Thursday, 2012-10-11

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deztructormorning & co02:45
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6972 Rejected promotion request08:45
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6973 Rejected promotion request08:59
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6974 waiting for review at
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w00tphdeswer: don't know if it's related, but, if i boot while usb is plugged in, get to moslo so it mounts fs over usb, then unplug, it says "booting meego kernel", but then screen goes black and it basically never does anything09:42
phdeswerw00t, you mean it does not continue loading the meego kernel?09:43
w00tat least as far as I can tell09:43
phdeswerThat would be more an issue with moslo or the meego install I think09:45
phdeswerAnd I can reproduce the problem and I can boot in meego09:45
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phdeswerw00t, this thing is indeed a big mystery with no real clues.09:50
w00tyeah... :P09:50
faenilw00t, I think it works here...let me try again09:50
faenilw00t, boots here09:53
faenilw00t, maybe you've got an old moslo version? I've got the latest dualboot moslo09:53
w00tromaxa_home: any luck with your browser experiments, out of interest?10:02
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faenilw00t, can you read me?10:02
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w00tyes, but I'm not bothering wasting time on that, as it's not related10:03
faenilas you wish, but it always worked here.10:04
faenilonly exception being when you copy a new image on the phone and you don't umount10:04
w00tmy point being that it's not related to the usb problems since it doesn't affect phdeswer, and I don't care since it boots fine without USB plugged in => not wasting my time on it anymore10:05
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faenilalright ;)10:06
phdeswerThat just means I will have to suffer researching the slowness bug :)10:06
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faenil:D have fun phdeswer !10:07
w00tphdeswer: let me know if i can help, but... it's rather past my typical problem domain :P10:11
phdeswerw00t, Well it will be an excellent occasion to learn something new. A bit the same here.10:11
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Stskeepsmoo wazd11:41
wazdVery long time no see fellas :)11:42
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wazdStskeeps: heya :) Do you usually check your twitter direct messages?)11:45
Stskeepsyes except when abroad11:48
wazdah, anyway I've left you something there, it's not yet ready for a public view cause it's just a part of something big11:50
wazdBut your thoughts bout it are very welcome :)11:51
w00twazd: o/11:52
wazdnot sure if you're currently abroad or not though :)11:52
wazdoh, hey w00t! how's it going?)11:53
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w00tnot terribly, busy hacking away as usual, and you?11:55
Stskeepswazd: i'm still .. so tired :P11:56
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wazdoops, the reception in Moscow metro is still awful11:59
wazdw00t: I'm trying to recover my designing skills after a long devastating abscence of any practice12:02
wazdDecided to start with something big, trendy and eye-catching :)12:02
w00twazd: well you're in the right place, we could use some more design brain I think12:03
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wazdso, what should I help with?12:13
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pvuorelai'm trying to create nemo virtual box instance, got 08-31 actually boot with X but installer-shell is complaining for not founding disk large enough.12:23
pvuorelaany known issues there?12:23
pvuorela10-07 does the same too12:24
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HurrianAnyone having a problem with root mounted as writeback on Nemo for the N900?12:31
HurrianIt always ends up silently introducing data corruption, even with zero unexpected poweroffs12:31
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khertanHello !12:35
khertanhow can i wake up the vm image of nemo mobile dark screen look like in standby mode12:38
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khertanwhouhou !! khtnotes running on Mer/Nemo :)12:44
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khertannow i need to understand why using qglwidget in qdeclarative view port segfault12:50
khertanw00t, also i need to fix some error in pypackager for the packaging12:51
khertanas some errors was fixed manually12:51
khertanw00t, did you know how to made logical expression in spec file, like it can be done in debian control depends section ?12:52
khertani didn't find information about that on the documentation12:53
w00tI don't know anything about debian packaging, what are you trying to do?12:54
khertanRequires: python-pyside | python-qt412:56
khertan| is for logical operand or12:56
khertanbut don't sure that is possible in spec file12:56
w00twhere python-qt4 is is pyqt?12:57
