Friday, 2012-11-02

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sledgesmorning :)10:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7255 Rejected promotion request10:22
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7256 waiting for review at
phaeronStskeeps: review please10:28
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7256 Accepted promotion request10:32
phaeronStskeeps: thanks10:34
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phaeronsledges: how is it now10:37
phaeron(with latest updates)10:37
sledgesshould I revert my custom changes to ti-...service ?10:41
phaeronsledges: I think it will get overwritten10:41
sledgesgot another halt  X don't start10:47
sledgesignore and zypper dup ?10:47
phaeronsledges: yes10:47
sledgesbadness: Last login: Thu Nov  1 18:43:09 2012 from
sledgesCould not chdir to home directory /home/nemo: Permission denied10:50
sledgesdrwx------ 22 500 500 4096 2012-11-01 19:02 nemo10:50
Stskeepsdo you have madde installed or something?10:51
sledgesnemo is 1000:100010:51
Stskeepssledges: rpm -qa | grep mad10:51
sledgesnever installed this explicitly10:52
Stskeepsrpm -ql mad-developer10:52
sledgeswho changed uis !?10:52
w00tmad-developer did10:52
Stskeepsthat's what i'm wondering too10:52
sledgestruly mad... :D10:52
w00tzypper rm it10:52
w00tit's no longer on new images for being a pile of broken junk :P10:52
sledgesand how to restore status quo?10:53
Stskeepsyeah, but what the heck launches it?10:53
sledgesthen why wasn't it obsoleted?10:53
w00tbecause we have nowhere to obsolete it, as we don't use metapackages10:53
sledgesI see10:53
w00t(I really think we need to change that)10:53
sledgesbugger :)10:53
sledgesshould I chown 1000:1000 or vim /etc/passwd ?10:53
w00tchown nemo:nemo10:53
w00tand your problems are hopefully solved10:54
w00tshouldn't be needed10:54
sledgesit's just -d /home/nemo/10:54
w00tthe contents didn't get messed up, at least from what I remember10:54
sledgescorrect ;)10:54
sledgeslol X started :DDD10:54
* sledges better reboots..10:56
sledgesI might have clicked on mad developer myself accidentally (is it among homescreen apps?)10:58
sledgesthe other day10:58
sledgeswhil scrolling up/donw homescreen10:58
sledgesdoes it have gui?10:58
sledgesok, reboot worked, no more problems, apps launch fine, phaeron ; doing zypper dup11:00
sledgesw00t, then I haven't clicked on it, would've noticed11:01
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sledgesThe following packages are going to be downgraded:11:04
sledges  flickr-qml libiptcdata lynx meego-terminal ngfd ngfd-settings-basic screen timed11:04
phaeronsometimes it gets clicked by mistake11:04
sledges^ )11:05
sledgesare the downgrades ok?11:07
sledgesok, going ahead11:07
phaeronyou haven't upgraded for some long time :D11:07
sledgesi havent run zypper _d_up11:08
phaeronah , that's good to remove packages no longer available too11:08
sledgesonly one looks to be removed11:08
phaeronsledges: so ui smooth and stuff is working ?11:08
sledgesbecause i did run zypper dup yesterday, tbh; so you're being sarcastic ;)11:08
sledgesphaeron, yes11:09
phaeronsledges: we usually take care to obsolete packages that get replaced so zypper up does the right thing ?11:09
sledges(avg 5.0 KiB/s) only ...or is it just me, N9/NAND/nemo-wifi?11:14
phaerontry iwconfig wlan0 power off11:15
phaeronsometimes power saving mode kicks in11:15
sledgesyou're genius phaeron !!! 1.5Mb/s!!!!11:16
phaeronsledges: thank Stskeeps he told me about it :D11:16
sledgesthanks to the awesome team ;P11:16
sledgesInstalling: ti-omap3-sgx-1.4.268-8.1.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx [done]11:17
sledgesAdditional rpm output:11:17
sledgesJob failed. See system journal and 'systemctl status' for details.11:17
sledgeswarning: %post(ti-omap3-sgx-1.4.268-8.1.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl) scriptlet failed, exit status 111:17
sledgesprolly with reboot it will be fine11:18
phaeroncosmetic , but I have to fix it11:19
