Wednesday, 2012-12-19

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dm8tbrgood moaning05:01
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Sageaggelos_: yes, only thing that matters is that altos needs to be p407:45
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Sagemorning all ;)07:51
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niqtmorning all08:09
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Stskeepsmorn niqt08:13
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niqtis possible run deployed application with mer-qtcrear directly on device?08:34
niqti have configured device, but don't run08:34
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7557 Accepted promotion request10:12
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niqt_hi sledges10:39
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7566 waiting for review at
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Sagesomeone with older nemo image installed and would like to try to update it a bit?11:50
Sagezypper install -f -t pattern nemo-<device>11:51
w00tSage: patterns? \o/11:52
Sagesingle pattern to update all11:52
Sagethere device is n950, n900, x86-generic or x86-vm11:53
Sageand after that zypper dup and should be the very latest11:53
sledgesmy image is 6 days old, and on Monday the update failed ;) (see backlog)11:57
sledgesN9 here11:57
sledgesSage, ^11:57
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sledgesfits the bill?12:00
* Sage updated
Sagesledges: I really need to try that myself soon as well. The image I'm running works fine :/12:02
Sagesledges: the 6 days old image? you took my -next image as a base?12:02
Sagethose images are not something one should use except testing -next images updates on those can break12:03
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Sage is the latest snapshot there has been12:03
sledgesSage, no, I reverted back to non-next Sage12:04
sledgesso which one would you want me to test? the old image, or the 6-day old one? (non-next both)12:05
SageI have no idea what you mean with 6-day old one12:06
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sledges6 days ago I did zypper ref & up and it worked all fine12:08
sledgesthat's what I called :) - a rolling release that nemo is ;)12:08
sledgesI can just grab that image your pasted link of and try to update the way you say - so all is from scratch12:11
SageI'll try to do update from the 11-08.1 image to latest and see how it goes12:12
* sledges will do the same. Do you have N9 Sage ?12:13
SageN950 but should be the same12:14
Sagedon't have extra n9 to test these things :/12:14
sledgesgot me for that ;)12:16
Sageyes ;)12:16
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sivanghi all, your feedback and discussion appreciated -
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sivangsledges: I think a good photo of a clean new N9/950 would be best for the social presence12:29
sledgesclean new that's two issues of mine already :D12:30
sledgesI can clean but won'ลง be new :)12:30
sivangsledges: sorry, not new :)12:30
sivangsledges: yes, or I can try one when I find a minute to it (I kept my N950 better than my life so it could ook fairly new)12:31
sledges:)) yup, nice; what do you think about that netbook then?12:32
sivangsledges: I'd love to try it on an ASUS eee Pad instead12:32
sivangsledges: I want to rad people, if you know what I mean12:32
sivangsledges: but for that we need to be able to use hybris and run NemoMobile on it12:32
sivang(I guesS)12:32
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sledges? rad, radiate=impress, radar=attract? :)12:33
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sivangsledges: impress was my understanding, but radar is nice as well :)12:34
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sivangsledges: if we get eee Pad to run it, we'd be doing some more tides in engadget and the media I'd like to think12:34
sledgessivang, something tells me you haven't seen my photo with nemo on eee12:35
sledgesit's on ml :)12:35
sivangsledges: then I haven't.12:35
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sivangsledges: was that an eee pad? :)12:35
sledgesI see, you want it on a tablet ;)12:36
sivangsledges: so I want an eee Pad , no kbt12:36
sivangsledges: yes12:36
sledgeswell, we have whatever we have atm, hope for more nemo hw adopters soon from others ;)12:36
sivangsledges: I have one but I Need to return it back to my previous employer so I can't do anything to it :/12:36
sledgeshow soon? ;D12:37
sivangsledges: too soon :-(12:37
sivangsledges: couple of days or so12:37
sledgesyikes :)12:37
sledgesI had eee transformer pad, but ubuntu on it runs only via chroot12:38
sledgesif at all12:38
sledgeswe had to return it sadly12:38
sledgesI'd get a hold of O2 Joggler hope eventually12:38
sivangsledges: it's a transformer, yes12:38
sledgesmight be a candidate12:38
sivangthe rad effect would spring out of a proper no kbd tablet, where UI is smoothly experienced. It worked well last time  I tested on the N95012:39
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Sagesledges: updating13:03
sledgesSage, syncing after extracting Alt_OS ;)13:06
sledgesweird, unmounted Alt_OS and it did not sync (gnome-shell 3.6.2, older gnome used to pop-up a sync progress dialog)13:07
sledgessync seems to pause now ok13:07
sledgesahh the fade-in blue screen of Nemo on first boot for considerable amount of time to enjoy :)13:08
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* Sage curses himself for not following his own instructions13:23
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* sledges curses that nemo old version does not support his SIM card, having forgotten that fact though13:26
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sivangsledges: so to use creator / qt sdk you need to build it yourself now right? (modified for Nemo/Mer)13:34
sledgessivang, yes13:37
sledgesI think that is in wiki but only for VirtualBox SDK part13:38
Sagesledges: no problems with update for me13:39
Sageworks fine13:39
Sagezypper and all even after update13:39
* sledges can't get stable wifi :( constantly drops13:39
sledgesnever was like this before same AP13:40
sledges^ rebooting Sage  :(13:41
sledgesmaybe played around with `iwconfig wlan0 power off` too much, or at the wrong time (should I execute it whilst connected, or before?)13:41
sivangsledges: so it deploys only to vb? interesting...13:43
