Friday, 2012-11-23

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rcg-workhey faenil :)09:58
rcg-workhow's life going?09:58
faenilgood good :)09:59
faenilresting in my Helsinki host :)09:59
faenilat my*09:59
rcg-worknice, how is helsinki?09:59
rcg-workapart from slush ;)09:59
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faenilrcg-work, haven't hanged around yet :)10:08
faenilbut I was told there's not much to I'll do that tomorrow before leaving :)10:08
rcg-worki see10:09
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khertanWhat s the official way to distribute software for nemomobile ? Apps4MeeGo ... but it s down since a long time ago10:47
faenilkhertan, I think it's building it on OBS10:48
khertanand after that ? it s need some visibility ...10:49
khertanmaybe time to start a side project ... apps4mer :)10:49
faenilI don't think there's anything for nemo at the moment10:49
khertanfaenil, apps4meego support nemo, there is a buildbot, apps are already in catalog10:50
khertanbut apps4meego is almost down / dead10:50
faenilI see10:50
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M4rtinK"zypper ar" :D10:53
M4rtinKbut yeah, thats far from ideal :)10:53
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khertanM4rtinK, but Stskeeps point me there is a shared repository11:17
khertanM4rtinK, i forgot, but thx for your pyside packaging for nemo11:17
M4rtinKyeah, the CE:apps11:17
M4rtinKwhats the policy for it ?11:17
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M4rtinKI thought its just for apps that are already good enough (sort like Extras)11:18
khertanM4rtinK, good question :)11:18
khertanM4rtinK, my apps is good enought :)11:18
M4rtinKnot the free for all like Extras-devel11:18
M4rtinKCE:apps-devel might be a good idea :)11:19
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M4rtinKalso, who decides what comes to apps and what not ? :)11:19
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sledgesgood brunch noon!11:43
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M4rtinKanyone else getting spontaneous shutdowns on the N900 ?19:04
M4rtinKmore info: happened 2 times in a row, bot times connected by USB cable to PC & USB networking enabled19:05
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Fawzheya, anyone here have any experience with ericsson's snowball board yet?19:48
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Ken-YoungIs an N950, running nemo, functional as a phone? By that I mean will the battery charge, can you make phone calls and connect to the net via GSM?20:07
Aardyes, kind of20:08
VenemoAard, what do you mean "kind of"?20:08
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Aardthat there are glitches and unpolished bits20:09
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Ken-YoungAard, I have learned kind of = no, in this context.20:09
Ken-YoungBut thanks for the reply. Will the battery charge reliably, at least?20:10
AardKen-Young: it depends on your intention. as end user who wants to put it on his primary phone I'd probably say 'don't do it'. otherwise, go for it, you can always reflash20:11
Aardbattery has been charging reliably for ages, and nowadays you even have correct display of battery state20:11
Ken-YoungAre people actively trying to get Nemo to work smoothly on N950s, or are people just waiting for Sailfish?20:13
faenilAard, less than 2 months actually (battery)20:14
Aardjust watch the progress of nemo, lot's of changes there over the last months ;)20:14
faeniloh right20:14
faenilcharging, you're right ;)20:14
Aardfaenil: yep, we put it there, so I know quite well what happens in nemo ;)20:14
faenilAard, :)20:15
Ken-YoungThanks for the info. I'm giving someone my spare N900, so I need to get my N950 going as a backup.20:15
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lardman|homeis it usual to get a "WARNING: bad moslo format in usr/share/moslo/moslo.img" message when trying to flash an N950 for dual boot?21:17
faenilyeah iirc21:18
lardman|homeok cool21:18
lardman|homehmm, still Error claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy, /me does some more Googling21:21
faenilI don't remember what that was about21:26
faenilI had it too21:26
faeniloh yeah21:26
faenilI think it's because it was already on when you plugged it in?21:26
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rcgi think so too21:27
rcgerr.. misread21:28
lardman|homehmm, no not that21:32
faenillardman|home, mm21:33
lardman|homeI've just blacklisted cdc_phonet and phonet21:33
faenilwasn't needed in my case21:33
lardman|homeworked for me, will add note to the wiki if that's useful?21:34
faenillardman|home, why not :) though I'm not the guy behind that21:35
faenilmarquiz worked on moslo for dualbooting21:35
rcgextending the wiki is always good :)21:35
rcgbtw marquiz' moslo is also capable of dualbooting the n9 :)21:36
lardman|homen950 here21:37
faenilrcg, ? not officially afaik21:38
faenilI mean, it is usually said that n9 can't dualboot with that moslo21:38
faenilthough I might be wrong ;)21:38
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rcgfaenil, right, it was said so21:40
faenilrcg, lol21:41
rcgbut i figured it can actually be used for dual booting if you put two files in the right dir21:41
rcgalso updated the wiki accordingly21:41
rcgand wrote a blog post about it ;)21:41
faenilthat sucks xD21:41
faenilI mean, the fact that it wasn't available so far if it was that easy :D21:41
faenilrcg, well done :)21:42
rcghehe thx, but all the honor goes to the guys doing the moslo :)21:42
lardman|homeNemo boots :)21:42
rcgi was also told that dual booting the n9 will be complicated so i tried to get started with hacking the marquiz' moslo.. while getting ready for this and looking into the code i found the code paths that trigger dual boot on n921:43
rcglardman, \o/21:43
rcgerr lardman|home21:44
lardman|homelooks pretty21:44
rcgfaenil, as it turned out dual booting n9 was as simple as getting the harmattan kernel and the kernel command line and place both in boot_orig (or something) on the nemo root fs21:45
rcgso far i just tried it with the open mode kernel21:45
faenillardman|home, blame me for bugs in the gallery21:45
faeniland if you have advices or anything, ping me21:46
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faenilthe version which is there is outdated (haven't had time to make a release yet)21:46
faenilbut new features are already on the TODO list21:46
faenilbut honest feedback is always cool21:46
faenilsince it's not my app, I'm just doing that for Nemo ;)21:46
faenilI meant it's not an app I published anywhere else21:46
faenilspecial helped with it too21:47
lardman|homefaenil: will have a look, though was really planning on finishing getting mBarcode up and running (damn QML!)21:51
faenilalright, no hurry ;)21:51
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lardman|homebbiam, nappy changing duties!21:52
faenilgood luck!21:52
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lardman|homeshort-lived return, bedtime; Nemo looks nice though, am looking forward to getting coding again, nappies allowing22:45
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lardman|homenight all22:45
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RzRthe time is now22:56
RzRany n950 is triple booting here ?22:57
RzRor 422:57
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