sledgesit said: Nov 02 13:16:40 localhost pvrsrvinit[844]: rm: cannot remove `/var/lib/opengles-sgx-img/upgrade': No such file or directory11:20
sledgesNov 02 13:16:40 localhost pvrsrvinit[844]: rmdir: /var/lib/opengles-sgx-img: No such file or directory11:20
sledges(soz no more floods ;))11:20
phaeronsledges: where , before or after upgrade ?11:21
phaeronor reboot11:21
sledgesafter reboot all mint!11:22
sledges /°\11:23
sledgesmaliit's gone :(11:25
phaeronwhat :(11:27
phaeronsledges: oh point about wireless psm , turn it on again or it will run hot and your battery will drain11:27
sledgesbut after reboot it reset, didn't it ?11:28
sledgescan't have maliit-keyboard anywhere11:29
phaeronplundstr: any ideas about the vkb in user session ?11:29
sledgesbut binaries are still there11:29
plundstrphaeron: I just started looking at it11:29
phaeronplundstr: ok you have a tester -> sledges :)11:30
phaeronnote: I just switched nemo to user sessions by adding the missing uxlaunch obsolete , so it could be related to a missing service file11:31
* sledges can't find United Kingdom/London/England/Europe in timezone list :(11:31
plundstrto get vkb running you need to create file /etc/sysconfig/nemo-mobile-ui   and have following content11:32
phaeronplundstr: I already sent that update11:33
phaeronsledges: but confirm that the file is there11:33
sledgesis not there11:33
phaeronwhat !11:33
sledgesis there11:33
sledgesdarn tab completion11:33
sledgesit'ß empty11:33
plundstrand doesn't work?11:33
plundstrok, I copy you the content11:33
sledgesok :)11:34
phaeronsledges: is there a file beside it with or something ?11:34
phaeronrpm -ql nemo-mobile-session11:34
sledgesi can grep for contents11:34
phaeronrpm -q nemo-mobile-session11:34
phaeronI just sent that update and it should have contents11:35
sledgesmaybe I should update more?11:35
plundstrOPTIONS=-background none -nocursor11:35
plundstrAG_SERVICES=/usr/share/accounts/services AG_SERVICE_TYPES=/usr/share/accounts/service-types AG_PROVIDERS=/usr/share/accounts/providers11:35
sledgeszypper ref: all up to date :(11:36
phaeronsledges: SR7256 at 12:3011:36
plundstraah, those two lines should be splitte to 511:36
phaeronplundstr: use pastebin.org11:36
sledgesso 6 minutes ago? or 1hour 6 min (GMT pls ;))11:36
phaeronlink is better :D11:37
sledges(in addition, I silenced the-boss in here ;))11:37
sledgesso, shall I go plundstr way, or wait for reps to refresh?11:38
plundstrwhat comes to get it running with systemd, that's what I just started looking (NEMO bug 508)11:38
MerbotNemo bug 508 in Maliit "Virtual keyboard is not working with new user session boot" [Normal,Assigned]
phaeronsledges: you didn't tell me output of rpm -q nemo-mobile-session11:38
sledgespastie ^11:38
phaeron(without l)11:38
phaeronthis doesn't make sense ..11:40
sledgesreinstall package?11:40
phaeronone second11:40
sledgessome filesystem errors?11:40
phaeronno it really is 0 bytes in the rpm11:40
sledgesoh yeah :)11:40
sledgesme away now :)11:41
phaeronwill send a request to fix it shortly11:42
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7258 waiting for review at
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phaeron*announcement* old nemo Project:* projects will be removed soon. If you can please remove repositories that build against it.12:38
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7258 Accepted promotion request12:40
phaeronsledges: ^ update :D12:43
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7259 waiting for review at
phaeronjusa_: can you explain the patch a bit please :)12:59
jusa_phaeron: yep13:04
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7259 Rejected promotion request13:24
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7262 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7263 waiting for review at
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sledgesmaliit still doesn't work, phaeron plundstr - it appears now, then disappears immediately, and then keeps re-appearing so each 1 second - unusabl :{13:44
plundstrhmm, something is missing13:45