sledgesno, vb is only to keep sdk separate13:43
sledgeschroot sdk is the same, it just adds he chroot clutter (mounts etc)13:44
sledgesqtcreator should work both cases13:44
sledgesbut Mer Platform SDK has to be installed regardless (either in chroot or vb form)13:44
sivangsledges: so not sure what's the req for vb ?13:44
sivangsledges: right, because it is the chroot where building happens like with Harmattan (you always had to installs the dev chroots for on device testing AFAIR)13:45
sledgesSage, 285 packages for zypper dup13:46
* sivang attempts building13:47
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sledgesSage, I'm cancelling it, speed it max 200kB/s, but averagely stays at around 40, it will take ages13:56
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sledgeswill try reboot (-t pattern nemo-n950 has been performed, it's taking ages on zypper dup)13:56
sledgesand play with wlan power off first13:57
sledgeshi aggelos_13:59
sivanghmm, should have given it -j 4 or so14:01
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Sagesledges: well anyway, for me it was fine :)14:20
sledgeslol now 147 out of 259 :)14:23
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sledgesSage, all works ;?)15:07
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Sagesledges: as far as I can see yes15:13
sledgesSage, it wasn't a question lol15:15
sledgesjust a typo :)15:15
sledgesall works after update here on N915:15
sledgeseven SIM hotswapping ;) (kudos to phaeron(?) :))15:16
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Sagesledges: hmmp15:26
Sagewell that is good15:27
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sledgesno repo switchover yet Sage ?15:37
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Sagesledges: not yet, well we are ready for it more or less already though.15:47
SageI've been pondering if we could do it now or if i've still missed something15:47
sledgesa staging playground maybe?15:54
sledgesSage, ^15:54
Sagesledges: what do you mean?15:55
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sledgesSage, have all repos still available if feasible16:21
sledgesand deprecate the old one evtly16:21
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Sagesledges: sure, syncing the data is the main thing in this move16:32
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sledgesright.. well, or have a separate branch of nemo (different kickstart file)16:34
sledgesjust like you produced one with mer-next16:35
Sagesledges: well there will be 3 levels in the new obs16:35
Sagestable, testing and devel which is probably exactly what you mean16:35
sledgesso first we try out, comment, fix, and evt switch16:35
* Sage is still not following fully16:35
sledgesah, the new repo structure describes a clearer lifecycle, but I am talking about switchover/being able to try first, leaving current users intact16:36
sledges"< Sage> I've been pondering if we could do it now or if i've still missed something"16:36
sledgesin case we missed something16:36
Sagewell, the missing something is not in package level but things below in the obs etc. :)16:36
Sagei know that all the packages are there16:36
sledgeseither way, doesn't it still fit the picture?16:37
sledgesa fallback plan b16:37
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sledgeslet's say you switch over, everything brakes, people want to switch back to how it was16:37
sledgeswhilst people still use old repo layout16:38
sledges*breaks :)16:38
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Sagewell, the old stuff is there  still yes. We are not closing it16:38
sledgesah ok, so we'll be able to poke the new stuff gradually16:39
sledgesand transition will not stress us too much16:39
sledgesthat was my question ;)16:39
sledgesthanks! lol16:39
sledges(too case of disaster)16:39
sledgesdo the packages duplicate themselves atm COBS->BMO ?16:41
Sagewhen ever I run sync script16:42
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aggelos_hmm weird20:52
aggelos_trying to do the single boot20:52
aggelos_I got the warranty text but then reboot20:52
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aggelos_ok, so maybe something went wrong with the init scripts?20:57
aggelos_let me try again20:57
SageI just recall that there was problems with single boot and thus it is marked not recommended20:57
aggelos_well, the flasher claims it sent over the image and initrd no problem20:58
aggelos_then I' get the warranty text, then another nokia screen, then warranty text again20:58
aggelos_I expected to see at least some message from the initrd scripts, iirc init ends in a virtually infinite loop20:59
aggelos_and now it boots into harmattan21:00
aggelos_was I supposed to remove the usb cable at some point?21:00
Sageaggelos_: well check the guide :)21:07
aggelos_Sage: the guide mentions no such thing for the n9, it's just that I ran into such instructions in other pages21:08
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aggelos_now I'm trying to sneak a dd of the first MB of /dev/mmcblk0 to another box so I can take a look21:09
Sagewell, the guide needs fixing21:09
aggelos_in what way?21:10
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aggelos_heh. no real root user, the "user" user can't cp into MyDocs, can't send it as mail attachment21:13
aggelos_Sage: I'll be glad to amend the guide after I've found out how you're supposed to do it (and verified it works)21:16
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Sageaggelos_: well in the way that it doesn't work atm :)21:23
aggelos_Sage: but why would it fail in this exact way? I'd expect the initrd to run, so I'd at least see some messages21:24
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aggelos_ni niqut22:08
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aggelos_sledges: sorry to bother you again... do you remember if there actually was any "green text" when booting moslo's rootfs?22:20
aggelos_sledges: also, I'm not sure how one would telnet in to moslo22:23
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aggelos_when I boot the n9 by plugging in the usb cable, I do get a usbpn0 for a second or two23:10
aggelos_that's w/o running flasher23:10
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aggelos_nope, even if I get a script to immediately configure the interface with and telnet to, still no go23:26
aggelos_so apparently there's a rescue initrd one can use23:26
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