Tuesday, 2012-12-25

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Sagemorning and merry xmas time for all.09:33
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iekku_Sage, same to you10:02
iekku_(almost wrote "sane to you", which would be ok also)10:02
romaxa_homedoes anybody know how to make nfs mounting working on nemo?10:07
romaxa_homedo I need to just download nfs-common package or similar?10:07
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faenilMerry Xmas everyone!! :)11:53
fk_lxMerry Xmas faenil12:01
faenilfk_lx, o/12:01
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rantomHappy holidays13:02
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okiascan someone with lastest nemo version say, what is completly not working?19:01
okiasAs I understand nemo uses MeeGo + QT? right?19:02
okiasfor N90019:03
okiasthanks, is anything from this not working (lastest release, git or svn or whatever): call,sms,gprs/edge/3g, gps, camera?19:06
okiasand of course, 3d, but I guess it's old kernel with that blob...19:06
okiasromaxa_home: n900, only browser not work?19:08
romaxa_homehaven't tested other things... working on browser now19:09
okiasif everything work, I could install it and compile/package some apps for it19:09
romaxa_homeokias: yep, you can defeinitely do that... still did not get how to enable nfs and oprofile19:10
okiasromaxa_home: compile it in kernel?19:10
okiasromaxa_home: install nfs-utils, and that's all?19:10
okiasabout oprofile, that could be harder19:10
romaxa_home'nfs-utils' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.19:11
okiasromaxa_home: I guess you have to crosscompile it ;-)19:11
romaxa_homeokias: do you need manyally download package from somewhere?19:11
okiasromaxa_home: I guess you can grab some maemo package...19:12
okiasanyway, how much people work on nemo?19:12
romaxa_homeokias: http://jollatides.com/2012/11/21/jolla-keynote-speech-revisited/ ;019:14
okiasromaxa_home: what's that, I have totally slow wifi right now...19:16
romaxa_homethat is jolla presentation...19:22
romaxa_homealso you can find list of developers in about product19:22
Stskeepsromaxa_home: i'll see what i can do on nfs, moment19:26
romaxa_homeStskeeps: where is the repo which is matches to http://repository.maemo.org/meego/Nemo/0.20121101.1.NEMO.2012-11-08.1/images/nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950/ image? extra packages debug packages, nfs, etc?19:29
okiasromaxa_home: okey, I'll look at it in work.19:29
okiasSo if anybody use this on N900, please tell me what not working. I'd like to know, before I'll try it.19:30
Stskeepsromaxa_home: not sure we have nfs anywhere, but for debug packages, enable in /etc/zypp/repos.d/mer-coresomething and enable=1 for debug part and zypper ref19:30
Stskeepsromaxa_home: i'll get you some nfs packages for you to try19:30
okiasanyway I'm interested, how much developers actively work on it...19:31
Stskeepshttp://repository.maemo.org/meego/Nemo/0.20121101.1.NEMO.2012-11-08.1/images/nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950/nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-0.20121101.1.NEMO.2012-11-08.1.ks lists the repos19:31
Stskeepsokias: middleware quite a fair bit, hardware adaptation for n950/n9 near to zero these days19:31
Stskeepsokias: ui it varies19:31
okiasStskeeps: and n900?19:32
Stskeepsokias: nor n90019:32
Stskeepsso, hardware adaptation side isn't bound to improve immensely19:33
Stskeepsokias: try it out, if you like it, ok, if not, take out the sd card and never return to it19:33
okiasStskeeps: had to get some uSD card...19:33
Stskeepsit'll be useful for other things too19:34
okiasStskeeps: so trying get information first :P19:34
okiasStskeeps: I'd like to develop for n900, but maemo is not much fit for me19:34
okiasStskeeps: I'd rather use something more qt oriented...19:34
okiasStskeeps: but it has to be at least little bit working. Can't play much with major problems...19:35
okiasStskeeps: but I can fix small ones ;-)19:35
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okiasMartix: hi19:38
Martixokias: hi19:38
okiasMartix: n900 with nemo? ;-)19:39
Martixexcuse me?19:39
okiasMartix: I see you here, so I guessing which phone you have :D19:40
Martixokias: I'm just lurking here for some months :-)19:42
Martixand I have N9 with Harmattan19:42
Martixblame M4rtinK19:43
Martixhe forced me to join in first place :-D19:43
okiasM4rtinK: ping19:46
Stskeepsokias: go view videos of nemo mobile :)19:46
Stskeepsor try it out, best way to get an experience of it19:46
okiasStskeeps: already checking ;-)19:46
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okiasOkey, I'll get some microSD card and try it. Thank you. I try contribute as much as I can =)20:13
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okiasany way, it's chance to integrate lipstick? I seen it on youtube and it look really great20:20
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Stskeepslipstick runs the nemo homescreen20:31
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okiasStskeeps: great, thx!20:40
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aggelos__is nemo fairly compatible to harmattan? i.e. any chance the mobile version of marble will compile?21:23
Stskeepsyou could give it a try21:23
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aggelos__sure. need to overcome the problems I've had w/ installing nemo on the n9, but that's what 29c3 is for I guess21:25
