Monday, 2012-10-01

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M4rtinKone of the big Mer/Nemo advantages: there is no "No AEGIS_HASH_FDS environment" spam in the OBS build logs :)00:54
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deztructormorning is coming02:24
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6840 waiting for review at
Sage_deztructor: coming? From where? :D03:42
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6838 Accepted promotion request03:42
* Sage_ though it was already here and just appeared03:42
deztructorSage_: i do not c it yet :D03:43
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6827 Accepted promotion request03:43
Sage_deztructor: so how do you know it is coming? Did it call you or something? ;)03:44
deztructorSage_: i trust clocks... but not computers ;) and meteorologists03:45
Sage_deztructor: oh...03:46
* Sage_ googles clock03:46
deztructorSage_: kaamos is coming and i c it03:47
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6837 Accepted promotion request03:53
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6841 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6842 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6840 Accepted promotion request04:03
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6841 Accepted promotion request04:08
Sage_deztructor: can you rebase
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6843 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6842 Accepted promotion request04:18
Sage_deztructor: also resubmit failed to build04:19
deztructorSage_: ok. PS: rebasing in obs :) omg, svn style rebase should be pain in the ass04:20
deztructorSage_: is there an osc command to merge or it should be done manually?04:23
Sage_deztructor: osc pull gest the latest changes and you can then merge them locally04:24
deztructorSage_: kiitos04:25
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6843 Accepted promotion request04:33
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niqtping w00t06:33
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Jake9xxcannot connect to session bus address on nemomobile, attaching to system bus is ok.. any ideas?06:51
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iekkunemo bug triage!07:07
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w00tveskuh: don't know if you noticed btw, but i've done some helium cleanups.. how much would you mind if I went a little nuts on the UI as well? :)11:38
veskuhw00t, Go grazy! :)11:39
veskuhw00t, looking good. Lot of the stuff is legacy so there is plenty that can be fixed.11:39
veskuhAnd if you have cool UI ideas to do, I think its just cool. Personally, I'm eager to get QtWebkit from Qt5 since the blocking of UI thread by current webkit annoys me very much11:43
w00tyes, I agree11:45
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6844 Rejected promotion request12:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6845 Rejected promotion request12:06
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6846 waiting for review at
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w00tdeztructor: why is contextkit-plugin-upower being installed on the n950 on zypper up? I guess that won't do much good12:30
deztructorw00t: maybe because contextkit-plugin-power-bme has not reached repo yet? or?12:31
w00tI don't have that, no..12:32
deztructorw00t: it looks like *-power-bme is coming later, it should obsolete/provide upower12:33
deztructorit was accepted12:33
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w00tdeztructor: that isn't correct either, though12:39
w00tupower is still required on x86, where bme isn't installed12:39
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deztructorw00t: power-bme is on the n9(50) only12:46
deztructorw00t: in adaptation package12:47
w00tah, ok, so they're in the adaptation repo12:47
deztructorw00t: so, by default upower is installed everywhere (like almost generic) but on n9xx it will be substituded by -bme12:47
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w00tphdeswer: have you been working on USB? or do I imagine things14:38
phdeswerw00t, nope that is right.14:40
w00tphdeswer: ah.. so, i zypper up'd this morning, and notice two things14:40
phdeswerfire away14:40
w00twhen I plug my USB cable in, with USB set to "always ask", the dialog asking me what to do appears, and then vanishes a second or two later14:41
w00tbefore I can do anything with it, basically14:41
phdeswerweird, Not seen that behaviour. And last time i touched it was over a month ago14:42
w00tyeah, i had been quite.. cautious with upgrading :)14:42
phdeswerI guess I should check the latest nemo release sometime.14:43
w00tbug #2: with it set to "developer" (to work around the above), I don't seem to get usb0 set up14:43
MerbotNemo bug 2 in Dialer "Device does not notify user from incoming call" [Normal,Verified: fixed]
w00tmeaning usbnet never works14:43
phdeswerEven weirder as the developer mode is the thing that should work.14:44
w00thehe.. great14:44
w00tI'll try a reboot in case something didn't quite go as planned14:44
Vesuriw00t: that dialog comes from system-ui, which shows it when mce requests it to. the dialog is a libmeegotouch dialog, so it may get dismissed either by mce requesting the dialog to go away or libmeegotouch somehow figuring out that something was pressed14:44
