Saturday, 2013-03-30

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specialdeztructor: ping05:24
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specialkulve: I think I just fixed the keyboard for nexus 7...06:00
Stskeepswhat was the issue?06:13
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specialzypper remove contextkit-plugin-keyboard-generic06:14
specialmore specifically, there's an uninitialized value there that makes maliit think there's an active hardware keyboard06:15
specialit doesn't hit n9/n950 because that plugin isn't installed there06:15
specialthere is something with opengl too, though, looking into that now06:15
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specialbug #2, QT_IM_MODULE isn't set for the user session06:31
Merbot`Nemo bug 2 in Dialer "Device does not notify user from incoming call" [Normal,Verified: fixed]
specialStskeeps: know anything about cursors in X?06:39
Stskeepsnot much06:44
Stskeepsif it's 'mouse cursor shows up', look at xorg-launch-helper.service06:44
specialmouse cursor eventually shows up (not right at boot), and its position is inverted06:45
specialwill look06:45
kulvespecial: so you got the vkb visible? With meego or opengl qt runtime?06:45
specialkulve: opengl06:45
Jonnispecial: so you want to hide the cursor?06:45
Stskeepsspecial: it's probably a matter of -nocursor06:46
kulvespecial: very nice that it's working. And very annoying if it was just something like that. I didn't have that plugin installed always and I did see some black windows there at some point..06:46
kulvespecial: there's also 16r3 release from nvidia but the changelog didn't say much so I don't think that much have changed06:48
specialI might've missed a message there, bouncer gave out06:48
Stskeepsooi, is there anything like tegra4 development boards yet?06:50
Stskeepslike beagleboard like06:50
kulveI haven't seen anything like that. Not even much tegra3 based things out there. I've ordered the Ouya and I'm hoping it comes next month06:51
Stskeepsi wish there was something like the trimslice06:53
specialmaliit with opengl has the rest of the screen black, with meego segfaults, and with raster works but doesn't clear the screen properly06:54
Stskeepsperhaps blame may be in mcompositor06:54
Stskeepsself composition etc on?06:55
Stskeepslike, maybe issue is that nvidia can't handle scenario where there's in practice two compositors requesting app buffers06:55
specialself composition off06:55
Stskeepsok, you should probably enable self composiion06:55
specialopengl + -use-self-composition is working fully06:56
specialheh, meego + -use-self-composition works too06:57
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kulvehmm.. I did try with that and didn't have any improvements06:58
specialone thing that might've bitten you06:58
specialDBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS isn't always being set for SSH06:58
kulvei did set that too06:59
kulveI did try different things for hours over a few months and then you fix it in a night..07:00
Stskeepsthat's why we like special07:00
kulvebut if it really works, I'm happy :)07:00
kulvespecial: what did the dual boot require?07:00
specialwhoo, it really does work07:01
specialjust rebooted directly to a working VKB07:01
specialdual boot.. I took the plasma active ROM, extracted it, changed the name and replaced the tarball07:02
kulveso you didn't need to modify the nemo rootfs..?07:03
specialwith two quirks: there's some android-specific program you need to repack it, and..07:03
specialI added ./boot/initrd.img-ubuntu from the plasma active rootfs07:03
kulveI guess we should create intructions and a .ks that supports dual boot as the first choice. I would assume many want dual boot instead of nemo-only07:04
specialdefinitely. I wonder if there's an easier way to pack the ROM than the program I used07:04
specialkulve: video performance is fantastic, btw07:08
kulvespecial: how are you playing it back? What application?07:08
specialit far outperforms the android program I was trying (which claims to have full hardware acceleration..)07:08
kulveI have been having issues with that. Mainly it didn't find any of my videos..07:09
specialI tried one mkv and one avi, scp'd to ~/Videos/ and it found them right away07:09
specialkick tracker if it's not seeing files in that folder..07:09
Stskeepsor check it's not the shared-mime-info stuff07:10
kulvenow, who's going to merge this: :)07:11
specialneeds to be submitted to mer, I guess?07:16
Stskeepsget w00t to agree and i'd merge it, but i don't see any problems07:16
specialkulve: oh, also, the ks is going to need updates for ssu and all of those recent changes07:18
