Wednesday, 2012-11-21

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TilouI am going to be a new fresh n900 owner02:20
Tiloui want to install nemo on it02:20
TilouAlongside to maemo02:20
TilouCause i think both projects are awesome02:20
TilouBut is there a lot of support/users about nemo??02:21
Tiloucause there isn't any forum or sites about it except this one02:23
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tadzikso, everyone sitting at the Slush event listening to this music supposed to calm us down? :)09:06
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cos--unfortunately just watching at office09:08
cos--at least there is huge amount of hype going around.. the keynote better be good :-)09:09
tadzikyeah :)09:10
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FryeGot to try to wake up my N900 again with nemo. I think the sd card got corrupted by something, so writing new image on top of it now.10:32
FryeIt's an old one so mostly getting broken (the card)10:32
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FryeHmm, charging still seems not to work. Is there something I'm missing on that end. Runnin latest nemo on N90010:45
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tadzikso, Sailfish is now runnable on N950. It's based on Mer, so could it as well run on N900? :)11:03
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anYcis there a public release?11:04
tadzikI don't think so11:04
tadzikI just saw
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anYcnice thx11:04
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tadzikI could pay for that :)11:07
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anYcanother video
tadzikyeah, that's the official one11:10
tadziksee also: jolla.com11:10
anYcah, wanted to post that as well. interesting11:10
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FryeWlan seems to be broken in the lastest nemo image for n90011:56
FryeIt works for approx 5 seconds after connecting to AP11:56
Fryeand then all the packets stop flowing11:56
Fryename resolution breaks and ping with ip does not go through.11:57
FryeAny ideas How I could debug this more?11:57
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Timmyi have installed latest image of nemo on my sdcard. when i try to boot into it from uboot by pali it shows the information of the kernel and then after a little while it turns off the phone14:29
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Timmyi have installed latest image of nemo on my sdcard. when i try to boot into it from uboot by pali it shows the information of the kernel and then after a little while it turns off the phone14:41
TimmyDocScrutinizer05: look,i have asked here too14:46
DocScrutinizer05better channel to ask14:47
DocScrutinizer05though I still think a question should end with a "?"14:47
Timmythe question is "how can I solve this problem to boot into nemo ?"14:48
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panjgoorianyone having issues with nemomobile latest build regarding network on n90015:45
panjgooricant make call nor can use network for any other purpose15:46
Stskeepsthere's a fix for that i believe15:46
panjgoorican you guide me ?15:46
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panjgooriwhere is the fix ?15:46
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telmichgood day15:52
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Fryepanjgoori, most likely in the repositories15:54
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FryeIt took me bit of turning wlan on/off to get the packages downloaded15:55
Fryebut after that it seems to work ok15:55
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Fryethere was 219 packages updated already on top of the latest image.15:55
FryeBut yes I had problems with the wlan connection staying alive at first15:55
panjgoorithanks for the reply Frye15:56
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panjgooriwill check it for sure thanks15:57
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FryeI whenever the zypper up asked for retry I restarted the wlan15:57
Fryeand then it got past downloading a bit more15:57
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FryeHmm, no still issues with wlan16:04
Fryebut thenagain he left already16:04
Fryewlan just dies16:06
Fryeseems to be on but nothing goes through16:06
Fryeshows proper info on the gui16:06
FryeAgain turning it off and bck on form gui gave me 10 pings through16:07
Fryebefore it died16:07
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Fryeip and gw information are allright16:09
Fryebut ping errors with destination host unreachable16:09
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FryeHmm, just powered off my N900 and now it keeps rebooting itself with the nemo sd card inserted16:48
Fryelets see if it recovers16:48
Stskeepstake out sd card16:48
Stskeepsand plug into charger16:48
Fryenah works now16:48
Fryejust took a two rounds of reboot16:48
FryeJust powered it down to insert sim16:49
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FryeNope, not working that wlan.16:54
Fryewith or without charger16:55
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Fryebtw should sms be working in Nemo, cannot seem to find anything about it form the wiki17:12
rcg-workFrye, sms works17:12
Fryesent myself a message some time ago17:12
rcg-workjust a sec17:12
rcg-workare you using the latest image?17:13
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Fryenot received it yet17:13
rcg-worktry running "" and then reboot17:13
rcg-workehm.. before you do that17:13
rcg-workone more question17:13
Fryemaybe I'm missing something17:14
Fryeyes latest image updated with zypper17:14
FryeDo I need a specific package for that17:14
FryeSure, fire many =)17:14
rcg-workdid you see the message as sent in the messaging application?17:14
FryeI really have the image first time with sim card17:14
Fryeyep its sent there17:14
rcg-workand if you open the accounts-ui do you see an account there?17:14
Fryeit's empty17:15
rcg-workit should say something about ring/tel/account017:15
Fryecompletely white & orange.17:15