w00tthe correct way to do it would be for python-pyside to provide python-qt4 I think12:57
w00tStskeeps: ^^12:57
khertanpyqt4 is one binding while python-pyside is an other on12:58
jukkaeklund___oh yes, looks like battery meter in N950 is now working12:58
khertanso one or the other is enough for the apps to run12:59
khertanso it depends on python-qt4 or python-pyside depending on which one is available in the repository12:59
faeniljukkaeklund___, yes, it is ;)13:02
khertanoh ... where is pycompile13:03
khertanit s part of standard python packages13:03
khertansomeone with a recent release of nemo can confirm me that pycompile script isn't present before i report it in bug tracker ?13:06
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jukkaeklund___khertan, where should it be?13:07
khertanjukkaeklund___, /usr/bin13:08
w00tjukkaeklund___: yeah, surprise!:)13:08
jukkaeklund___yeah its not there13:08
khertanjukkaeklund___, thx13:09
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pvuorelaok, found out the problem with installer-shell. shell script trying to launch sfdisk. not in path if login done with nemo and then su to root.13:34
pvuorelai.e. lives in /sbin13:35
w00tpvuorela: sounds nasty, might want to file a bug to make sure it doesn't get lost13:35
Sage_pvuorela: did you create the disk for the system before booting the vm?13:36
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pvuorelaalso does output few syntax errors, building trust to the whole script :)13:36
pvuorelaSage_: followed instructions on
Sage_pvuorela: I think it should be about 1G, but 2G to be on the safe side I guess13:36
pvuorelayeah, i had over 5 :)13:36
pvuorelaproblem wasn't the disk space but script failing to detect it.13:37
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pvuorelaand installer then from virtual console under f2.13:37
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Sage_khertan: pycompile script isn't in the image by default if nothing depends on it13:38
pvuorelaw00t: will do.13:38
Sage_khertan: you can use zypper install to install it if it is in the repos13:38
khertanSage_, i was j'etais persuadé que cela fait partie du minimal python package13:39
Sage_pvuorela: yeah, the installer shell is something we haven't looked much lately would be nice if someone could take care of it :/13:39
Sage_khertan: say what? :)13:40
khertanSage_, i was conviced that this was included in the minimal python package13:40
khertanSage_, sorry talking to phone at the same time, some language mixing :)13:40
pvuorelaSage_: yeah, likely first commands people might be running.13:40
Sage_pvuorela: on x86 images yes13:41
Sage_khertan: well the image is quite minimal by default and there are no plans to add more stuff in (except maybe ux apps) if other things do not really require them. So that the image would have minimal footprint.13:43
Sage_e.g. atm. the n950 image is only 210M which is nice13:44
pvuorelawhere would the bug belong to? apps/mw/something?13:44
khertanSage_, hum ... most python apps depends on it at install time13:44
khertanSage_, but i can understand your point of view13:45
khertanpvuorela, login to root, then 'mkdir bin; cd bin; ln -s sfdisk /sbin/sfdisk; installer-shell;'13:47
pvuorelakhertan: already did login directly from root.13:47
khertanpvuorela, ok other command missing :)13:48
khertanindeed login directly as root resolv things :)13:49
Sage_ah, the sbin not in path problem13:51
Sage_lbt: ^13:51
Sage_I though it was only in Mer SDK13:52
lbtsudo proble13:52
* phaeron burns sudo and systemd with fire13:52
Sage_nemo image doesn't have sudo13:52
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6975 waiting for review at
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pvuorelahmh, have now older nemo on virtualbox but virtual consoles only give black screen. should be working, i'd suppose?14:40
faenilis there anyone with nemo on n950? need to test something on the gallery14:41
faenilreally quick thing14:41
veskuh pvuorela probably
MerbotNemo bug 347 in x86-generic "Screen is black when VKB is open in VirtualBox" [Critical,New]14:41
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pvuorelaveskuh: no, i mean doing ctrl+f2 to avoid that bug.14:44
pvuorelavirtualbox screen resizes but is just black.14:44
veskuhpvuorela, ok, cant help you any further, haven't tried in virtualmachine lately :(14:45
phaeronpvuorela: tried pressing enter a couple of times and waiting a few seconds ?14:50
phaeronit might sound stupid , but try it :)14:50
pvuorelaphaeron: no effect.14:51
phaeronok , it's just that systemd runs getty(s) on demand and there is a short delay14:51
faenilmmm bug in qt-components I guess..anyone who already has experience with code in qt-components?14:54
w00tfile a bug in middleware (qt-components)14:59
faenilw00t, I'm giving a look at the latest commits to components before filing :)15:00
faenilthing is, when you set showToolbar to true, it animates and you see the toolbar coming up from the out of the screen...but if you set showToolbar to false while that animation is running, the toolbar disappears, but the sizes are not changed (i.e. it is as if the toolbar was still there)15:02
