Saturday, 2012-09-29

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rcg1morning here as well ;)07:15
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TofeHello !10:00
TofeI wondered, with this brand new home screen, is there still a dependancy on nokia opengl extensions like EGL_NOK_image_shared ? They are not implemented on the Tegra2 driver, unfortunately...10:04
Stskeepsnot afaik10:05
Stskeepsthat's more of a thing for libmeegotouch10:05
Tofeyes, that's also what I thought10:05
Tofeok, well, I'll give it a try on my lil' old tablet :)10:05
TofeI'll even try to use zypper... we'll see!10:06
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6815 waiting for review at
deztructorsage: 6815 - with generic kbd plugin10:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6815 Accepted promotion request10:48
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phakoso - how do I a) add my shiny new tracker to my SDK and b) find all reverse deps of tracker to fix their build?10:53
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TofeSo far, update goes well. Using screen was absolutely necessary, as the X session got terminated in the process...11:14
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phakooh, forget a)11:21
phakoosc is quite clever I see11:21
w00tStskeeps: meego graphicssystem still requires it11:21
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phakothe qtsparql build system is still unbelievably annoying11:58
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phakowhy were the patches against qtcontacts-tracker not even tried to be upstreamed?12:16
Stskeepsyou'd have to ask the people who did those..12:16
phakointeresting "fix"12:18
Stskeepsalso keep in mind that for many things, upstream is dead as a doornail12:19
phakoyeah well.12:21
phakosuppose we would be happy to merge bugfixes and roll a release if someone shows some interest12:22
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phakoDo I increase the release version if I change the package?12:37
Stskeepsnah, don't bother12:37
phakomeh, should've asked that earlier then ;)12:38
w00tphako: if you spot obviously suspect/incorrect patches anywhere (and don't have time/will to fix them), please file a bug at least12:42
phakothat particular patch just disable extension addresses without any reasoning12:43
w00ti've seen quite a lot of questionable stuff dating back to intel, but unless someone touches that package and takes a look, it won't get noticed if it still functions12:43
phakow00t: how do I find out when this patch was added?12:43
w00tI think I know the story about that one12:44
* w00t smacks alterego around a bit12:44
w00tphako: extended address doesn't exist in upstream mobility12:45
w00tso if it isn't patched out, it won't build12:45
phakothat I figured12:45
* phako goes planting coffee while compiling qtcontacts-tracker12:46
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phakoso how do I build an image now with my modified packes?13:04
Stskeepsplatform sdk13:06
Stskeepsadd repo to .ks13:06
w00t.ks being the file that describes how to build the image, mic being the image creation tool you run in the sdk :)13:07
phakook, where's the nemo ks?13:08
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w00tSage_: ^13:10
phakonext to the images13:14
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phakoor do I regenerate them from yaml?13:16
Stskeepsjust edit the .ks directly13:16
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phakomic create(cr) fs: no such option: --compress-disk-image13:28
phakois that too old/new?13:29
Stskeepsmic cr raw -A armv7hl .ks13:29
Stskeepsif n90013:29
Stskeepsthen fs instead13:30
phakoah, thx13:31
* phako tried "auto"13:31
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TofeWell, the big zypper update went quite well13:56
Tofelipstick works very well, I just lost the wifi but it may well be my fault. Apart from that, it's really ok.13:58
w00tgood to hear you like it13:59
TofeI think that some little details could be improved a little bit13:59
Tofein lipstick, a big long swipe is needed to change the current desktop, I would prevent a more efficient swipe14:00
Tofein the software keyboard, there is no "tab" key ==> unusable for the terminal, omho14:01
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MerbotNemo bug 200 in libmeegotouch "Terminal does not show toolbar" [Normal,New]14:04
MerbotNemo bug 349 in Home "Panning between launcher and switcher is hard." [Normal,New]14:04
Tofe:) I'm quite the average user, eh14:05
TofeI'm not sure: do the N9 apps for somehow "out of the box" on Nemo ? They are supposed to use the Meego API, even if it is a Maemo/Harmattan underneeth14:11
VenemoTofe, yep, most Harmattan apps work on Nemo with very little or no extra work14:15
VenemoTofe, eg. irc-chatter and puzzle-master are two such examples which needed no extra work14:16
phakoTofe: Depends if they use harmattan API/services or not14:16
phakobut what Venemo said14:16
phakough, need to talk to tbf if we can merge that uberugly contactsd hotfix plugin properly14:26
w00tphako: my understanding is that it isn't necessary anymore, since the bug was fixed properly as well.. hotfixes was just to clean up the db for cases where it was already messed14:26
phakook, get rid of it one way or another14:27
MerbotNemo bug 436 in .Other "contactsd does not require HotFixesPlugin" [Task,New]14:27
phakowhere does that ***&%&% still get the tracker-sparql-0.10 reference from14:28
