Saturday, 2013-03-02

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Stskeepsmorn sage o/08:50
Sageafter waking up week around 06:00 couldn't really sleep after 11:00 :P08:50
Sagehmmp... seems that I have couple of mails to read and respond. Probably not starting today much :P08:57
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kulveI finally filed a bug about this vkb issue on n7: Bug 63910:28
MerbotNemo bug 639 in Maliit "[Nexus7] virtual keyboard doesn't work." [Critical,New]
kulvedon't hesitate to ask more info :)10:29
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faenilw00t, I've just seen the qmlsettings repo11:09
faenilw00t, <3 you11:09
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juicemeLate morning :)12:12
juicemefaenil, did you have chance to look at the N950's /proc/mtd ?12:13
faeniljuiceme, totally forgot, thanks for reminding :) let me put the n950 under charge ;)12:13
faeniljuiceme, I don't have openmode, just as info12:14
juicemeok, but at least you can check the mtd layout for me. That way I will know if ubiboot works on N95012:15
faenilsure ;)12:15
juicemeRzR was intrested if someone had tried ubiboot on N950, I told you thought of giving it a go :)12:16
RzRjuiceme,  I can help12:17
juicemeRzR, good12:17
RzRso you need some logs ?12:17
juicemebasically, ubiboot should work on N950 exactly as it does on N9. Only one thing is that I am not sure, are the mtd layouts similar on both devices.12:18
faeniljuiceme, of course I want to give it a go :) though I have only used the N950 for Nemomobile hacking lately, I have never used openmode :)12:18
* faenil is waiting for the n950 to come to life12:18
RzRi am telling you12:19
juicemebut, you have to be in open mode to have Neom on it, right ??12:19
faeniljuiceme, nope12:19
faeniljust flash moslo and write image on the Alt_OS partition12:20
juicemefaenil, how is that possible? N950 must be different from N9 somehow, N9 automatically goes to open mode if you boot something else than Nokia signed kernel on it...12:21
faeniljuiceme, ahm... :S12:21
juicemeRzR, thanks12:21
faeniljust booted harm, too late :D12:21
faeniljuiceme, I don't think it gets in least I read openmode had some side effects12:22
faenilhow can I check if I'm in openmode?12:22
faenilanyway, my guess is n950 doesn't need openmode12:22
juicemeRzR, faenil, the MTD layout is identicel :)12:22
faenilcool :)12:23
juicemeThis means, ubiboot works identically :)12:23
faenilcool :)12:23
faenilhow can I check openmode?12:23
juicemeWell, openmode does have "side-effects", but they are mostly benefical12:23
RzRjuiceme, i use pr1.3 default kernel now12:24
faenilbut I remember there were some nasty problems with it12:24
RzRask me for more logs if needed12:24
faenilthough I only read the changelog of the first version of inception12:24
faenilso I'm not well informed12:24
RzRthat fw12:24
faenilis there a way to check if I'm in openmode or it's just the n950 being different?12:25
juicemefaenil, that's long past. In the beginning people did not really understand open mode and all it's effects12:25
faeniljuiceme, got to read a lot of stuff then I guess :P12:25
juicemeRzR, that's okay12:25
juicemefaenil, quickest check is, try to enable the security lock code on your device.12:26
juicemethat is the only non-benefit effect that I know of12:26
faeniljuiceme, yeah that one, is one of the things I remember12:26
faeniljuiceme, alright, let me check12:26
faeniljuiceme, what's the expected outcome?12:26
juicemewell, it will tell you something like it cannot be done. I will have to check, just a minute...12:27
faenilwhat about this ?12:28
faenilKnown limitations:12:28
faenil1. OpenMode. Secure storage problems in Harmattan (can't save passwords for email client, Twitter, Facebook etc).12:28
juicemeYes, when you try to enable the security code, it will give you the input fields correctly, but when you try to savi it, it says "wrong code" (or something like that, my phone says "Väärä Suojakoodi" which is the same in finnish)12:30
juicemefaenil, that does not apply any longer12:30
juicemeThe reason it fails to save the passwords, is that the aegis keys are different than openmode keys12:31
faeniljuiceme, yeah then I've always had openmode, lol12:31
faenilgetting "wrong code"12:31