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faenilwhile if you do the same while it's animating and going out of the screen, there is no problem15:05
faenilit goes out and comes back15:05
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ggoebelfolks how ready is nemo for regular consumption?15:07
faenilnot that much :D15:09
faenilbut it's pretty nice15:09
khertanggoebel, depends of your uses :)15:09
khertanggoebel, if you need python / pyside ... it s ready ;)15:10
ggoebelcan you make and receive calls, texts and use a modern web browser?15:10
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faenilanswer is kind of to all of them :D15:10
faenilwhich means it works but maybe some bugs may affect usability15:11
khertansomeone probably ask, but does n810 could run nemo with some adaptation ?15:11
ggoebelI got halfway through installing it on and sd card on my daughter's N900 before she needed the phone15:12
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ggoebelguess as long as the current maemo install will still work, its worth finishing that job15:13
faenilouch, I'd say it's not *that* ready15:13
faenilyeah ;)15:13
ggoebelwe're a fairly technically competent family...15:14
faenilalright :D15:14
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romaxa_homew00t: updated, threaded embedding to upstream, fixed some problems with new widget listeners API, updated libqtmozembed to latest upstream and got it working again (in qgraphics view) need to wrap it into Item with qml api...15:28
romaxa_homew00t: btw, does these example apps, like qmlmail compilable on desktop?15:29
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faenilis it okay if I add code directly in the bug descriptiong instead of attaching a file?16:13
faenilit's 30 lines more or less16:13
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faenilhope you won't hit me for that :D16:36
MerbotNemo bug 511 in qt-components "ToolBar doesn't hide if told to do so while animating to state "visible"" [Normal,New]16:36
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specialfaenil: interesting. I've been wanting to dig around in the qt-components toolbars anyway16:53
faenilspecial, good :)16:53
faenilspecial, though I may already have an idea of what's going wrong there, need to investigate a bit16:54
specialif you want to look into it, feel free16:54
faenilspecial, I'll keep you updated ;) anyway good morning! :)16:55
specialI'm hoping to optimize toolbars at some point, and I really want to find a way to let applications override toolbar/statusbar animations16:55
faenilnice :)16:55
w00tromaxa_home: mm. I can help you create one that would be fairly easily17:00
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khertan <<< et hop ... for people wanting it, khtnotes, packaged and availble for nemo :
*** kaziklubey has joined #nemomobile17:36
cos-faenil: hi, i'm now taking a look at the bugs17:39
*** kaziklubey has quit IRC17:40
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile17:42
cos-about the pinch issues. exopc doesn't seem to support rotation so i can't test it. i'm not also sure what's wrong with flicking up or down - the black border is visible for a while and then animates away. i think that's default behavior for fling and looks pretty good imho.17:42
cos-edges of the screen don't seem to work, that's a confirmed bug caused most probably by too small mousearea17:42
*** tadzik1 has joined #nemomobile17:47
*** tadzik1 is now known as tadzik17:49
faenilcos-, be back in an hour, dinner time :) will talk about that then ok? ;)17:51
*** faenil has quit IRC17:55
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romaxa_homew00t: approximately I remeber how to do that, but if you have some very simple qml example with native renderer inside which paint with qpainter something like Hello world, expose some API function which allow to change text of that string from QML, that would speedup stuff.. I have some similar stuff for IPC embedding,, but that m18:17
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile18:19
specialSage_: is still stuck.18:20
mrukhi qwazix18:25
mrukI made this:
mrukand heard that I should talk to you about getting it into nemo as an additional theme :)18:25
qwazixYep, I saw it. I like the idea of the different shades of one color for each of the icons, it's very modern, but I have two concerns about it.18:28
qwazixOne is that the bezel looks a bit old-fashioned, but that's just an opinion, and the other is that the rounded corners have been way overused lately for icons.18:30
qwazixOn the other hand I like the subtle gradients in the icon backgrounds very much, as I well as the wallpaper18:31
phako+1 for the wallpaper18:32
qwazixI was thinking maybe we could use icons with the upper-left and bottom-right corner sharp, and the other two rounded, as a differentiation factor18:32
qwazixAlso using parabolic rounding instead of circular for the two corners that are rounded may also give some freshness to the design.18:33
