Wednesday, 2012-10-03

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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6872 waiting for review at
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deztructorw00t: Sage_ my N cents regarding mixin components common by some generic idea but absolutely independent otherwise, like in the case with contextkit qml bindings and e.g. contacts from nemo-qml-plugins: it does not make sense. Pros: * less repos and obs packages (but not rpm packages); Cons: * contextkit-qml begins to depend on contacts apis and vice versa to build 'em * ordinary one need to change e.g. contacts but contextkit-qml06:23
deztructorpackage version will be incremented too but there is no changes in it * obs/osc will need more time to recompile each package * if one plugin will be broken due to some reason, others will be 'broken' too06:23
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deztructorSage_: w00t so, i have concerns regarding merging such kind of packages into one repo. imo, small pieces with less mutual couplings, especially when there is no shared code in between 'em are good06:26
* deztructor is away for a while, riding 2 office06:27
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Sage_deztructor: well, I'm fine with splitting as well I would jus thope to keep the plugin naming similar but ok otherwise06:50
Sage_oh, ffs... I really need to cleanup everything I saw to get this thing fixed :D06:54
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6873 waiting for review at
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Sage_oh, actually no I don't. But I wonder how unstable it is if I don't do it06:59
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Sage_w00t: umm... I didn't take any patches an I'm not seeing any flickering on the new xorg07:20
Stskeepsare you sure the thing didn't just crash..07:21
Sage_the only wrong screen I see is when launching application that isn't in the background it shows the lipstick zooming in not the application.07:23
Sage_[ 56706.832] (EE) FBDEV(0): [DRI2] DRI2SwapBuffers: driver failed to schedule swap07:24
Sage_is that bad? :)07:24
Stskeepsdoes it repeat?07:25
Sage_I still need to fix the policy module to the new api at least07:25
Sage_twice but after that haven't seen it07:25
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faenilgood morning :)07:30
Sage_ :P07:32
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Sage_well not sure if the policy thing needs that but well it is gone and so is couple of others :)07:35
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Sage_[ 58832.763] (EE) Failed to load module "modesetting" (module does not exist, 0)07:55
Stskeepsyeah, errm07:55
* Sage_ ponders what depends on that07:55
Sage_can someone grep EE from /var/log/Xorg.0.log on N950 or N9 ?07:58
Stskeepsi'm fairly sure it doesn't use modesetting there07:59
Sage_but why it tries to load it now07:59
faenilSage_, I can do that though my Nemo is 2 weeks old or something like that08:01
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Sage_so something in new xorg08:05
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faenilSage_, np :)08:08
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6876 waiting for review at
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Sage_after using the new xorg a while I would probalby suggest that we don't apply any of the old patches if we don't see the need for them.08:46
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Sage_w00t: I need your eyes for the testing ;)08:47
w00tSage_: uhoh :)08:47
faenilSage_, eh :D08:47
w00tyou got it starting?08:47
Sage_running on my n95008:47
Sage_and now for the instructions (please think twice before executing) ;)08:48
Sage_1) Add repository to the device, and please, please do not make zypper update with this repo as it will break your installation ;)08:48
Sage_2) Do no make zypper update with the repository08:49
Sage_3) read number 2 again08:49
Sage_4) now zypper ref if you didn't do it already08:49
Sage_5) then update all xorg related packges from the repo (I checked the list with zypper up to wihch I said NO and then zypper install all xorg related stuff) :)08:50
Sage_There is a lot more than xorg stuff there e.g. zypper update that is broken ;)08:50
w00ti'll take a look in a sec08:51
w00tneed to hunt down a patch for Stskeeps..08:51
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w00tthis is kinda bad08:59
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w00tn950 isn't booting08:59
* w00t wonders what happened09:01
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w00tok, Stskeeps fixed it09:12
w00tI have no idea how :D09:12
Sage_fixed what? :)09:14
