Saturday, 2013-02-02

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RzRhi from fosdem10:23
sledgesRzR, same here ;) let's meet up at some point10:23
RzRi am in rpm world now10:24
RzRsledges: i will be around jolla qt deb and gnome10:24
sledgesim waylanding :) will land to ffos after10:24
RzRmozilla too10:24
RzRi attend that wl session too10:24
RzRbut i had to met someone here10:25
sledgessure, easy going here ;)10:25
Stskeepssledges: i'm in h1108, wayland application talk too, i'm the really snotty person in the back10:25
RzRsledges: email me at 14h rzr@gna.org10:26
RzRhi Stskeeps10:26
RzRgot mer teeshirts ?10:26
sledges+1 for tshirts :)10:27
RzRor unlike ones ?10:27
sledgesok RzR10:27
Stskeepsi'm not really working at this conference, i'm sick :P10:27
AardStskeeps: I hope you got a hazmat suite, in case you intend to come to helsinki next week10:28
StskeepsAard: it has crossed my mind to cancel, let's see how i feel tomorrow10:28
sledgeswe'll mingle jolla stand for shirts :)10:29
Aardmy guess is that your germs will have the opportunity to do a big party with all their distant relatives where you currently are ;)10:29
Stskeepsaard, i'm strategically going to talks to slow down other mobile efforts10:32
Stskeepsfirefox os, intel ostc talks, etc..10:32
RzRmarkku: hi r u here ? here is phil c10:37
RzRmarquiz: prev line was for you10:38
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7796 Accepted promotion request10:39
sledgesStskeeps, im in ff(s)os now too, sitting on the windowsill lol10:43
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sledgesthey have pandaboard as tier 1 , ok we have same card to answer ;)10:44
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sledgesanyone got the germ mask, i hear someone sneeze :)10:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7791 Accepted promotion request10:46
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* sledges nearly got guillotinised by the blinds10:50
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sledgesfaenil, \O11:01
faenilsledges, hey11:01
sledges(heads swollen from hangover :!)11:02
* sledges just left ff(s)os presentation, couldnt listen any longer :)11:02
sledges"prepare to brick your device" was main message..11:03
Stskeepslaw of two feet, if you can find something more interesting elsewhere, use your two feet.11:03
Stskeepsor something11:03
sledgesyes, i think i just abused that law :)11:04
sledgessadly QML and RobClark presentations clash in the afternoon..11:09
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faenilStskeeps, ahahahah11:15
iekkuStskeeps, "vote with your legs"11:17
virtualdor mircfönster11:32
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RzRsledges: too many conflicts to resolve12:25
RzRi am at embedded yocto12:25
RzReyes and thp4 are at fosdem too12:26
Stskeepsah, say hi12:26
RzRwe should met all around jolla qml 15-16h12:26
RzRwondering how many member of n950club are in fosdem today12:28
iekkuplease visit jolla stand also ;)12:29
iekkuwe have lots of mer and nemo people here12:29
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RzRiekku: let me come asap12:32
RzRdidnt know there was a such stand12:32
RzRaw i guess ?12:32
Stskeepsaw, right12:32
RzRhere i come12:32
* faenil is envious...grrr 12:33
faenilI'd better go back to my stupid books :p12:33
faenilhave a nice day people :D12:33
RzRwell i will not escape the current session that way12:33
RzRits demo time on rpi12:33
RzRmedia center on yocto12:34
RzRguacamayo for who ever cares12:34
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RzRhi sledges14:01
RzRat jolla qml 's session ?14:01
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* RzR 4rd raw left , brown leather jacket14:02
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RzRsledges: here ?14:49
RzRsledges: here ? meeting at the end of jolla14:49
Aardend of jolla? I hope not :)14:57
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sledgesRzR, me hard to catch yes16:29
sledgesnext to robclark now, will hunt tshirts :) then go to assholes presrntation16:30
RzRassholes are for assholes16:30
RzRbtw got plans for tonite ?16:31
sledgesyes, need to learn to behave :))16:31
RzRgot email ?16:31
sledgesjust asked in Jolla16:31
* RzR @gna.org16:31
faenilI'm going to fill your inbox with spaaam16:32
RzRwill met tomorow if not now16:32
RzRsledges: so going to bytenite or not ?16:40
sledgessounds interesting16:41
sledgesiekku, ^ ?16:41
iekkuto what?16:44
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sledgesbytenite :) details RzR pls?16:49
