Tuesday, 2012-09-11

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* timoph kicks of the day by writing nemo n900 into a sd card04:01
timophhmmh. pretty sure that sentence needs 'image' somewhere04:01
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timophoh. hildon application manager - my old nemesis04:18
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timophhmmh. no git in nemo's default repos?04:29
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timophanyone know where ulimit -c gets set to 0 in nemo?05:59
timophat least in /etc/security/limits.conf it's commented out05:59
timophand not set in .bashrc05:59
timophStskeeps: ^05:59
timoph(or anyone)05:59
timophor is 0 the default06:00
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Venemo_N9good morning07:20
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Venemo_N9hey cybette :)07:26
Venemo_N9what's up?07:27
cybettenot much07:27
cybetteneed coffee. haven't had any yet07:27
Venemo_N9me either07:28
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dm8tbrgood point07:41
* dm8tbr initiates recaffeination07:42
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tadzikquick! Refill before it's too late!07:48
tadzikwhat if you don't have enough mana to get a second cup? A bootstraping problem!07:48
* dm8tbr has completed the process and is now sufficiently caffeinated for a while07:48
dm8tbrwe have those free healing stations in the office where you can obtain that07:49
tadzikoh yeah, those Mana Potion Machines07:49
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sivangmorning good people08:19
* sivang is getting tired his current location08:20
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sivangdm8tbr: had decaffe today, too much caffeination yesterday08:59
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anYcIs it known, that the PIN input app is unusable in landscape mode on the n900 or should i file a bug?10:26
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anYc(or does it work for someone else?)10:45
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faenilyooooooo people!15:21
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faenilI have to read some days of backlog :P15:24
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faenilwhat happened? it's been quite a silent day in here15:32
rcg-workwork work15:35
rcg-workbtw. nice to see you around faenil15:35
faenilrcg-work, oh hey :)15:38
faenilsup? :)15:38
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rcg-workfaenil, work work15:56
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rcg-workcame back from vacation in italy on saturday15:56
faenilrcg-work, oh now I remember yeah you were about to visit italy :) how was it?15:56
rcg-workwas very nice.. except that the clutch broke directly of our arrival.. but we got it fixed pretty quickly15:56
rcg-workbeen staying in ceriana near sanremo..15:57
faenilI see :) never been there15:57
rcg-workah well.. wasn't that much of a problem15:57
rcg-workand now i know what "the clutch is broken" is in italian ;)15:57
faenilahah :D15:58
faenilwhat is that?15:58
rcg-workla frizione e roto.. or something like that.. it was at least sufficient to find a mechanic to get it repaired :)15:58
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faenilfrizione e rotore :)15:59
faenilI see, good :)15:59
rcg-workyeah, was pretty suprised that the repair was finished so quickly.. was a little bit concerned the part might not be available16:00
faenilgreat they got it done quickly .)16:00
rcg-workyeah :)16:00
faenilgot to reboot, cya later ;)16:01
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rcg-workright.. have a good boot ;)16:01
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tadzikwhat FS is nemo using these days?16:34
tadzikI don't see its files from maemo anymore16:34
tadzikyeah, seems so16:37
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tadziker, is the swap partition size on the nemo image 8 MBs or so?16:56
Stskeepswe dont install onto emmc16:57
Stskeepsthe swpa partition is 8 because we use the emmc swap16:58
tadzikso nothing bad shoud happen if I remove it? :)16:58
Stskeepswell, order of partitions will change16:58
Stskeepsyou could always make your own image16:58
Stskeepsit's really easy(TM)16:59
* tadzik believes16:59
tadzikso it needs two partitions, root and boot, in whatever order on the uSD?16:59
tadzik(if I create my own image the way I want it)16:59
Stskeepsi think uboot may look on third partition17:00
Stskeepsfor /boot17:00
tadziklong story short: I want to have two partitions on my uSD, regardless of nemo stuff17:00
tadzikor I could maybe write a custom uboot menu entry, which will just look on the 2nd partition?17:01
tadzikhm, seems that cfdisk kept boot as the third, and created the ones that follow as p4 and then p217:01
Stskeepsyou can prolly do a lot, yeah17:02
tadzikand since I'm asking questions, do you happen to know when can I catch qmlcontacts devs around herer?17:09
Stskeepsyes, w00t17:09
Stskeepsbut he's probably having a beer atm17:10
tadzikIt's not linking for me in the SDK chroot, and I'm wondering how much different my working env is different from everyone else's :)17:10
