Wednesday, 2013-02-27

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lbtphaeron: caught it00:19
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lbtno indication of any problem there00:25
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phaeronlbt: seems you fixed it ?06:59
phaeronrozhkov: can you please disable the repos you don't need , as they keep the powerhost busy for too long :)07:00
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rozhkovphaeron: done :)08:03
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8205 waiting for review at
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jukkaeklundsledges, howdy you have @nemomobile on twitter?10:15
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sledgesjukkaeklund, nope, it's a mistery who owns it :( We've been pinging all channels (here, ml, you did on tw) to figure out who has the account10:19
sledgesI want to provide them with logos and desc texts10:19
mikhassledges, try asking twitter10:20
* jukkaeklund asked10:20
sledgesis there a way to contact twitter staff to disclose/claim-ownership? it's a big project and the account seems to be dead10:20
jukkaeklundwell, asked on twitter and twitter themselves don't help10:20
sledgesmikhas, twitter's maintenance/support team you mean?10:21
mikhasif you had a trademark it would be easy10:21
mikhassledges, yeah10:21
sledgesI have the logo :)10:21
jukkaeklundwell not easy but still10:21
mikhassledges, that's a start10:21
mikhascould make it a DCMA claim ;-)10:21
jukkaeklundI'll contact twitter, if its inactive they might release it10:21
slaine_Takedown notice served, BOOM10:21
jukkaeklundhave quite a bit of experience dealing with twitter..10:21
mikhasthey *have* to respond to that10:22
jukkaeklundthey don't work that way..10:22
slaine_nod, I was kidding10:22
jukkaeklundI'll contact them, doesn't do any harm10:23
sledgestaken from:
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sledgesIn the ‘description’ field, we wrote: “This person has a dormant Twitter account that has never tweeted and is simply ‘squatting’ on the Twitter account name”.10:23
sledgesWe also made sure the email address entered in to the form was on our company domain – proving that we were who we said we were.10:23
jukkaeklundor you want to do it?10:24
sledgeswe need to prepare weapons properly ;)10:24 email address would help..10:24
sledgesi.e. write from info@nemomobile.org10:24
sledgesStskeeps, lbt ^ ?10:24
jukkaeklundtwitter has a form but further exchange over email10:25
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sledges sequence: I am being impersonated -> A user is pretending to be or represent my company, brand, or organization. -> I am an authorized representative of the company, brand, or organization. -> Do you have an active trademark?: No (fill out the rest of form including <smart_user_name> )10:29
rcgwrong chat10:31
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sledgesI can do that jukkaeklund , all I need is a address from lbt (I believe, him)10:37
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jukkaeklundsledges, thanks11:17
sledgeshmm I'll put 'contributor' in the job title field11:19
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jukkaeklundsledges, it will likely go so that they decline first and then in a few weeks might release it11:21
thpsledges: how's work on SDL progressing?11:21
sledgesthp, last time harmattan-sdl (EGL/GLES enabled) would break brainparty and numptyphysics altogether :(11:23
sledgesso I left with vanilla SDL, and numptyphysics working, no brainparty :)11:24
thpthat's on non-n950/n9 hardware, right?11:24
sledgesnumptyphysics work on N9 and Pandaboard11:24
thpyeah, but without the EGL/GLES stuff11:24
sledgesGLESv1 will be tough on N9, as it has only v211:24
sledgesEGL/GLES didn't work anywhere :)11:24
thpsledges: it has both11:25
sledgesharmattan-sdl needs be looked into11:25
thpas in there's a userspace library that provides the GLES1 api11:25
sledgesthp, then there was a rpm dep problem, as harmattan-sdl tried to pull in nvidia tegra libGLESv1 on N9 8)11:25
thpmaybe it just depends on the .so when it should depend on the "hardware adaption gles1" whatever that is (sgx libs on n9)11:26
sledgesat any rate, Pandaboard fails with GLES SDL so11:26
sledgesthough it has all pvr-omap4 libGLES* packages fine11:27
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thpsledges: are the harmattan-sdl with egl/gles2 build logs online somewhere?11:30
thpsledges: you didn't specify --enable-video-x11-egl on the command line? (not sure if it's needed, though)11:40
thp <- maybe using the confflags (line 26) from there might help11:40
