Tuesday, 2012-11-27

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FryeHmm, is the issue with wlan known. It just does not stay alive at all. Or is it just me and I need to try to debug it further =)10:54
FryeI've tried pretty much everything form a raindance to a reboot and it just randomly dies after 1-xk successfull pings.10:56
Stskeepsiwconfig wlan0 power off10:56
faenilStskeeps, why don't we switch that off by default?10:57
faenilI mean...it causes problems to everyone10:57
FryeI'll drop another line to the faq on the installation page if that one works for me.10:59
Fryefor now it died again10:59
Stskeepsfaenil: the problem is that it is misconfigured10:59
Fryeso does not seem to help10:59
faenilStskeeps, well yeah there's a problem for sure :P what I suggested is why don't we switch it off by default until someone fixes that misconfiguration or whatever it is :)11:00
FryeOk another try11:01
Fryethis time I got 13 secs of network11:01
Fryedoes not seem to help11:01
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FryeNow 30 secs11:04
Fryeand power management is off =(11:04
faenilo/ jukkaeklund_11:04
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anYcFrye: anything in dmesg?11:04
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anYcmaybe starting wpa_supplicant manually with debug output gives a hint?11:05
FryeMaybe I'm totally thumbless with wlan on linux. I remember using some driver like 8-10 years ago with a wrapper of some sort =)11:06
anYcndiswrapper maybe. never had to use it11:07
anYcjust type "dmesg" in a terminal. starting wpa_supplicant manually is a little bit difficult. i don't have my nemo device at hand11:08
Fryethat was it11:08
Fryewent through dmesg11:08
Fryenothing that looked suspicious on wlan11:08
Fryesome stack trace of interrupt handler though11:09
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FryeYeah, I can try to get some debugging info, but I'd need instructions for that.11:10
anYcI never tried it on nemo, but on a PC you take the generated wpa_supplicant.conf and start wpa_supplicant with something like "-i wlan0 -D wext -c my_wpa_config.conf -d". But I don't know if connman generates such a temporary config in the filesystem11:12
anYcon my PCs it's generated in /var/lib/$my_tool/11:13
Fryeonly line on dmesg after failure now is pvr: mcompositor: IOCTL 70 failed (13)11:13
FryeNo idea if that is relevant11:13
FryeI just dumped dmesg11:13
Fryerestarted wlan11:14
Fryeand that's whats added approx at the time of failure.11:14
anYchm okay, I don't remember seeing something like this. maybe it's best to file a bug with this11:14
FryeI'll try to get the zypper up and reboot done before this11:15
Fryecrossing fingers it's already fixed :D11:15
FryeAh, hmm the signal strength is terrible11:16
FryeWondering why it's associated to the AP that is on another floor when there is one right next to me =(11:17
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7448 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/744811:17
FryeI'll go sitting upstairs for a moment and see if that helps with the link11:17
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FryeanYc, Ok, seems like it worked upstairs11:21
FryeAnd that the wlan for some reason cannot do the handover to the other AP11:21
FryeAnyway to be sure I need to do a longer test upstairs.11:22
FryeThere was only few packages left to be downloaded11:22
anYcare they using the same ssid and are in the same subnet?11:25
anYc(but I'm not familiar with how wpa_supplicant handles such cases)11:26
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FryeanYc, yeah it's an extended wlan11:37
FryeSo the other one is pretty much just a repeater.11:38
Fryeand it's attached to the repeater not to the master :D11:38
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7449 Rejected promotion request13:21
rozhkovphaeron: lbt: what's wrong with SR#7449?13:24
Sagerozhkov: resubmit obs went bad13:29
Sageobs returned empty response in part of the checks apparently instead of proper content13:29
rozhkovSage: ic, will try again13:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7450 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/745013:31
* phaeron kicks cobs13:34
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M4rtinKBTW, whats the state of GPS support in Nemo ?14:25
Stskeepsn900? needs wiring up14:25
Stskeepsn950/n9: no way14:25
M4rtinKStskeeps: ok14:26
M4rtinKStskeeps: missing drivers for the N9/50 ? :)14:26
Stskeepsfeb11 kinda killed that14:26
M4rtinKhmm, kinda unfortunate, but it is at least good that it should work on the N900 in the future as that's wham I'm currently testing on anyway14:27
