Saturday, 2013-04-13

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SageMacer: Ok, I know how to solve the problem you faced, but I'm not sure how that happened in the first place. Would need easy way to reproduce to debug it. It is something related upgrading the sgx driver packages.07:29
Sageand just after saying that I got it reproduced :P07:33
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#204 Accepted promotion request07:34
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faenilo/ morning09:06
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MacerSage: lol13:37
MacerSage: it isn't too hard13:37
Macerinstall fresh13:37
Macerafter update... blank screen13:38
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SageMacer: yup, found it and reproduced. Fix is well a bit harder than I though as it involves the binary blob grafix driver and I don't know the conditions for each return value :/14:07
phaeronSage: strace it14:13
Macerheh.. yeah welcome to my world14:13
Maceri was messing with it for like 2-3 days trying to figure out what i was doing wrong :)14:13
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Sagehmmp... do we have strace somewhere available? Would be nice to push it to mer-tools or so16:52
Sageor do I have wrong repos atm.16:53
SageI've installed it in past but can't recall from where16:53
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w00tSage: isn't it in m:t?20:04
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Sagew00t: can you show me :)20:37
* Sage kicks mer cobs20:42
Sageah, no wonder :D20:43
SageI though lbt pushed the stuff there already but apparently not :P20:43
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Sageok, so got the ti-omap3-sgx possibly fixed.20:51
Sageat least "zypper install -f ti-omap3-sgx" doesn't break ui and after reboot it still works. :)20:51
Artoxdid anyone mention fixing pvr userspace?20:53
Sagejust package updating on n900 :)20:53
Sageor I'm hoping that it is now fixed and works properly20:53
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#206 waiting for review at
Sagewould need quite a bit of help on testing that.20:54
Artoxpvr libraries are indeed pretty much dependant on each other, I noticed that already20:55
Sagethat doesn't fix everything but at least package updates shouldn't blow up after that.20:56
Artoxwhat kind of iussue?20:56
Artoxversion mismatch of pvr userspace components?20:56
Artoxlike older GLES than GLES2 lib?20:56
Artoxif its that, maybe a Requires(post): pvr-%{version} would do too20:57
Artoxfor the main package that runs the postinstall20:58
Sagewell, current packaging rewrites e.g. /usr/lib/ when updating and that file is rewritten by /usr/sbin/pvrsrvinit to link to the correct /usr/lib/libEGL_r12x.so20:58
Sageso when update happens on some hw that /usr/lib/ points a moment to wrong binary and thus the whole UI breaks20:58
Artoxnow thats an awesome thing I'd say xD20:58
Sageso now all those files that are links created by /usr/sbin/pvrsrvinit are ghosted with %ghost in spec. and thus owned by the package but not installed by the package. So in updates the links stay as they were before and point still to right versions20:59
Artoxis there hope to run nemo using the Mesa GLES libraries?21:00
Artoxand PA too for that matter?21:01
Artoxor would it be far too slow?21:01
SageArtox: well the VM and x86 images are running Nemo with Mesa GLES21:01
Artoxthats a bright horizon then21:02
Artoxsince dri on my 3.7 kernel for gta04 is still not available21:02
Artoxhave a good <insert local time here> everybody21:05
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#207 waiting for review at
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