w00tfixed my n950 not boting09:15
w00tSage_: hmm.. some packages are marked uninstallable09:16
Sage_w00t: ?09:16
w00tshould I just force install everything X related?09:16
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Sage_pastie please09:16
w00twell, bear in mind that there will be a lot of messing from my own work, but ok.. sec09:17
Sage_ah, well09:17
Sage_you are not running mer-next on your dev :D09:17
w00tnoooo :P09:18
w00tis that a problem? :D09:18
Sage_well, there is "some" stuff from mer next that we need for this :)09:18
Sage_thus I installed it on top of my yesterdays nemo snapsoht with borken touch09:18
Sage_reverted libXi to old version and installed the xorg stuff09:19
Sage_sry, forgot this :/09:19
w00ti suppose it's about time for a reflash09:19
w00teven if that does make me sad ;)09:19
w00tlink me to snapshot?09:19
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Stskeepsalso, touch doesn't work in that one09:20
Sage_install that and touch works again09:20
Stskeepsyeah, ok09:20
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* w00t waits..09:33
w00tomg touch is broken!111!09:39
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w00ttouch fixed09:42
w00tlook right?09:46
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* w00t jabs a fork into Sage_09:50
Stskeepshe went out09:51
* w00t just tries it09:51
w00tSage_: holy crap09:55
Stskeepsno problems?09:55
w00tStskeeps: I think this kills
MerbotNemo bug 84 in Window Manager/Compositor "Screen flashes before app loading animation is started" [Normal,New]09:58
w00tI don't see incorrect content underneath the systemui menu anymore either...09:58
* w00t tries the keyboard09:58
w00tno flicker of old/incorrect content when raising the keyboard..09:59
Stskeepsthat'd be useful09:59
w00tthe initial display when launching applications is still wrong10:00
w00tbut I think that might be an mcompositor problem10:00
w00t(painting the window before the client has initially painted)10:00
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w00tOct 03 10:07:32 localhost pulseaudio[1553]: cmtspeech-connection.c: closing and reopening cmtspeech device10:07
w00tOct 03 10:07:32 localhost pulseaudio[1553]: libcmtspeechdata: nokiamodem_backend: unable to open device /dev/').10:07
w00tthat's from the next image10:07
Stskeepsyes, normal10:08
Stskeepstanuk: btw, this bug is pretty annoying10:08
w00tis there an id for it?10:08
faenilw00t, holy crap...bug fixed? :O :O :O10:14
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Sage_w00t: and this is without any patches to xorg-server btw :)10:23
Sage_w00t: still want to get those patches rebased and in?10:23
Sage_I'm presonally against it untill we see problems.10:23
w00tSage_: no need for them for now10:24
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w00tfrom what I see10:24
Sage_w00t: based on your comments you are happy? :D10:25
faenilseems so :P10:26
Sage_ok, so I'll start preparing the package for push to mer review then.10:26
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* w00t has a dentist appointment10:27
w00tbbl from phone on the boat10:27
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* faenil is looking at "high" priority bugs to tackle10:47
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tanukStskeeps: Noted. I guess it wouldn't hurt to rise the polling interval from half a second to one minute or so.10:55
Stskeepstanuk: yeah10:55
MerbotNemo bug 326 in N950-N9 "Pulseaudio is printing constantly which causes journal to consume cpu" [Major,New]10:56
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6877 waiting for review at
Sage_Stskeeps: did we need glx for xorg btw?11:09
StskeepsSage_: i think we concluded it's needed11:09
Stskeepsbut i don't like it11:09
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w00twhat is it needed for?11:12
Sage_that is the current stuff that w00t tested as well11:13
Stskeepsw00t: it's some really fucked mix of DRI2 and GLX11:13
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Sage_ok, maybe it is now time to start cleaning the different adaptations and checking what I still need to push to mer from those.11:17
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6872 Accepted promotion request11:36
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lbtrpm -U kernel-adaptation-pc-3.0.0-5.1.i486.rpm12:38
lbtgrubby fatal error: unable to find a suitable template12:38
Sage_lbt: well have fun ;)12:38
Stskeepslbt: you'll make some people very happy if that gets fixed12:38
lbtbloody rabbithole12:38
Sage_lbt: I had fix for that in my project but it wasn't final fix though12:38
Sage_lbt: moment12:39
Sage_I think it was that one12:40
