Monday, 2013-04-15

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iekkunemo bug triage starting07:00
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GentSirSage, morning07:20
vgrademorning Sage07:24
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vgradeSage: had this yesterday, Problem: nothing provides needed by libhybris-tests-0.0.0-1.4.1.armv7hl07:25
Sagevgrade: fixed just a moment ago :)07:25
vgradeSage: cheers07:25
Sagevgrade: assuming you meant
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Sagevgrade: pushing the libhybris to nemo:*:hw:android:common when ever we get tags to the libhybris git tree so I can refer to versions :)08:11
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vgrade_Sage: yes that was the one10:25
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* w00t pokes nemo-qml-plugins with a spork10:48
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rozhkovSage: could you please hook up to nemo:devel:mw/connman-qt?11:11
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Sagerozhkov: sure moment11:28
Sagerozhkov: done11:29
rozhkovSage: ty11:29
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Sagerozhkov: let me know when you have first tag done so I clean it up11:37
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rozhkovSage: ok, i will11:57
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w00tSage: any news on spectacle release (before next mer release) btw?12:27
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Sagelbt: can I just forcepush changes to the pkg-mer branch to fix
lbtmany questions :)12:49
lbtyes, in general, you can12:50
lbtare we upstream for spectacle?12:50
lbtif so you may not want patch-based spec12:50
lbt_src of git:spectacle-0.25.tar.bz2:0.26:mer-0.26-112:50
lbtsays make a tarball at tag 0.26 and apply patches from 0.26 to mer-0.26-112:51
lbtwhich sounds wrong12:51
lbtmy guess is that they're the same point - and, for consistency I suggest we use mer-0.26-1 as the tag for tarballs12:52
lbtif we're not upstream then _src is correct12:52
lbtnb  - I've fixed the 'not removiing the lines it says it will remove' bug :)12:53
Sagelbt: well can you fix that and push it to tools before w00t attackes me through the lines? ;)12:56
Sagelbt: and yes we are the upstream of spectacle. Currently living at but I think it could be that mer-tools tree as well12:57
lbtOK, I'll fix12:57
w00tSage: well.. i just predict a lot of pain with all the porting going on :P12:57
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#212 waiting for review at
Sagespiiroin: any change we could change mce to tar_git based packaging? :)13:00
spiiroinSage: yes, next version ;-) (baby steps, baby steps)13:01
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Sagespiiroin: :P13:02
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w00tchriadam|away: ping21:25
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* w00t kicks obs gently21:34
w00tsomething seems really strange/slow with it today21:35
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phaeronmysql is a bit ill I think21:36
w00tphaeron: just for the record.. totally not because i've been creating a bunch of new packages right? ;)21:38
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