sledgesok brilliant, I could've definitely done with fresh pair of eyes :)11:41
thpmaybe leave --enable-video-x11-egl out for now, as it's also not used in debian/rules (and might be auto-detected if you have egl headers installed)11:42
thp(also the "maybe" and "might" suggests that i don't really have a clue.. ;)11:43
sledgesgot that :)) because it should 'just work' from all those Makefile*11:43
sledgeswhich are taken. I didn't know debian/* are anytime taken into consideration11:43
sledges(depending how harmattan-sdl has been built for harmattan)11:43
sledgesfrom the past: 17:41 < sledges> right, the harmattan-sdl (EGL/GLES patched) one looks like it's breaking numptyphysics (ERROR: X11_AllocHWSurface/809), and brainparty just shows black screen11:46
sledgesbrainparty shows blackscreen regardless of type of SDL used btw11:46
thpsledges: a quick git grep shows debian/patches/*11:47
thp(for X11_AllocHWSurface)11:47
thpyou might want to apply these patches as well11:47
sledgesthp, do you remember how was this built for harmattan?11:47
sledgesI'll try the patches, k11:47
thpsledges: i'd assume the usual dpkg-buildpackage11:47
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kokoye2007hello all12:25
kokoye2007nice to meet ya12:25
sledgeshya kokoye200712:27
kokoye2007sledges: thx12:27
kokoye2007i wanna make Keyboard layout12:27
kokoye2007where is guide - for noob12:28
*** norayr has joined #nemomobile12:29
kokoye2007wc norayr12:32
kokoye2007who is favor me ?12:32
sledgeskokoye2007, virtual keyboard in Nemo is maliit:
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile12:33
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sledgesthp, those patches are already applied13:01
sledgeswith ~2% weird inconsistency throughout13:01
sledges(e.g. a couple of hunks succeed :))13:02
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sledges(with fuzz, so I'd say they've all been 100% applied already)13:19
kokoye2007can't find how to make new keyboard layout13:27
kokoye2007i am hobbie stupid13:27
kokoye2007more link ?13:27
sledgeskokoye2007, write your own plugin:
sledgessee examples13:31
*** jluisn has quit IRC13:31
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile13:32
kokoye2007thx sledges13:34
mikhasthere is also #maliit13:35
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sledges(useful for me, too :)13:49
*** kokoye2007 has quit IRC13:51
mikhasstill mentions our "SDK" … should delete that page =p13:57
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thpsledges: succeeded with fuzz doesn't mean they have already been applied. it means that the line numbers were slightly different (which is usually okay)14:42
sledgesthp, that accounts for 2% only14:44
sledgesthe rest 98% were: 'Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Skipping patch.'14:45
sledgesplaying with configure options is what's left, haven't tried yt14:45
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*** nicola has quit IRC15:50
* w00t smacks qmlcalendar around a bit15:50
*** Dynamit has joined #nemomobile15:50
sledges..with a large trout16:00
w00tpretty much16:00
rcgindeed.. i must confess it is in a pretty bad shape :/16:03
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #nemomobile16:04
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC16:04
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC16:04
w00trcg: I think it's a bit better now16:04
rcgw00t, cool :)16:06
rcglast time i comitted some code was just to enable the swipe left right thing for switching months back and forth16:06
*** khertan has quit IRC16:06
w00tit wasn't actually working before my commits :-)16:07
rcgand then somehow other stuff became more important16:07
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile16:07
w00tyou should come back to the light side of nemo development16:07
w00twe have cookies16:07
rcgah, yeah, i always wondered about those parts as i wasn't that much into the qt pim stuff16:08
rcgw00t, :D16:08
rcgso, it displays entries in the month view properly now?16:08
w00tthere's no QML for that at least as far as I can see...16:09
rcgbut the month view generally should have been displayed ok already, right? just without showing stored entries?16:09
w00tbut the day view works16:09
rcghmm i see16:10
w00tit shouldn't be too hard to add, I think16:11
*** norayr has quit IRC16:12
rcgi see.. it's been to long since i looked into it16:13
rcgiirc the backend was the biggest problem.. at least for me16:13
w00twhat about it?16:14
rcgiirc it had quite longish load times16:14
w00tthat should be improved a bit by
w00tit was instantiating two managers, and never using that one16:15