Sage_lbt: anyway we should drop grubby for good and replace it with dracut for example12:40
Sage_grubby is too hardcoded to the paths and processes and breaks every now and then :/12:41
lbt*nod* ... if I get my modules working I may have time to look at it12:41
lbtI'm able to build out-of-tree module fine but not able to load it12:42
Sage_as currently when ever you do kernel update the boot process goes bad and device doesn't boot :)12:42
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Sage_pah, more errors with xserver13:09
Sage_or... hmmp... Stskeeps ping,90513:09
Sage_empty response or something similar?13:10
Stskeepslook like it13:11
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6873 Accepted promotion request13:29
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Sage_phaeron: 2hours?13:34
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6878 Rejected promotion request13:35
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phaeronSage_: 6876 repos are still building13:36
Sage_no those are done13:37
phaeronjust now done13:37
Sage_fair enough13:37
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* Sage_ ponders what is wrong with 6878.13:38
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6879 Rejected promotion request13:38
phaeronSage_: now waiting for target13:38
Sage_ FAILED check_package_is_complete_sources (kernel-adaptation-n950): No dsc file foundExtra source files: enable-broken.patch.13:39
Sage_+Patch99:     enable-broken.patch13:39
Sage_what else does it need?13:39
Sage_99 patches too much for boss ? :)13:40
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Stskeepsat least it's not vim13:41
Sage_ok, enough for this for now. Will be back in 3 hours or something.13:42
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6876 Accepted promotion request13:43
cos-i just noticed that my exopc with nemo doesn't boot anymore.. is this a known issue?13:59
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6877 Accepted promotion request14:00
Stskeepscos-: what nemo version?14:00
cos-it just displays blinking "starting meego" in bottom of the screen14:00
cos-2012-08-31.1 with updates14:01
Stskeepscos-: and did you by chance upgrade the kernel14:01
Stskeepscos that means you might have to fix your /boot/bzImage link or how was it..14:02
cos-i can do a full reinstall if needed14:02
cos-is it generally a bad idea to upgrade image with zypper or was there a bug in a released kernel package?14:03
Stskeepsbug in the infra surroundign kernel package14:04
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cos-i reinstalled. is it now safe to upgrade packages?14:35
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Stskeepsnot yet, we're digging into the issue atm14:36
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cos-nice, got a non-trivial app to run on nemo. there are still some issues with the toolbar but otherwise it seems to work.14:54
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Sage_phaeron: what is wrong with this I can't figure it out16:35
phaeronSage_: looking16:36
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6884 Rejected promotion request17:57
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w00tphdeswer: may interest you in your USB capabilities19:25
MerbotNemo bug 493 in N950-N9 "General phantom device slowness" [Normal,New]19:25
phdeswerw00t, ok off to read that one19:25
phdeswerOk. No clue. Clearly some IO disturbance.19:27
phdeswerBut I do not see how usb_moded or usb could cause that.19:27
*** stepiro_ has quit IRC19:27
w00twell, it was worth a shot ;)19:27
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6885 waiting for review at
Sage_w00t: I've seen that issue many times19:28
*** stepiro has joined #nemomobile19:28
w00tSage_: *nod*19:28
w00tonly noticed the USB part of it today19:29
phdeswerSo you need to boot with USB connected to even suffer from it?19:29
Sage_w00t: I have USB almost always connected thus haven't noted that :/19:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6886 Rejected promotion request19:29
w00tphdeswer: not completely sure about that, I'm testing that part of the theory now19:29
phdeswerw00t, might also be good to do some logging with usb_moded to see if it it not going insane loading/unloading modules.19:30
phdeswerAlthough that should be visible on the host also (dmesg)19:31
phdeswerBut that is the only thing i could think of as usb_moded does barely any IO19:31
w00t is an example of dmesg from affected boot19:32
w00tthe fact it doesn't show up in top is the really weird bit..19:32
w00trebooted without USB plugged in, device fast.. trying a few more times to see if I just got lucky or if it's a pattern19:32