M4rtinKso lets wait until it's wired up (am afraid I'm not that well versed in C++ & QtMobility to do that myself) :)14:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7451 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/745114:32
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7451 Accepted promotion request14:41
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qwazix\join #maemo-meeting14:53
qwazixdamn slashes...14:54
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* Stskeeps hands qwazix some slashes14:54
Stskeepshow was your trip home?14:54
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qwazixStskeeps, that was fine, now back to being busy :) It was a very good break though...15:01
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7452 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/745215:01
Stskeepsqwazix: hope we put on a good show and it was worth coming :)15:01
qwazixAbsolutely! The launch event is something I'll never forget.15:02
qwazixDid you manage to relax a bit from all the pre-conference stress?15:02
w00tyeah, everyone got sick instead -_-15:02
anYcsnacks sponsored by nokia? ;)15:03
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cybetteit's a team effort. we all get sick together, and work on recovering together faster.15:04
cybetteat least I hope it works out that way :)15:05
qwazixI think it will. You can come to Greece. Sun is good for recovery :-)15:06
Stskeepsmust.. refrain.. from.. economics.. joke15:06
Stskeeps(they always talk about economic recovery in the news)15:07
qwazixwhat economics? We have no economics :-)15:07
Stskeepsgood point ;)15:07
Stskeepsqwazix: so, since i haven't asked you - out of personal curiousity, what do you expect and what would you like to see from sailfish in respect of licensing/open source/what's available and what's not?15:08
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qwazixhmm, that's a tough question. I'm inclined to say everything... but I know that money should be made for the benefit of all of us, and I always thought that artwork is a good way to differentiate (keep closed)15:09
qwazixIn a way however that makes it easy to replace (tangling thousands of icons and other closed bits in an otherwise open redistributable is always a pain for both the proprietor and the community)15:11
Stskeepsi'm bordering, personally, to that it might be better to have a common app story (qml components), middleware open and shared, and then let community work on their own ideas and app kinds, and for the 'closed' apps, make it extensible and take input on extension methods15:11
qwazixI think that the great mistake of nokia (and a point Google did right) was that maemo was unusable without the blobs, while android is usable, albeit with basic functionality15:13
qwazixRedistributability of closed apps, or simple alternatives could solve this. For example if someone ported sailfish to DeviceX would he be able to use for example the contacts app, or nemo's contacts app, so that he can actually use sailfish on his device.15:14
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qwazixGoogle does both by the way...15:16
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7453 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/745315:16
qwazixclosed gmail app, redistributable (or anyway easily found) and basic "good-enough" mail app built in AOSP15:17
Stskeepsreason why i'm asking is because i'd like to see so much more than just smartphones, and for once to have the community to be ahead15:20
Stskeepsjust providing software doesn't encourage creativity15:20
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Stskeepsgiving the tools to go cool things, however..15:20
Stskeepsi mean, if you want to learn how a handset is built, sure, look at android.. but it gives much more to actually learn how to do one, not just see example15:21
qwazixsure, but it needs to be easy to start the fun part, and trying to untangle closed and open parts surely isn't.15:22
Stskeepsof course15:22
Stskeepsthat's why i insist on the layering, open mer core, open nemo mw (lipstick, components, etc)15:22
Stskeepsi've been there myself before, untangling is a bitch15:25
qwazixThe only thing that bothers me with this approach is the very high naming fragmentation which might hurt marketing (not final product marketing, but word of mouth community "marketing") We 've now got MeeGo, Mer, Nemo, Sailfish already15:25
Stskeepsfor me it's in order to both ensure survivability, and to optimize openness :P15:26
Stskeepsno more crap because sailfish is making a release, as an example :P15:26
qwazixI'm talking about things as simple as a google search "Install Nemo on the Galaxy Whatever"15:26
qwazixI can see triple threads on forums and such15:27