rcgbut since i looked at that code is about a year or something ago16:15
rcgi see16:15
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC16:16
rcgdid you also rework the look of the dayview?16:18
w00tno, I'm not touching styling at all16:18
w00tjust cleaning things up a bit, making it easier to read/change16:18
rcgaye, that's cool as well :)16:19
w00tgot to leave something for you to do ;-)16:19
rcgah, darn.. :D16:20
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile16:21
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC16:23
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*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake17:43
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*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile18:01
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8206 waiting for review at
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile18:02
slaine_sledges: fyi, getting the same zypper upgrade problems from that release from the 24th18:06
slaine_hw seems to work fine under freemantle 1.3 though18:06
sledgesah slaine_ I remember you saying that it'd been ages since last time you used nemo right?18:06
*** faenil has quit IRC18:07
slaine_sledges: yup18:07
*** jluisn_ has quit IRC18:07
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile18:08
sledgesTMO could help you more, the N900 folks :)18:08
sledgesthis channel got quite silent, otherwise N900 owners'd speak up here..18:09
slaine_whats everyone here using, their N9[50]'s ?18:10
sledgesmost probably yes18:10
slaine_I guess I could dig mine out18:10
slaine_and see if it works ok on that device18:10
sledgesyou have unused n9[50]? :)18:11
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC18:11
slaine_I've a pristine n95018:13
slaine_was thinking of using it with nitdroid though18:13
slaine_and nemo on the n90018:13
sledgesah ok, can you make calls with nitdroid though?18:13
slaine_:) thats why it's not running nitdroid atm18:14
sledgessalifish will run and apps18:14
* sledges off home, ttyl18:14
slaine_sledges: yes, waiting for that too :)18:16
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile18:16
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile18:17
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*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:26
*** rcg has quit IRC18:26
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile18:26
*** slaine_ has quit IRC18:30
anYchm, is there any word about compatibility of sailfish and n900?18:36
*** slaine_ has joined #nemomobile18:36
*** frals has quit IRC18:40
anYcah, saw a thread on tmo. I wonder if I'll have to buy a new device as even maemo community struggles to keep status quo18:41
anYcbut I like the n900 keyboard :/18:41
w00tI think most here are using n950/n9 for a while now18:43
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile18:46
*** arnaud1 has quit IRC18:48
*** arcean__ has joined #nemomobile18:51
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*** kokoye2007 has joined #nemomobile20:45
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kokoye2007who can teach me20:56
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile21:01
kokoye2007how to change Ru<>EN and also other language ?21:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:03
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sledgeskokoye2007, #maliit ?22:34
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC22:39
*** himamura has quit IRC22:41
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile22:41
*** kokoye2007 has quit IRC22:50
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w00tSage: when are you going to be dealing with SRs again? ;)23:10
w00tI have 5 of them waiting now23:10
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#8207 waiting for review at
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile23:11
lbtis he even home yet?23:11
w00twhere'd he go?23:11
w00tI'd have offered to help proxy if I knew he was gone23:12
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC23:13
*** Martix has quit IRC23:22
*** lpotter has quit IRC23:24
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile23:25
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*** fk_lx has quit IRC23:30
lbtw00t: MWC23:33
w00twell then :-p23:34
* lbt adds a nemo target to sailfish SDK ... just for fun23:36
lbtneed to get an updated emulator out too23:36
lbtwe may be able to do some device deployment then23:36
w00tfor nemo you mean?23:38
*** arcean_ has quit IRC23:53
*** yunta has quit IRC23:58
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