specialnot sure what exactly07:18
kulvespecial: I removed systemd-console-ttyGS0 package as the ttyGS0 is now part of the configs-nexus7, so that needs to be removed from the .ks07:26
specialI'd suggest putting it in git somewhere07:27
kulveI guess I should fix and maintain this:
kulve..and include the built .ks in there too07:28
kulveStskeeps: any suggestions:
Merbot`Nemo bug 639 in Maliit "[Nexus7] virtual keyboard doesn't work." [Critical,Assigned]07:28
Stskeepsspecial's on top of it07:29
specialhmm, I just noticed something curious07:30
kulveok. I just thought that he might need some suggestion on that latest questions of his..07:30
specialeverything tears pretty badly, for nemo, plasma, and ubuntu.. *except* video.07:31
kulvespecial: does 3d tear?07:31
Stskeepsspecial: eglSwapInterval needed maybe?07:31
Merbot`Ubuntu bug 1088372 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-tegra3 (Ubuntu) "Tearing is quite bad on the Nexus 7" [Medium,Confirmed]07:32
Stskeepskulve: rather meant 'i has no clue'07:32
Stskeepsbut special may ;)07:32
kulveStskeeps: did you read the last question? It's about adding that parameter for nexus7 only. Isn't that your thing, supporting different platforms on one code base? :)07:33
Stskeepskulve: hmm, i think i didn't, moment :)07:34
Stskeepskulve: i'm a bit braindead, back after a 19 hour travel from hong kong07:34
kulveyou are travelling quite a bit :)07:34
Stskeepskulve: regarding getenv, i'm all for it, just w00t needs to approve/merge07:36
special..where does -nocursor come from for other adaptations?07:39
Stskeepsenvironment variable that xorg-launch-helper uses, afaik07:44
specialkulve: does turning the screen off and back on drop you back to console?07:49
kulvespecial: yes, but not 100%07:50
kulveI'm not really sure what's happening there..07:50
kulvethe X is running, but for somereason not visible07:50
Stskeepsperhaps something about vt1 vs vt2 switching07:50
Stskeepsthat xorg launcher is using07:50
Stskeepscompared to other embedded targets, xorg on nvidia may actually support VTs sanely07:50
kulvespecial: plugin a usb keyboard and try switching consoles :)07:50
specialI've just been doing mcetool -Don and carefully avoiding the power button :p07:51
kulvejust a sidenote: nexus7 do support usb host mode with a proper "usb otg cable"07:53
specialhm, cool.07:54
specialI like the hardware, it's a great tablet07:54
kulvespecial: did you already try the glmark2?07:58
specialkulve: no, I haven't07:58
specialthe tearing issue intimidates me, but I really want to see it solved.07:58
kulvetest the glmark2. I should be found with zypper and must be launched from the command line. Does it tear? Does it tear when composited?08:03
specialhmm, no, I don't think it does tear08:06
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specialsome visual glitches, but no tears08:10
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kulvespecial: the r16.3 tegra kernel has some internal camera v4l2 patches but I really don't know what they mean in practice.09:37
kulvemight not be trivial to get those into use actually. Currently we are using ubuntu's kernel which is using the google/asus android kernel09:38
kulveand I would like to ugprade both the 16r3 binary blobs and the kernel at the same time, although upgrading just one should work..09:39
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rcgkulve, hey10:20
rcghow are you doing?10:20
rcgare there new versions of the tegra blob drivers available?10:20
kulvercg: jsut a minute10:21
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Sage_kulve: special: I'll try to get the nexus 7 .ks file merged to other nemo kickstarts soonish. Though we should cleanup the repos mess before that.11:29
Sage_lpotter: nemo has booted on my thinkpad before and eeepc was also ok.11:30
* Sage_ is ponderig if he should get nexus7 as well ;)11:31
kulveSage_: I hope most of the mess has now been cleaned. Still some patches and because of those e.g. the qt-mobility is still there (with couple of dependencies)11:33
kulvespecial: I upgraded binary blobs to 16r3 but I can't test them now. So if you have time to upgrade, let me know how it goes :)11:34
Sage_kulve: haven't checked recently.11:34
kulvevgrade: sorry for not commenting on the RPi things. Yes, most of the gst there was just for newer versions and might not be needed anymore11:39
kulvealso the gst encoding patches are missing from the package. USB was working so badly that I gave up on that. I think we got the encoding otherwise working at least to some extent..11:40
kulvevgrade: some of the gst packages were for containers, iirc (for playing back downloaded youtube videos)11:41