juicemethe fix is to delete some aegis files, so that system recreates them12:32
faeniljuiceme, I see :)12:32
juicemeafter that, passwords get stored with correct keys :)12:32
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juicemefaenil, you had openmode without knowing :D12:32
Stskeepsmoo stroughtonsmith12:32
stroughtonsmithhey Stskeeps12:32
faenilStskeeps, why didn't you tell me I had openmode for all this time? lol12:33
Stskeepsstroughtonsmith: happened to have tried out sailfish alpha SDK yet?12:33
Stskeepsfaenil: i know nothing12:33
faenilStskeeps, :D12:33
faeniljuiceme, alright thanks for bringing me to reality :D12:33
stroughtonsmithStskeeps: nope not yet, am just back from MWC, and VMWare right now doesn't have working gpu accel for my iMac12:33
Stskeepsah, we don't actually use gpu accel at all12:33
juicemefaenil, there are different flavours of openmode. You are now in the "crippled" open mode12:34
stroughtonsmithoh I was assuming I'd need it for the emulator to be usable12:34
Stskeepsthough you'd end up with a nested VM thing12:34
faeniljuiceme, yeah I just flashed moslo12:34
Stskeepsnop, we actually think about what we're doing, we use mesa llvmpipe12:34
juicemeYou want to be in "aegis-neutered" open mode :)12:34
faeniljuiceme, cool, I'm ready XD12:34
faenilthough I should be working on a uni project now...I'll be back in the afternoon when I take a break :)12:34
Stskeepsand best of all, we don't require silly stuff like atom processors or VT12:35
stroughtonsmithStskeeps: I might give it a shot over the weekend. I expect porting my apps will take 10 mins, considering they were up and running on Ubuntu Mobile in about the same time12:35
stroughtonsmithand it's QML2.012:35
faeniljuiceme, in any case, I guess there are instructions and everything12:36
stroughtonsmithStskeeps: any community device ports yet? :P12:36
Stskeepswe're (sadly) still qt4, but we perform better than ubuntu touch on qt5 seems to :P12:36
Stskeepsstroughtonsmith: only x86 as that's the parts we've released - the device stuff comes later12:37
faenilstroughtonsmith, they don't want to let us play with it...really evil people!12:37
Stskeepsnothing about community hostility but we want to grow a coder community and not one that has to deal with thousand questions a day on how to get it running on hw..12:37
stroughtonsmithyep you should see the ubuntu channels12:38
Stskeepsi'm in there, it's painful12:38
stroughtonsmithXDA kiddie field day :P12:38
juicemefaenil, the instructions are on the README @ my site (
juicemeNothing fancy needed to set it up12:38
Stskeepsmost painful moment when there was a guy from LG electronics joining and asking how to port to existing hardware (recognised on IP) and got told to get cyanogenmod for it12:39
Stskeepswhich is really not what you want to tell a OEM12:39
juicemebut there are few things that are needed to know; For Harmattan/Nemo boot you must have a copy of the boot kernel on your filesystem.12:39
faeniljuiceme, I have to get real openmode on first though12:40
juicemeFor Nemo, that automatically already is in the correct location12:40
stroughtonsmithStskeeps: yikes. :-/12:40
Stskeepsso yeah.. still time to run on for us mer-based folk12:41
juicemefaenil, for real openmode you need to get an aegis-neutered kernel.12:42
faeniljuiceme, yeah, got to read the thread on tmo maybe12:42
Stskeepseven if ubuntu won the hearts with what's essentially a tech demo12:42
juicemeThere are patches against the Harmattan kernel, it is easy to recompile yourself12:42
Stskeepsthat wouldn't have been exciting without my technology, libhybris12:42
faeniljuiceme, alright12:43
juicemeAlso, if you don''t want to compile it, there are readymade kernels available12:43
faeniljuiceme, it will depend on the how much time I have to do it :D12:43
faenilthough I guess I'll wait and compile it ;)12:43
faenildon't like baked stuff :D12:44
juicemefaenil, same with me :)12:45
faenil:) bbl, got to focus now :)12:45
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rcgsweet, the new ui looks much better imho14:04
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rcgxmpp works as well :)14:08
rcgdo we have an email client for nemo yet?14:12
kulvercg: what new ui?14:13
