:26
sledgestrue :)15:26
*** Estel_ has quit IRC15:28
fralikanother option: mount your .vdi disk, chroot there and install the package from your main/host machine. :) I installed mesa-llvmpipe-... this way15:30
lockywolfhmm, i just connected through ssh :-)15:33
sledges;D so many ways15:33
lockywolfbut zypper in mesa-llvmpipe-dri-swrast-driver tells me:15:33
lockywolftarget initialization failed:15:33
lockywolffailed to chache rpm database15:33
sledgescan you ping ?15:34
denismthanks everybody! I have added mesa-llvmpipe-dri-swrast-driver to .ks file and terminal starts to work15:34
sledgesdo you have enough space under / or /var ?15:34
sledgesannd are you root :)15:34
lockywolf :-)15:35
sledgesok ;)15:35
* sledges gives up15:35
sledgesdenism, good stuff Wish you were the official maintainer of Nemo releases :)) I think that's Sage who got married :)15:36
denism:) :) :)15:36
*** Estel_ has joined #nemomobile15:37
lockywolfgot it15:40
lockywolfrpm --rebuilddb15:40
*** ssirkia has left #nemomobile15:42
sledgesnice, congrats lockywolf :)15:44
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile15:58
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:01
*** ronoc has quit IRC16:03
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile16:04
Sagesledges, denism: nice find. Need to add that to the configs and next image.16:07
Sageor well, not so much to the configs but actually to the package group for x86 adaptation16:08
StskeepsSage: please hold on that16:09
Stskeepsit reduces perf a lot16:10
Stskeepsand not the right solution16:10
*** lbt has quit IRC16:10
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile16:10
*** lbt has quit IRC16:10
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile16:10
SageStskeeps: oh16:11
*** jonwil has quit IRC16:13
sledgesSage, yes, it is only a workaround (as indicated in bug #501 )16:15
Stskeepsi guess its ok to add as a temp workaround16:18
Stskeepsand add in warnings16:18
Stskeepsin doc16:19
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile16:25
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC16:31
specialSage: mission-control seems broken after updating from the repository you linked on the -ring bug.16:35
specialat the moment, it won't launch even gabble, and launching it manually gives "no conncetions, and timed out"16:36
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile16:37
Sagespecial: hmmp... there might be other things missing from there. Need to update the whole telepathy stack and glib2 to test it16:38
Venemo_N9w00t, do you have some time later today to help me diagnose my favourite bug?16:42
specialSage: could it be connman related?16:43
w00tVenemo_N9: if it's the compositor flicker, not really, that's probably going to take some time of digging around to figure out16:43
w00tI want it gone, but I have a lot of other things I need to sort out16:44
w00tI can't promise anything16:44
w00tif you want to start digging around patching mcompositor with debug, that would be a helpful start, at least16:44
Sagespecial: connman related?16:44
w00tI was going to wait with that until xresponse is packaged so that I don't have to do quite so much digging16:44
Venemo_N9what's xresponse?16:45
specialSage: random guess; I was looking over mission-control debug output. It tries and fails to find connman over dbus, and later won't connect my gabble account because "mcd_kludge_transport_get_transport_status: we are allegedly offline"16:46
Sagespecial: oh, I didn't think telepathy cares about connman16:48
lockywolfwhere lies the source for meegotouch-controlpanel?16:48
Venemo_N9w00t, I haven't a clue how that may help with this16:49
Venemo_N9anyway, I think I'll take a nap16:49
w00tVenemo_N9: -m watches for damage events, I want to see whether the screen is redrawing in the right places16:49
lockywolfi didn't find it on github16:49
Venemo_N9w00t, hmmm16:51
Venemo_N9makes sense16:51
* w00t => dinner16:51
*** lockywolf_ has joined #nemomobile16:51
* Venemo_N9 'll take a nap now16:52
specialSage: anyway; anything you want me to do to help?16:53
*** lockywolf has quit IRC16:56
Sagespecial: everything is possible? :D16:56
* special slowly backs out of the room16:57
*** mord_ is now known as mord17:04
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*** wellu has quit IRC18:41
fralikSage, regarding the Nano: so the 'proper fix' will be to wait until nemo-utils will get their own OBS package? Or small patch on Gitorious right away?18:47
*** Siosm has quit IRC18:47
Sagefralik: you can send patch to gitorious already. Add nano to the package and increate the version number of that specific file (see Version: in yaml) and submit.18:49
Sagefralik: the upcoming packages will use same sources eventually sry for confusion18:49
*** faenil is now known as faenil_away18:54
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile19:00
fralikSage, I see, no problem. Made another request on Gitorious.19:01
*** arcean has quit IRC19:03
*** furikku has quit IRC19:06
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile19:09
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5358 Rejected promotion request20:05
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5345 Rejected promotion request20:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5366 Accepted promotion request20:10
Sagew00t: accounts-ui accepted20:10
Sagesry for taking so long20:10
rcg1btw Sage, sorry for submitting FingerTerm without checking properly whether the package already exists before20:15
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:16
*** beford has joined #nemomobile20:21
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC20:21
Sagercg1: np. It happens :)20:22
w00tSage: ta20:22
* w00t goes to bed and hopes he feels better tomorrow20:22
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5364 Accepted promotion request20:26
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5322 Accepted promotion request20:55
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:56
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5365 Accepted promotion request21:32
*** rzr is now known as rZr21:33
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5376 waiting for review at
*** jonwil has joined #nemomobile23:20
*** fralik has quit IRC23:50

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