Thursday, 2012-11-29

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phaerondeztructor_: there was an error hold on06:57
deztructor_phaeron: in 7464?06:58
deztructor_phaeron: or ur talking about earlier srs?06:58
phaerondeztructor_: 2 srs06:59
deztructor_there was smth. like "boss is not boss for some project (from many similar :))", i have resubmitted with another target proj06:59
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deztructor_phaeron: yes, i revoked 'em and submitted new06:59
deztructor_phaeron: ex juvantibus creqs ;)07:00
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phaeronbla , I dunno07:07
phaeronwill check later07:07
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sledgesgood moo-rning09:17
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7445 Accepted promotion request09:56
Sagespecial: ping, did I miss your telepathy-ring sr?09:58
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Sagekhertan: ping11:36
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khertanSage, pong12:17
Sagekhertan: I saw your submissions in cobs. Those need a bit fixing before I can accept them.12:18
khertanSage, oh ... which one ?12:18
Sagekhertan: you should check or similar and not do mkdir and cp in .spec but call "python install" or so.12:19
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w00tcan I bribe anyone into helping with testing ?12:21
cos-finally got nemo on n90012:21
cos-is it safe to upgrade packages?12:21
Sagekhertan: and instead of listing every file in .spec use wildcards in there like /opt/khtsimpletext/qml/*.qml12:21
Sagecos-: should be :)12:22
Sagecos-: if you face issues shout at me ;)12:22
cos-Sage: i will12:22
SageI tested the n900 yesterday and pushed couple of fixes there.12:22
Sageso basics should be in order at least12:22
Sagew00t: I can give it a go12:23
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Sageas I need to do it anyway :P12:23
w00tSage: thanks :)12:24
w00tSage: you'll be happy with the screenshot keybinding i think ;)12:24
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Sagebtw, I got tired for usb networking and started to use wifi for all my devices :P12:26
Sageit seems a bit slow at times though, some powersaving thing I guess?12:27
Sagew00t: please enable publishing12:27
w00tpublishing enabled12:28
* w00t demands we default that on on new OBS12:28
khertanSage, ah ... hum ... the specs is in fact autogenerated by a PyPackager, same source is use for packaging source for harmattan, and nemo (rpm source and spec, and dsc source and specs)12:28
khertanand i can't calling is probably not a good idea too12:29
khertanand it ll prevent me to package on my n9 :)12:30
Sagephaeron: ^ how large performance hit would auto publishing do?12:30
khertansage: setuptools can't be use on harmattan12:30
khertanSage, also using wildcare give me some strange errors in cobs12:31
Sagekhertan: well, then use it only for nemo. But I'm not going to accept it like that.12:31
khertanSage, sometimes some files was ignore12:31
phaeronSage: I'll look into it12:31
khertanSage, oh ... :(12:31
Sagekhertan: also doing chmod +x in %post is not acceptable you should use attr in %files instead12:31
khertanSage, using attribute in files ? by reading the current attribute of file ? and how did you package on system not using linux attribute ?12:32
khertanstupid question, could set attribute in the tar archive12:33
khertanSage, ok, so i ll create two project for cobs, one for harmattan using dsc and debian rules, and one for nemo12:34
Sagekhertan: search attr
Sagekhertan: well you could do both in one it is not a problem12:35
khertanSage, in fact it s a problem :)12:35
Sagebut having only nemo specific stuff for nemo is better :)12:35
khertanSage, just a little example ... you can't provide .changes (with rpm structs) and .change (with deb struct) ... both need to have the name of the package.changes12:36
khertanSage, yeah ... but you can understand, that the code isn't specifics ... is the same, didn't need to specific compile, so i 'was trying to mutualize packaging too :)12:37
khertanbut it s a bad things12:37
khertanother example : debian guide line specify that pycompile should be called at post install and none .pyc/.pyo should be present in the binary package12:38
khertanit s the opposite for rpm / nemo / suse packaging rules :)12:38
khertanSage, anyway ... let s go for standard python packaging tools ...12:39
Sagebut that is packaging specific and you can do different thing in .spec and in debian packaging12:39
khertanSage, but this mean too disctinct tar.gz12:39
khertanas you can't include .pyc files and not including them in same tar archive :)12:40
khertantwo different project12:40
khertanwill easy things i think12:40
Sagekhertan: well, you can do rm *.pyc if you want in one of the packaigng things after extracting the tar but well you should not have any .pyc or pyo files in tarball anyway as it should be only sources12:41
khertanSage, true ... :)12:41
Sageso if you need to package those you should actually generate those during the build but that is still wrong ;)12:42
khertancompiling to .pyc should be done by .specs12:42
khertanSage, why that is still wrong ...12:42
khertani didn't understand what s prevent s it12:42
khertanSage, also why did you prefer that i use python setup that the way i do it ?12:43
khertan(it s a real question not trolling)12:43
Sagekhertan: because instead of having 1k lines in .spec you could have under 10012:43
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khertanSage, and ... i could argue that it s faster :)12:44
Sagealso instead of everytime there is new file added you need to modify your .spec about those files atm. but if you do it properly you don't need to touch other than version12:44
khertanthat just for size of specs file ?12:44
khertanSage, oh i modify specs for each release anyway, there is version at least to change12:45
khertanSage, it s autogenerated :)12:45
Sageyes, but it adds review burden that I don't want to have12:45
khertanthat's is a argument :)12:45
khertanthat i can understand12:46
khertanSage, did you know any python apps in nemo that is properly packaged ... ?12:47
Sagekhertan: well you can check e.g.