phaeronhmm I remember fixing that13:46
phaeronsledges: the file has right contents now ?13:46
* sledges heard this already :P :)13:46
phaeronsorry :(13:46
sledgesumm, didn't compare char2char13:46
sledgesno worries, just winding you up :)13:46
sledgesI know you're doing your best, it's just that OBS comes in a way, or race conditions kick in, will be fine in the end13:48
sledgesyup, plundstr, files have 1:1 contents13:51
plundstrI don't have nemo right right now. Can't check13:52
phaeronsledges: do  you have /usr/lib/systemd/user/maliit-server.service13:55
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7264 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7262 Accepted promotion request14:13
sledgesphaeron, nope14:15
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile14:16
Venemo_N9Dickson, hi14:16
DicksonHi Venemo :)14:16
Venemo_N9so, I was thinking about making Tweetian the default Twitter client of Nemo14:18
phaeronsledges: rpm -q maliit-framework14:18
Venemo_N9the current one doesn't really fit in14:18
phaeronsledges: the latest version should have that file14:18
Venemo_N9and noone had any objections when I asked14:18
DicksonI hope the Qt component in nemo have backward compability for MeeGo's?14:18
Venemo_N9it's the same actually, with a few fixes of course14:19
sledgesphaeron, maliit-framework-
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile14:20
phaeronsledges: rpm -qf /usr/lib/systemd/user/maliit-server.service14:20
Dicksonso only minimum effort is require for porting to nemo14:20
Dicksoni think14:20
phaeronsledges: zypper ref -f ; zypper dup14:20
Venemo_N9very minimum, yes14:21
Dicksononly part is packaging & testing14:21
sledgesphaeron, did that hour ago, didn't tell me to do it again ;)14:21
DicksonI can't install nemo on my N9, it is my primary device :(14:22
phaeronsledges: just try the zypper ref with -f14:22
Venemo_N9Dickson, we need to remove the harmattan-specific api calls if any, and replace them where applicable14:22
sledgeshow to show list of installed packages with zypper ?14:22
sledgesof a package14:22
Venemo_N9eg. notifications is one of those areas14:22
sledgesphaeron, nothing to do14:23
phaeronsledges: rpm -ql nameofpackage14:23
Venemo_N9I also want to adapt it to be able to post things to Nemo's event feed14:23
DicksonVenemo, that part need your help i think14:24
sledgesthanks phaeron14:24
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile14:24
* sledges is integrating arm Qt5 into qtcreator in parallel14:24
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phaeronsledges: maybe you have wrong repos14:24
phaeroncheck zypper lr -u14:24
Venemo_N9Dickson, no problem, I can and will help14:25
sledgesi asked you once if I had to rename any... you said no :)14:26
sledgesso I thought renames got picked up automagically14:26
phaeronbecause sage didn't remove any project , we just merged stuff together14:26
phaeronso nothing actually changed since last release14:26
DicksonVenemo: actually I think you can try deploy and test now ;) look at the project file of Tweetian, removed all the Symbian's and Harmattan's scope14:27
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Venemo_N9Dickson, I don't have a Nemo device now and I'm on a metro right now :P14:28
*** kontio has quit IRC14:28
Venemo_N9Dickson, but I'll do what I can, as soon as I can :)14:28
Venemo_N9Dickson, can I ask a few questions? the swipe stuff, is that a PathView?14:28
DicksonVenemo, I will push a nemo branch later with all platform-specific things removed14:29
*** dakovaci has quit IRC14:29
Dicksonit is VisualItemModel14:29
phaeronsledges: the rpm on the server contains the  file needed , maybe your upgrade was incomplete .. zypper in -f maliit-framework14:30
*** yunta has quit IRC14:30
sledgesmy one is maliit-framework-, not 2.514:31
Venemo_N9Dickson, and which view do you use for it?14:31
phaeronsledges: not a big deal I am on :next14:31
phaeronsledges: I think I know what's wrong14:31
sledgesshall I abort update?14:31