mrukwell, I didn't want squares like in windows phone, but on the other hand squares provide more space for content and help track through the icons18:34
mrukhm, I like your idea18:34
mrukhow would that parabolic rounding look like?18:35
phakofwiw, not that I have any say in this, I like the windows 8 approach of "no metaphers, everything rectangly"18:35
qwazixmruk, wait a bit and I'll post an example18:35
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile18:37
deztructorjust rebased Nemo Mobile kernel to the latest available n9(50) kernel version:
mrukphako: rectangles are ok, but for what I've noticed they use little colour18:38
phakomruk: yep18:38
mrukand colour is a strong recognition clue18:38
mrukthat's why I went for colour18:39
phakomruk: this is a purely personal opinion!18:40
*** smyows has quit IRC18:41
mruksure :)18:42
*** romaxa_home is now known as romaxa18:45
mrukqwazix: just for the record, I already made a theme package (without license thing yet, though)18:45
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile18:47
qwazixmruk, this is an example of the shapes
qwazixsuggestions aside, i think we should include your theme in next release, its way better than what we have now18:47
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mrukthat's cool, lipstick is not ready for that yet, though18:49
mrukit doesn't use themes :)18:50
mruk(lipstick colorful home)18:50
qwazixregarding the bezel, look at the faenza iconset ( it still has a 3d effect, but much more subtle18:50
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mrukhm, the icons borders are there to make tracking easier... but maybe I'll try more subtle approach if I have time18:54
mrukand for the icons' shape, I like your asymmetric idea, I'm just concerned if it won't distract from the content18:57
mrukwhen I have time I'll try it and let's see how it works :)18:57
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile18:59
qwazixI understand that those suggestions may very well make you feel that I'm spoiling your design, I hate when others propose small changes to my designs and here I am doing it to you :)19:00
mrukno, actually I thought of it as a very positive criticism, so thanks :)19:02
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6977 Rejected promotion request19:10
lbtmruk qwazix if you do the 2 round, 2 sharp corners can that reflect in the top icons too ?19:14
qwazixmruk, would you like to post on an introduction for your theme?19:15
mruklbt: those in the navigation bar?19:15
lbtthey appear to be miniatures19:16
mrukthey are, just without light on the borders19:16
mrukqwazix: sure, maybe on the weekend?19:17
*** M13 has quit IRC19:17
qwazixok, I'll make you an account. Query me your email.19:18
mruklbt: yes, I think if changing shapes then navigation icons too19:20
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile19:22
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6978 waiting for review at
*** phdeswer has quit IRC19:24
qwazixAlso, subtle film grain is now coming forward as a nice trend in graphics design, and looks very nice if used carefully19:26
qwazixhere I overdid it a bit, but due to higher dpi count it'll look better on a phone
w00tmruk: it not using a theme is not a problem19:28
w00tfor now, we just change the artwork we have19:28
qwazixw00t, that's a good idea19:28
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile19:28
mrukqwazix: that's cool, how did you do this?19:28
*** Xruxa has quit IRC19:29
qwazixUsing inkscape's film grain filter and tweaking it a bit. By the way what do you use for design?19:30
mrukw00t: there is more changes than replacing artwork on my screenshots19:30
mrukyunta changed some things in lipstick colorful home19:30
mrukqwazix: inkscape19:30
faenilcos-, so, we were saying?19:31
qwazixperfect, here's the inkscape file
w00tmruk: there's no problem to do that, either19:32
w00tit's there to be modified, it's not set in stone :)19:32
mrukqwazix: thanks19:33
mrukw00t: btw, can I make separate header/toolbar images for different apps in a theme?19:34
w00thow do you mean?19:35
mrukdifferent apps has different colours of headers19:36
mruke.g. contacts has blue, irc has orange19:36
mrukI couldn't find them in themes and I wonder if I can control how they look with a theme19:37
mrukwithout modifying the app19:37
w00twhat modifications would you like?19:38
w00t(mockups help too if you have anything like that)19:38
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:38
mrukfor example by giving separate header image for each app, placed in the theme19:39
cos-faenil: i'm again working on the gallery. currently i've refactored it completely broken :-)19:39
w00tyes, but is it a single image (e.g. a partly transparent glass overlay) that would be the same for all headers, or something different?19:40
w00tmodifying it won't affect third party applications (and indeed, not all of ours)a19:40
w00tas this only became a shared component fairly recently19:40
cos-faenil: it makes things a lot more complicated that i must prepare for both knowing and not knowing the initial image size19:40