khertanSage, devel write specs mannually ?12:47
Sagekhertan: the point is that you should write it only once properly and then you don't really need to modify it much12:48
Sageand here is another
Sagenot sure if those are perfect either but something that would be acceptable12:49
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khertanwhaou,  that specs packaging look like horrible to me12:51
khertanan other devel nightmar12:51
Sagekhertan: ... %build has 1 line %install 2 lines and %files couple12:53
Sagekhertan: here is cleaned up that you would need :)12:54
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Sagerpm packaging is really only that one file .spec that you need and even that in your case can be very small. Stuff in the beginning is just metadata that needs to be there but you have that already in your existing spec12:57
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khertanSage, yeah the spec ... but calling python mean you need also to create a python setup.py12:59
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khertanSage, and depending on plateform you're targetting you ll need different setup.py13:00
Sagekhertan: you probably would have already written the while fighting against it ;)13:02
khertanSage, yep indeed ... it s now written :)13:02
khertanbut heck ... can't test it yet ... no python distutil or setuptool on harmattan13:03
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khertanSage, so adding specs support for was useless13:11
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Sagekhertan: Well you could improve it based on this discussion if you want. But in general you should not use workarounds from harmattan in nemo as those are not needed and do proper packaging.13:13
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7467 Rejected promotion request13:14
phaeronSage: any other stuck requests ?13:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7468 Rejected promotion request13:14
Sagephaeron: 7464 7463 744213:15
Sageif you didn't handle those yet13:15
Sagecobs is a bit slow again13:15
w00tSage: got a verdict on that package?13:16
phaeronSage: 7464 has an issue that it is to different destination projects13:18
phaeronso that's broken ( only because they are delete actions , which get ignored by the check. but then the bot can't add a review by destination project , because obs refuses , because one destination project can't review the other)13:19
phaeronthat was a mouthful13:19
khertanSage, i will not reinvent a squared wheel ... and use distutils ...13:20
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7463 Rejected promotion request13:23
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7442 Rejected promotion request13:24
Sagew00t: delayed :)13:27
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* w00t lunches13:27
khertani've a little question about icons in apps launcher13:28
khertanlook like some apps didn't have proper icon13:28
khertanmy apps included13:28
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khertanthere is a 80x80 png icon and svg one in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/80x80/apps and /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps, and in .desktop Icon=nameoftheIconfilewithoutExtension13:29
khertanis it a bug of the launcher or should i put the complete path in .desktop ?13:29
Sagew00t: nice it works the print screen that is :)13:29
w00tSage: hehe13:30
Sagew00t: some volumekey powerkey compo etc could be also nice for devices that don't have keyboard13:30
Sageor sensor compo13:30
w00tusb keyboard! ;)13:30
Sagew00t: also maybe pictures should go to Pictures and not to home?13:31
Sagei.e., XDG_PICTURES or what ever that is?13:31
w00tcan do that in the next release, for the time being i just reused what widgetsgallery did13:31
Sagesure works nicely13:32
Sagew00t: remember to refer to nemo bug in that as there is one for it :)13:32
Merbot`Nemo bug 237 in Other "Create dedicated screenshot application with QML" [Task,New]13:33
Sagewell a bit different thing but I would say that that is enough :)13:33
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niqtSage i begin this wee-end13:44
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Sagedeztructor_: can you resubmit the contextkit removal requests with one per project14:10
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Sageor well I can sr thos14:19
