Friday, 2012-11-16

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kulveSage_: I don't understand the approach of nemo-mobile-hw. Why would the HW adaption need to support every UX separately? E.g. in x86-generic's case there's nothing Nemo specific in that file07:50
kulveto me it looks like the file should be called something more generic (mer-core-ui-hw or qt-hw or something) and UXes should parse it if they deem it neccessary.07:53
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7390 waiting for review at
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faenilgod if I'm sleeping...09:36
faenilmorning guys..09:36
w00tfaenil: amen09:37
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sledgesgood mourning09:40
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faenilsledges, :)09:40
faenilNumerical methods lessons starting soon, I'm going to be like WTF09:41
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7388 Accepted promotion request09:42
Sage_kulve: well, we need better solution for that anyway as those files currently are replacement for /etc/profile.d/09:43
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Sage_kulve: calling it mer-core-ui-hw isn't really what it is. As mer doesn't have hw adaptation or ui build in. Also that file is currently quite nemo specific as it is used by nemo-mobile-session which is something that other UX's need to make themselves anyway09:44
Sage_kulve: I would like to see option in systemd e.g. EnvironmentDir= to which we could say /etc/profile.d/ or something and continue as we used to, but we just needed a temporary fix for that to get nemo running09:45
Sage_plundstr: <- you require libdsme twice in dsme. pkgconfig(dsme) and libdsme-devel09:46
plundstrSage: let me see09:47
Sage_kulve: so to summarise that will go away at some point when systemd provides better method ;)09:47
kulveSage_: so I guess I should still provide also the /etc/profile.d/ -method in the hw adaptation to support nemo and others?09:49
Sage_kulve: well, final decision about this hasn't been made so it is safe to do so. But the one file only doesn't really work in a long run09:50
plundstrSage: you are right. I wonder why. I had build problems and I didn't see pkgconfig for dsme at all. After adding dsme-devel (and most likely some other things) things started to work and that was left there without actual need :(  Do you want me to revert and redo request or I just fix it without new SR?09:51
Sage_plundstr: well what ever you want. I can accept that as such as well if you want :)09:52
plundstrSage: Let it go, it does no harm. I'll fix it on next touch for dsme09:53
Sage_plundstr: did mce update and had to do systemctl restart mce.service to get display back on09:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7387 Rejected promotion request09:59
Sage_phaeron: hmmp... boss doesn't handle well when creq contains package removal10:02
Sage_phaeron: see 738710:02
phaeronSage_: what do you expect it to do ?10:04
Sage_phaeron: remove the package and not having it there as a choice10:04
phaeronyou can't remove a package from a project in which it doesn't not exist10:05
Sage_now it has the old and new and have two choices and thus fails10:05
Sage_phaeron: it exists in target project and there in excludes10:05
phaeronwhat excludes be more speicif10:05
faenilback this evening, cya guys10:06
Sage_it is there at least10:06
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phaeronexcludes means it is not being rebuilt in the project link10:06
phaeronI am there is no way in obs yet to simulate package removal10:07
phaeronboss can't do much about it10:07
Sage_ok, well I need to accept that manually then I guess10:07
phaeronwhat you can do is add a temporary Prefer in prjconf10:07
Sage_or that10:07
phaeronand then remove it after request is in and old package is deleted10:07
phaeronmy patches to OBS to allow disabling packages in project link will help there10:08
phaerononce it is deployed :D10:08
Sage_I really would like a feature that I could resubmit SR10:09
Sage_or reopen it afte declined10:09
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phaeronwill look into it later10:09
Sage_special: can you resubmit the mapplauncher creq10:10
phaeronI think it might be possible to handle the reopen if OBS sends the right data in the event10:12
StskeepsSage_: could i request CONFIG_FB_VESA=y and CONFIG_FB_UVESA=y for kernel-adaptation-pc?10:17
Sage_Stskeeps: I think yunta was making a kernel update sr' but not sure where that went after my comments :)10:19
Sage_so maybe he could include those in that10:19
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l4merany modem expert? :)10:38
l4merI have such fail: ssi_protocol ssi_protocol: WAKELINES TEST FAILED10:38
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7392 waiting for review at
yuntaStskeeps: vesa fb is there10:52
yuntawhat was uvesa?10:52
yuntas/is there/is there in my kernel/10:53
Stskeepsok, good10:53
Stskeepsuvesa is like..
