Sunday, 2012-11-25

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Ken-YoungI just installed nemo on an N950.   I find that some very basic things, like making phone calls, setting the time zone, etc don't work.   Is there a webpage somewhere that list known workarounds, and bugs for nemo on the N950 specifically?07:37
Stskeepzsounds like a good thing to start, though07:38
Stskeepzthe phonecalls is solved by /usr/bin/enable-something07:38
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Ken-YoungOK, I'll start such a webpage.07:38
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Ken-YoungWhat is the root password set to on a freshly installed nemo OS image?10:03
Ken-Youngkulve, Thanks!10:04
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rc_morning all10:20
rc_Ken-Young i just replied to the tmo thread with the solution to our issue10:20
rc_it's /usr/bin/ btw ;)10:20
rc_run this via, e.g., fingerterm and reboot and you should be fine10:21
Ken-Youngrc_, Great!!   Thanks very much for the heads up.10:21
rc_yw :)10:21
rc_this _should_ also solve your time zone issue ;)10:21
Ken-Youngrc_, When I execute that script, I get a bunch of errors.10:27
Ken-YoungOh wait, nevermind.10:28
Ken-YoungI was doing something stupid.10:28
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rc_Ken-Young, replied to you at tmo11:56
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kulveany hints why /usr/libexec/tracker-store is segfaulting?13:28
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Ken-YoungIs there anyone online who is familiar with running nemo on an N950?15:04
dm8tbrit just-works™ if you follow the instructions15:07
Ken-YoungNot for me it doesn't.15:08
Ken-YoungI managed to make one call successfully, but after rebooting it no longer establishes a connection to the cell tower.15:09
dm8tbrit still boots, doesn't it?15:09
Ken-YoungYes, but my minimal definition of a phone working includes the ability to make phone calls with it.   Perhaps I'm just too picky.15:10
dm8tbranyway, it sounds like a known bug. you might want to check bugzilla15:10
Ken-YoungI will.15:10
dm8tbrif you expect the same quality as harmattan, then yes, nemo is not for you.15:10
Ken-YoungNo, I didn't really even expect it to work, so I'm not surprised that it doesn't out-of-the box.   It looks like it's about where Openmoko phones were when the first of their units was launched.    It's a treasure hunt to find all the little scripts you have to run, and config files that must be editted, to get a working phone.15:12
Ken-YoungFor example, apparently one must add a user account, even though that's mentioned nowhere on the Nemo/Installing page of the Mer project wiki.15:14
Ken-YoungHooray - after yet another reboot, it can make calls again.   So apparently it's just flaky, not completely nonfunctional.   Flaky I can live with.15:22
phaeronthe modem sometimes doesn't come online15:23
phaeronthere was a script to poke it15:23
Ken-Youngphaeron, Thanks.   Do you happen to know the name of that script?15:24
phaeronnot off the top of my head15:28
phaeronthere were actually two , ensure-tpring something15:29
phaeronand another one15:29
Ken-Youngphaeron, OK, I'll start snooping around.   Thanks for the pointer.15:29
phaeronshould be in /usr/bin15:30
dm8tbryup, that's why I pointed to bugzilla, because IIRC this was documented there15:31
RzRKen-Young, what is your harmattan fm version ?15:32
Ken-Youngdm8tbr, Thanks, I'd better start getting familliar with that bugzilla!15:32
Ken-YoungRzR 1.215:32
RzRok said that pr1.3 needs to be downgraded to flash nemo15:33
RzRbtw you can add TODO in the wiki page15:33
Ken-YoungRzR - that' s interesting.   Did 1.3 actually change the modem firmware?15:33
RzRno idea15:33
halVIII_hello, nice app FingerTerm, good job15:35
arceanyes, 1.3 has newer modem firmware15:36
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halVIII_to close an app, the guideline is to close the app on the left screen with the red cross ?15:49
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Sage__RzR: will check that and many more during the upcoming week :)22:13
RzRthanx that's nice from you22:14
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