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7470 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7471 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7470 Accepted promotion request14:24
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7471 Accepted promotion request14:25
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7474 Rejected promotion request14:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7474 Rejected promotion request14:29
Vesuri failed because there were multiple destinations in the request. isn't that the whole point of creq?14:35
Vesuriare these two separate things:14:35
VesuriMultiple destination projects in request14:36
Vesuri Applying the actions required to automate this process has failed, because the bossbot user was not authorized to do so. Please add bossbot as a maintainer in the target projet CE:UX:MTF14:36
VesuriSage: any ideas? I'm just trying to release those three packages at (roughly) the same time, so whatever achieves that is fine...14:36
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Sagecreq with multiple targets doesn't seem to work properly. Vesuri split it to two requests and it should be ok.14:41
VesuriSage: ok, thanks14:41
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VesuriSage: ,
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7475 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7476 waiting for review at
SageVesuri: does that need something for nemo UI ?14:44
VesuriSage: no14:44
VesuriSage: previously mce talked to system-ui about screen locking (for legacy reasons) and system-ui then talked to lipstick which was just an unnecessary roundtrip, now mce and lipstick handle things among themselves14:46
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w00tyep, should all be fine14:50
Sagewhat do we need systemui anymore? :)14:51
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Sageanything else?14:52
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VesuriSage: Battery related notifications (battery low, charging...), Disk space notifications (Low disk space on partition XYZ), Shutdown screen (possibly with shutdown reason), USB mode selection dialog, Volume key handling and UI14:52
Sagehmmp... response to powerkey seems to be slower with the update14:53
VesuriSage: I doubt.14:53
VesuriSage: or if it is, other mce changes cause it14:53
Vesuriworks fine for me though?14:53
VesuriSage: which response? turning the screen off or on?14:54
Sagehmmp.. when I press powerkey it blanks but then lockscreen reappears14:54
SageI can't turn screen off anymore with powerkey14:54
Sagewhen ever I do it reappears14:54
VesuriSage: restart mce and user session14:54
SageI rebooted the device :)14:54
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khertanSage, i suggest you could not accept this package too : :)14:55
Sagekhertan: true would not accept that either14:56
*** pvilja has joined #nemomobile14:56
SageVesuri: not sure what is up but no way to turn screen off now it seems.14:56
Sagewhen power is pressed it is turned off for a moment but then it comes back in a while14:57
VesuriSage: yes, that means mce can't talk with whoever it wants to talk to14:57
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*** spiiroin has joined #nemomobile14:57
VesuriSage: can you check /etc/dbus-1/system.d/ and hmm... which files to check14:57
spiiroinVesuri, Sage: you could also run stop mce.service and run mce in verbose mode: mce --force-stderr --verbose --verbose14:59
VesuriSage: I removed any manually installed files, installed the packages and rebooted and it works for me. it may be because some dbus config files are not overridden by the rpms15:00
Sagespiiroin: also we should move mce to /usr/sbin/mce from /sbin at some point15:00
Sagebut that is another thing15:00
Vesuriisn't mce already in /sbin/mce !?15:00
Vesuri[root@localhost ~]# which mce15:00
Vesuri /sbin/mce15:00
Vesurioh, from15:00
VesuriSage: do you have /etc/dbus-1/system.d/lipstick.conf ?15:01
VesuriSage: also, what have you installed on your device onw?15:01
VesuriSage: you need to install the packages in both requests, otherwise it definitely won't work15:02
Sagespiiroin: Vesuri:
SageVesuri: installed lipstick, mce and meegotouch-systemui15:02
Vesuriso you should have mce-1.12.4-7.1.Nemo.armv7hl and lipstick-0.6.0-4.1.Nemo.UX.MTF.armv7hl and meegotouch-systemui-1.5.1-4.1.Nemo.UX.MTF.armv7hl15:02
khertanok ... look like .spec is too strange for me15:02