phakopretty sure I patched everthing I could find14:30
w00thmm.. it's not even a direct dependency of hotfixes, according to grep14:31
w00toh, though this is make -j, so i might be confused14:31
w00tphako: you never apply patch3 in contactsd.spec14:32
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phakow00t: -.-14:32
w00tsee the %prep section14:32
phakow00t: I hate .spec14:32
w00tphako: ^ example of something that spectacle does not let you fuck up14:32
w00t(since you don't need to repeat the patches in two places)14:33
phakow00t: yes. it's in the list of things I noticed " - convert to yaml"14:33
w00twrong hilight again14:33
w00tphaeron: ^^14:33
phakohow do I add my CE:MW repository to ?14:35
w00tthat's a very good question, and unfortunately not one I know the answer to14:36
w00tSage_: ^ Stskeeps ^14:36
phakoI vaguely remember doing sth like that for Harmattan14:36
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phaeronw00t: what .. ? :D14:38
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w00tphaeron: in .spec, when adding a patch, you need to remember to list it, and to apply it - in spectacle, you just list the patches in order in one place, and spectacle takes care of listing them and applying them - no worry about forgetting14:39
phakow00t: Are you sure you didn't mix up the mix up?14:39
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phaeronwhat about -p option and the .applied-foo flags14:39
phaeronthat %patch  gives you14:39
w00tphako: no, an earlier conversation we've had14:40
phakow00t: ah14:40
phakow00t: that confuses me :)14:40
w00tphaeron: %patch -p? isn't that just the same as -p<num> for the command line patch tool?14:41
* w00t doesn't see how it helps, then14:42
phaeronif you have patches that need different -p levels14:43
w00tah, you're saying that it's not possible to pass parameters to %patch with spectacle?14:43
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w00tthat is certainly true14:44
w00tit wouldn't be too hard to support such a thing syntactically, I've just never had the need for it14:45
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phakow00t: ah, apparently via Advanced -> Meta14:59
phakoor not15:01
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phakoahhh, right15:19
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phakofixed that, now how do I tell mic to pick up my qmlmessages which unfortunately has a different version15:34
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Stskeepsphako: if you had branched it it should be fine with version?15:36
phakoStskeeps: hm, maybe my .ks is too old?15:36
phakoit looks for 1.2, by branching resulted in 2.115:36
phakotook the one from
Stskeepsphako: ok, and it doesn't pick up your package?15:38
phakoI get15:38
Stskeepsshow me your .ks in pastie.org15:38
phakoError <creator>: Failed to build transaction : qmlmessages-0.0.5-1.2.Nemo.Apps.armv7hl requires
phakojust slapped the two repos there15:40
phakoworks well for the other stuff15:40
phakojust not for qmlmessages15:40
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phakoStskeeps: any idea?16:14
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phakowrong arch16:20
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Stskeepsit solved itself?16:35
phakoStskeeps: yeah16:36
phakoStskeeps: missed a "h" in the repository config16:36
Stskeepsah :)16:36
phakocan I just add a spec file to my harmattan app to build it for nemo? or will that annoy the harmattan builder?16:37
Stskeepsshould be fine16:37
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w00tphako: *can*? you *must* in these parts *g*16:43
phakow00t: what I meant was "can I just use the same repo for both or will OBS explode"16:44
w00tyeah, I know16:44
w00tI'm just being playful16:44
phakoI know :-P16:45
w00tphako: tried recent nemo out, btw?16:48
phakow00t: nope16:48
w00tyou should16:48
phakobeen a while, was still quite meego-handsetish16:48
phakoon it16:48
w00tthere's quite a bit of change16:48
phakoIs there a list of things that goes into "Group" in yaml?16:49
Stskeepsdoesn't really matter atm16:49
w00tyeah, we're mildly terrible at doing those16:50
w00twe really should try figure out what to do with them16:50
Stskeepsi suggest a drinking game16:50
Stskeepsput the package in the right group16:50
w00tStskeeps: every time someone asks what to do with package groups, drink?16:50
Stskeepsno, each time they guess wrong16:50
w00tah.. oh boy16:50
Stskeepsgoes quite well together with distribution jenga16:50
w00ttwo shots if you're the one submitting?16:51
w00tif so i think i'd be in getting my stomach pumped by now16:51
Stskeepsi think we have a game for the jolla x-mas lunch now16:51
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phakomic didn't tar the image17:43
Stskeeps--compress-to=foo.tar.gz ?17:45
Stskeepsyou can probably rsync -aHx the dir though17:45
phakotrying the tar | tar thing17:47
Stskeepsalso plausible17:48
phakoblack screen17:50
phakopsychedelic screen17:51
Stskeepsthat's a good step17:51
phakow00t: huh, nice17:53
phakothat's way better then it was17:53
phakocontact saved with tracker 0.14 \o/17:55
w00tI guess the other side to test is image/video indexing.. special'd know details about that17:56
specialwhat details?17:56
w00tspecial: he upgraded tracker17:56
specialnot much to know, really; put images in ~/Pictures and see if tracker-info/Gallery finds them17:58