phdeswerIt probably is some IO issue, so that might not show in top. But there are a shitload of power_supply events there...19:35
specialphdeswer: note that the dd command we're using to test doesn't touch IO19:35
w00twell, I'd expect to at least see CPU% stuck in iowait19:35
w00tand that isn't the case19:35
Sage_phdeswer: maybe that is also related to
MerbotNemo bug 467 in .Other "When device is rebooted while usb cable is attached the usb mode isn't recognized properly" [Normal,New]19:36
phdeswerSage_, yeah that is a bug I was going to look at19:36
w00tok, I think it was a fluke19:36
w00tsecond reboot, device is slow19:36
* w00t plugs usb in and out a few times19:37
phdeswerSage_, but that on that one there might be a problem on the pc end also.19:37
w00tfirst try19:37
w00tUSB in, slow, USB out, fast19:37
w00tthat's amazing (and weird)19:37
phdeswerThat points most likely at some problem in the kernel.19:38
phdeswerIf it was userspace or usb_moded it would take a bit to recover.19:38
w00tthat's probably about #1 on "list of things I wanted to not hear"19:38
phdeswerw00t, to be sure you can try to boot without usb_moded. If the behaviour is still the same we are sure it is the kernel.19:39
w00tok, how do I cripple that?19:39
phdeswerHowever if it isn't does not exclude the kernel. As there are no modules loaded.19:39
phdeswerw00t, No idea. Systemd is still a black box to me. And so fragile that I have not really dared to touch it too much19:40
w00tthat would be about #2 :-p19:40
phdeswerI go for it is Lennarts fault and it is systemd19:41
Sage_w00t: mask the service file19:42
w00tSage_: any ideas?19:42
Sage_w00t: ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/usb-moded.service or what ever it is19:42
phdeswerHas systemd been updated recently? As I heard of a lot of issues lately due to systemd integrating udev... And guess what happens during boot with usb connected? A lot of udev events...19:43
Sage_check service name from /lib/systemd/system/19:43
w00tI checked systemctl list-units19:43
w00tusb-moded.service it is19:43
w00tand then.. reboot?19:43
Sage_phdeswer: not recently, also we are lacking couple of releases behind already mainly lack of time and testing resources.19:44
w00tguess so19:44
Sage_w00t: yes19:44
Sage_w00t: fyi. now the usb-networking doesn't come up19:44
w00tthat's fine, god gave the n950 a hardware keyboard for a reason :-)19:44
w00tfirst boot is fast19:47
w00tnot sure wtf is going on with my second boot, can't seem to interact with it19:52
phdeswerSo second boot is messed up again?19:52
w00tI think this is something else19:54
w00tI mean, yes, it's slow, but it's unusably slow19:54
* w00t just reboots19:54
w00tcrap, fat fingered and rebooted the third time before I could test :P19:57
phdeswerw00t, unfortunately it really starts to look like a kernel issue...19:59
Stskeepsphdeswer: would memory clock being off explain any of this?19:59
Stskeepsthere's a known issue with kexec causing slow memory clock19:59
w00tfourth boot (second successful one, let's just call it second): fast19:59
w00trebooting again19:59
phdeswerStskeeps, it could be badly initialized hw, issues with irq's, or the scheduler that has a problem.20:01
phdeswerHard to say from here.20:01
phdeswerBut I promised Sage_ to look into bug 467 tomorrow. So maybe I will run in the same issue.20:01
MerbotNemo bug 467 in .Other "When device is rebooted while usb cable is attached the usb mode isn't recognized properly" [Normal,New]
w00tphdeswer: note that USB is not attached at all at the moment20:01
phdeswerw00t, so it freaks out without USB too?20:02
w00tI got it to freak out once without USB with usb_moded enabled, at least20:02
w00t(and it stopped freaking out once I replugged USB)20:02
w00tnow that usb_moded is disabled, two boots, no slowness20:02
w00ton my third one now20:02
w00tthird boot fast20:02
w00tif the fourth one is fast, I'll reenable usb_moded and try break it again20:03
w00t(without plugging USB in)20:03
phdeswerwell if it is usb_moded I would be really surprised as it does nothing when there is no usb plugged in. (it's a state machine triggered by udev)20:04
phdeswerBut well who knows what monster I created :)20:04
w00tI have no conclusive proof, yet20:05
w00tof course :)20:05
*** alexxy has quit IRC20:07
w00tfourth boot fast20:08
w00treenabling usb_moded20:08
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:09
w00tfirst reboot with usb_moded, and t's slower than before20:14
w00t(still no cable plugged in)20:14
w00tfalse alarm, I think20:14
w00tsomething else must have been kicking the shit out of the CPU in the background20:14
w00tsecond dd run was fast20:14
phdeswerWeird stuff. And of course the module loading and the udev link of usb_moded could trigger something also.20:15