khertani ll let other packaging my apps15:02
*** rcg-work has joined #nemomobile15:03
Sagemce: tklock.c:tklock_reply_dbus_cb(): D-Bus call to org.nemomobile.lipstick.screenlock.tklock_open failed: The name org.nemomobile.lipstick was not provided by any .service files15:04
Sagemce: tklock.c:tklock_reply_dbus_cb(): D-Bus call to org.nemomobile.lipstick.screenlock.tklock_open failed: The name org.nemomobile.lipstick was not provided by any .service files15:04
SageVesuri: ^ those are printed when I press powerkey15:04
w00tkhertan: just ask questions, Sage's usually helpful with problems15:04
spiiroinSage: Vesuri: looks like mce cant talk to lipstick15:04
Vesuriyes. (04:57:23 PM) Vesuri: Sage: yes, that means mce can't talk with whoever it wants to talk to15:04
Vesuriand in this case it's lipstick, so mce is the new version as expected15:04
khertanw00t, yeah sage was helpfull indeed ... i'm just to lazy15:04
VesuriSage: can you run qdbus --system org.nemomobile.lipstick /screenlock15:05
VesuriSage: and do you have /etc/dbus-1/system.d/lipstick.conf which allows lipstick to own that service?15:06
SageVesuri: lets forget lipstick for now. If I don't have lipstick running and click powerkey display turns off but on again after second or two15:06
VesuriSage: yes. that is completely normal.15:06
SageI can't turn off the screen15:06
VesuriSage: mce NEEDS the lock screen handling process15:06
VesuriSage: yeah, because you don't have the necessary processes running if you're not running lipstick15:06
VesuriSage: previously it was sysuid15:06
Vesurinow it's lipstick. nothing strange there15:07
VesuriSage: if MCE can't find the process handling the lock screen it will do exactly that - turn the screen back on15:07
SageVesuri: maybe this is the problem :)15:07
Vesuridon't ask me why, that's how MCE has worked ever since I've had anything to do with this stuff :)15:07
Sagewhen I press powerkey lipsticks says goodbye in a bad manner ;)15:08
VesuriSage: :O15:08
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:09
Vesuriokay, I'll check something out... lezzee15:10
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7477 waiting for review at
*** ameise has joined #nemomobile15:28
VesuriSage: seems to be because there's an abi break and lipstick-colorful-home doesn't get rebuilt against the new lipstick version15:32
VesuriSage: or maybe it gets, in obs?15:32
w00tit will be once it's accepted15:35
*** cat_x301 has quit IRC15:36
Sagehmp.. we haven't checked abi breaks so far15:36
Sagein theory we should add Requires: lipstick >= x.y.z there15:36
VesuriSage: no, it just needs to be rebuilt15:37
w00tlipstick doesn't (at this stage) promise an ABI15:37
w00tbreaks can happen15:37
Sageok, well accepting then.15:37
* Sage will be hunting Vesuri if it doesn't work ;)15:38
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7476 Accepted promotion request15:48
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle15:56
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khertanSage, with my .spec, file are installed in /opt//lib/python2.7/site-packages/khtnotes/qml/components ... so i miss something ... i would like something like /opt/khtnotes/qml/components. Maybe you could help understood what i miss here. Spec file is here :
Sagekhertan: you can remove line "BuildRoot" Section "%clean" and section "%post" from spec.16:10
Sagekhertan: and that path is becaues of the setup.py16:11
Sagewhich is actually something I'm not sure about how python packages should be packaged under /opt/16:12
khertanSage, hum ... indeed, but how should i do, put .py file in data section16:12
Sagelbt, Stskeeps: do we have policy for that?16:12
khertanthat a crappy workarround16:12
khertanSage, if it s an app it should be in /opt i think16:12
khertanbut if it s a real module it should be in /usr/lib/python***16:12
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile16:14
Sagekhertan: maybe --install-base or --install-platbase and defining to /opt/khtnotes/16:15
Sagekhertan: check "python --help install" with your own setup.py16:16
*** Xruxa has quit IRC16:16
Sagebut I think this is first time someone is packaging python based app that isn't in core tools :P16:17
khertanhum ... there is other try from martink, but you ll not accept his spec file which look like mine too :)16:19
khertans/mine/my old one16:19
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:21
