Monday, 2013-01-14

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* lpotter tries his hand at writing a spec file07:30
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lpotteryay! it works!07:53
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iekkunemo bug triage time!!08:00
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JalenZhengDoes anyone know whether there are interfaces/APIs for vibrator and LED flashing on Mer?08:46
pais sofiasip part of nemo?08:47
samposSage: regarding the SystemInfo backend. I get sw release RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_MR0 from sysinfo-tool whereas SystemInfo returns Nemo release08:51
samposSage: that lead me to believe there is some kind of support :)08:52
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StskeepsJalenZheng: hmm, maybe qt mobility has it?08:52
Sagesampos: well, the backend exists only for n900 as some of the other binary blobs required that08:53
Sagesampos: otherwise it wouldn't be there. Anyway there is a need for creating some kind of backend for qt for that part. I though that w00t created a bug about that at some point but as I can't seem to find it I think I was just dreaming ;)08:54
samposok :)08:55
Sageanyway I agree that it should be used, but until we have oss backend for all devices not sure how that can happen.08:56
JalenZhengStskeeps: I found some class in qt mobility support vibration. But I got information from jolla that Sailfish will do not support qt mobility. So I want to know are there other low level apis support vibration and LED.08:56
StskeepsJalenZheng: i'm not entirely sure you're supposed to talk about jolla's information in public :)08:57
StskeepsJalenZheng: i think you should take a look at the NGF for vibra at least08:58
Stskeepsnon-graphical framework08:58
Stskeepsthis might cover leds too08:58
Sagenon-graphicsl feedback ;)08:58
Sageor at leats I though that the F stands for feedback not framework ;)08:58
Stskeepser, yeah08:59
JalenZhengStskeeps & Sage: thanks! I'll have a look of non-graphical framework.09:00
samposSage: the code i have now falls to default (from deviceinfo.xml coming with buteo-mtp) if nothing is returned by the interface.09:01
Sagesampos: check if it actually returns nothing if it is called when there isn't backend. you can test on x86 vm for example as I can't recall what would happen if sysinfod is turned off on n90009:02
samposSage: ok, will check.09:03
* Sage ponders if those api's return something not empty telling it is empty ;)09:04
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paStskeeps, so it's in mer, right?09:33
pai go back to mer, then :)09:33
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Stskeepswait, no09:34
Stskeepsit's in nemo, CE:* => nemo09:34
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lpotterhmm. rebuild and now I get undefined symbols..  grrrr09:55
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w00tSage: backend for what?10:15
samposw00t: for QSystemInfo10:17
w00tsampos: "generic linux" covers some parts of things, but there are gaps10:18
w00tthere's some bugs in mer bugzilla about it10:18
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samposah, so there is, mer#634. Sage was not dreaming after all.10:24
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sledges_Monday morning (and my 24/7 irc server does not let me in anymore &)10:25
sledges_Jake9xx, good weekend? :)10:26
* lpotter pretends not to know about QSystemInfo at all10:27
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sledgesall good :)10:35
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samposwhat's it take to get tracker working in platform sdk ?10:59
Stskeepsa bottle of vodka afterwards, at least10:59
Stskeepsyou'll want to run it in a VM, SDK is .. just an SDK10:59
Stskeepsnot a full system10:59
* sampos boots the vm 11:00
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* sampos reaches for Zubrowka11:31
samposneed x11 in vm to start tracker it seems11:32
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tadzikŻubrówka! \o/11:40
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sledgesbarzo dobže11:41
phakosampos: tracker shouldn't require X11. probably it's the confusing DBus launch error.11:47
samposphako: "autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed." ?11:49
phakobasically means: You don't have a dbus session bus. I tried to create one, but that didn't work out.11:50
samposhmm, is it trying to query the session bus address from some X program?11:52
phakow00t had some magic script to get the session bus addres11:52
phakosampos: no, it's trying to create a new one and setting some X11 hints/atoms/whatever11:53
samposw00t: care to show as that page from your scroll book ? :)11:55
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phakosampos: ah, i remember11:55
phakoyou get the pid of a known session bus consumer11:55
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phakoend then grab DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS out of /proc/pid/env11:56
samposphako: thanks !11:56
* sampos is getting some test automation flashbacks 11:56
Stskeepshe knows test automation, quick, somebody kidnap him!11:57
w00tAsk ne egen i het håne12:01
w00tAsk me when I get home12:01
w00tShopping for food so I won't starve at the moment12:01
Vesurithe funny thing is that almost could have been norwegian. almost12:01
w00tKeyboard was in Norwegian mode :)12:02
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samposAard: I'm getting all passed from buteo-mtp storage-info tests, in n900, platform SDK and VM.12:29
Aardsampos: interesting, I guess that one is failing due to something wrong in my sdk then12:30
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w00tsampos: right.. let me try find that script12:55
Aardsampos: did you manage to get mtp exit?12:57
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samposw00t: thanks13:02
samposAard: no. I'm testing with n900, maybe that has something to do with it.13:03
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Aardsampos: about the last pull request, changing hardcoded /home/user to hardcoded /home/nemo only delays the issue, not solves it13:14
samposAard: yeah. Should we use $HOME or try something else altogether.13:17
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samposthe whole writing to temp file is a bit hackish I guess13:18
Aardif $HOME is available at that point, use it. other option we're using in other places: look up the lowest user uid in /etc/login.defs, look up the home directory for that, write there13:18
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7669 waiting for review at
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samposAard: grep ^UID_MIN /etc/login.defs | gawk '{ print $2 }' | xargs getent passwd | cut -d ':' -f 613:46
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sledgesg'nite oh quiet channel :)22:49
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7669 Accepted promotion request22:54
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