Sunday, 2013-03-24

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gryhi! does a radio application exist for Nemo?05:33
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gryand I start following but the flasher is labeled as 'fremantle' flasher, while what I need to flash would be meego. which file do I use?05:44
wmarone_gry: what device?05:44
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gryyes, that's what I linked to05:45
gry> Harmattan Flasher: (mirror:
gryI don't know /what/ file to download05:46
wmarone_you linked to the top, I assumed you missed it05:46
gryah yes, fail link, sorry05:46
wmarone_tablets-dev hasn't worked in a while for me, so you have two options05:47
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wmarone_there's also flasher_3.12.1_amd64.deb at
wmarone_N9/N950 are "Harmattan" and not actually "MeeGo"05:48
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gryI did "sudo umount /dev/sdX" and got no error, "sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdX" says "Could not stat /dev/sdX --- No such file or directory"06:06
grywhat can I do after that? I followed previous steps and got the results they expected06:07
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wmarone_might want to wait a bit, I don't have an N950 unfortunately06:07
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gryah, i typoed, seems fine06:09
grywhile untarring, tar: This does not look like a tar archive06:12
gryah, nvm, it didn't finish downloading yet06:12
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gryi did that, do i reboot the device now? it's still showing a green moslo screen07:34
gryit says it's a 'meego bootloader'07:34
gryah, unplugged usb, it's loading07:36
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gryI'm in and everything looks great :)08:04
grygreat interface and design work08:04
grytrying to figure out how to focus images in the camera (meego autofocused and this one tries to but not very well)08:04
iekkudo we have design in nemo? :D08:08
gryappears the date and time reset after reboot, but timezone didn't08:21
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sledgesgry, known bug09:15
sledgesthere are soirces of radio app btw for freemantle and harmatten09:15
sledgescan be ported ok i recon09:15
sledgesiekku, nemo has been recently harmattanised by thp :)09:17
iekkusledges, oh, cool09:20
iekkusledges, have been way too busy to follow what's happening in nemo / mer09:21
iekkuor even follow irc properly09:21
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gryhow do i enter root shell?09:23
sledgesthough i still dont like the tearing when flicking apps launcher (on n9, gry could you test it on n950 too? just flick the list downwards finger movement when it's on top, to overscroll. yoh will see tearing as if there were two columns of 4 icons instead of 1 column of 8)09:38
sledgestearing started after hsrmattanising..09:39
grynot sure i got the idea as to what i should do09:40
sledgesSage, could those debug files be shipped as part of binaries? cannot check now, typing from n9 :)09:40
gry('flick list downwards'? what does flick mean? what list?)09:40
sledgesgry, i'll shoot the video. probably it's just me, otherwise youd noticed whilst scrolling the apps icons list)09:41
sledgesgry, in terminal type su09:41
sledgespassword is nemo09:41
gryah, yes, that works09:41
gryi don't think sshd is running, which complicates things a bit (i don't know how to start it )09:42
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sledgesit is eunning09:43
sledgesssh localhost to test09:43
sledgessimple rule: if you can ping it, you can ssh to it ;)09:45
gryok i followed and logged in from lappy to the phone using usb09:45
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gryfeel free to elaborate the tearing thing, i'd be happy to try it :-)09:45
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sledgesgood stuff gry09:49
gry "Connect the device with usb cable to your host pc and run following commands " -- run them on the phone?09:51
Sagesledges: the point is that as those are binaries rpm shouldn't touch to those parts really.09:53
Sagesledges: so they need to be shipped as is without stripping the debuginfo09:53
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sledgesgry, when you see the top  row of app icons, swipe with your finger downwards. the lost slides down, with nothing above. when you relsase fonger, list springs back up. if you do this fastvultiple times, you i se tearing09:57
sledgesbut only in landscape09:57
sledgesgry, on host pc10:00
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grysledges: don't see anything wrong in landscape but took a screenshot with portrait,, happens when i view the 'opened apps' panel too10:21
gry(also i followed the usb networking guide and phone says network unreachable when i ping ip)10:21
gryping as root on phone: From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable10:22
Jonnigry: those 2.14 commands are runned in linux pc10:23
gryyes i did10:23
Jonnipastebin,  "ifconfig" and "route -n" from phone10:24
Jonniand does ping work10:25
gryifconfig and route are unknown commands on phone; yes, it does10:25
gryi tried running them as root btw10:25
Jonniand "/sbin/route -n"10:26
Jonnigry: default route is wrong, you need to run "/sbin/route add default gw" on the phone10:27
gryit will persist after reboot right?10:27
gryit worked to ping btw but now it says unknown host merproject.org10:28
Jonni/etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini if you want persist after reboot10:28
