Thursday, 2012-12-27

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* w00t starts reading all the christmas backlog03:45
situMorning all03:54
w00tmoin situ03:57
situHow's it going ?03:57
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situHave you tried compiling QMF with Qt5 ?03:58
w00tnot recently03:59
situOk, I am trying to port it to Qt5.03:59
w00ti'd think it would more or less work out of the box04:02
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situThere's a module called alignedtimer on which QMF depends, I wasn't able to compile it.04:07
w00twhy not?04:10
situI am getting similar error as explained in this port :
lpotter alignedtimer hasnt yet been ported to qt504:10
mvogtQAlignedTimer is not in Qt, it is an add-on of some sort - it was brought across from symbian IIRC04:10
situlpotter: That's what I am trying to do.04:11
mvogtbut QMF shouldn't be trying to use it unless it is requested by some #define04:11
lpotterthe add-on is a work in progress04:11
w00tlpotter: it has been ported, but there's no backends for anything except a now-dead platform04:11
w00tI don't know if the fallback ever got written04:11
w00treturn QAlignedTimer::AlignedTimerNotSupported;04:11
w00tI guess that means no :-)04:11
lpotterbackend is called libhrbt or libheartbeat or something, off the top of my head04:11
lpotterthat runs on linux04:12
w00tmeego had a libiphb04:12
lpotterthats it04:12
w00tthat's marginally tricky, as it requires kernel-side changes too04:12
situw00t: How should I go about this error ? I created .qmake.conf in root directory of qtalignedtimer sources.04:13
w00tanyway, i'd be curious why it's used all the time04:13
w00tnot sure04:14
w00tI'll try take a look in 10-15 minutes04:14
w00tI need to go to the store first04:14
mvogtQMF only uses the aligned timer to potentially coalesce a single wakeup every 28 minutes04:19
mvogtunless you need it for something else, I don't see the benefit04:19
mvogtper-IMAP connection, I guess04:20
lpotterw00t: that alignedtimer thats in the playground for qt5 has not been touched since april.04:34
lpotteras well... I think the API I proposed (internally) was better :) too bad symbian guys were stuck in their ways04:36
w00tI still think that alignedtimer would be better as an implementation detail04:38
lpotterinstead of min/max time, there was preferredInterval and preferredWindow or something. Made more sense in my mind, anyway04:39
lpotterit was supposed to be a dropin to QTimer too04:39
lpotteroooh well. bygones04:40
* w00t resumes poking maliit04:41
* lpotter resumes kicking connman session04:42
* lpotter kicks connman docs while he's at it04:43
w00tlpotter: what're you doing to it?04:46
lpotterkicking it, of course04:51
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w00tyeah, wondering in what aspect s'all :)04:57
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lpotteradding it to libconnman-qt and making it work.05:12
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lpotterhalfway there05:52
romaxa_homew00t: ping05:53
w00tromaxa_home: pong05:53
romaxa_homew00t: do you know how to setup quickly oprofile on nemo-N9?05:54
w00tromaxa_home: ish... I worked on creating RPMs before christmas, but I still need to redo the packaging to tidy it up to anywhere near acceptable before I can submit it to mer tools05:54
w00tromaxa_home: I can push a rpm online for you for now if that's helpful05:55
romaxa_homew00t: would be nice I can try that05:56
* w00t wonders where it is05:56
w00tromaxa_home: - append: oprofile-0.9.8-2.armv7hl.rpm oprofile-devel-0.9.8-2.armv7hl.rpm oprofile-jit-0.9.8-2.armv7hl.rpm06:01
w00tyou'll also need to install binutils to get objdump06:01
romaxa_homew00t: do I really need objdump?06:04
w00tromaxa_home: oprofile does if you want to use opreport on device06:05
romaxa_homew00t: ah, ok06:05
romaxa_homew00t: btw, do you know where to grab nfs-utils package?06:07
romaxa_homefor device06:07
w00tnot sure sorry, I don't use nfs.. I think Stskeeps may do06:08
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w00tVesuri: special: r?07:09
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Hurrianmorning, Stskeeps09:48
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Stskeepsmorn Hurrian :) had a good xmas?09:50
HurrianStskeeps, I drowned the loss of my N900 in a nauseating feast.09:51
Stskeepsaw :(09:51
Stskeepswhat happened to it?09:51
HurrianIt was stolen after attending early-morning mass.09:51
Stskeepsthat sucks09:51
Stskeepshopefully it was device locked so it won't be worth anything09:52
HurrianEncrypted /home, swap and SD card, but it was powered on.09:52
HurrianWhen it runs out of battery, it'll be pretty locked (but still flashable)09:52
HurrianI'm wondering if I'll still buy a N900.09:53
HurrianI can't find a new one anymore, just second-hand ones. And they're pretty scratched up.09:54
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7580 Rejected promotion request17:10
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7581 waiting for review at
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okiashow "easy" can be packages for nemo made?18:19
okiasexist some good SDK for nemo on arm?18:19