rcgwell, it was changed at least a little bit :)14:13
rcglooks much better imho14:14
juicemehmm how new? (seems I need to to zypper dup.. :)14:14
rcgwell, the button row at the top is gone14:14
rcgnow there are three screens: calendar, icons, running apps14:15
juicemehow does it look then?14:15
kulvercg: since when?14:15
rcgkulve, dunno, just updated my n950 today14:15
rcggoing to update my n9 right now :)14:15
kulvercg: I did create a new build couple of days ago and I didn't see a difference..14:15
rcgkulve, i think it is pretty new14:16
rcgiirc i updated the n9 about a week ago and it still shows the old ui14:16
kulve49 packages to upgrade, 1 new, 1 to remove.14:17
kulvesays zypper up, let's see14:17
rcgand i think i don't execute apps accidently anymore14:18
rcgbefore i was executing apps all the time when i tried to scroll in the icons screen14:18
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kulvercg: btw, I finally filed a bug report about that vkb issue on nemo14:20
rcgkulve, yeah, i saw it. cool :)14:20
rcgsometimes filing a proper bug report can be as much work as fixing the actual issue ;)14:21
kulveyeah, but somehow I think that doesn't get much attention as the devs might not be that interested on n714:21
juicemehmm seems my rpm database is locked...14:22
juicemehow can I see which process is locking it?14:23
juicemezypper complains: error: rpmdb: Thread/process 551/1002536448 failed: locker has write locks14:23
juicemeclaims I need to do recovery: db4 error(-30974) from dbenv->failchk: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery14:24
kulvercg: yeah, the UI did update although it looks like I'm missing some gfx14:24
kulvebackground images or something like that14:24
rcgkulve, i see14:25
rcgjuiceme, do you possibly have another zypper instance running?14:25
juicemenope, ps shows nothing14:25
juicemecannot do "rpmdb --rebuilddb" either, that fails also for locks...14:27
rcgkulve, i think the background is black on purpose?14:28
rcgat least i like the look ;)14:28
rcgjuiceme, if you are brave you can try the very bruteforce way14:29
juicemedo tell me :p14:29
rcgrm /var/lib/rpm/.rpm.lock14:29
rcgthen it may complain about the db being inconsistent14:29
rcgthat could then be resolved by14:29
juicemeyes that lock existat14:29
juicemeI will try it :)14:30
rcgrm /var/lib/rpm/__*14:30
rcgthen do: zypper ref14:30
rcgthat should take care of bringing everything back to life14:30
juicemeshould I do "rpmdb --rebuilddb"14:31
rcgwell, the last time that didn't work here14:31
rcgbut i think it doesn't hurt ;)14:31
rcgi just did the very very brute-force way rm'ing /var/lib/rpm/__*14:32
juicemeok, "zypper ref" started working14:32
juicemeah, now it says all OK again :)14:32
rcgsun is shining and am going for a walk with my fiancee :)14:33
juicemeand "zypper up" works again... Thanks, rcg14:33
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rcgjuiceme, yw :)14:33
juicemercg, have a nice outing :)14:33
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kokoye2007who is here17:28
kokoye2007sledges: hello bro17:32
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w00tquiet here tonight21:23
* w00t eyes faenil21:23
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* Stskeeps passes w00t a beer21:25
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juicemeslw up here...22:06
w00tjuiceme: i guess it -is- late night on a saturday :P22:09
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lbthush - working22:59
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faenilw00t, o/23:44
w00twhere'd you go? :)23:44
faenilout with friends? :D you know, the stuff you usually do on sat night :D23:44
faenilI know jolla's life is particularly busy atm though :P23:44
* w00t will be seeing friends soon enough23:45
faeniloh cool :)23:45
faenilw00t, :D cool23:46
faenilis everything dummy? or working?23:46
w00ta bit of a mix23:46
w00twifi works, accounts (what little there is) works, if you have service/provider files installed23:47
faenilI see23:47
faenilI have a dream: one day the meegotouch settings app will be replaced by its qml version, based on qml-friendly middleware23:48
faenilcya people23:51
faenilw00t, have fun with friends!23:51
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