DicksonVenemo: PathView is quite hard to use actually, but it allow infinite swiping14:32
phaeronsledges: no keep it going and then : rm /usr/lib/systemd/user/
sledgesBTW: (now all .service files and symlinks exist, and you want me to remove symlink)14:33
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Venemo_N9Dickson, yeah. the only problem I had with PathView is that it's hard to scroll it14:33
DicksonVenemo, yes have the exactly problem when I use it at a very early version of Tweetian14:34
phaeronsledges: yes the service file should exist but symlink should not14:34
Venemo_N9Dickson, also, what do you use for online/offline detection?14:35
phaeronsledges: afaik it should work now on restarting the user session (or reboot)14:35
sledgesnote i said no to reboot14:35
DicksonVenemo: QNetworkConfigurationManager14:36
sledgesit was all after zyper in -f maliit14:36
phaeronsledges: ... why is the symlink not removed14:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7264 Accepted promotion request14:36
sledgesi did not remove it14:36
sledgesas you asked14:36
sledges(contrary to what you asked that is)14:36
sledgesjust to check what was there14:36
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile14:36
sledges*I saud no to rm (not reboot ^ )14:37
phaeronmm :D what  I said was : yes the service file should exist but symlink should not14:37
Venemo_N9Dickson, mhm14:37
phaeronheh this is getting confusing14:37
sledgesafter my manual intervention?14:37
sledgesor after a normal update14:37
phaeron(04:34:36 PM) phaeron: sledges: yes the service file should exist but symlink should not14:37
phaeronok ..14:37
phaerondeep breath14:37
Venemo_N9Dickson, oh by the way. I read that you want to change the backend to C++14:38
phaeronright now vkb is getting started by session , so it is broken14:38
phaeronworkaround is to start it with dbus activation14:38
phaeronso remove the symlink in the .wants directory14:38
phaeronmanually now14:38
phaeronif it works I will send a package update14:38
DicksonVenemo: that's require a huge effort and time :) it is on my ToDo14:38
DicksonAlso, parsing JSON on C14:39
*** Vesuri has left #nemomobile14:39
DicksonC++ is 10x harder on JS14:39
*** Vesuri has joined #nemomobile14:39
sledgesok, it was confusing for me with all those maliit-...2.4->5 issues, zypper ref -f etc14:40
Venemo_N9Dickson, I was going to say that it's not really necessary14:40
DicksonVenemo: btw, nemo on VM not working again, stuck at "Starting MeeGo" any idea why?14:41
Venemo_N9Dickson, the javascript engine JIT compiles your JS to native code before running it14:41
DicksonVenemo: oh, I though you want it14:41
Venemo_N9Dickson, sorry, I've never tried the VM. I hate VMs. perhaps Stskeeps could help you more.14:41
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile14:42
Venemo_N9Dickson, also, have you considered using an already existing Twitter library?14:42
StskeepsDickson: latest nemo vm had a bug that prevented bootup, we should have a fresh one monday14:43
DicksonStskeeps: thanks!14:43
DicksonVenemo: C++ or JS library?14:43
sledgesphaeron, it worked14:44
sledgespls read my above phrase too14:44
phaeronyeah sorry for the confusion14:45
phaeronany other issues you can see ?14:45
phaeronfyi sim hotplug works for me14:45
sledgesfor me SIMs don't work (UK O2, and UK Lebara(Vodafone) )14:46
sledgesthe Czech Republic Vodafone works fine in UK apparently14:46
sledgesthe others do not even get acknowledged14:46
alteregoWorks for me too ;)14:46
sledgesso I could test hotplug only with the same (roaming CZ SIM)14:46
* sledges is talking coldplug about other SIMs BTW14:47
Venemo_N9Dickson, there are some nice c++twitter libs14:47
Venemo_N9even Qt ones14:47
phaeronok .. I can't test those :D14:48
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7265 waiting for review at
alteregophaeron: can you take a look at that SR please ;)14:48
DicksonVenemo: yes, I also consider at least move the parsing backend to C++ because WorkerScript is quite buggy with ListModel14:48