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VenemoStskeeps: ping18:36
VenemoStskeeps: what's up with the jolla components?18:37
Venemojust asking because someone wants to push something into Nemo which depends on them18:38
Stskeepsthat seems like a fail, comment it?18:39
Stskeepswe don't take anything into nemo that makes a reverse dependency18:39
Venemowhat they are trying to do makes sense, but doesn't make sense without the components that it tries to import18:40
VenemoStskeeps: so what's the solution in this case?18:43
specialVenemo: in colorful-home, it should use qtcomponents instead18:44
Venemospecial: would you please comment in there and tell them?18:45
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okiasanyway, n900 images is hardfloat?20:26
okiasI guess, so bye bye20:29
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okiasanyway, why nemo using n900 2.6.37 kernel?21:50
okiaswhy not 2.6.38 :D21:51
okias4 days until I get microSD... :D be prepared questions21:52
okiasanyway, on Nokia N900 we could use zram swap device to extend memory :)21:57
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Venemookias: I guess it uses some old kernel from Maemo523:03
okiasVenemo: no, no.. it's pretty modifyied, at least by looking at name23:03
Venemobut it is most likely based on the maemo5 kernel23:04
Venemolike the N9(50) adaptation is based on the harmattan kernel23:04
okiasVenemo: I saw some changes in 3.8-rc1 about charging for n900 is now in-kernel (without patches), I need find out, what is broken.. maybe PowerVR 530 driver, but guys from TI could recompile it ;-)23:06
Venemookias: dunno exactly. there is also a kernel upgrade project going on23:06
okiasVenemo: anyway in new kernels are pretty nand optimalized filesystems and some features could be used for n90023:06
Venemookias: I'm not really familiar with the topic, unfortunately23:07
VenemoI'm not a kernel developer23:07
HurrianVenemo, the adaptation isn't based on the original kernel23:07
Hurrianiirc Stskeeps said that the original Nokians working on the N900 worked on the new kernel23:08
VenemoHurrian: ah, ok. sorry I didn't know23:08
okiasHurrian: still working?23:08
Hurrianokias, they're all laid off, remember?23:08
okiasHurrian: ohhh23:08
okiasHurrian: I forgot :-/23:09
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okiasHurrian: but anyway, just need to figure, what blob blocking update to newest version23:09
Hurrianoh, and Skry has a working 3.5 kernel for the N900.23:09
okiasHurrian: REallyy? everything OK?23:09
HurrianExcept power management, just like Nemo.23:10
okiasHurrian: haha, fixed in 3.823:10
HurrianCPU power management, of the Cortex-A8 core.23:10
okiasHurrian: and how it's in 2.6.38? blob??23:11
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okiasHurrian: just something broken?23:11
Hurrianno, native OMAP power management23:11
HurrianIIRC he's waiting for upstream linux-omap to fix their stuff23:12
HurrianHe's been trying to get the Nemo guys to include his kernel instead of the old Adaptation 37 kernel.23:12
okiasHurrian: that's totally great!!! :-) I hope he success23:12
Hurrianokias: bother the Nemo maintainers about it to get it included.23:13
okiasHurrian: :D23:13
okiasHurrian: I'm so exited to get my Sd card :D23:13
okiasHurrian: and then code, package, fix :D and then enjoy23:14
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okiasHurrian: who are exactly Nemo maintainers?23:15
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Hurrianokias: watch this channel.23:15
okiasHurrian: you know, I've been here only few days few times, I'll try harder ;-)23:17
Venemothere are many people23:17
Venemonot all of them are active at midnight on holidays :P23:17
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okiasVenemo: you know, never know if they're from Australia ;-) (problem of redhat drm developers :D )23:18
Venemookias: oh, are you a red hat developer?23:18
okiasVenemo: no :-(23:19
okiasVenemo: but always when I'm online, they're offline on irc ;-)23:19
Venemoanyway, most of us are in the EU23:19
okiasCzech Republic someone?23:19
okiasVenemo: where are you from?23:21
Venemookias: I'm from Hungary.23:22
Venemomany of the guys are from Finland23:22
Venemoand there are lots of people from everywhere around Europe23:22
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okiasFinland... that reminds me Nokia :D23:23
specialand the lonely american23:23
okiasthat look like good development team ;-)23:25
lpotterdont forget australia...23:31
Venemolpotter, special, I said "most", not "all" :)23:32
VenemoI wonder, what time is it in Australia now?23:32
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specialaround midday friday, isn't it?23:33
lpotterwhich part of australia23:33
lpottereast coast is 9:33 am23:33
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Venemolpotter: that's cool23:36
*** XenGi_ is now known as XenGi23:36
Venemowhich part do you live in?23:36
chriadambrisvegas represent ;-)23:36
lpotterbrisbane/east coast23:36
okiasgood night everyone! :-)23:41
Venemonice :)23:41
Venemookias: good night to you too23:41
okias(said no australian)23:41
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