rcg-workalright, then run and restart17:15
Fryeonly text is Accounts on the orange bit17:15
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rcg-workiirc you need to run "" as user17:15
rcg-work"nemo", i.e. ;)17:16
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rcg-workafaik you need to run it via a terminal on the device, not, e.g., via ssh17:16
Fryeran it and seem to be fine17:16
Fryethen reboot?17:17
rcg-workcool, even without restart?17:17
rcg-workdunno if reboot is needed17:17
FryeSaid it created elepathy ring account17:17
Fryeok I'll play around a bit before booting17:17
rcg-workwell, just to be sure a reboot won't hurt ;)17:17
Fryeok, now the account is visible17:17
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faenilI'm finally onliiine :D17:18
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faenilrcg-work, hey :)17:20
faenilhow you doing17:21
rcg-workhey faenil :)17:21
rcg-workgood good.. preparing to leave the office17:21
rcg-workstill gotta work in the evening but well ;)17:21
rcg-workgot my n9 to dual boot harmattan and nemo on the weekend :D17:22
Fryeok, lets boot17:22
*** corepl has quit IRC17:22
rcg-workand was watching the screencast from slush17:22
rcg-workor livestream or whatever17:22
*** NIN102 has quit IRC17:22
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rcg-workbut i couldn't really follow much as i had to work17:22
rcg-workfaenil, you're in helsinki right?17:23
rcg-worki bet it is much cooler irl =)17:23
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faenilehhe :D17:24
faenilyeah it is17:24
rcg-workgreat :D17:24
rcg-workmaybe i nuke one of my archos g9 tonight... let's see17:30
rcg-worki hope not but well.. first time i messed _that_ much with the linux kernel17:30
rcg-workand now: bbl17:31
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FryeHmm, still something not right17:34
*** vakkov has quit IRC17:35
Fryedoes not want to send my message from N90017:35
FryeAnd not received the one yet17:35
*** qwazix has quit IRC17:36
Fryephonecalls go through nicely though17:38
Fryeok, now got one17:42
FryeAnd sends one17:43
Fryedid nod send any though before I received the initial message17:44
Fryereply succeeded.17:44
*** slaine has quit IRC17:44
*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik17:47
FryeOk, adding a contact first allows sending message.17:50
FryeIs thee a faq of somekind somewhere17:51
FryeI'm sure I'm not the first one with the questions :-)17:51
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tadzikso far you answered all of them yourself, didn't you? :)18:47
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Fryetadzik, With a little help yes. Was just pondering that while they are fres might aswell add them somewhere if a faq already exists19:07
tadzikMaybe a wiki page would be of use19:08
tadzik"What works"19:08
FryeI'll see if I manage to get something together19:08
FryeWon't be much as of now, but maybe at least a start19:09
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Ken_YoungI have an N950.   I am wondering if putting nemo on it and porting a couple of my apps to nemo would be a good way to start moving them to jollamobile,  or if I'd be wiser to just wait until there's some real hardware running Jolla's OS.   Is Jolla apt to have its own UI layer (something like Hildon) that is unavailable on nemo, and which would make spending time on a nemo version pointless?20:33
vgradeKen_Young: looks like the plan is to have nemo apps working on jolla and vice versa20:36
vgradeKen_Young: a n950 image has been rumoured as well20:37
Ken_Youngvgrade, (fancy meeting you here!) Thanks again.20:37
tadzikthere is a video with jolla running on n95020:37
tadzikI didn't see the image though :)20:37
RzRthere are many actually20:41
RzRmany videos :)20:42
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Ken_YoungIs it fairly safe to install nemo on an N950 as the single bootable OS, rather than setting up a dual boot with Harmattan? By safe I mean will the device charge reliably running nemo?20:50
RzRwhy dual boot when you can triple boot ?20:56
Ken_YoungRzR That's too cool for me, I fear.20:58
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RzR preinit could boot nitdroid and nemo can it ?21:02
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Stskeepsevening Venemo21:38
Venemohi Stskeeps :)21:38
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile21:49
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FryeWell I added a small bit about the sms stuff to the end of install doc in the wiki21:54
*** iceslide has quit IRC21:55
FryeIf somone want to doublecheck it. It's in the FAQ section of that page.21:55
FryeI can only test it with the N900. It might be N900 specific and better under that heading, but I'm sure if it's all wrong it'll get replaced :-)21:56
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M4rtinKlooks like systemd-journal is eating about 50% of CPU on my N90022:17
M4rtinKis that a known issue ? :)22:17
*** mvogt has joined #nemomobile22:20
marcelluxmaybe some one could help you at #maemo22:21
M4rtinKwell, I'm running Nemo on my N900 :)22:22
M4rtinKjournald on Fremantle would be kinda weird :)22:22
M4rtinKStskeeps: BTW, congratulations to your big announcement ! :)22:23
RzRyes thanks too all , sawing all the staff was quiet emotive ...22:25
RzRthey look real !22:25
*** lardman has quit IRC22:27
Stskeepswe are22:27
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M4rtinKBTW, is there some CLI accessible string on Nemo that can be used to detect that a program is running on Nemo ?22:37
*** niqt has quit IRC22:54
*** dedis1 has joined #nemomobile23:04
yuntaps aux | grep PROGRAM_NAME ????23:04
*** halVIII__ has joined #nemomobile23:05
RzRpidof pidof23:07
Venemoyunta, RzR, I think he means to detect the environment from the program23:08
yuntaah, right23:09
yuntaanyways, I'm out to sleep, have to somehow wake up tomorrow for the sdk demo...23:12
Venemogood evening :)23:12
VenemoI'm going to sleep too23:12
RzRi wont be able to watch this live23:13
RzRbut i plan to publish some debs of it :)23:13
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