Sagethis new .spec looks much better already :)16:22
khertanSage, but the becoming crappy ... this just a move of the crappy stuff from one place to an other :)16:23
khertanindeed it s not true16:23
khertanit s more cleaner16:23
khertan(and more pythonic, except putting code in data section of the setup)16:24
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC16:25
*** auri__ has quit IRC16:34
*** xmlich02 has joined #nemomobile16:37
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile16:38
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile16:38
khertanSage, the specs file is nice ... but ...hum ... the build isn't :)
Sagekhertan: comment everything out from %files for a moment and check where the files are16:54
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:56
*** qwazix has quit IRC16:57
*** phaeron_n9 has joined #nemomobile17:03
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile17:05
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:10
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*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile17:35
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*** Sicelo has quit IRC17:52
*** Sicelo has joined #nemomobile17:52
faenilmy nemo is corrupted again...mmm :(17:52
faenilEntry 'Kasvopus' in /??? (12) is a link to directory /???/Kasvopus (16).17:54
faenilall like that...17:54
w00twell that's interesting17:55
faeniland after fsck...all is gone...17:56
faeniloh lost+found is there, lol17:56
w00twhat's your filesystem?17:56
faenilstandard nemo installation17:56
w00ti don't remember what it's using nowdays, my install is ancient17:56
w00t(+ SSU'd)17:56
faenilit's ext4 atm17:56
faenilat least it's mounted as ext417:56
w00ti almost wonder if ext3 wouldn't be safer for nxxx, since the kernels aren't exactly cutting edge17:57
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7478 waiting for review at
faenilcould be..17:58
* w00t wonders if the kernel upgrade will ever go into repos17:59
faenilyeah I was thinking about that too17:59
faenilwell the guys are working on that17:59
faenilaren't you hopeful?17:59
faenilSage, since I'm there, what's the latest nemo image?18:00
w00tfaenil: well it's a lot of work.. i know that :)18:00
faenilw00t, :)18:00
faenilw00t, do you know Sage's snapshots url?18:04
w00tfaenil: no18:04
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake18:05
faenilfound it ;)18:05
*** qwazix has quit IRC18:08
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile18:16
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile18:21
faenilwait...what happened to Nemo?18:23
faenilit's much smoother18:23
faeniland there isn't any big delay rendering anymore :O18:24
Stskeepswhat part?18:24
faenilI just flashed it18:24
faenilit booted18:24
faeniland I didn't have to wait for it to become smooth18:24
faeniland homescreen is smooth18:24
faeniland I can't see the ghosting effect anymore18:24
faenil(well, normal ghosting now)18:24
Stskeepssome of it is probably due to optimizations we had to do for slush18:24
faenilwell, well done!18:25
faenilif only you had done it months ago XD lol18:25
faenilthough there's a bug in homescreen :D I can scroll it horizontally by few pixels18:26
faeniland it doesn't got back18:26
faenilneed to update packages first though18:26
* faenil is happy :D18:27
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile18:27
*** slaine has quit IRC18:48
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile18:49
*** jluisn has quit IRC18:54
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:05
*** phaeron_n9 has quit IRC19:06
*** rcg-work has quit IRC19:15
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile19:20
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile19:20
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile19:26
*** furikku has quit IRC19:37
vgradefaenil: interesting, the A10 nemo build I did only became smooth after a while19:47
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile19:49
* vgrade switches from Rpi tp Mele19:51
*** cristi has quit IRC19:57
*** iceslide has joined #nemomobile20:05
faenilvgrade, mm20:09
faenilwhat about this Stskeeps? zypper up --> Loading repository data --> Segmentation Fault :D20:10
faenilalso [root@localhost nemo]# zypper ref20:10
faenilRepository 'ce-adaptation-n950-n9' is up to date.20:10
faenilSegmentation fault20:10
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile20:13