* Sage tries another approach for building images21:31
* Sage installs sdk to his vpn vm and tries to build images there ;)21:31
Sagethe bad thing is this over 2000ms ping atm :P21:39
phaeronSage: what's wrong with img.merproject ?21:41
Sagephaeron: I would like to build images locally anyway. But also to create nemo stuff I would like to get all 5 images build and published in same place21:44
Sagephaeron: I don't have access to img.merproject so that I could upload stuff from there to somewhere else et.c21:44
SageI need place to upload stuff for nemo snapshots21:44
Sagephaeron: so if I could scp stuff from the img.merproject.org to server X then that would probably do.21:46
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phaeronI have no idea what you are asking for :D21:51
SageI want to do thing like http://repository.maemo.org/meego/Nemo/0.20121101.1.NEMO.2012-11-08.1/21:51
phaeronall 5 images build and publish ? build is different from publish21:51
Sageif I do it with img each is in separate dir and it is confusing to make snapshot mail with X different urls for differnet devices21:52
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phaeronSage: that's what I am saying, build is different from publish. usually you build -> copy some where else21:52
phaeronmaybe repo.maemo.org is no longer a good place to do so either21:53
Sagetrue but I don't have any other place21:53
Sageto which I have access to that is21:53
Sageimg.merproject doesn't have zypper patches in apparently21:54
phaeronwasn't it part of the ongoing migration ?21:54
phaeronSage: no it doesn't21:54
phaeronlbt is MIA :D21:54
Sagephaeron: it was? Oh, so repo.merproject.org is supposed to be new location for those as well?21:54
phaeronI hope so ;)21:55
Sagewell, I don't have access to any of that stuff except the webui's so can't do anything about that myself. But that is ok for me.21:56
SageThough imo we should change repo.merproject.org/x to repo.merproject.org/repositories/x or so probably or have another subdomain for releases like these?21:56
SageMIA = Miami International Aiport? ;)21:56
phaeronMissing in action21:57
okiaslongterm - replace X11 with Wayland - did someone tested it? Wayland +Qt5.0 should be possible ;-)21:57
Sageokias: there are people working on that yes. But it is not ready to use yet for nemo for example.21:57
okiasSage: yeah, I tested it on both x64 and it worked well21:58
Sageokias: nemo or wayland+qt5? :)21:59
okiasSage: I'll get 31.12. microSD card, so going to test nemo... do you have n900?21:59
okiasSage: wayland+qt5 ;-)21:59
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Sageokias: yes I have n90021:59
lbtphaeron: pon21:59
okiasSage: thanks god for you!!! :))))21:59
okiasSage: what doesn't work on it?21:59
lbtnot MIA - just not chatting :)21:59
phaeronMIX missing in xmas22:00
okiasSage: i'm prepared to contribute to nemo (I like qt and n900) but I need at least basic (calls+sms+gprs (best edge+3g) and camera22:00
Sageokias: well, calls, sms and gprs and camera should work22:01
lbtphaeron: did you want anything?22:01
lbtif not then I have mince pies to eat... and kittens to play with22:01
Sageokias: at least I haven't got any reports about those broken22:01
okiasSage: and what did you tested?22:01
phaeronlbt: we were wondering  if sage can  get access to img and a replacement  for repository.maemo.org22:02
phaeronon the "new" infra22:02
Sageokias: well, I do't have normal sim or adapter atm. to test the cellular stuff, but people reported those working. Camera worked last time I tested.22:02
lbtphaeron: sure22:03
okiasSage: okey, that sounds like good base support, I guess that programs like videorecorder etc. wait to be written, right?22:03
lbtSage: you should already have img access22:04
lbtphaeron: what is needed for repository?22:04
Sagelbt: I have access to web stuff yes22:05
lbtand you wanted shell access?22:05
phaeronlbt: diskspace and subdomain for nemo releases22:05
phaeronI guess22:05
lbtcan anyone vouch for him?22:05
phaeronno, not me :D22:05
* Sage starts to open his pandoras box22:06
* phaeron gets a sneezing frenzy22:06
* lbt got some books22:06
lbtSage: I would like to extend IMG to "run a process" after making an image22:07
lbtand one of those would be something like "publish to public repo"22:07
phaeronlbt: processes are  already overridable22:08
phaeronlook at the config file22:08
lbtphaeron: yeah, I meant from the webui22:08
phaeronand read the docs22:08
* phaeron ducks22:08
lbtyou can't change them from the webui though can you?22:08
phaeronsend me a feature request :)22:09
lbtyeah - thought so - that's where I thought we were up to22:09
lbtI'm not sure if it should be an IMG extension though22:10
phaeronyeah the  simplest is to override the process to call another service which decides22:10
lbtI'm more tempted to look at making some kind of generic rails/ruote process webui22:10
phaeronbut we can discuss22:10
SageIn general I would like to enter url of package or repostiory where is image config package and img would do the rest ;)22:10
* phaeron hides22:10
lbtSage: yes.22:11
phaerontoo much xmas dreaming22:11
lbtphaeron: yep - but ruote-on-rails is kinda there22:11
phaeronthat's already possible using a package of image configs22:11
lbtand I pushed for the SDK stuff to be in ruby for this reason22:11
phaerongood night22:12
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lbtSage: not today though :)22:13
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