Friday, 2012-10-19

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w00tiekku: is there any chance i could get powers to edit components on nemo bugzilla?10:01
iekkuw00t, maybe :)10:01
* w00t needs to add one, and figures it might be nice to share the load instead of bugging you all the time10:02
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iekkui will check what kind of priviledges we need10:08
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Venemo_N9hi everyone10:12
iekkuhello Venemo_N910:19
iekkuw00t, try now10:20
w00tiekku: thankyou!10:20
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iekkuahoy jukkaeklund10:21
w00tjukkaeklund: o/10:21
w00thow's life?10:22
w00tSage_: can you delete Project:DE:Profiling? it's all marked disabled, but it still shows up in searches etc which is a bit annoying10:23
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Sage_w00t: moment10:33
Sage_w00t: I don't have access to that phaeron_n9 ^10:34
Sage_lbt: ^10:34
w00tah, sry, i just assumed you'd have been involved10:34
w00to/ Venemo_N910:34
Venemo_N9any news on choosing our official logo?10:34
Sage_w00t: not on that project apparently :)10:35
Sage_actually Stskeeps is the owner of that project10:35
w00tVenemo_N9: i haven't really seen anyone taking any lead there, apart from qwazix__ to some degree10:37
Sage_w00t: about the mthemedaemon thingy remember
MerbotNemo bug 489 in .Other "[META] Move all the sockets and temporary files to /run/user/<userid>" [Task,New]10:39
w00tSage_: I haven't forgotten, but we'll do that in a seperate stage I think, so as to avoid the risks of things going wrong10:40
w00tas the move itself will already require a bit of intensive surgery10:40
Sage_w00t: sure, just a reminder :)10:41
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VDVsxw00t, do you have better suggestion for the description ? :) - email: offers Qt Messaging Framework API10:42
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Sage_phaeron: see the last 20 lines in backlog.10:43
w00tVDVsx: "offers a QML-friendly email API using Qt Messaging Framework as a backend"?10:43
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VDVsxw00t, yes much better :P10:43
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jukkaeklundw00t, life is life :)11:07
w00tstarting to become cold life though..11:08
* w00t looks forward to his second scandinavian winter11:08
jukkaeklundyeah, cold means more internal warming..11:08
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phaeronSage_: what ?11:13
phaeronIlost my backlog11:14
w00tphaeron: can you nuke Project:DE:Profiling? Sage_ has no access11:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7084 waiting for review at
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phaeronw00t: are we sure we want to nuke it ? :D11:20
w00twell... I don't know, it looks quite old to me at least11:20
* phaeron fires11:21
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* phaeron uses a bigger gun11:24
phaeronit's gone11:24
* w00t sends phaeron cookies11:26
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phaeronSage_: are you there ?11:32
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faenilhi everyone :)12:36
w00thi, dr faenil12:38
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faenilhey :)12:39
faenilone of uni networks block irc here comes webchat :)12:40
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faenildamn ubuntu keeps sending clicking sounds to my earphone...argh12:44
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faenilw00t: are you going to be there at Slush?12:52
w00tI don't know12:52
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Sage_phaeron: ping13:04
Sage_phaeron: well I nuked every Project:DE:* I had access some time ago :)13:05
phaeronSage_: pong13:08
phaeronI deleted that one13:08
phaeronSage_: about the pulseaudio modules request , shouldn't he just obsolete those with the new pulseaudio package ?13:09
Sage_phaeron: obsolete what?13:10
phaeronSage_: nokia closed modules
Sage_oh, yes. That isn't right13:14
Sage_He should obsolete it somewhere else13:15
Sage_not in pulseaudio package itself though as that package shouldn't really know about the modules that are built against it13:15
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faenilbbl, lesson :)14:11
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[ol]Just out of curiosity, what were Pulseaudio closed source modules doing?14:43
Stskeepsand stuff related to speaker protection14:56
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7085 waiting for review at
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w00tspecial: didn't you say you had some more ideas for improvements for thumbnailer?16:08
w00t(zchydem has been looking at it recently)16:09
zchydemspecial: I'm all ears16:11
w00tthere is one that I seem to remember, a patch to Qt that should decrease image scale time a bit16:11
specialas far as performance16:12
specialthere's that patch, and rotations could probably be made faster in some cases16:12
zchydemso one thing is sure syscalls that QDir causes can/should be decreases16:12
specialthere are other concerns.16:12
specialwe still have nothing that will clean the cache directory; there's no video thumbnailing16:13
zchydemspecial: any plans for that?16:13
specialhave fun? :p16:13
zchydemvideo thumbs I mean16:13
specialvideo is a difficult one16:14
specialI'm not entirely sure we want to write it ourselves16:16
w00tit might be worthwhile seeing if there's any different solutions available in OSS for that problem space, yeah16:16
zchydemjust a stupid question. (I started to look at the code like 10 mins ago) Why do we have cachedir/raw/# several subdirectories under that?16:17
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w00tzchydem: performance degrades the more files you have in a directory16:18
zchydemhmm ok16:18
specialfor video: gstreamer and ffmpeg are both capable of thumbnailing reasonably easily; I don't know about qtmultimedia16:19
specialbut expect that it will take a few seconds of CPU and might crash from bad videos.16:20
w00tspecial: i more meant in terms of a service that might exist to do this, similar to harmattan's tumbler16:20
w00tprecisely for that reason16:20
specialfreedesktop has a thumbnailer specification, and gnome implements it, I believe16:20
specialI wasn't all that impressed with either, but I didn't look very hard16:20
specialI'd be happy to replace it all with something that already exists, if we can find anything with decent performance.16:22
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7085 Accepted promotion request16:42
phaeronSage_: I was holding it until the build storm ends16:43
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faenilevening gentlemen17:09
iekkuevening :)17:10
faeniliekku, madam o/17:10
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iekkuooh! don't embarrass me! :P17:11
cybetteevening! I'm having a drink while working. is that allowed?17:13
iekkucybette, let's agree that i didn't see ^^17:14
faenilyes if you're working at 8 :D17:14
Stskeepscybette, if it's like my martinis, they are encouraged17:14
cybetteit's rum and coke, just one!17:15
faenil"then out of this building!" lol17:16
iekkucybette, i was so tired when i left work that i didn't realize to pick up my laptop...17:16
cybettewaiting for jukka and then we'll go drink some more (and i'll stop working)17:16
cybettefaenil: :P17:16
cybetteiekku: oh!17:16
anYcsome people can't work without drinking17:17
iekkucybette, was wondering why my backpack is lighter than usually :D17:18
cybetteiekku: you are forced to take a break this weekend!17:18
* iekku shouldn't get info about jolla employess drinking while working17:19
iekkucybette, maybe17:19
iekkucybette, or then i just need to pick up it17:19
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cybetteno more work :) just relaxing on friday in irc :)17:21
VDVsxcybette, karjala here :)17:24
VDVsxiekku, also not working :D17:24
cybetteyeah let's just relax this evening. we can work tomorrow ;)17:24
VDVsxcybette, that will depend on how much you drink today :D17:25
cybetteVDVsx: haha, true17:27
faeniljukka is going to drink a lot, from what I usually read on twitter :D17:27
faenilpity he's not here to argument :D17:28
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cybettefaenil: he sure knows how to party :) some of my most fun parties in Finland are thanks to him (those that I can remember at least)17:34
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7084 Rejected promotion request17:38
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Sage_phaeron: ah, sry20:22
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7088 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7088 Accepted promotion request20:48
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