faenilstill segmentation fault... -.-20:22
faenilvgrade, this time it took some time, so maybe first time I was lucky, or tracker didn't start, or I don't know what :p20:23
vgradefaenil: ok20:28
faeniland the lockscreen doesn't work20:30
faenilmmm I think current packages screwed something :p20:30
faenilw00t, know anything about the lockscreen issue?20:31
faenilI press hw button, display goes off, and after 2 seconds it switches back on, and no lockscreen20:31
*** ZogG_lap1op has joined #nemomobile20:31
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC20:33
specialfaenil: see what happens in journalctl at that time?20:33
faenilk wait20:33
faenilNov 29 22:31:48 localhost mce[225]: mce: tklock.c:tklock_reply_dbus_cb(): D-Bus20:35
faenilcall to org.nemomobile.lipstick.screenlock.tklock_open failed: The name org.nemo20:35
faenilmobile.lipstick was not provided by any .service files20:35
faenilthere you go20:35
faenilalso Nov 29 22:31:52 localhost mce[225]: mce: mce-io.c:mce_determine_io_monitor_seeka20:36
faenilble(): /dev/bh1770glc_als: is NOT seekable, while glib thinks it is seekable20:36
faenilspecial, ^20:40
specialthe former is weird20:41
specialI wonder if lipstick crashed.20:41
faenilpgrep lipstick returns 29420:42
specialand did it have another pid prior to 22:31:48?20:43
*** qwazix has quit IRC20:44
*** RzR has quit IRC20:44
*** peetah has quit IRC20:45
w00tzypper ref/zypper up and reboot20:45
*** peetah has joined #nemomobile20:45
faenilw00t, segfault20:46
faenilspecial, don't remember20:47
specialjournalctl goes back far enough to tell you20:47
faenilright xD20:47
faenilmm no20:48
faenilit doesn't go back enough20:48
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:48
faenilI left it updating and then went away for dinner20:48
faenilfirst trace is Nov 29 22:14:03 localhost lipstick[294]: Using the meego graphics system20:49
faenilbecause I rebooted20:49
faenilbut I updated at 20-2120:49
*** RzR has joined #nemomobile20:49
*** RzR has quit IRC20:51
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile20:53
faenilspecial, and in my home folder there's only applauncher.lock :(20:56
faenilapplauncherd.lock  controlpanel-applets.log :(20:57
faenilwhere are pictures, Downloads20:57
faeniland terminal says sh-3.220:57
*** RzR has joined #nemomobile20:57
faenilwth happened :/20:57
specialls -la /home20:58
*** n9mx has quit IRC20:58
faenildrwxr-xr-x  3 root root 4096 2012-11-14 00:53 .20:58
faenildrwxr-xr-x 21 root root 4096 2012-11-29 22:13 ..20:58
faenildrwx------ 12 nemo nemo 4096 2012-11-29 22:58 nemo20:58
faenilnemo is the owner20:58
faenilno 500 this time20:58
specialsomething is very screwed up there.20:59
faenilmaybe this snapshot is missing something20:59
faenilI got the snapshot from Sage, 13/1120:59
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile20:59
faenilmaybe this is why it was so smooth :P21:00
faenilit's lacking things :D21:00
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:01
faenilis there anything I can do?21:01
faenilor just reflash? :P21:01
specialyou definitely should reflash21:02
faenilalright, I'll try21:02
*** RzR has quit IRC21:09
*** jreznik has quit IRC21:15
faenilspecial, same as before21:15
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:15
faenillockscreen works now (I haven't updated packages yet21:15
faenilbut I have nothing in home21:15
faenilin home/Nemo I mean21:16
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile21:18
faenilspecial, I guess that snapshot is screwed (cc Sage )21:21
specialpick an older one and SSU21:22
*** n9mx has quit IRC21:23
*** qwazix has quit IRC21:23
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile21:24
faenilspecial, yeah I'm doing that right now21:24
faeniltrying 08/1121:24
faenilwhich is latest release21:24
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile21:27
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:28
faenilspecial, still no folders :/21:31
Sagefaenil: anything you take from url is not safe :)21:33
faenilSage, problem is latest release is having the same problem :D21:34
Sageproblem as in?21:34
faenilwhen I open terminal I get21:34
faeniland in home/nemo I have no folders21:34
faenilI tried 13/11 and 08/11 images21:35
Sagefaenil: what device?21:38
SageI would say thta your extration didn't go well... forgot --numeric-owner?21:38
faenilI always copy paste command to be sure21:38
faenilsudo tar --numeric-owner -xf nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-*.tar.bz2 -C /media/Alt_OS/21:39