phakothe missing ngf is lightly awkward when you're used to it18:00
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phakothe animation when you swipe stuff away is awkward18:03
phakosomewhat similar to windows 818:03
phakodoesn't feel natural as it doesn't follow the finger movement18:03
Stskeepswell, we can't use swipe for obvious reasons18:04
Stskeepsbut yeah, animations can improve18:04
phakoshould account creation work?18:05
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w00twhat doesn't work about it?18:19
w00tyou should be able to create telepathy accounts, yes18:19
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phakomc-tool failed, QProcess returned something18:33
phako"Account creation failed mc-tool waitForFinish failed, QProcess says: 0"18:35
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w00tah.. erm18:42
w00tyou probably don't have mc-tool installed on device18:43
* w00t coughs quietly18:43
w00tdoes it make this less bad if i note that we will hopefully have a real accounts UI sometime?18:43
phakoslightly ;)18:44
phakoshould the screensaver show 2:00 am 1/1/1970 and be bright red?18:45
specialI don't know w00t, should it?18:46
* w00t glares at special 18:46
phaerondate bug is fixed already in recent mer and connman18:46
phaeronbright red .. well it's to keep you awake :D18:46
w00tphako: different bug titled "lockscreen looks crappy"18:46
w00tphaeron: ^^^ argggh18:47
w00ti'm only used to having one p in here18:47
w00tphako: it was a tech demo, and unfortunately i haven't yet had time to replace it with something nicer18:47
w00tif you're interested in QML, I can point you at the code/how to poke it18:47
phaeron w00t this one ?18:48
w00tphaeron: i believe so18:48
w00tphako: do you mind a few questions dating back to the dark days of qtcontacts-tracker?18:50
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phakoyou can try18:55
phakoI can always delegate to tbf ;)18:55
w00ti'm looking at contactdetailschema.cpp trying to figure out which field in QContactOnlineAccount contains the local account path and the remote contact id.. any pointers?18:58
w00tnco:hasIMAddress seems related on the tracker side.. but figuring out how that code maps the two is proving an interesting exercise18:59
phako*massive swap action*19:02
w00ttell me about it...19:03
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w00tphako: any ideas?19:18
phakostill trying to get in19:18
w00ti don't get the setPropertyChain stuff at all19:19
phakothat's tracker stuff19:20
phakostupid inverse properties19:21
phakoI've had a sparql query for the testers19:22
phakolet me see if I can find that19:22
w00tphako: well, maybe i didn't explain it properly.. i need to access account path / contact id from QtContacts, but I can't see how nco:hasIMAddress (which seems to be the right property) is mapped into QContactOnlineAccount19:23
phakoIIRC the path is on a different tracker "object"19:23
phakothat's why that doesn't map directly19:24
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specialw00t: actually, I have a contact with nco:hasAffiliation leading to an object with nco:hasIMAddress19:31
specialnco:hasContactMedium also exists there with the same value.19:31
w00thonestly, none of this is really helping19:33
phakow00t: you have some contact and are looking for telepathy:/org/freedesktop/Telepathy/Account/gabble/jabber/fb_40jensge_2eorg0 ?19:33
w00tphako: yes19:34
phakowhich is the telepathy account that "drags in" the contact19:34
phakoThat should end up as detaulUri in the non-standard field AccountPath19:35
phakodetailUri even19:35
* w00t wonders how on earth you figured that out19:36
phakowading through my phone's contacts19:36
w00tspecial: ^ looks right?19:38
phakomaybe the detailsUri path is wrong19:38
phakothe property chain in tracker is sth like19:39
phako?contact nco:hasIMAddress ?address . ?account nco:hasIMContact ?address19:39
phakoand due to the contact the tracker-urn of ?account is that telepathy URI19:40
* w00t twitches19:40
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Jake9xxis there an action to export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS to some file in nemo?19:56
Jake9xxor is the only way to dig that by looking into session bus dbus-daemon ?19:56
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w00tJake9xx: sec..20:13
Jake9xxw00t: exactly, you can also look at dbus-daemon 's session bus instance in similar way20:15
Jake9xxw00t: we could export it to /var/run so apps could export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=$(cat /var/run/dbus-session-busÃ)20:17
Jake9xxsorry for the extra chars. my xubuntu on this pandaboard gives me hard time sometimes20:17
w00tit would be nice to have a less hacked up way to do it.. but how would you do that export?20:20
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Jake9xxw00t: with dbus-daemon's startup script?20:23
Jake9xxw00t: of course if the daemon is restarted, the address is changing.. hmm.. and existing apps would need to have some mechanism to refresh bus address20:24
Jake9xxw00t: but isn't that as it is today already, there is no notification to clients that daemon restarted20:24
Jake9xxw00t: apart having internal mechanism to check for org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply and in that case renewing20:26
Jake9xxw00t: need to think about it but the answer to my q was 'no'. I'm off for the  night, tnx20:27
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