Vesuri....unless something I'm not aware of has changed, of course :)14:44
phdeswerVesuri, that dialog is shown  by systemui based on usb_moded signals (through qmsystem)14:45
w00tgood tip, I'll take a look at what mce is doing when it restarts14:45
phdeswerw00t, btw do you still get ovi_suite?14:45
Vesuriphdeswer: ah, right. since it all went through qmsystem it got a bit fuzzy14:45
Vesuriabout who exactly sends what14:45
w00tphdeswer: don't think so.. haven't seen any mention of it14:46
phdeswerBecause I suspect things might be messed up with systemui before it gets restarted14:46
w00treboot seems to have fixed it :)14:47
Vesuri"things might be messed up with systemui" as in how14:47
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phdeswerqmsystem not reloaded correctly etc...14:48
phdeswerWas really annoying to have to kill half of the system to be able to test things.14:48
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phdeswerHas to do with system-ui being always running, caching of the libraries etc by the boosters...14:51
Vesurifunny how much I've forgotten. I was responsible for system-ui and wrote a shitload of code for it but I suppose the summer did some good for forgetting about things like usb_moded :)14:51
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phdeswerVesuri, that was your brain blocking out trauma ;)14:52
Vesuriphdeswer: :) I suppose it's soon time to put system-ui to rest.14:52
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phdeswerAnd hopefully qmsystem too...14:53
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phdeswerWell the control panel applets where the worst. Having a full duplication all over the place of qmsystem.14:54
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Vesuriphdeswer: yep. control panel in general just needs to be rewritten14:55
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w00tok.. either something regressed, badly, or i'm being hit by "device slow on startup" bug15:03
w00teverything looks clean, good bill of health15:04
w00tno top activity, lots of free memory15:04
w00tbut helium just took 8 seconds to startup, and i had it down to around 2.5-3 seconds before I rebooted15:04
* w00t reboots15:05
w00tpanning fps was also quite noticably shitter15:05
w00tspecial: ^15:05
specialI was getting 6-8 seconds after hours of uptime yesterday15:05
w00t5.8 seconds15:08
specialwith your patched version?15:09
w00tso I think something really changed for the worse15:10
specialand roughly doubled startup time for qml applications? all applications?15:10
w00ttrying qmlcalc15:12
w00tqmlcalc is around 4.7 seconds15:12
w00tI don't remember my timing from last night, but I think it was around 2.315:12
w00tso yes, around double15:12
specialyou had 2.2-2.9 before, yeah15:13
specialmine was 4.4-4.915:13
w00tSage_: ^ is this something you'd have any clues about?15:16
specialwe've been complaining about slow startup since lipstick landed15:18
w00tthat is a contributor, but definitely not the sole cause15:19
w00tI don't have any launch animations locally15:19
w00tand I haven't changed homescreen at all since last night15:19
w00tI notice that mce is taking ~2.6-3% CPU while I pan around on a list15:20
specialI know; my point is more that this may not have been a recent regression15:20
w00tI don't know why mce would be waking up then15:20
w00tStskeeps: ^^^?15:20
w00t <- I don't think it's related, but that's probably not helping panning15:22
w00talso still have no clue what it's doing15:23
Sage_w00t: no ideas atm.15:26
Stskeepsw00t: ls -l /proc/pid-of-mce/fds and check what fd 12 is?15:27
w00tI rebooted (again, to see if I can ever get a fast device)15:28
w00twill when it reboots15:28
w00tfiled as btw (in case I forget)15:30
MerbotNemo bug 483 in mce "mce wakes up a lot when interacting with touchscreen" [Normal,New]15:30
Sage_w00t: Bas a side note I'm quite sure I've seen siimlar behaviour before as well.15:31
Sage_the slowness I mean15:31
w00tSage_: slow starting of everything, or mce?15:31
w00tSage_: do you have a nemo device handy?15:31
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w00t(ideally n950 to get comparable measurements)15:31
Sage_w00t: yes, sort of (in train and have n950 with me but not sure if it has battery) :)15:32
w00twas wondering what your timings were15:32
Sage_booting my dev15:34
Sage_how did you measure?15:35
w00tStskeeps: lr-x------ 1 root root 64 1970-01-01 02:00 /proc/317/fd/12 -> /dev/input/event115:35
Stskeepsw00t: dmesg | grep event115:36
w00tso no surprises there I suppose...15:36
Stskeepsor input115:36
w00ttouchscreen (as I expected)15:36
Stskeepswhy would it be processing that..15:36
Stskeepslockscreen bad interaction?15:36
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w00tmce is supposed to tell the lockscreen when to turn on, so I suppose it could be related15:37
Sage_mce tells that to what?15:39
w00tsysuid (at the moment, until Vesuri's notification changes get merged)15:40
Sage_should that be handled by sysuid of lipstick instead ?15:41
Sage_no idea what you have been talking :)15:41
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Sage_qmlcalc starts in 4-5s on my dev atm.15:42