sledgesbut you guys could look at the logs14:49
phaeronalterego: changelog is not really descriptive :(14:49
phaeronsledges: that we can :D14:49
* phaeron branches systemd session for 5th time14:50
DicksonWorkerScript is extremely buggy with ListModel actually :(14:50
alteregophaeron: isn't that what the git log is for? :P14:50
alteregoNever had complaints about my changelog before ;)14:50
phaeronI'll let it pass as I can understand the changes , but really package changelogs should say what's the benefit of the upgrade : it's what the user might see when he upgrades (when ui can expose it)14:52
*** Dickson_ has joined #nemomobile14:52
*** Dickson_ has left #nemomobile14:52
phaeronand we can't tell users to go git diff to know what upgrades do to their system14:53
*** Dickson_ has joined #nemomobile14:53
alteregoOkay, I'll start throwing my git logs in there ;)14:53
phaeronnot all of it , just the relevant bits14:53
*** stepiro has quit IRC14:54
*** Dickson has quit IRC14:54
phaeron"Stop spamming journal" and "Correct audio routing" for example14:54
Dickson_Venemo_N9: you know how to package RPM for nemo?14:54
Venemo_N9Dickson_, for example QNeptunea uses a Qt-based Twitter client library. and while I dislike QNeptunea, this was a good idea from them14:55
Venemo_N9Dickson_, yep, same way you would do it for any other distro14:55
Venemo_N9although I'm unfamiliar with OBS myself14:55
sledgesphaeron, so will you help me with my everyday SIM working (so I could switch to nemo ;p ) ? or someone else is more competent (ofono gurus?)14:56
phaeronsledges: alterego can help :)14:56
Dickson_Venemo_N9: ok, but I won't use QNeq's library14:56
sledges:) apparently I need his help already on crucial subject on #mer ;)14:57
Venemo_N9it's not "their" library14:57
sledgesI'll prioritise :)14:57
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7263 Accepted promotion request14:58
Venemo_N9Dickson_, but as I said, there's no problem doing it in javascript either because of the JIT compilation14:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7265 Accepted promotion request14:58
*** PMG has quit IRC14:59
Dickson_Venemo_N9: but have a semi-major problem with WorkerScript unless it is fixed in Qt 514:59
Venemo_N9Dickson_, what problem is that?15:00
*** niqt has quit IRC15:00
Dickson_Venemo_N9: I can't control the QThread, so if the thread is running and user close the app, the app stuck on background15:01
Dickson_happens both on Symbian & Harmattan15:01
Dickson_and some problem with ListModel15:02
Venemo_N9Dickson_, hmmmm. maybe we can look at that.15:02
Venemo_N9I'm sure a workaround exists.15:03
Venemo_N9btw, I was able to catch my train :)15:03
Dickson_Venemo_N9: oh, so going to off now?15:03
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:08
*** PMG has joined #nemomobile15:12
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*** jpetrell_ has quit IRC15:14
*** yunta has quit IRC15:14
*** Dickson_ has left #nemomobile15:17
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC15:27
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7268 waiting for review at
*** veskuh has joined #nemomobile15:33
*** jpetrell has joined #nemomobile15:34
lbtphaeron: boss in meego is using 260M RAM15:36
lbtit's likely to OOM soon15:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7268 Accepted promotion request15:36
phaeronlbt: restart it15:36
lbt /etc/init.d/boss: 107: svc: not found15:37
phaeronlbt: skynet stop boss15:37
lbtbetter now .. just thought you should know  :)15:38
phaeronI wonder if it's a time bug15:41
phaeronlbt: had the other boss go bonkers today too15:41
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:44
*** Dickson has joined #nemomobile15:48
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sledgesphaeron, here's one for you: start nemo in landscape, unlock it, turn it to portrait, see half of lock screen sticking out :)15:53
phaeronw00t: ^^15:54
w00tthere's a bug for that someplace I think15:54
w00tbug 52115:54