phdeswerThis starts to sound like one of those really annoying bugs to find.20:15
w00ttrying a few more times with usb_moded, then I'll start plugging the cable in and seeing what happens20:16
w00thahaha, no kidding20:16
w00tfinding there actually was a bug at all has been an interesting exercise20:16
w00t"so how fast does X start for you?" "8 seconds" "wtf? it takes me 3.9" was the first real moment when I wtf'd20:17
w00tsecond usb_moded no cable: fast20:19
*** stepiro has quit IRC20:22
*** furikku has quit IRC20:22
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile20:24
*** ajalkane has joined #nemomobile20:26
* phdeswer is getting nervous :)20:31
w00tit's increasingly looking like it's somehow related to booting with a cable in, I think20:36
w00tthird boot: fast20:36
phdeswerw00t, would explain the other bug too.20:39
w00tlast usb_moded no cable boot in progress..20:40
phdeswerWell if the cable plugged in messes up something during boot, it might explain why the end state and networking is not there either.20:40
w00tah right20:40
w00tlast boot is like butter20:42
w00tso I think we conclude that it's probably cable related20:42
w00tI'll start by booting to moslo with it in20:42
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6887 waiting for review at
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:00
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile21:06
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:06
w00tyeah, ok, first boot slow straight off the bat..21:07
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:08
*** ggoebel10 has joined #nemomobile21:08
w00tand immediately fast after out + in + out21:08
phdeswerSo now it is down to finding what is wrong while the cable is plugged in...21:13
* phdeswer wonders if the cpu operating point can be checked.21:13
specialso happy to have progress on that21:16
specialI spent an entire weekend chasing it thinking it was xvideo.21:17
w00tfour boots, all slow21:17
w00t(with cable plugged in during boot)21:18
* w00t adds this to the bug21:18
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile21:18
w00tI'll re-disable usb_moded first, and do another four21:18
w00t(with cable in)21:18
w00tjust for kicks21:18
specialhaving fun?21:19
* w00t thinks his n950 is wondering what it did wrong, being rebooted so much21:19
w00tspecial: I wouldn't call this fun21:19
specialwe should put you on QA21:20
*** ggoebel10 has quit IRC21:20
* phaeron agrees :D21:23
phdeswerw00t, a good check would also to have usb_moded in ask mode (so no kernel modules get loaded)21:23
phdeswerAh damn, charging will still be enabled but well that would be another module21:23
w00tphdeswer: how do I do that?21:29
w00t(still doing the usb_moded disabled plugged in boots atm)21:29
*** ggoebel10 has joined #nemomobile21:29
phdeswerw00t, from the control applet21:30
phdeswerOr change /etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini and change the mode to ask21:30
*** rcg has quit IRC21:31
* w00t wonders if he broke his n95021:31
w00tstuck at the "lol u broke warranty" screen atm21:31
w00tuh, no, there it goes21:32
phdeswerfile-system corruption?21:32
w00tbut otoh, i don't seem to be able to actually get past moslo with usb_moded disabled and a cable plugged in21:32
w00tscreen goes black, then reboots after a while21:33
*** niqt has quit IRC21:37
*** phaeron has quit IRC21:51
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*** jonwil has joined #nemomobile22:51
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*** jonwil has quit IRC22:51
w00tSage_: on the testing image, telepathy-ring (in fact, all things telepathy) isn't installed by default22:54
w00tthat seems kinda broken22:54
*** jonwil has joined #nemomobile22:55
lbthmm - it's really a bad idea to have B_CNT in the kernel lib/modules directory version numbering23:05
*** ajalkane has quit IRC23:06
lbtI think we need to look at better versioning23:06
*** cat1 has joined #nemomobile23:07
*** danielcbit has quit IRC23:08
*** cat_x301 has quit IRC23:09
*** kaziklub_ has quit IRC23:09
*** beford has joined #nemomobile23:18
*** arcean has quit IRC23:26
w00tarmv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-c++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)23:28
w00tStskeeps: do I win a prize?23:28
lbtiirc the fix is in -next23:37
lbtw00t: ^23:37
lbtnew compiler to fix ice when building qt stuff23:38
w00tif slightly annoying23:39
* w00t will put that on hold until the release is out23:39
lbtshould be released on friday23:39
lbt-next is churning now23:39
w00tprerelease with the libxi fix I assume?23:40
lbtyep - reverted23:40
lbtwell, this virtualbox stuff is nearly done :)23:41

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