Sage_when I click in home the icon15:42
Sage_it was around 2s at some point15:42
w00tSage_: the way we're timing is to qmlcalc -fullscreen & time cat and ctrl+c when we see something change on screen15:43
Sage_w00t: k15:44
w00t(that removes the homescreen from the equation)15:44
Sage_w00t: ok 2.5s15:45
w00tthat sounds a bit more reasonable15:45
w00thow up to date is your device?15:46
Sage_missing quite a lot updates I would think15:46
w00tso was mine, until today15:46
w00tand it was fast, until today :-/15:46
Sage_clicking from the homescreen icon it still takes around 4-5s which is still bad15:46
Sage_that was around 2 at one point15:46
w00tyes, the animation really doesn't help, I still need to look what can be improved there15:47
Stskeepsit might be that prelink effect is coming into visibility15:48
Stskeepswe don't prelink on zypper15:48
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w00tStskeeps: can I run prelink on device?15:48
Vesuriw00t: the notification changes aren't related to the lock screen as such. there are many other things that need to be moved from sysuid to somewhere if sysuid is going to get axed. however, if the lock screen is drawn by lipstick, mce's lock screen signaling is also relevant for lipstick, not sysuid15:48
Sage_[nemo@localhost ~]$ rpm -q --whatrequires prelink15:49
Sage_no package requires prelink15:49
Sage_Stskeeps: .. installed by some pattern?15:49
Vesuriso actually, since lipstick already draws the lock screen, lipstick should handle the communication with mce as well15:49
w00tVesuri: there's one problem with that aspect: notification banners15:50
w00tand yes, I know it's not directly related15:50
w00tbut my point there is that until it all moves over, it's not really possible to handle there15:50
Vesuriw00t: do you mean you want to keep running sysuid because of the banners?15:51
w00tsysuid is currently running because of the banners15:51
w00tI don't know if we want to keep it that way15:51
w00tprobably not15:51
* Stskeeps applauds15:52
Stskeepsdo we have a nemo bug for this?15:52
* Sage_ would like idea of removing mce and sysuid ;)15:52
w00tStskeeps: not really, it was way off my radar, so i hadn't even started to look at it15:53
Vesuriwhat I meant to say was "notifications on top of all applications" needs to be implemented in lipstick15:55
Stskeepshow does this happen right now anyway, mcompositor assisted, or?15:55
Vesurisince the notification management is going to be there. sysuid's implementation can be used as a basis but libmeegotouch dependencies need to be axed15:55
w00tsysuid displays a fullscreen, mostly opaque window, and compositor composites it15:55
Vesuriyep, and that's how's it going to be (IMO)15:56
Vesurithat's the only way to make them work on top of all apps regardless of what toolkit/rendering technique the app uses15:56
Vesurior let's say only *reasonable* way :)15:57
Sage_ <- create bug about merging sysuid notifications to lipstick and block this meta ;)15:58
MerbotNemo bug 453 in libmeegotouch "[META] Drop dependencies to libmeegotouch" [Normal,New]15:58
w00tso.. backtracking a few topics16:01
w00tStskeeps: run prelink on device?16:01
Stskeepsprelink -aQr or something16:01
Stskeepscheck the .ks16:01
Sage_. /usr/sbin/prelink -aRqm16:03
w00twhat's the . for?16:03
Stskeepsignore that16:03
Sage_typo ;)16:03
Sage_64 bytes from ( icmp_req=3 ttl=58 time=564 ms16:04
Sage_as said I'm in the train atm. ;)16:04
Sage_Stskeeps: btw, after updating all the packages should something trigger prelink run? binaries changed so need to update?16:05
*** TuTizz has quit IRC16:05
* w00t taps foot impatiently16:06
w00tprelink takes a while ;)16:06
Sage_it is like 15% of the image build time or something I guess ;)16:08
*** sp3001 has joined #nemomobile16:12
w00tprelink didn't help16:12
w00tstill around 4.6 seconds16:12
Sage_rebooted after that?16:13
Sage_btw, did it show any errors while it was done?16:15
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w00tre: slowness.. i'm seemingly getting around 20-30 FPS where I used to get around a solid 56-58..16:34
w00tdon't think so16:35
Stskeepsok, SEP then16:37
*** kaziklubey has quit IRC16:38
Stskeepsas in it must be in nemo then16:38
*** arturo182 has joined #nemomobile16:38
Stskeepsthe mce stuff seems odd16:39
w00tqmlcontacts is 17fps16:39
Stskeepskill mce?16:39
Stskeepssystemctl stop mce.service16:39
*** M13 has quit IRC16:39
w00tno improvement16:39
w00tI think it's unrelated16:39
w00tit's probably always listened to the display16:40
* w00t doesn't get this at all16:43
Stskeepsrewrite image, up to it breaks?16:43
Stskeepszypper up until it breaks?16:43
*** arturo182 has quit IRC16:43
w00tyou're assuming i still have a working image16:43
Stskeepsrewrite image..16:43
w00tI've been doing SSU ever since ... a long time16:44
w00tI don't have my original image16:44
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* deztructor read about removal of mce/sysuid and votes for it :)17:23
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* Sage_ ponders what is the right place to require the software dri for vm image18:54
Sage_I don't like adding stuff to .ks files :)18:57
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