qwazixOtherwise the "data model" I think is perfect.15:27
Stskeepsdata model?15:27
qwazixMeaning this kind of seperation of layers15:28
Stskeepsah, yeah15:28
qwazixIt makes it easier to choose15:28
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7453 Accepted promotion request15:28
Stskeepsquestion is also if people want to continue on qt4 based stack, and instead help build on qt5 side15:29
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qwazixI want a core to build on -> mer, I want to build just a new ui for a watch -> nemo, etc15:29
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile15:29
qwazixI really don't have a strong opinion on that as I haven't used Qt5 yet, don't know the pros/cons15:30
*** nhanth87 has joined #nemomobile15:30
qwazix(I am a little inclined to still prefer X over Wayland for philosophical reasons, but if I see the performance difference I might change my mind instantly :)15:30
Stskeepsit's just much saner to deal with.. and more device possibilities15:31
Stskeepsi had qml compositor up on my touchpad earlier with shared memory buffers15:31
qwazixI'll leave the low-level guys to decide that, I may even be wrong in my assumptions.15:32
Stskeepsby sometime after summer next year nobody's going to care about a qt4 handset stack, so that's also worth considering15:35
qwazixthat depends on upgrade paths, and devices. I'd never consider we would still care about a clutter 0.8/GTK2.0 based stack in 2013 :)15:37
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Stskeepsi do want to put wayland on n950/n9 too at some point15:37
Stskeepsn900 it's hopeless on, i've only ever gotten 37fps composition out of it15:38
w00tStskeeps: that's a bit strange, don't you think?15:39
qwazixShouldn't be faster than X?15:39
Stskeepsw00t: well, i do admit my old wayland impl for it was hacky at best15:40
Stskeepsw00t: and with some triple buffering you might get somewhere15:40
qwazixBy the way, I was thinking that using artificial motion blur while very fast scrolling could make the performance bearable at much lower frame rates15:40
w00twhat the jesus christ is going on with my internet today15:40
anYcyesterday there was another rumour on phoronix that there might be an oss powervr driver15:41
qwazixIt would probably be nice eyecandy for decent performance too, makes motion look smoother.15:41
w00tStskeeps: think your current approaches would work out there?15:41
Stskeepsw00t: as in, use android gpu driver?15:42
Stskeepsbut yeah, maybe seeing it with fresh eye would help15:43
w00tmm, i meant the mechanism of sharing more specifically, as wasn't that the hacked up part?15:43
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Sageanyone here wanting to test run ssu instructions for updating nemo repos?15:52
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khertanSage: which one ? https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Updating ? via command line15:57
SageNo, a bit newer instructions to make life a bit easier hopefully later.15:58
SageIt basically changes the existing nemo to use repositories in new obs15:59
khertanoh ... not tested yet so :)15:59
SageNOTE: These instruction is only for testing purpose it doesn't get you any newer nemo installation or anything. http://piratepad.net/kJGfuaoUuO15:59
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* Sage digs his n900 to test the instructions16:01
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khertanSage: i 'm testing on n95016:04
Sagekhertan: thanks. let me know how it goes and if you get any errors etc.16:05
Sagecomments in the pad is also ok if you face issues16:05
khertanSage: first on error :)16:07
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* khertan hope that mer/nemo and sailfish will spread fast on user device16:25
khertanas i ll be able to really use QTextEdit16:25
khertanas it s not useable with old broken pyside release on harmattan ...16:26
khertanwhich is a package signed by aegis fuck that aegis shit !16:26
khertancan't provide update to user16:26
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quixote1Just tried nemo again on sdcard on my n900 (version: 20121101.1.NEMO.2012-11-08.1). Last time was the August 5 version.22:37
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quixote1Amazing, the amount of work you've done and how well most things work at this point. Well done!22:38
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Ken-YoungDoes nemo work better on an n900 than it does on an n950?22:39
specialn950 is better.22:40
specialn900 is a bit slow, mostly.22:40
specialand most of us are developing on n950 or n922:40
Ken-Youngspecial, Thanks, that's good to know.22:41
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