Stskeepsnot necessary if you're busy10:53
yuntawell, I have to apply sage's comments anyways, so I can add uvesa too10:54
yuntaStskeeps: as module is ok, or you need builtin?10:57
Stskeepsmodule is ok for uvesa i thin10:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7392 Accepted promotion request11:06
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mricHey everyone, I'm trying to install the last version of nemo on my N9 but when I'm extracting Nemo I'm getting this error: "tar: ./usr/share/doc/libdres-1.1.12/NEWS: Cannot open: Input/output error". Anyone have an idea ?11:48
phaeronyou seem to be running into a lot of issues .. maybe you should flash a clean image11:55
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mricphaeron: yeah just did it and now nemo is currently booting :)12:12
mricphaeron: is it normal portrait view is broken is the last version ?12:13
mricphaeron: except the portrait view, it is amazing :) Is this 10x more fluid, sleepping screen is much better, more reactif, .. settings works better aswell.12:17
phaeronyeah I think there was a bug about portrait12:19
mricphaeron: hum can't connect to secure wifi ?12:21
phaeronshould work, I do it all the time :)12:22
phaeronyou mean you can't enter pin ?12:22
mricyes ... it automatically connects to an open wifi,. I'n trying to for him to connect to a secure one but I can't enter the jey12:23
phaeronhmm it works here. Sage_ ?12:24
mricdo you have an option to add it  ? I can see the wifi but I click on it to enter the key, strange ...12:25
Sage_it works for me as well12:26
Sage_wifi that is for me it automatically connects to my wpa as well12:26
phaeronwhen I click on it it shows a dialog and passphrase field12:26
Sage_"We're sorry but the system is currently not able to handle your request in a reasonable time. Please try again later." grr :)12:26
phaeronand there you click on that and it gives you a keyboard12:27
Sage_ <- does this work for others? :)12:27
mricSage: alright thanks12:27
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* Sage_ ponders what yunta submitted ;)12:27
phaeronSage_: either vbox or kernel12:28
phaerondiff chokes on it12:28
mricSage_: is 3g suppose to work ?12:28
Sage_mric: it is possible to get working with manual hacks, haven't tried the ui12:29
Sage_and here I mean data connection12:29
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Sage_phaeron: kernel12:29
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phaeronmric: it works for me , I selected GPRS APN in the connections settings12:29
phaeronSage_: yeah and process chokes on it too12:29
mricSage_: ok cool will try and update :)12:29
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Sage_phaeron: even osc doesn't seem to work :/12:32
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Sage_for that kernel request so I can' see the diff :/12:32
* phaeron shoots OBS12:32
Sage_this makes a review a bit harder ;)12:33
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phaeronuse git :D12:33
mricSage_: hum strange. My device connects no with no problem to an open wifi (no internet on the wifi though). Once connected I can click on the wifi an have all the details (disconnect, DHCP method, ip adress, proxy, ...) but it is impossible to open this windows before I'm connected to the wifi. So basically I think it works but I can't get this window for secure wifi.12:36
Sage_mric: strange12:37
Sage_mric: try to close the settings and reopen it if that changes anything12:38
mricSage_: Just put the phone in "airplane mode" and it finds 3g but no network. When it is not in flight mode it doesn't find the 3g strange aswell12:40
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mricSage_: do you know where I can find a changelog for 2012-11-08 version ?12:47
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7390 Accepted promotion request12:52
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* sivang wonders if anybody from Helsinki could help him with accommodation for any duration of time while he visits SLUSH :)12:56
tzaeruoh. thanks for reminding me of that, think I was asked to go by our CEO..13:03
tzaeruI hear there's free booze so it ought to be fun!13:03
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sivangtzaeru: who's your CEO?13:46
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Sage_phaeron: ideas for the kernel sr?13:50
phaeronSage_: print ideas13:55
phaeron>> None13:55
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yuntaSage_: this (or very similar config) kernel was tested on exopc, lenovo ideapad (with broken wireless hw, but module is there), sdk14:14
Sage_yunta: ok, well problem is the obs doesn't like that SR and I can't even see the content :)14:15
yuntadoes it hang for you when you try to open it?14:16
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Sage_hmmp... I just noted that you branched it from iamers project originally :)14:17
Sage_yunta: one change I would like to see kernel.changes -> kernel-adaptation-pc.changes14:17
yuntacan be done, sure14:18
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Sage_phaeron: yunta: Error <creator>: Unable to copy valid kernels or initrds, please check the repo. :/15:17
Sage_thta is with the 3.6.x kernel that is in review atm.15:17
Sage_while trying to create livecd image15:17
StskeepsSage_: mic -d15:18
Sage_I'm guessing the filename is different in new packaging or initrd might be even completely missing15:19
phaeronI don't think it has initrd15:20
Sage_yunta: also the kernel package is 93M in side there is the debuginfo stripping bug15:20
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Sage_yup, initrd missing15:25
Sage_can initrd be just empty file for now? And remove it when mic is able to do images without it15:26
phaeronhmm , and then kernel fails to boot ?15:26
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Sage_no idea15:34
Sage_not sure where the initrd is used in livecd15:34
phaeronprobably to loop mount the squashfs file and setup the cow overlays15:34
phaeronso it is needed anyway15:35
phaeronbut mic should generate it if it is missing15:35
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Sage_hmmp... now I executed mic twice for same .ks file and it found damaged rpm's :/15:38
phaeronsomething rebuilt on obs ?15:39
Sage_ with a debug and verbose15:40
specialSage_: so you just want me to abandon that SR and submit the same thing again?15:40
Sage_nothing should have as I haven't accepted anything since that15:40
Sage_special: yes15:40
mricSage_: do you have  a easy job that I could help you with ?15:40
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specialSage_: 739715:44
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* phaeron curses cobs15:48
* Sage_ ponders when cobs starts to haunt everyone after all the cursing, shooting, poking etc. :)15:55
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7397 waiting for review at
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faenilpheew long day19:56
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7397 Accepted promotion request22:46
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7401 waiting for review at
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