Sunday, 2013-05-19

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anYcHi, I'm trying to boot nemo on a n900 with cssu-thumb. unfortunately, after switching to -thumb I don't see the uboot menu anymore although the keyboard is open. does anyone have an idea what I could check?11:59
anYcI mean I have maemo cssu-thumb as main OS and want to boot nemo from sd card12:00
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anYcok reinstalled uboot. now neither maemo nor nemo boots  :)12:27
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anYcI used the u-boot configuration from the bottom of but booting fails as the kernel can't find init, does anyone know what's wrong with those kernel parameters?14:08
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sledgesajalkane, locally the mb tool compiles and creates and rpm according to rules of how it's specified in your package's .spec file15:35
sledgesalternatively, OBS does the heavy lifting15:35
sledgesanYc, did you follow this:
sledgesit gives you two u-boot options15:36
sledgeseither of them should reboot you into a new reboot, even before trying to boot nemo from sd card15:37
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anYcyeah, I know this guide but it doesn't help in my situation17:01
anYcbut thanks17:01
anYclooks like the kernel uses the eMMC as mmcblk0 and mmcblk1 does not exist so I can't find the nemo rootfs17:03
anYcI currently try to boot something using u-boot console17:03
anYc(until my battery is empty)17:03
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wmarone_Sfiet_Konstantin: hey, do you have your iconia .ks files available?19:20
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Sfiet_Konstantinwmarone_: sec19:29
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wmarone_Sfiet_Konstantin: thanks!19:48
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* w00t roams in20:00
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vgradew00t: \o20:39
vgradew00t: I cloned nemo qtquick2 branch to my machine and did changes, happy to share once I work out how to push them back20:41
w00tvgrade: if nothing else, output of 'git diff' helps lovely :)20:42
vgradeok, I'm quite a newbie with git20:42
vgradeI'm getting loads of file:///root/meego/qt-components/examples/meego/QmlComponentGallery/qml2/ListPage.qml:178:13: QML Image: Failed to get image from provider: image://theme/icon-m-common-drilldown-arrow20:43
w00tis there anything about using local image provider on startup?20:44
vgradeso I need something else running to serve the theme elements, like mthemedaemon20:45
w00tlocal provider should work ok20:46
w00tbut does it mention using that?20:47
juicemeCongrats to alla sverigefolk här :)20:47
juicemeDen glider in igen :)20:48
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vgradew00t: I get the follwing on start,
w00tI bet I know what it is20:54
w00t <- put that somewhere useful, and source it after ssh (or put in e.g. bashrc)20:54
vgradeso that is configuring dbus enviromment20:58
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vgradeis the DISPLAY=:0 needed as I have no X on the Pi21:04
w00tprobably not21:05
w00tit's just a general script, mostly intended for X, so21:05
w00ti don't imagine it'd do harm to have it there anyway21:06
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w00tvgrade: did that help btw?21:15
vgradedoing the git diff now21:16
vgradewill post that, then to bed and try further tomorrow21:17
w00tok :)21:19
vgradethanks for the help here, much appreciated21:20
vgradeI know you guys are really busy right now21:21
w00tthanks a lot21:23
w00ti'll go about taking parts of that in and see if i can't package it up :)21:23
vgradeI also found that the plugins were not gettign picked up until I installed in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/....21:24
vgradewhich is why you see I was trying to ass content to the .json file21:25
vgradeanyway main change is canvas to window and removing some X references21:26
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faenilanyone awake?23:00
Morpog_seem you're in helsinki now :-)23:01
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vgradefaenil: \o23:03
faenilyeah guys, and with no bed, at the moment :(23:03
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faenilI'm using helsinki airport wifi looking for a solution23:03
Morpog_uh oh23:04
Morpog_didn't you look before?23:04
Morpog_try best western23:06
faenilOf course I did!!23:06
Morpog_or eurohostel23:06
faenilThere was a guy who accepted to host me, and he disappeared now!23:06
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faenilthis is on the way with the bus
faenilI think that's my only choice23:07
faeniltime to run23:20
faenilcya people23:20
faenil#JollaLoveDay will kick ASS!!23:20
the-bossfaenil: Error: "JollaLoveDay" is not a valid command.23:20
faenil #JollaLoveDay will kick ASS!!23:20
faenilffs the-boss23:21
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