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile19:41
faenilcos-, yeah I know :/19:41
faenilno way to do both?19:41
faenilI mean, no way to refactor it so that you don't need to consider both? :D19:41
mrukw00t: I mean one image per application19:42
cos-never say never, i currently use Image's inStatusChanged to store the original size before letting fling & pinch modify it19:42
cos-i think it's possible but way more difficult than i expected it to be19:43
w00tmruk: ok. header is one area that we can't easily do much with anyway, because of the lack-of-sharing - toolbar modifications are probably possible19:43
*** furikku has quit IRC19:44
mrukw00t: thanks19:45
faenilcos-, anyway, I do have those issues with pinching on N950 :)19:50
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:51
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:51
*** starli has quit IRC19:56
*** khertan has quit IRC20:07
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Sage_phaeron: 21:20.29 < special> Sage_: is still stuck.20:24
phaeronSage_: looking20:25
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Sage_sleep is overrate eventhough my brains do not seem to think so anymore ;)20:47
* Sage_ goes to bed for some hours for a change20:47
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*** lizardo has quit IRC21:02
faenilspecial, ping21:07
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC21:10
*** dakovaci has quit IRC21:15
specialfaenil: pong21:17
faenilspecial, kinda fixed the bug...21:17
faenilkinda because the fix caused another unexpected behaviour :)21:18
faenilso, the animation bug...21:19
specialthat's similar to my experience with the components toolbar21:19
faenilit is due to a huge qml design issue21:19
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC21:19
faenilwhich thank God mlong told me about this afternoon21:19
faenilwhich is here21:19
faenilthe fix to QTBUG-16856 is writing in the doc that if you want to use default states, you shouldn't use them with "behaviours" but you'd better use transitions21:21
faenilwhat I discovered today is that using transitions isn't enough :D21:21
faenilso, I changed the name of "" into "vis" (random name"21:23
faenilbut that way animations disappeared...21:23
faenilI started looking for a reason, and I found this21:24
faenilwhich looks wrong to me...unless there's some strange reasoning behind21:24
faenildoes it look good to you?21:25
faenilit looks wrong to me21:26
faenilthat line converts into (!visible && !(tools == null))21:27
specialprivateVisibility and visible are different things21:27
specialthe way the privateVisibility case is written seems strange. Intuitively, I'd expect them to want "when: privateVisibility == ToolbarVisibility.Visible && tools != null"21:28
faenilspecial, which is my point :P21:29
specialbut I wouldn't say it's wrong without spending a long time digging around it21:29
faenilit looks so to me...21:29
faenilchanging that logical clause into the one which makes more sense to us21:30
faenilmakes the whole things work21:30
*** dakovaci has joined #nemomobile21:30
faenil(animation doesn't stop halfway)21:30
faenilBUT, tool icons don't appear anymore21:30
faenilheh :P21:30
specialiirc, height of the ToolBar is transferred to the ToolBarLayout21:31
specialand changes to it trigger a relayout21:31
faenilin this case height is the same as before21:32
faenilI mean, the toolbar shows, only the icons inside it don't21:32
specialbut when or how it changes may not be the same21:32
faenilthough I'm quite sure that the privateVisibility is the real visibility...just they needed something separate from visible21:33
faenilstates properties match with what you would expect in hidden and hiddenimmediately states21:34
faeniland in "visible" too21:34
specialprivateVisibility is set by the PageStackWindow, I believe, in reaction to the showToolBar value21:34
special(I'm doing this from memory, you should probably fact-check)21:35
faenilI have already21:35
specialyeah, okay21:36
specialso theoretically the toolbar should be visible when (privateVisibility == ToolbarVisibility.Visible && tools != null)21:36
specialwhich would imply that the state is wrong21:36
specialthat state should not be called ""21:37
faenilexactly, I renamed it21:37
specialthose two changes sound good in theory21:38
specialthat they break the layouts is a testament to the fragility of the layouts; that's what I was talking about wanting to change21:38
*** Knouki has joined #nemomobile21:39
specialsounds like you're on the right track21:40
specialif you want, feel free to dig into layouts and try to figure out why that's not happening correctly21:40
faenilyeah I'll give it a look...going to bed now and lessons till 6pm tomorrow...:)21:41
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:50
*** himamura has quit IRC21:52
faenilspecial, last minute fix! :D21:54
faenilspecial, it works though it doesn't make much sense at the moment :D21:54
*** dakovaci has quit IRC21:55
*** Knouki has quit IRC22:03
*** dakovaci has joined #nemomobile22:10
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