MerbotNemo bug 521 in Home "When rotating the device while unlocking the screen the unlock screen partial lockscreen is shown" [Normal,New]
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DicksonSome help needed: Does the qmlapplicationviewer create by QtCreator work out of the box for nemo?16:01
*** Dickson has quit IRC16:10
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*** arcean has joined #nemomobile16:40
Sage_ffs.. last day on vacation and my n9 touchscreen stopped working :D16:42
Sage_known issue? Display works fine it seems. but touch screen is not doing anything :/16:43
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile16:43
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile16:43
phaeronSage_: did you upgrade ?16:55
Sage_phaeron: running harmattan and did nothing. It just stopped workgin :/16:58
phaeronSage_: time to flash nemo ? :D16:58
Sage_phaeron: well, I think I need to check if warranty on my device is valid or not and try to get new N9 to replace the old one (probably will be quite hard)16:59
sledgesbad luck, w/b Sage_ though! :) good it was last day ;)17:07
Sage_flying back to finland tomorrow. and will be back on IRC on monday17:08
sledgesah, so you're not back yet, still welcome :))17:08
Sage_nah, th en9 broke so started to search if it is known issue :)17:09
Sage_miss the map on my n9 ;)17:09
w00tSage_: OMG OMG OMG OMG <317:09
w00tI missed you SO MUCH17:10
w00tno more holidays ever :P17:10
lbtbut since you're back...17:10
sledgeswe were just fine here with phaeron , rocky road, but nothing that he couldn't fix :) (so far so good!)17:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile17:12
* lbt wonders why rsync is in CE:Adaptation:x86-generic17:14
Sage_ok, time to go back and be rest of the vacation without phone :)17:16
Sage_cya in couple of days ;)17:16
sledgesnow that sounds a vacation ):17:16
specialthat sounds terrifying and alone17:17
lbtSage_: o/ see you next week17:18
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7272 Rejected promotion request17:18
sledges21st century talk |)17:18
*** JvD_ has quit IRC17:18
* w00t slaps Stskeeps with a trout17:27
w00tyou know all those important services we have like mcompositor? it'd be great if they autorestarted :-p17:27
* w00t branches it17:27
Stskeepsdebug mode, we make sure we can see when they crash that way ;p17:29
w00tyeaah, but it's not so nice to have to restart my session mid-debug of something else because I can no longer switch windows17:30
phaeronlbt: the "installer" uses it I think17:30
* w00t wonders wtf branching a CE: project branched to Project:17:30
w00tphaeron: using webui17:31
w00tit didn't for lipstick earlier today, too, which is in the same project17:31
w00tbit odd17:31
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7273 Rejected promotion request17:37
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile17:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7274 waiting for review at
phaeronw00t: is it ok to restart it immediately17:48
phaeronw00t: or should there be an n second delay17:48
w00tphaeron: should be.. I haven't noticed any ill effects17:48
phaeronI have the same restart for pulseaudio and it slows down the system when pulseaudio is broken.17:49
phaeronrestart loop17:49
phaeronbut ok17:49
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile17:49
w00tmaybe PA does something specific on startup?17:50
phaeronaccesses hardware17:51
jusa_hmm, PA restart loop?17:55
phaeronjusa_: due to some other app hogging the alsa device17:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7274 Accepted promotion request17:59
jusa_phaeron: ouch..18:02
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7275 waiting for review at
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile19:47
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7275 Accepted promotion request19:58
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faenilgood evening :)21:25
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faenilw00t, nice URL21:56
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