tadzikwell deserved17:10
Stskeepswell, compare with osc build17:10
Stskeepsin terms of dependencies17:10
tadzikwhere do I check that?17:13
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Stskeepswell, the spec file17:14
faenilmoo Stskeeps17:17
Stskeepsmoo faenil17:17
Stskeepsback in .it?17:17
faenilyup :(17:17
tadzikStskeeps: where can I find the spec file? :O)17:18
tadzikoh oh, I think I may have those nemo-latest kickstarter files lying around17:18
Stskeepstadzik: look in the build.pub.meego.com , go to search17:18
Stskeepsnot the top right one17:18
Stskeepsthe button17:18
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tadzikheh, OBS lists qmlcontacts as BROKEN17:32
tadziksorry, just "broken"17:32
Stskeepsdoesn't sound right17:32
Stskeepsin which project/17:32
tadzikmaybe I'm looking in the wrong place17:40
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Stskeepsevening rcg18:32
rcghow's it going?18:37
Stskeepsgoing fine.. i'm away from home for once18:37
Stskeepsso just enjoying late night hacking18:37
rcghehe, i see18:37
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cat_x301hello; i tried latest nemo snapshot and got this while attempting to run mcompositor:18:39
cat_x301mcompositor: error while loading shared libraries: ld-linux-armhf.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:39
cat_x301wonder where it should come from? or ld-linux.so.3 symlink would be just enough..18:40
Stskeepscat_x301: you have own built gles libs i guess?18:40
cat_x301Stskeeps: hmm.. nope, did not build anything myself yet. just took whatever is in snapshot image.18:41
cat_x301ldd on mcompositor binary gives me this: ld-linux-armhf.so.3 => not found18:42
Stskeepscat_x301: because i'm fairly sure that mer would not be showing ld-linux-armhf.so.3 anywhere atm18:42
cat_x301Stskeeps: interesting..18:42
Stskeepsunless i've gone into a time machine and already finished what i'm doing right now18:42
Stskeepscat_x301: is it on n950?18:42
cat_x301the image is n950 but hw is mk802 allwinner18:42
Stskeepswell, did you add your own gles libs?18:43
cat_x301actually yes, i copied some extra GL binaries.18:43
Stskeepsthat's where it comes from18:44
Stskeepsi'm prepping to fix this misalignment atm..18:44
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* cat_x301 is curious when it will be available..18:45
Stskeepswell, it depends on a lot of factors..18:46
Stskeepsyou may have some degree of result of ln -s ld-linux.so.3 ld-linux-armhf.so.318:46
cat_x301yeah, i should have tried that first..18:47
Stskeepsbut be aware that we've seen bugs related to this18:48
cat_x301Stskeeps: thanks, but i am not afraid of bugs! ;)18:49
Stskeepsthese particular ones scare the living hell out of me18:49
Stskeeps__thread related segfaults18:49
cat_x301yeah, but i am too far from this. there are plenty of troubles with allwinner kernel still.18:50
* cat_x301 is surpirsed that it works at all :)18:51
cat_x301[root@localhost ~]# ps ax | grep pulse | wc -l18:53
cat_x301how's that...18:53
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cat_x301Stskeeps: your prophecy came true..19:03
cat_x301[root@localhost ~]# DISPLAY=:0.0 mcompositor19:03
cat_x301Adding Master Pointer: Virtual core pointer ( 2 )19:03
cat_x301Skipping non-Touch device: Virtual core XTEST pointer ( 4 )19:03
cat_x301QEgl::display(): Cannot initialize EGL display: "Bad alloc (0x3003)"19:03
cat_x301QEglContext::chooseConfig(): Could not find a suitable EGL configuration19:03
cat_x301Requested: "type=es2 rgba=0,0,0,0 surface-type=window"19:03
cat_x301Segmentation fault (core dumped)19:03
Stskeepsis your image armv7hl or armv7l and is your egl drivers softfp or hardfp?19:04
cat_x301hard AFAIR19:04
Stskeepsreadelf -A them?19:05
Stskeepsand show me output on libGLESv2.so.219:05
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cat_x301here it goes:19:08
cat_x301cat@cat ~/src/a10 readelf -A a10-bin/armhf/lib/libGLESv2.so.219:08
cat_x301Attribute Section: aeabi19:08
cat_x301File Attributes19:08
cat_x301  Tag_CPU_name: "7-A"19:08
cat_x301  Tag_CPU_arch: v719:08
cat_x301  Tag_CPU_arch_profile: Application19:08
cat_x301  Tag_ARM_ISA_use: Yes19:08
cat_x301  Tag_THUMB_ISA_use: Thumb-219:08
cat_x301  Tag_FP_arch: VFPv3-D1619:08
cat_x301  Tag_ABI_PCS_wchar_t: 419:08
cat_x301  Tag_ABI_FP_denormal: Needed19:08
Stskeepsok, that looks soft-ish19:08
Stskeepsand your image is armv7hl or armv7l?19:08
cat_x301image is hl. i trusted guys, they even have separate dirs for 7l and 7hl19:09
Stskeepsyou do raise a good point though19:09
cat_x301glad to help :)19:10
Stskeepswhy is there ld-linux-armhf but no ELF header indicating Tag_VFP_registers?19:10
Stskeepstag_abi_vfp_args that is19:10
Stskeepsget mer-gfx-tests19:12
Stskeepsand run glestest and eglinfo19:12
cat_x301Stskeeps: just lazy to google, what is Tag_ABI_HardFP_use: SP and DP?19:14
Stskeepsnothing useful for ABI19:14
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cat_x301Stskeeps: will come up with glestest later. need to learn the diff between 7l vs 7hl tags..19:40
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