grythat's a config, what do i add to it?10:28
Jonniip =
Jonnigateway =
Jonniand what does cat /etc/resolv.conf say in your phone?10:29
gry# Generated by Connection Manager\r\nnameserver
the-bossgry: Error: "Generated" is not a valid command.10:30
Jonnigry: run "echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf" on the phone10:31
Jonnigry: after that ping should work10:31
gryi don't want to use as a dns server though do i?10:31
Jonniwell I always use but feel free to use anything that you like10:32
gryit worked -- as did; excellent :)10:33
gryis there a reason this thing uses zypper? its performance? :-)10:34
gryiirc meego packages are .deb so that's some new thing ;-)10:34
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grywhat about laptop-side commands? i am quite confident that iptables doesn't persist after reboot, is there a way to make them all persist?10:45
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juicemegry, sure, just create a firewall script in /etc/init.d/ that restores the iptables.10:50
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sledgesgry yu are using old version of nemo11:18
sledgesplease update11:18
sledgessu as root11:18
sledgesiwconfig wlan0 power off11:18
gryhow do i update after that?11:18
sledgeszypper ref11:18
sledgeszypper up11:19
sledgeswlan should  be connected11:19
gryi hope that there is a way to manage networks without the raw commands, or that i would stop being uncomfortable with them one day11:21
grydoing that now11:21
sledgeswlan yas ui11:21
grytimeout accessing repomd.xml on releases.merproject.org11:23
sledgesping google.com11:23
gryping, also works11:24
sledgesretry pls, or check the statis of repos that zypper lr -u gives you11:25
grytrying again, still timeout11:26
grylooks like it worked on third try11:29
grydoes look ok or did it ignore something?11:34
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Sageok, I'll try to check new nemo snapshots11:55
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gryFile './armv7hl/buteo-mtp-sample-vendor-configuration-0.0.44-1.2.Nemo.armv7hl.rpm' not found on medium ''12:07
gryAbort, retrŠ½, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a):12:07
gryretry, even, typo there12:07
Sagegry: do zypper ref, zypper dup again12:09
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grydup or up?12:22
gryi assumed up as before, waiting for it12:22
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SageI use dup personally12:28
Sagedup makes the image match the situation that is in the repository12:29
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Jonnigry: I usually just do this in /etc/network/interfaces to make it persistant accross reboots
Jonni(which imho is much easier way vs nemo wiki usbnetworking instructions which are just confusing)12:37
SageJonni: could you add new topic in that page and add you instructions there? :)12:38
Jonnisurem I'll try remember adding my instructions there latere in evening12:41
grythat's what a folk here uses for his n900 and maemo; my laptop is the host and it already has some stuff in /etc/network/interfaces, which i find readable too12:43
gry(unfortunately i am not good enough to write it)12:44
gryif during zypper up the console says 'Installing x', it's ok to disconnect from internet, right?12:44
gry(it should be around sleep time and i have no idea how long this would take12:45
gryand i usually turn off computer, i.e. shut down internet, for the night)12:45
Jonniyes its ok to disconnect as in that phase packages have already been downloaded12:46
gryah, it finished right now, how cunning :)12:46
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gryi rebooted; icons of some apps are missing (browser for example)12:50
gryno issues with landscare either, i can't reproduce the problem12:51
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gry... and missing icons were a theme fault12:53
gryi don't see how to close running applications in this version, no [x]12:57
* gry sleeps, will read up in the morning12:57
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Sagegry: "swipe" from the left of right to minimize the app14:36
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ingiHi, the journal on my updated N900 is being flooded by 'localhost sysuid[289]: bme_header_read: [fd=-1]: read header: Connection timed out', any way to stop it ?15:27
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spiiroiningi: looks like
MerbotNemo bug 579 in N900 "BME errors spamming the journal" [Normal,New]15:32
ingiSpiiroin: Yup, that describes what my N900 is experiencing right now. It occurs directly after boot though, no USB charger or anything has been inserted when it starts.15:37
spiiroiningi: it probably is something simple, the problem is to find out where... can you try to restart sysuid? does that make the problem go away?15:42
ingispiiroin: I killed it, which in turn brough down a service 'meegotouch-systemui', restarting it failed. Rebooted phone, and now there's no flooding. But I can see that the battery got drained, it was almost fully loaded before the reboot, after reboot about 25%.15:45
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nsuffys\o/ Thank you :)17:36
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ingiSage: Great work, thank you.17:54
Sageif someone has time we would need an app for ssu for nemo. App that can change e.g., release and flavour18:07
Sagemaybe even improve this
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MSameerSage: what should I do to get those in (except subdevsrc2) ?