MSameerSage_: while you are here, could you please act on my submit requests?11:54
MSameergst? it's mostly up to date except plugins-bad-free11:55
MSameerand i already have that ready for submission11:55
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* phaeron pokes sage12:09
dm8tbrMSameer: oh, you are handling gst? is nemo shipping with WebM (VP8) enabled?12:10
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rcgbtw. how do boot nemo on nexus7?12:10
rcgdo you boot via moslo or do you flash the kernel directly?12:10
rcgreason is that the kexec stuff is hopelessly outdated and unmaintained12:10
kulveor dual boot?12:10
Sage_MSameer: moment :)12:10
MSameerdm8tbr: i don't handle gstreamer12:10
kulvercg: I think we should aim to enable dual booting12:10
rcgkulve, yeah, or dual boot12:10
MSameerdm8tbr: i only have updated packages12:10
rcgkulve, hmm ic12:11
rcgmakes sense12:11
MSameerbut if you want webm, you can package it ;)12:11
MSameerdm8tbr: or file a bug12:11
dm8tbrMSameer: it should be in one of the plugins-* packages of gst, that's why I asked12:11
kulvercg: special already got nemo working with dual booting by modifying the dual boot PA stuff12:11
rcgkulve, unfortunately, the kexec as shipped with the current moslo has quite some issues12:11
dm8tbrI'll try or look it up12:11
MSameerdm8tbr: you can file a bug or do it and submit it12:11
rcgkulve, ah great :D12:11
* Sage_ ponders why phaeron pokes him12:12
rcgkulve, special, we should then probably merge those changes into moslo?12:12
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Sage_MSameer: only thing I noted in your request is the version 0.0.0 in libomap3camd-devel12:17
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#125 waiting for review at
Sage_MSameer: that should be fixed otherwise it looked ok'ish to me12:18
Sage_MSameer: not sure though what the version should be but maybe 0.0.1 at least :)12:18
Sage_rcg: those Requires/BuildRequires for rfkill are all not needed I think12:19
rcgSage_, roger that, will check12:20
Sage_rcg: otherwise looks ok12:20
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#124 Accepted promotion request12:20
MSameerSage_: what's wrong with 0.0.0 ? :)12:21
Sage_rcg: couple of rpmlint warnings from summary but those I don't reject12:21
MSameerit's an initial version12:22
Sage_MSameer: well, ok. :)12:22
kulvespecial: I branched maliit-framework now just to get the -use-self-composition in there12:22
Sage_kulve: where is that needed btw? in .service file?12:23
MSameerSage_: and unlikely it will ever see a new release as it's tied to a binary which will never be updated12:23
kulveSage_: not sure, tbh. I updated both maliit-server.desktop and maliit-server.service12:23
kulveI assume .desktop is for something else (or even unneeded)12:23
Sage_kulve: well for that if it is needed we can make patch to maliit similarly that we have patch many other services12:24
Sage_kulve: if the .desktop was in /etc/xdg/autostart/ we can remove it12:24
kulveit's there, yest12:24
Sage_it is the old dir where uxlaunch loaded the apps on boot. We don't support it anymore12:24
kulveSage_: how have you patched .services?12:25
kulveany example packages I could look into?12:25
Sage_kulve: moment12:25
MSameerSage_: and take care that this replaces gst-nokia-camera (or should replace)12:26
Sage_MSameer: well then it should Obsolete&Provide that in the .spec12:26
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#120 Rejected promotion request12:26
Sage_kulve: so introduce a subdir to our environment dir and read the *.conf files from there and then use the var in the exec line.12:27
Sage_kulve: quite simple. That .conf file then can be in the nexus7-configs package12:27
MSameerSage_: it provides only but will fix it12:30
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#127 Rejected promotion request12:31
rcgSage_, i fixed one of the warnings as well12:31
Sage_MSameer: that reject fixed it myself so next sr should be fine. the ti-omap3-sgx-libGLESv2 choise thing12:32
rcgarg.. me against the date format again xD12:32
MSameerSage_: i don't understand? :(12:33
Sage_MSameer: <- was rejected because of that unresolved. Fixed it already so don't worry about it :)12:34
MSameerSage_: thank you :)12:34
MSameernow to submit plugins-bad-free to mer :D12:34
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#129 waiting for review at
MSameerSage_:  I don't see any obsoletes in
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#129 Rejected promotion request12:48
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phaeroncmds is ooming :(13:08
phaeronlooks like a memory leak ..13:09
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