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Mric_Is there somewhere a changelog for the last release ? (NEMO.2013-01-27)18:11
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7800 waiting for review at
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sigmaorionbooting Nemo in my N9 for first time... !!!20:43
* sigmaorion has read the wiki and knows that the first boot is quite slow but cannot wait anymore!!!20:43
sigmaorionHow long does it takes? It's been over a minute with a weird image in the screen. I first shown the Nemo splash screen and then changed to this green-ish weird image20:44
* sigmaorion is begining to think something is going wrong... :-(20:45
sigmaorionafter a second chance it boot up!!!! :D20:55
Venemo_sigmaorion: it takes long, at it may be sluggish on first boot20:58
Venemo_give it some time20:58
sigmaorionVenemo_, yeap, but it took several minutes20:59
Venemo_yes, it does20:59
sigmaorionI have reset it and now it boot up just fine :)20:59
sigmaorionfeels just fine!20:59
Venemo_awesome :)21:00
sigmaorionnow, after looking around, I will try to go with the dual-boot... I installed open kernel previously to be able to try the dual boot21:00
sigmaorionWiFi connected right away!21:00
Venemo_try puzzle master on it :)21:02
sigmaorionnetwork is up and running... ok, let me try puzzle master, hehe21:02
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sigmaorionPuzzle Master works perfectly, nice game, hehe!21:05
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sigmaorioncamera works!21:07
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sigmaorionin the terminal I cannot see the toolbar, even when the option is available in the menu21:11
sigmaorionwell, dual boot is not working, when I press the volume up key it shows the Nokia logo and then just reboots...21:14
sigmaorionwell, gotta go, I'll be back later21:20
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Mric_anyone knows where I could find the harmattan flasher for linux (64 bits) ? The "normal" place seems to be down :(22:23
Mric_no one ?22:25
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M4rtinKMric_: there should be a backup somewhere22:54
Mric_found it thanks anyway :)22:54
M4rtinKMric_: ok :)22:54
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Mric_Could someone help me ? I'm trying to remove moslo but I can't . According to this website I should download this but it is offline
Mric_M4rtink, do you know where is the backup by any chance ? (Maybe I downloaded  a corrupt flasher)23:26
M4rtinKMric_: I've only found the N900 flasher so far23:34
M4rtinKbtw, make sure the flasher binary is executable23:34
M4rtinKor do:23:34
M4rtinKexport PATH=".:$PATH"23:34
Mric_M4rtink, it seems like the flasher is working but I'm getting this error: ERROR: SU_GET_UPDATE_STATUS_REQ terminated with error code 1: Unknown error23:34
M4rtinKjust sugestions23:34
Mric_do you have any idea ?23:35
M4rtinKhaven't seen this23:35
Mric_mmc: Partition table mismatch (start=18464768, sum=8224768). You may want to use the no-preserve option or flash an erase image. mmc: Could not remove mount directory /tmp/sudmmc5Qt3Hh/mnt: No such file or directory23:35
M4rtinKif you are following the procedure correctly, then something is evidently wrong23:35
Mric_flash an erase image ? was does it mean ?23:35
M4rtinKIIRC there are some special storage areas for pin, crypto keys, etc.23:36
M4rtinKmaybe it is an image that wipes them23:36
Mric_"You may want to use the no-preserve option or flash an erase image." I don't really understand this sentence23:36
M4rtinKit is quite a versatile system23:37
M4rtinKor complicated :)23:37
M4rtinKI've heard there was an internal moslo image in Nokia23:37
Mric_Yeah according to wiki I should flash empty.img  :23:37
M4rtinKwhich you could use to play Quake 3 :)23:37
Mric_haha :)23:37
M4rtinKhmm, sorry, no idea23:38
M4rtinKI've installed Nemo only on the N900 & N95023:38
M4rtinKIRRC it is quite different on the N923:38
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Mric_hum very very strange the phone boot up corretly :) Don't know what happened but it fixed itself up, great :)23:39
Mric_M4rtinK: thanks anyway, fixed my phone time to go to bed23:41
M4rtinKto Nemo :)23:44
M4rtinKMric_: no problem :)23:44
M4rtinK*to Nemo ? :)23:44
Mric_no to harmattan, but from there I can fix it :)23:45
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M4rtinKgood :)23:46
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