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nsuffysMy short video about new NEMO release on N900 :  :)19:44
MSameerbut why are you using the stylus?19:46
MSameerthought N95019:47
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GentSirMSameer, if you have an n950 I'll take it...19:59
MSameerGentSir: I would have loved to but I have only 1 N950 :|20:00
GentSirI've never had one :/20:00
GentSirThe only ones I've seen for "sale" are $1000+20:00
MSameerit was extremely difficult to get them20:01
MSameereven for Nokians20:01
MSameerbelieve me :|20:01
MSameerthe main issue with N950s is the battery life and quality of keyboard other than that (And ignoring the screen, they are brilliant)20:02
MSameertoo bad no phones with keyboards are being manufactured these days20:02
GentSirThey were a developers device, not a consumer one. So flaws were expected and not a big deal. I have an N9. Haven't used it for in awhile, my best friend has been using it the last year or so20:03
GentSirMSameer, have you seen the Blackberry q10? It's hitting the US next month and I plan to get one.20:03
MSameeri still use my N920:03
MSameerGentSir: unfortunately no, I couldn't get my hands on a developer BB20:04
MSameerand honestly, I wouldn't invest in that20:04
GentSirMSameer, I haven't used one, but they look brilliant.20:04
GentSirPlus, we'll probably see a "community" nemo/sailfish port to it20:04
GentSirIt has that "Gentleman Executive" look to it that I love.20:05
MSameerthey look but i heard that the excessive usage of gestures makes the ui not that nice20:05
MSameerbut i am not sure since I haven't touched it20:05
MSameerI guess I will stick to N9 for now20:06
GentSirI'll certainly get a hands-on demo of it before I buy20:06
GentSirBut it has a smaller screen and larger battery than most smartphones. Full hardware keyboard, and it looks like it has an excellent build quality.20:06
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MSameerit costs a lot too :)20:30
MSameerbut i care more about the screen size20:30
GentSirMSameer, here in the US the Blackberry z10 would cost me $200 on my contract. I suspect the q10 will be the same when it's released here next month.20:33
MSameerI doubt I can get it for 200 euros20:36
MSameeralso take care, boot loader might be locked or something20:36
MSameerunless you plan to live with RIM's OS20:36
GentSirBB10 isn't bad, and its apps are built on Qt/QML. So a lot of the skills I'm learning to design apps for SailfishOS would easily transfer over if I wanted to. There will probably be some way to get around a locked bootloader before long.20:37
MSameeri hope so20:41
MSameergood luck :)20:41
GentSirIn any case, it's a very nice phone. Reminds me a little of the Nokia E7220:44
SageMSameer: <- post and postun are bad. Should not do ln and rm but install file20:51
SageMSameer: so what packages you would submit from those?20:52
Sageomap3camd and gstreamer are existing so rest?20:52
MSameerSage: all except gst-nokia-videosrc220:54
MSameerSage: I tried having symlinks in the package but couldn't get it to work20:55
MSameeri can create a new project and copy the stuff there20:57
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sledgesSage, this worked, "if you choose to accept it" ;)
sledges(I had to bruteforcedly package up all *debug* files, to keep mer-next happy as well)22:32
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