Saturday, 2013-05-04

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* ljp wonders where his obs binaries are going....02:09
ljpwebsite is giving me the wrong url to the download dir02:15
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sledges_good morgning11:41
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sledgieping dm8tbr11:43
sledgieI got Nexus4 here :)11:43
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dm8tbrsledgie: niiice11:44
sledgienow trying to find where in the world clockwork recovery has placed the backup11:45
dm8tbrsledgie: you're invited to join the mer effort, goes unsaid.11:46
* dm8tbr uses titanium backup11:46
sledgiedm8tbr, that's why I'm making the backup ;)11:46
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sledgeasoh mann, it's under /mnt/shell/emulated/clockworkmod/backup/ now12:01
sledgeaswho would have thought :)12:01
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sledgeasdm8tbr, have you baked a boot.img with your kernel in it, and flashed onto n4 yet ?12:12
dm8tbrsledgeas: I have the kernel building on MOBS, you don't need to flash, you can just fastboot it12:14
dm8tbrnot sure what format the kernel needs to be. I'd start with zimage12:14
sledgeastrue! fastboot awesomness :)12:15
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dm8tbrsledgeas: I need to update my package though with a less aggressive config12:41
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* Stskeeps likes the n4 effort13:44
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sledgeastotal coincidence that I got a hold of n414:37
dm8tbrsledgeas: I just updated the kernel config with one that is closer to the original android config.14:48
sledgeasgood stuffs14:57
sledgeasim hacking in from this direction:
sledgeascan't wire a serial jack myself ;P14:58
sledgeas(Jack, the serial killer)14:58
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dm8tbrsledgeas: all you need is a 4 pin headphone jack and a 3.3V USB-to-serial module that also exposes the 3.3V reference15:22
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Sageljp: %post subpackage?15:22
Aardsledgeas: <- very happy with this one15:24
dm8tbrSage: yes, haven't forgotten about that one15:25
Sagedm8tbr: you asked about the format. I used zImage with gn, but I also needed ramdisk not sure if you can just send zImage15:28
dm8tbrI just build a new image and will try soon15:29
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bunkSage: Any news on the patterns.xml ?16:25
sledgeasAard, dm8tbr, I have an old laptop with built-in serial port16:50
sledgeasbut saw diodes drawn on dm8tbr's blog and immediately did "/me hides" :)16:50
dm8tbrsledgeas: don't even think of hooking this up directly16:51
sledgeas^ what he said :)16:51
sledgeasat work got loads of usb-serial converters16:51
sledgeasbut now it's long weekend in UK ;) and I managed to forget to grab one16:51
dm8tbryou need one for 3.3V or 3V16:51
sledgeascan I mix and match dm8tbr  ?16:52
dm8tbrwhat do you mean?16:52
sledgeaswire up all but 3V cable16:52
sledgeasand supply 3V from aside16:52
sledgeasor will I run into multiple earths problem ?16:53
Aardsledgeas: the nice bit about the one I linked is that you can easily add arbitrary cabling on demand16:53
dm8tbrsledgeas: that's not a problem, you just need to connect ground of both16:53
sledgeasmeans it all needs a usb-serial convertor with 3V reference16:53
sledgeasanyhow, im trying to refrain from uart, will blind code by examining what ubuntu touch does to n416:55
sledgeasfor now16:55
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* dm8tbr is ignoring the ubutouch stuff for now16:57
sledgeasit's good for clues17:01
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sledgeasok, ubuntu touch is running, now where's the terminal :)18:14
Stskeepsit's mostly cardboard apps18:16
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sledgeaspity they just 'inject' themselves into /data/ubuntu/18:32
sledgeasmy quest is where to place mer rootfs and how to nicely ask kernel to boot it18:33
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sledgeasobviously, first figuring out chances of redirecting kernel output to /dev/console (i.e. the phone screen)18:33
sledgeaswith whatever it takes to substitute the console bit18:34
sledgeasvia cmdline18:34
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