Sagels -la /home/21:39
faenildrwx------ 11 nemo nemo 409621:40
Sagels -la /home/nemo/21:40
faenilonly applauncherd.lock21:41
faeniloh sorry21:41
faenilwrong command21:41
faenilmistyped -la as -ls21:42
faenilin /home/nemo there are hidden files21:42
faenil+ applauncherd.lock21:42
faenilSage, do you need the complete output?21:45
Sagefaenil: that would probably help21:53
faenilSage, reflashing with 15/10 image atm21:53
faenilSage, 15/10 image everything alright22:01
faenilso something is screwed in November images :P22:02
SageI'm using the latest in the and it works fine22:02
faenildon't know what to say22:05
faenilit didn't work here22:06
faenilI'll try again 1h22:06
faenilin 1h22:07
*** sivang has joined #nemomobile22:22
*** VDVsx has quit IRC22:24
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile22:25
*** RzR has joined #nemomobile22:27
*** Martix_ has quit IRC22:37
*** iceslide has quit IRC22:44
*** danielcbit has quit IRC22:51
faenilSage, ping22:53
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle22:53
faenilSage, I flashed 08/11 again and it's not working...22:55
faenilSage, are you sure you flashed 08/11?22:55
faenilSage, please let me know if you need logs or anything23:02
faenilotherwise I'm reverting to 15/10 as I need something working to test qmlgallery23:02
faenilspecial, is zypper up enough to update everything?23:06
faenilor are there things which can't be updated with zypper?23:06
*** niqt has quit IRC23:07
*** frals has quit IRC23:07
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile23:08
specialfaenil: zypper dup is a little more extensive, but usually not necessary23:08
faenilspecial, so I can just flash 15/10 and zypper dup23:09
faeniland I get new xorg and all latest things?23:09
faenilI thought some things couldn't be updated via zypper23:09
*** frals has joined #nemomobile23:11
phaeronfaenil: run the upgrade process in a screen so in case Xorg crashes it doesn't end badly23:12
faenilphaeron, yeah I always do that :)23:12
faenilthanks for reminding though23:13
faenilmmm while dup23:20
faenilProblem: PackageKit-zypp-0.6.22-1.22.Nemo.armv7hl requires, but this requirement cannot be provided23:20
faenilshall I skip?23:22
phaeronhmm are you using mer next ?23:24
faenilphaeron, I just flashed 15/10 image23:24
faeniland now I zypped ref23:24
faeniland zypper dup23:24
phaeronzypper lr -u23:25
phaeronpastebin it23:25
faenilphaeron, yes it's using next23:26
faenilbut I didn't change anything, it's all default23:26
* phaeron pokes Sage 23:26
phaeronwhy the hell are you giving people an image that uses mer next !23:26
phaeronno wonder it's blowing up23:26
phaeronfaenil: only mer  next or everything next23:27
faenilphaeron, all23:28
phaeron <-- no 15/10 image there23:29
faenilphaeron, poor Sage, it must be one of his snapshots that I downloaded23:30
faenilthat's why it's using mer-next23:30
phaeronuse latest release from there23:31
faenillatest release from there doesn't work man23:31
faenilit doesn't have folders in home/nemo23:32
faeniland I get sh-3.2 in terminal23:32
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:32
faenilSage said he's using that one and it works23:32
faenilbut maybe his install is not fresh23:32
faenilI flashed 08/11 twice23:32
phaeronok then wait for sage :)23:32
faeniland it doesn't work23:32
faenilphaeron, or I can just skip that packageKit problem and use mer-next? :D23:33
*** rcg has quit IRC23:33
phaeronalright but you get to keep both pieces :)23:33
phaeronif it breaks that is23:33
faenilboth pieces of what23:33
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile23:34
phaeronof the installation23:34
faenilI don't use packagekit :)23:35
phaeronit's a common saying. "if it breaks you get to keep both pieces"23:35
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile23:35
faenilphaeron, oh alright, sorry I didn't know it :)23:35
*** blam_ has quit IRC23:35
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile23:35
faenilit's clear now :D23:35
faenilwho know where this will lead :D23:36
faenilNemo's bleeding edge, lol :D23:36
*** blam_ has quit IRC23:37
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile23:37
*** blam_ has quit IRC23:39
*** macmaN has quit IRC23:42
*** blam_ has joined #nemomobile23:45
*** macmaN has joined #nemomobile23:46
faenilI'll leave it updating23:52

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